Socialist Student Gets DESTROYED on Live TV

you encourage government to get bigger that's one way to do it make college really expensive and then forgive the debt if you work for Uncle Sam alright let's get to the details of what really they're asking for here Kelley million student March national event organizer Kelly good to have you Keely I'm sorry I is it Kelly or Kelly that's okay Keely I apologize so what do you want you what do you want well so the movement the million student March is a movement for a more equitable and fair system of education as opposed to the really corporate model that we have right now so the three core demands of the national day of action are free public college a cancellation of student debt and a $15 an hour minimum wage for people who work on the campus and how is that going to be paid great question I mean you know so I'm not sure if you're talking on like a national level or at particular schools I can sort of touch on both you wanted all that someone has to pick up the tab who would that be the 1% of people in society that are hoarding the wealth and really sort of causing a catastrophe that students are facing I mean we have a relationship right now where 1% of the population owns more wealth than the 99 percent combined all right so the one precision chili if the one percent mm-hmm just had their taxes raised a few years ago back to almost 40% then to pay for the health care world they had them raised another few percentage points then they had their deductions limited to raise another couple points where depending on the state of locality they're pushing over about 50% of taxes how much higher do you think how much more do you think they should pay I think enough until we have a system where not one in two American families are threatened with poverty so where do they go let's say if you tax them they're smart folks these people this is these 1% orders right so they lead here then who's going to pay for all this stuff that you want if they leave the country oh I mean there's always going to be a 1% in the US the US is like the bastion of of capitalism and its success and I think you think the 1% could pay for all of this absolutely eighty-five people in the world hold more wealth than half of the global population no wait a minute laure store are we talking about 85 billionaire's or are you extending this to the 1% or remember we're in a little bit north of $250,000 at what level Healy do you start saying you got to pay a hell of a lot more than you're paying now in Texas I mean I think people earning certainly people earning over a million dollars a year should be contributing to development is 50 percent now let's say it's around 50 percent with taxes we used to have a top rate a 90 percent you think we should get back to that I mean I think that eventually we will get back to that I think there's okay with that or some of your friends okay well back to some of them want to be successful themselves and they'd be happy when they get to a level may be over 200 mm to 250 thousand they start paying 90% in taxes on that they'll be happy with that absolute absolutely I mean I think that killing come on you're talking to me here your friends are going to be happy getting to a point in their career when they could look outside and say finally I'm able to pay 90% in taxes obviously you know people in in your position you know don't want to pay $90 and ninety percent um I dare say unless you're high as a kite you wouldn't volunteer to pay 90% right I mean unless you really did see a considerable man for the buck and it was worth it right but a lot of the times that you realize it's not worth it and given some of the track records we've seen the government it doesn't always work right yeah I mean absolutely but the reality is we have to look at at the injustice of the system as it exists right now then do you think maybe if everyone paid a little bit more for this would you pay a little bit more for this besides the rich that it's a paper that it's worth it but do you think these are good goals already are paying for those I asked it differently I ask you would you kill you and your friends and your mom and your dad and your family would they happily pay more to provide all of these benefits you just outlined of course and we already are no no no you just said to pay for some of the things you wanted the rich should pay significantly more than they're paying right now now you're telling me that's exactly what I'm saying what are you paying well they're not I mean now you're saying look added these added benefits that you want and they're fine benefits don't get me wrong you you think your friends their parents your parents your family would be happy to pay a little bit more to provide these guarantees and benefits I come from an incredibly working-class family and my family is already on numerous forms of government assistance and is basically scraping by you know in order to get me through college I live in a world and I and I see a system around me where there's a population that's doing nothing to contribute to the progression of society education is really the only way that we have innovation that we really I'm sure you you know you sound very smart you know what's going on you mention what's going on in the world you probably aware what's happening in Greece and these other countries that provided all these benefits and then some many which you outline very nicely here for us today and they're going broke and they're out of money and they're there they don't know what to do and their people are riding on the streets because they can't believe the money's gone and the benefits and the promises are gone right what do you think I mean yeah there's a there's a like a global catastrophe right now of complete like defunding of social services because they ran out of money public you know what happened kilobases right I understand but there is a 1% in Greece there's a 1% in the United States there's a 1% there's a ruling class and absolutely everybody else out there yeah I don't doubt there is but obviously they're trying to technically get money from and they realize either they don't have the money or they hit from the money they're gone they're gone and now these countries will need to be accountable alright fine but there's a little better this coming out of the globe so now even if you're not the problem all right but they've done Studies on this kid I don't want to get boring here but even if you were to take the 1% and take all of their money tax it a hundred percent do you know that couldn't keep Medicare just Medicare in this country going for three years did you know that if we're to a point where the rich is paying a hundred percent on their taxes then we're on the road to socialism and we're going to have a completely different type of public infrastructure I don't know what I told you what I told you is that even if you took all the money from the rich you say are getting away with murder you took it all away mhm it wouldn't support one entitlement in this country for three years I don't I I don't believe that um yeah I'm sorry I just don't that sounds the completely ludicrous to me do you know that how much it will cost to mandate a $15 minimum wage across the country to have everyone student loan debt paid off to pay for public college for everyone might you have a rough idea in the cost of just the educational part on the student loan part and the public oh yeah absolutely one one point one point three trillion dollars in student debt that's just a beginning and then billion you know how much you guys only tax into one percent one hundred percent I don't know is it close to the number that's about two trillion dollars that's meant to bail out your what I'm saying because I just want this to be a math reminder 120 which would barely keep Medicare going for three years that's one area even if we repositioned it to go into this area that you want we don't have enough to do it so you're going to have to find other means of getting money right yeah I mean I think that that's a starting point I mean I think that all of these things require really comprehensive program no no down but you here – I guess what I asking you yeah you're passionate about this and I admire that passion and your involvement in this but I think you have to step back and look at the numbers that could be involved here because they're going to be huge and a lot of those the College behind in institutions behind you knowing student debt is taken care of it's forgiven and done do you think any of those guys any of those administrators any of those schools aren't going to leap at the opportunity to gouge even more to raise tuitions even more to raise room and board even more well I mean ideally if we have a big enough mass movement of people in the streets we can actually prevent things like that from happening I mean that's one of the purpose all right we'll see we just saw sorry apologize to that but history suggests that doesn't always happen uh diggin tunnel leaving I think the math doesn't add up and I think that is a broad message it's like more for nothing

