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Claude 14 parishes is a fourteen parishes because that's how many Jamaica has I'm probably completely wrong and let's make it cred so that's all right whatever keep going Jeff yeah I do a lot of work in my Union as well Jefferson Federation of Teachers um and I work with the labor committee with Democratic social to socialists of American New Orlean what is that what's the labor committee yeah what are you doing there so we essentially it's the idea of the labor committee is to get folks involved in organizing their workplace whether the workplace has a union or not so for example one of the things that we focus on is specifically workplace organizing we do trainings for that we do a lot of social events to try and get people involved so that they can learn about some of the skills that they would need to do to to begin you know workplace organizing and also how to get involved in labor unions as they currently exists as well which is would be something really successful one of the things that we did very recently that we have spoken about on this program was we had the author of a book Erik Blanc coming to town for an event on a book that he wrote called red state revolt which covered the teacher strike that took place in West Virginia Oklahoma and Arizona we use we basically used our committee to put that event on at the musicians Hall few months ago we had 50 or so people come out and that's just one of the things that we do with the labor committee we just kind of share information and skills on what we can do to organize our workplace so that we can fight for in a wages working conditions health care stuff like that and you know develop that work of power so if you don't isn't super dangerous to try to start a union if you don't already have one in your workplace scary well we can be dangerous if you're working alone when you're isolated by yourself but when you when the workers are united and they're working together for a common set of goals then you actually have a lot of leverage that you can that you can leverage your boss into doing what the workers want to do if again once again you're working collectively as a group that's key any individual can be replaced but you cannot place the entire workforce so when the people united they can't be divided is that what we're saying right now essentially yeah well I knew that that punk riff would come into it would make some kind of sense you know thirty years later after I heard it the first time well sometimes it takes a little while I got you honey so for sure alright and so uh that's Jeff everybody let's uh yay for Jeff he's a teacher so he gets he has collapse nobody else gets collapse here some gold stars reinforcements it's still a thing what I'm looking like what is it which will stick a game bow really bad about stickers I'm more about like giving so as a teacher I think focuses is to give treat my children like human beings which the education system in the u.s. is really bad about there's a real sort of narrowing of what school is for so they that sort of trajectory of the way things are going is focus on specific skills that will get you a job or get you into college and all of the social stuff and all the things that you know that essentially meeting the material needs of children as they exist and turn them into function humans that really takes a backseat to the focus on curriculum which is really a terrifying way to socialize you know your youth then so one of the things that I kind of focus on in my class and I speak each special education specifically is teaching kids how to play games like chess with one another so that it can you know communicate using a set of rules and it's you know I don't have a whole lot of time to do this but it's one of the things that I really do think that socializes children in a certain sense god that's very that's so true like I've said that and I hate again this is one of those themes if you've listened to the other episodes where I don't want to sound like a Luddite because I I personally myself in indulge in all kinds of electronic distractions and people say that all video games are so bad for kids and it's not it's it's their socializing yeah they're socializing when we were kids back in the olden times when nobody had the Internet we actually had to trade video game cartridges with our friends because our parents just couldn't buy so everybody had a small collection and you trade and yours always got back to you and you understood even when yours yours did and that person was out of the tribe because they could no longer be trusted to trade video games with or at least at least if you don't get the same game back at least you're getting something in exchange yeah yeah I mean I'm not talking when a string exchange yeah that was a whole different thing but I mean just like oh so you let someone such hold your game and then you don't get your game back you're like well yeah dude ain't cool no more that's it you have to heat up to try mm-hmm and just see the idea of even if you didn't you didn't you weren't in love with everybody hey with that kid but she knew that kid had doctor Mario and you were trying to play dr. Mora so you were gonna get along now it's just such an interesting time and now with the internet and all the good things the Internet's done it's really taken that communal aspect of play away from children Louis I'm just the Internet it's just a way that we the way that we sort of think what is the purpose of school and the purpose of school right now is to get a job or to go to college or go to college so that you can copy and if you don't go to college then you've sort of like the by those by those parameters you fail that's one of the things that when I when I if you hang around me long enough and drink a couple beers so one of the things I always repeat and I almost ad nauseum I go you know the Greeks didn't sit around pillared columns discussing philosophy so they could become CPAs that