Socialist World Republic - Sozialistische Weltrepublik HD 1080p

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  2. You can crap on the politics as much as you want, but at least you don't need to worry about obesity anymore!

  3. Where to begin… From a technical standpoint, i like how it sounds, however, it perplexes me why people still think communism, socialism, anarchism, etc. are still viable forms of society.
    It has been shown, since the early uprisings of the Russian Revolution to the modern day, that these policies only ever lead to uncertainty for the future, lack of common goods and necessities, and mass bloodshed in the name of the ideology, simply because humanity has the innate need and desire to compete, it is a leftover from our ape ancestors, that people feel envy or want of material things for the betterment of themselves to increase the likelihood of procreation by gaining status within the social sphere, and to intellectualize humanity so much as to erase a core part of its drive and instinct, only ever leads to manipulation and grief. if you actually look back in history, it always ends by a core group of radical "revolutionary comrades" forming an inner party, and then instating their ideological doctrines without forethought of the consequences, and then governmental consolidation, using such unlimited power to cull "enemies of the state", or whatever hundred terms have been used to describe dissenters in such a system, as they demand complete loyalty to their ideals, and by extension, themselves, from the wider populace. Even Lenin had starved and abused the poor farmers of Ukraine because they refused to give up the only thing they've ever had as prior multi-generational serfs, their farmland, and deemed them "Bourgeoisie Kulaks", condemning them to death and suffering only to collectivize their land. Another problem, as was just mentioned, is that the "enemy" is practically whoever the ideological elite deem it to be, because they have given themselves the power to define morality, and what can or cannot serve the _____ dream. Honestly, despite it's horrific notability during the 20th century (as lead by disillusioned former-socialists, no less) even fascism seems less likely to fail, but that can only be said by account that we never see a fascist country run its course, unlike for example the soviet union, and even then, I'm fairly certain that not one person here, unless they did proper digging, could give me a proper outline of doctrinal statement like was formulated by Karl Marx and Fredrick Angles for communism, without falling on general stereotypes of simple totalitarianism. All in all, it disturbs me that the generations born in the 21st century are romanticizing these ideals without knowing their full history, and i say this as a 17 year-old, seeing them as shorthand for "social and economic equality", and falling on the same propagandist tactics used by Soviets, Communist Asia, and the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazis), and the same vitriolic hate and zealotry that lead to the deaths of over 1 billion people due to communism through the 20th century.

  4. Best song all comrades and sovietic guys united here 😀 " rising of the ruins of the old society " arm yourselfs " best parts 😉 and that make me fell more afecion for urss and socialism

  5. Немецкие коммунисты обосрались в начали тридцатых, во главе социализма точно бы была не Германия. Важно обозначить, что в начале должна быть главная страна социалистического лагеря, но это временно.

  6. Greetings from Kentucky comrades I continue to await the day when the system that tore the very wealth form My homeland leaving us in poverty while the men who benefited gorge themselves comes crashing down and in its place a great socialist republic will rise and every man will have bread land and peace WORKING MEN OF THE WORLD UNITE!

  7. The traitorous workers make the bullets and rifles that go to the government they helped to put in power and that murders them, and the peasants make the food that doesn't go to them.
    I see no utopia only the cancer and nightmare that any other rational person would see.

  8. To all my fellow capitalist humans in the comment section:-

    I have one small thing to say. Please read the Communist Manifesto, or rather INTERPRET IT PROPERLY with reference to the Das Kapital. Please do not confuse fake bolshevism with Pure Classical Marxism.What Marx wanted was not Gulags, Militsia or dictatorship. In fact, he wanted the fall of such spineless dictatorships. Please do not base your facts of a STATELESS IDEOLOGY on the bloody paranoia of dictators loke Stalin or Mao. Please understand that communism can never even exist in a state; USSR, PRC, DPRK and North Vietnam were more like State capitalist than communists.

  9. When Soviet Union and Germany are the last countries on earth due to a anamectronic apocalypse

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