  1. I am not asking for my student debt to be cancelled, but I wouldn't say no either. I made my own bed, and I will lie in it – I am paying it back now. But when you have seriously contemplated fleeing the country vs putting a bullet in your head over the debt ($250,000), turning down the help would be hard. I blame nobody but myself. I wish I could do it all over again. It is really depressing at times.

  2. And the rest of those air-headed students picked HER to be their spokes person?! How dumb does that make THEM? What a frikkin` moron! This is a good example of those students that would rush out and vote for a frikkin` socialist, libtard democrat. Their mouths go off long before their brain goes in gear!

  3. She says she lives in a society where many are doing nothing to support the rest of society. This coming from a girl who just said her family is on various government programs. Sounds like she is talking about her own family doesn’t it?

  4. BULL SHIT propaganda ,CUBA ,Russia ,China ,Demark ,Syria Libya ,-/2 -FREE EDUCATION
    Germany. When it comes to excellent higher education at minimal or no cost, Germany tops the list. …
    Norway. …
    Sweden. …
    Austria. …
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                                      CAN IT BE DONE ? ask yourself or the pale face blue eye devil bullshit

  5. I like the story about socialism being applied by a teacher in a classroom, where the class of students like this young lady agreed to average out their grades with the highest grade scorers in the class so everyone gets an equal share. The lazy kids liked it at first becuase the average gave them improved grades for no work, whilst the brighter kids didn't like having their grades pulled down to improve the grades of the workshy. Many of the bright kids decided they shouldn't have to try as hard either since there was no direct benefit to them any more so the average declined for all, plus the brightest kids realised they were going to be brought down to the level of the lazy kids and got themselves transferred out to a separate class where ability and hard work was still rewarded, leaving behind only the lazy and the unmotivated in the original class. 100% of that class then failed to get passing grades with no winners at all, only losers. The only winners were those who managed to escape to a place where only the fruits of their own labour was rewarded, and where others were inspired by their accomplishments to work as hard and do as well or better than their peers.

    A simplification of socialism and capitalism to be sure, but regardless of whether or not it's an urban myth or a teacher actually did that it illustrates the anti-productivity and wealth-destruction effects of socialism quite well.

    What the young lady in the video should probably be talking about is a more sensible adjustment of the tax-free threshold and sensible rates of tax at upper levels, so that everyone can earn more before being hit by taxes but without unfairly fleecing those who do manage to earn their way higher further up the payscales, which means never having ridiculously punitive tax rates in excess of 50%.