wasn't the point of all this knowledge and learning out intellectuals right it was college and higher learning was about learning how to think what and like yeah yeah the entire point of education in my view is not job training and college is also considered to be job training right it's very specific paths instead of learning about like the you know the arts or anything like that that completely devalued because the way that our society functions is that if it doesn't produce money then it's not valuable and so the sort of culture that developed that develops around that is well you're you're essentially going to have to pay to go to this college because it's job training is a very transactional thing and it continues to just inflate and inflate and inflate in terms of the cost to get in the government programs that subsidize it and the credentials so when you get out of college everybody's got a bachelor's degree now and no in the field that you have it in and so it's a lot harder for people to get a job even with those credentials and it's just another inflation that's the reason that everybody having a bachelor's degree is not even a bad thing that's that's really not the issue at least in my opinion you tell me if I'm wrong mr. teacher-man but it's the idea that the degree wasn't you the degree wasn't used to figure out hey are you gonna be competent at this job are you gonna are you gonna get along in our workplace you know you're gonna I don't know you're gonna be a good worker it was just used to get keep and that's what it is it's gatekeeping and the problem also is when you have these people coming out with just these bachelor degrees and they can't get a job they went to college for four years or so and they have a whole bunch of student debt so you you're coming out of college can't get a job in the field that you wanted to get you wanted to go into and you owe $50,000 to these schools that you had to go to otherwise you failed and so the situation that you know me cause sections of the US happens across the entire working class is that Wow all these people need to get debt just to start from scratch and then that so essentially you're already in a precarious position one you have college loans that you cannot get rid of even in bankruptcy that are on you from the from Jump Street from square one and then you can't get a job that can hate you to pay those things off you need to just be you know fine like scrapping for whatever you can get straight away and so there's there that that is a sense of socialization but it's not teaching people to be socialized in the sense that they're out looking for one another all up there I mean you're essentially to be out there looking to survive that's what it becomes this in a certain sense because since you're being taught for a very long part of your life at the very beginning these critical stages when you're when you're developing that you need to get you and then everything else comes later that means that you're gonna carry that on you or you either get carried on that's the expec expect to thing into your further life or I mean a lot of people now rejecting that paradigm because it's it's not working for people yeah I completely agree that's why you yes so many people with student debt and they just say I wish I wish I knew that I was gonna have all the student debt and doing a job that I hated I just would have not went to college at all it's it's a sad state of existence we have in the United States here there was actually a really great post that I saw as well I think was on PBS that since there's been this focus on specifically college the there is a big need of people to go into the trades because because it's been the other side of the other side of that coin is well if everybody's to be foot incentivize to go to college they're expected to get these sort of like you know blue-collar or like I mean these white-collar jobs the the the working jobs the jobs that include you know building the places that we all live in and go to and exist in everyday the roads the houses the you know buildings whatever there they've taken the back seat and a lot of centers have been outsourced and so now these trades are just sort of like dying for people and that's something that is a necessary result of the trajectory of the way our culture is incentivize to go and that's crazy even that stuff has been leveled in the STEM fields as far as coding that's why the whole push of everybody needs to know how to code everybody can code which isn't true but I really reason why I bring that up I worry about when I hear stuff like oh we're hurting so much in the trades I I don't think we're hurting so much I'd have to see some numbers but my guess is cuz this is what happens what's happening with coding is that it's not that they're companies are quote-unquote hurting because they have to pay people a living wage and I'm worried about that if we people should be able to do what they want to do that's our main thing it's that spoiler alert that's what we're going for here socialists if you if you want to build things go build them if you want to write the next novel go do that if you wanna play fortnight for you know 70 years to you die go do that too in our perfect utopian Star Trek society that's that's what we're pushing for but my point is that with coding that's exactly what's happening is that these companies and these startups are having to pay people actual money to be software engineers so they're like hey how can we get around that well let's just teach anybody how to code and flood the market you know so I worry I worry I worry about that when I when I hear these corporations say we're dying for people because a lot of times that's code for just we don't like our profit we we could make more money if we could flood the labor market and that sort of a stem thing right because a lot of Education right now is focused on getting kids to learn stem and so when all these kids come going these stem schools even on a like