Socialists Hate Freedom

at the center of the universe at the border between the light and the dark stands castle grayskull for countless ages the sorceress of Grayskull has kept this universe in harmony but the armies of darkness do not rest and the capture of Grayskull is ever most in their minds for those that control Grayskull will come the power the power to be supreme the power to be almighty the power to be masters of the universe the Labour Party here is still trying to blow life into those old embers imagine a Labour canvasser talking on the doorstep to those East German families when they settled in on freedoms side of the wall you want to keep more of the money you earn I'm afraid that's very selfish we shall want to tax that away you want to earn shares in your firm we can't have that the state has to earn your firm you want to choose where to send your children to school that's very divisive you'll send your child where we tell you surprised on the trouble with labour is that they're just not at home with freedom socialists don't like ordinary people choosing or they might not choose socialism you

  1. It’s not like the Labour Party offers nothing for working people. In fact they get more out of their taxes than they pay in under labour tax systems, whether that is fair or not is another issue but don’t say that social democracy (which is what the Labour Party is actually for) is bad for the working class.

  2. The more I hear about it the less I like the sound of it. I fear her words will prove all too prescient to a sleeping public.

  3. No doubt Socialism is not the answer. Capitalism Is sure as hell not the answer. Ronald Reagan ruined the US Of A. Deregulated the banks, S& L's broke up the unions, and then when he got the $8 million from Japan he told everybody-( I got mine, did you get yours?)Worst president in history. (Outside of Donald)

  4. mmm this is why you have the freedom not to be able to afford to buy a house . tax burden higher than ever!? we should have elected Michael foot in 1983

  5. Freedom for the rich to take away the freedom from the majority in a work/starve paradigm. Freedom my ass lol

  6. Socialist mindset: You worked as a cashier for five years and never missed a single day and you became a manager and now you are making more than my welfare check. You are stealing from me, evil rich faggit.

  7. no one who knows a lick about socialism would choose it hence the endless propaganda

  8. Or you're forced to give the gov't money because you don't sign up for their bs "affordable health care."

  9. America will end up stacking socialist scumbags four-deep into FEMA coffins.  It will be the greatest genocide of all-time.  It's the only way to stop the complete subversion of the US Constitution.  The rest of the world will be powerless because we have nuclear weapons.

  10. Thatcherites don't like ordinary people choosing, for they might not choose Thatcherism.

    That's why Thatcher abolished the metropolitan county councils – the people dared to vote against the Conservative Party.

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