    One constructive way to narrow the gap between the hardworking poor and hardworking rich might be to introduce some kind of voluntary fixed ratio between the highest earners and lowest earners in an organisation, which could be advertised to consumers as an ethical badge just like FairTrade Coffee or Dolphin-Friendly Tuna. For example if a company decides upon a voluntary ratio of 3:1 then it means if the top bosses wants to award themselves a raise to $120,000.00 p.a. including benefits they can still do that, but only if they can also raise the lowest earners in their organisation to $40,000.00 including benefits. If the company's profits can't stretch to that they can still award pay rises but would have to voluntarily restrict themselves to a lower raise for the bosses to say $90,000 p.a and raise for the lowest earners to $30,000.00, or $60,000.00 for the bosses and $20,000.00 for the lowest earners, etc. It wouldn't prevent legitimate rewards for those at the top but it would voluntarily limit the extreme differential that can sometimes be created between them and those working just as hard at the bottom. Noone would be individually burdened with excessive taxes to fund the resultant higher minimum wage, and companies would still be free to not introduce such a ratio or abandon their chosen fixed ratio if they chose, but at the cost of losing their official 'Fair Ratio' rating in the eyes of consumers. However companies that did stick to such a ratio voluntarily could outcompete other companies by advertising their top:bottom salary ratio with pride (and bragging rights) that the efforts of their whole workforce are more fairly rewarded across the baord and no one person at the top can ever cream off an annual lottery ticket-sized win out of company profits solely to themselves at the expense of hundreds of their workers still having to scrape along on a pittance. Consumers would then be able to vote with their dollars for the companies that they think have the fairest salary ratios, making those companies much more profitable than their competitors in the long run than those that pay office workers minimum wage whilst one or two fat cats regularly award themselves an extra $1M a year plus a personal fleet of Teslas and other benefits out of the profits everyone in their organisation worked 45 hours a week to earn, while Joe Bloggs working 6 days a week in the finance department full time barely has enough to pay for rent, bills and food, to say nothing of holidays or luxury items.

    This would work even better if those without an official ratio declaration could have their ratio estimated by impartial calculation websites, so consumers can compare the market with those who do declare such a ratio and judge accordingly.
    And when more people have more disposable income demand would grows for more products to buy, boosting sales tax receipts across the board and boosting manufacturing jobs.

  6. Really, none of the population are contributing to the progression of society? – this girl is 'clueless' What about all the alumni who donate to their college so 'others' can obtain a scholarship! Hello — she is very, very ignorant of the accounting details. I had to stop listening . .

  7. With internet & social media, I’m sure you can get some college course online for free. Y pay for college education with technology nowadays? With the price going up more & more, I can basically fix anything on my own car from YouTube for crying out loud. I never went to mechanic school.

  8. Lot of public toilets need cleaners she should apply because I can’t see any intelligent business hiring this dumb ass

  9. This brainless slut should stick to BJ which is what her mouth is designed to be by the looks of it She is so thick and so stupid reminds me of Alexandria Cortez

  10. The girl is obviously out her depth, knowledge wise. You can't blame the journalist for nailing her weak points, particularly around tax. However, he is defending a weak position too. He doesn't deny figures that indicate massive discrepancies in wealth distribution. Capitalism was once promoted as the greatest redistribution of a wealth sharing system. Can this honestly be defended now?

  11. How is the 1% screwing college students??? What business is it of some POS leech kid to whine about how much a guy smarter than them earns!!!!! If a guy earns a trillion dollars a day, it is none of our business, as long as he's not a criminal, it is his money. Nobody has the right to steal money from the guy smart than them!!! Just because you are too stupid, and fall for the liberal leech brainwashing, it is nobody's right to steal a single nickle from anyone!!! Earn your own way, don't live above your means, and quit expecting the guy smarter than you to hand you free every thing!!!

  12. It's easy to want.. but these STUPID kids dont understand that everything needs money… then they want to just take it from the rich?😂😂😂

  13. College has infected this young woman with liberalism. Sad. Her family is on numerous forms of welfare she says so her idea is to just steal the money from people who worked hard

  14. Add to this free college idea, the fact that these airheads now want to pass a law that anybody should be allowed in college regardless of whether theyre qualified and there wouldnt be enough money if you just let the printing machines go crazy cranking out money 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week!

  15. The liberals love illegal immigration from South America but hate the original immigration of the white man who instituted this nation. If the immigrant is brown or black that is likely to vote democrat, they love them but when they were white, they now hate them. This is a play from Saul Alinsky's book for radicals. This is an attempt by the left to oust the white race from the government and place them under the feet of less intelligent communist sympathizers. The left is the enemy of the USA and the majority.

  16. I am so sad to see how kids have become so stupid. Maybe parents should stop paying for college altogether. Leave the kids out to fend for themselves at 10 yrs old so they have an idea what it takes to earn a living. At 100% tax rate why bother working and try to eek out a living?

  17. Great idea Ms Snowflake. Let's tax the hard working and successful, in order the lazy and feckless can have a better life. Most students grow out of the idea that socialism is a working concept, I hope she does

  18. I bet if she won the lotto tomorrow .. there is no way on gods earth she would give it away to some college or gov school fee fund. A 100% give it away.. hahah nah that’s right they want everyone or someone else to pay.. same with open the borders let the poor people in.. but they shut there gate & don’t let anyone into there own home.. to sleep or eat.. no no no no no someone else the 1% ers need to pay

  19. Poor thing has been brainwashed at uni at college .. leftist lunatics.. I don’t think they have the brain cells to wake up & see the real world.

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