elementary middle and high school there learn how to code and whatever and that's gonna that that is look there are policy consequences to these things and when these policy consequent went like when we decide to put our education system onto that trajectory then we're responding to the people who want to just decide to to essentially devalue our labor you listen WH IVLP New Orlean 22.3 W HIV FM / listen look at my man Jeff with the save on the station ID we were at 15 minutes nice job I totally totally blow my mind tell me more about how great I am I'm actually for that I'm very Pro I'm very Pro participation trophies everybody deserves rope for that so any male Robert to our left here to my left I have Michelle Michelle and Michelle tell me about yourself I really honestly don't know much about you beyond DSA like you just got assigned it / Specter they've just come I like to Irish goodbye a lot yeah things just get overwhelmed and dis absolutely I am I so I can I can at least claim that nah man oh I got into DSA because after I pulled myself out of the fetal position after Bernie conceded to Hillary I reached out to a fellow Bernie friend of mine cuz we were underground at that point everyone's like who's this Bernie guy and I'm like we need to do something I don't know what to do guys and so long story short we we started our revolution that New Orleans our revolution chapter and then from there with a bunch of awesome like a very small cast but a bunch of awesome people we we did a lot of things we did some healthcare rallies when that was like first starting to happen we helped sponsor the the women's March so he introverts yeah you too can speak in front of 10,000 women if you are really mad enough you just gotta find that thing that like sparks that firing you well do alright [Laughter] but even if you're the kind of person who doesn't want to like talk in front of however many people like 10,000 people or whatever there is always work in the movement for you that we can do if you want to just came right people's name from a list and put it on a spreadsheet you could do that if you want to if you want to make thank you there's a lot of work in the struggle to do and we need you well I think that that's the point is a lot of people are already tired I mean we're all four of us are sitting in this room either with allergies or sick or just tired and we're like how do we even anyway I'm going off on a ten you feeling good on with those stars and participation trophies now anyway through them through working with our revolution we met up with some DSA people so I also became a co-founder of the DSA chapter which it's just crazy cuz all of this stuff just kind of I mean 2016 literally changed me as a person I went from being an architect to concentrating my efforts on like music and art and and being an activist because I couldn't I couldn't just keep my head my head was never in the sand I was always just sort of seeing things and going hey guys this doesn't seem right and everyone's like don't worry about it and I'm like why is the housing market crashing what's going on anyway so yeah you know um a lot of my focus these days I guess if you can kind of choose your poison cuz you don't have a lot of time in your life to really choose your poison but my biggest thing is you know just from being an architect is just into the housing you know how living living the cost of living is crazy housing is scarce I'm I'm not yeah I'm not I'm not gonna talk about my current job because I want to completely separate myself from that but I see all these developments happening and I'm like I have a college degree I went to school I'm in debt I can't afford any of these places I can't afford any of these these multifamily units that I see just going up in like the st. Claude area and I'm like man I remember when the Bywater was sketchy as hell but I loved it well that's you know that's what was the Bywater like because I'm going to lived here for almost six years and let's describe people with the Bible I mean the Bywater is Mary by waters a neighborhood gentrification like Ground Zero you know I'm not gonna I don't know like I don't want I'm trying not to hate on things all the time I mean that's like my natural disposition but no I mean I I lived here before Katrina and what I remember the Bywater was that's where just all the musicians in the artists lived I mean the reason why you lived in the Bywater and the mary is because it was cheap and you know if you're if you're if you're propping up this plantation we call New Orleans and the tourist industry we need our musicians we need our buskers we need our people like sitting on the corner like doing their thing making their art and it's it's sad because you know I I can't even afford to live in the Bywater no it's yeah it's become like it's so it's cool to be poor guys it's cool to be four it's at least cool you know I feel like white people have I mean I'm just gonna generalize but I feel like white people have always just wanted to live in sketchy areas because you think it's cool you know like I went through that whole like I gotta live in these cool you know sketchy places and that that's that's not the point you know the reason why it has culture is because of the element of people that live there you know like you've got just you got straight-up workers you got people huh I mean the people that I know you know the service industry people those are the most hustling people I've ever met in my life because hey they literally have to make $600 to eat and that like breaks my heart and I need it also I need to be cognizant about not saying like a lot so I pop actually it's fun yeah you know so I mean that's kind of from an outsider because I'm not gonna speak like I you know like I lived there but New Orleans was was way different before Katrina and and after Katrina and coming back you know as an architect and like seeing all these developments happening and and just people not having affordable housing is just