SOCIALIST UN CROWN PRINCE: Former Portuguese Socialist PM António Guterres to be next UN head

say hello to the next un secretary-general Antonio Qataris former prime minister of Portugal 114th prime minister in fact of Portugal and oh my god what is this president of the socialist international that's right global socialism the next head of the UN the Socialists have infected and invested every globalist institution when will you people realize and those of you that do realize that and I hope you also realize what socialism is to communism and how it relates to this new world one world socialist government that they're trying to implement faster every death scene just look this guy obviously Socialist Party Roman Catholic that's a laugh eases Roman and Catholic as any politician that is a socialist they all claim to be really none of them are religious the liars they are liars workers High Commissioner for Refugees cuz currently I believe he is I've got well you can see right there is their High Commissioner for Refugees and the UN General Assembly so you know that means I look what it will look what fine crisis a crisis he is his reign has overseen you're all about to see in the next three or five years exactly what the UN is and what it is designed to be and what it is being fine-tuned to be and those of you within the European Union will probably see it a lot faster than other people the UN's been hiring from the European Union for quite some years now people that were in charge of the almost subliminal stripping of sovereignty individual libby's from the people of Europe in favor of this giant federal power block that has its as its merits if it were to be a serious and political force that promote freedom you know individual liberties the right to bear arms but it doesn't at all it strives to be what America is hurtling towards rather than where it came from and that's why the British people cause for it out and we'll see how that goes so just look down it's all the obvious to all the usual stuff friends of Europe of course he is he's on the friends of year we do here the European Council on Foreign Relations just all these horrific horrific orders and institutions that are for nothing but globalism this guy is just another insider not to be trusted by anybody and his administration will attempt to bring about the beginning of at least because what you've all going to sundar said a few times now we're already living under a global government we already live under their rule it's organized behind the dolls globally together they agree on certain things now not every single country part x but every single country is affected and in effect under the gun even I mean there there are various arguments whether or not Russia is part of this and whether they're just playing you sawed-off opposition but even if they are you can understand now that they're not in an they're not in a good position you've got Europe United States and many other areas of the world all that economic and military power to compete with and that's just the things that we know about so yes there's a there might be opposition but you've got to understand the world you're living in a world where even the largest of opposition to this type of thing have to communicate after coordinate and deal with this this monster is octopus and basically all this will all this will be with this Antonio Qataris and his administration will be what they're doing right now anywhere they're bringing it into the light or they don't have to basically run around in the shadows anymore they can you turn the general assembly into the Parliament of the world they can dictate and decree global taxes have a global military and yeah yeah what's that you're asking what well why would we have a global military I mean other than you know an Independence Day situation Wow what what what good with the global military serve what good with the global military serving deed think about it it's obvious what it would be used for so one way or another it's hard to tell you know you know I mean you look you read about history and stuff like that things can happen incredible amounts of things can happen in two to three four years all they can take 40 to 50 years all I know is that we're in it now and we're deep in it and now we've just got to ride it out and try to just your best tool is all this stuff like eats the thing they fear the most and it's on stupid is things like Pepe the Frog where you can just pour truth in this this I don't know there's something about humor in jocks you know just satire that really is sort of like impenetrable if you attack it you look stupid and strange and that is exactly what they are and their entire control system relies on trying to seem human when in fact they are just Patrick Bateman Psychopaths who murder people molest and kill children and basically hold the world hostage in some sort of grand financial government of the world so look out for this guy and the incoming are already here new world order

  1. How convenient, and just as a new jesuit black pope is selected….Getting all of their ducks in a row as the sheeple continue to sleep… Hal.

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