something that like really bothers me which kind of like goes into these kind of like communal living things that I've been like super interested in as a designer and as someone who like cares about the built environment I care about the built environment for people not for profit that's that's why I quit being an architect because I couldn't I couldn't do the projects anymore because I knew it's like once you know too much you can't really go back once you start seeing a price tag put towards like a medical room and how quickly you have to get someone out of that room to make a profit turn in tables I could not believe with myself oh I worked for the developer for a little while and that was soul-sucking but you know that's this neither here nor there basically I went I went from I mean a lot of my history like I grew up as a blue-collar kid I mean I grew up on food stamps that came from the rice fields of Acadiana Parish y'all so you know I'm from Cajun country but New Orleans has been my home you know aside from Katrina I've been here pretty much I would say a third of my life so I don't know just as a person who's always just had a strong sense of justice or you know I don't I don't like saying justice cuz it seems like you know I'm trying to be like some super hero but like I see a lot of stuff wrong I see a lot of things wrong with with the world and that can be overwhelming and I think what we can do is try and like change our own little bubble you know and I think that's what socialism kind of embodies is how can we help our communities and how can we help our friends and help it so they don't suffer so much I don't know I can keep going what else you want to know Robert that's super fair there's a couple things couple things of feedback actually we got a review on the show and also this the podcast as well that wherever you download podcasts you can find and it was one of the things that I was really super our conversational style of saying like and I really try to hit the edits on that and somebody said – sounded like an NPR show I know it I was like where am i / producing the show is that what I'm doing right now so I need to I actually need to stop that you keep going doing more work makes it worse I know you know what we can all just learn to be a little bit more eloquent I think that would be a challenge yes but I'm tired I don't need to be more eloquent and I'm plenty eloquent already I use my words good shut up you are on yeah you're definitely the glue that holds us together you are the star that's already been established that's why the guard listed and I've never seen you play but I heard you play you play a pretty mean bass yes we need help well my goal is to have a cool like punk or grind like intro I don't know those are goals oh well you you go get started well I mean I think this this kind of goes back to tagging off of this whole like student debt thing right right you know as a kid all I wanted to do was draw comic books I real all I want yeah your arts really good too and I'm gonna I was like hey how can I draw guys and they're like no you shouldn't because you'll starve and you should probably go to college and be an architect I'm like okay so I did it and it was great I love you know I love architecture I excel at architecture because I love solving problems it's just big puzzles and so the problem with our world now is it's it's a puzzle that I can't ignore anymore and I feel like it's super compelled to try and do something do something and I feel like that's where everyone could at least evaluate in their life okay what's that one thing maybe that one hour you can give during the week towards something that you actually care about and cuz it you know it's gonna fill your soul bucket so bucket fill it with goodness when you love people I mean that it took me a long time to learn how to love people cuz I have a lot of agency me but it's it's a life I've seen too much in my life but I feel like you have to the way that you're gonna grow as a person is is by loving your fellow human being and if your fellow human being is suffering it's hard I don't know it's hard for me to sleep at night and that it's not I'm not trying to be a martyr it's just something I mean I I honest I can't sleep at night anyway so let's just tack it on to all the other stuff but but yeah I mean um I feel like if I were to say what is the thing that's trying to fill my soul bucket as far as activism or just trying to be involved is helping with the built environment and helping to where people don't have to struggle so much with like just living and the cost of living and bills and I mean I can go on and on no that's that's really cool I feel like Organa no me now I'm gonna have to kill you about things I'm writing in my list write a comic with Michelle I'm writing my list make a zine and all about the zine Life magazine will be for the the podcast subscriber so if you want to you should go check out Michelle's art on our on our Instagram or social media or whatever but then yeah I guess we could I'm gonna put you on the hook for a zine we should totally do that it's funny that you I know well it's funny it's funny the offering that the whip um you know because I do I mean I love I love music I especially love metal music and I go to a lot of shows and I absolutely adore if any of my metal scene friends are listening to this I love you guys because you know what a lot of people think metal is just violence and egg and it is it is but the reason why it is is because a good majority of the time the people that are making it are probably the most hurt individuals or the ones the people that are the outliers you know the people who maybe aren't understood that well but you know this goes kind of back to like building your tribe you know if you if you can build your tribe and you have those people you know it might just be five people that you know that you can lean on then them build that five people because when the end of the world happens you're gonna need them I'm not gonna get on my survivalist rant but no I mean um it's funny that we talk about the Zeen thing because that's something I've been trying to do just to sort of spread a little bit more activism in my natural light was it's not even spreading I mean I exude activism in fact I mean that sounds like pompous but recently as about two weeks ago we had a show and it was a bunch of bands that are anti-fascist bands and so we we brought anyway I digress let's just say we had a trash can that said F Nazis and Nazis are trash and we destroyed it and we all felt great about it I mean no because if there were any Nazis anywhere nearby they would have contend to me because I'm 6 foot 2 and angry they're good they wouldn't because they're smart I guess I mean the siren sound of the siren song of a 6-foot redhead plays bass probably not just be like well auntie farm might be up but there is a tall attractive redhead I might take my chances see what am i learned I might learn you something you know it's it's funny because you know I was here for all the the Confederate statue removals and while and while a lot of my compadres were content at yelling at people I'm not gonna yell at someone that has a gun I'm just dumb just not gonna do it cuz they crazy but no I mean I I from where I came from the the heart of Louisiana just occasion country I don't want to you know like emphasize the racism but I mean that's where the clans from man so like I you have to learn how I know that a lot of people are like yes whatever F the right I don't I don't want to talk these people you know screw tribe supporters they're human beings and so if you can at least try and connect with them on a human level and maybe where they're struggling which is probably their pocketbook then maybe you can make a human connection it kind of stops though like when people are like just choosing their facts and yeah but I guess I guess point is establishing that there is a common ground amongst people who are working because that's something that's critical but again you don't wanna you don't want to go too far in that direction either and sorry like making concessions towards Nera towards their positions in a lot of ways either but as you entertaining and I agree with a lot of it well I mean don't play keep don't placate people and don't be fake station I defecation HIV HIV LP New Orleans 102.3 HIV FM I don't know why I would have to make it like some big super secret deal we have to station ID like we so sighs this is our moment trying to over produce things no you told they are this is that like nobody should know that we actually have things and BPM invasion just sound this should sound just like three people talking but when you over produce it's not yeah if you try too hard it stops sounding like people are talking to one another yes pillow talk without our makeup on girls let's have some time let's have some fun but nothing going back to I was saying is it is yeah I mean physics morning every hour but now you got to find that common ground because frankly we're all scared human beings right now I think we could probably boil it down to brass tacks that were pretty much scared that the world's gonna end I think when what we're like seventy I don't know here I go on my survivalist tangent again but you we can't stop okay we can't stop talking to these people because the minute you stop talking to these people is the further and further we get disconnected and then we get into our little bubbles and we get into our little fear holes do you want to be by there is C and I think that's it now to have some pushback on that you've got to recognize the privilege that you're in to be able to do that cuz I'm black so I'm not gonna be able to connect with those people like that that's not gonna happen but to back up what they're saying is those people I am NOT I have a lot more anger and hate in my heart for liberals then and I think we need to that's a good thing we I need to start we we need to take this show one step at a time like baby steps so when here I know I have a I've hated my heart for liberals need to explain what that means liberals are if you saw the meme during the first women's March of the the white woman holding our sign and it said if Hillary won we'd all be at brunch right now let's be very careful not get on that heart of an anti brunch it doesn't have to be no no no I've had brunch it you do that brunch at Waffle House brunches you have a brunch during the struggle and that's the entire idea of the entire idea of like I'm at this thing because you know I'm straight I'm in conveniency their reaction is we wouldn't have to do anything anymore right yeah that's not the point we have to do the reason why we're all here the reason why we're in this room and not playing overwatch anymore like we were in 2060 I can't have games I just can't have it in the house just can I understand it's just like it's a controlled controlled substance for me I've actually backed away from what I've noticed my my show this show is taking up the space the guy you got to find the things that are pretty icon hey I think we're all like working through maybe our like little game of addictions that but anyway that's it's healthy to talk about that but I don't even know what I was because I got distracted by know where to put our gamer tags out there now not so later that's what we get our twitch channel I'm not hot I'm joking no what just coming yeah that's why little shame behind that that be at brunch right now yeah why hate liberals so much is because and liberals and I say like oh it's a white woman liberals isn't a race thing and you guys yeah to class it's class what you're saying is what all I want are things to work for me the and slam the door shut for anybody else behind me and so that's why yeah I got mine and I'm good and that and as a liberal you've probably are highly educated and you went to college and you know about class you know at least a little bit you've read the cliff notes of you know Das Kapital or you least know you you've watched the movie Grapes of Wrath you know you know John Steinbeck is to where people who live in Acadia do not know they know the the only class struggle ideas that they have never came from a classroom they killing from actually struggling with their class in coal mines and cane fields they came from working in the oil fields and the rice fields and the crawfish fields and like you know like you're not you're not gonna connect like I don't I don't want to discount their intelligence no there's not about you're not gonna connect with people that work on combines with like identity politics you're gonna maybe connect with them if you know how to frame the subject of climate change in their favor right that's one thing that you could pass I have literally seen driving down the highways and byways of Louisiana to to bumper stickers and right next to each other one said you know that stupid pro-life and the PR o UX like you want to do a G sound with an exit some cute kitschy thing here in Louisiana and I know yeah it's just it's when it was a pro-life bumper sticker next to an environmental bumper sticker well we know where we can get them at least with one you pick your battles like the liberalism thing is sort of fraught with like contradiction after contradiction it's almost like a like a dial uh like a dial of cause thing that you want to do right and you don't you're not likely to really tied to any of them you're just saying well this is I want to recycle because I love the earth or whatever but it's not it doesn't connect you to your workplace it doesn't connect you with any other working people it's you as an individual choosing it to do something because you're so great I'm angry at liberals in my my I've had to boil it down to one paragraph I'm angry at you liberals because you know better you know better and you come at me with disingenuous arguments it's the same thing when we go back to Episode one or whatever we're talking about Joe Biden and we're talking about politics wherever all the liberals say Bernie Sanders is too old too white and then when Bernie and then when Joe Biden there is a liberal King comes along whether they're Dubai and they're liberal King comes along none of that matters so you your your arguments are disingenuous your arguments of why people can't have health care and why people can't have affordable housing or even free housing and free education is you don't want you to pay for it that's when because no but yours you got yours right I could easily just be like I got mine I could go back being an architect and go you know what I got mine I don't need to worry about anybody I'll just save my money and then move to Denver when everything floods but no like my soul cannot take that because I just see the flaws I just see the flaws in the system and I experience them and it's and and to see people that I know I don't I don't want to see anyone suffer I can dislike you and your views on like certain identity politics stuff but I also don't want you to suffer yeah I don't want you to starve I don't want you to not have a job I don't want you to be scared for your children's future I don't suffer and like that shows we're in this together we're in the same boat here like when we when we're fighting for the working class part of the reason we're fighting for the working class class is because we're in the working class and like this is my sort of selfish case for like socialist politics is that when you are fighting for the working class because you're in the working class and the working class does better then you as a member of that class do better know under percent I'm gonna say right and it's just I great people on a curve so liberals should know better those people that Michelle's talking about her people out in Cajun country they haven't had the opportunity to know better and they don't they don't know better all they all I know is reactionary right you you cannot go at these people saying I'm gonna take all the oil away I'm gonna take everything away because these people are scared to feed their family right you can't completely take the industry away but what you can do is create job programs you can create training you can get all these people back to work instead of scared that the government take your dibs yeah like it's just not that's just not the case um so yeah you have to find a common ground with these people um I just lost my train of thought because Robert touched a button Commons grounded through our shared experiences as a class so and this is this is this is taking up a lot harder I know this is a lot this is some deep introduction this was just supposed to be an introduction and then we're gonna move on to like a weird little topics or whatever by that I might not what what weird stuffs happening right now nothing good we haven't even got to meet yet come on telly tell us about you let me take another drink coffee he's trying he's trying okay so lay it down um I was I was born in a little town called st. Petersburg Florida it's it's little but it's got some stuff like the baseball team the Tampa Bay Devil Rays play there when you said st. Petersburg it I thought you meant Petrograd No I've never been to Russia I used to want to go to Russia now I'm terrified you know that's funny because during it was it was hard in Russia you know it was propaganda because the Cold War and all that but you know during the 70s that the the Russian government pushed for black intellectuals to move to the Soviet Union it's kind of like a cold war coup thing anyway they Petersburg Florida st. Petersburg Florida sorry I was still my voices so and I grew up there and the first job I had out of out of high school was my first real job was I was in the Marine Corps and I think I've mentioned on the show so I joined the Marine Corps because I wanted to travel and yeah I did that um I lived in Japan I went all over the world all the fun stuff but I guess the Marine Corps really got me got their hooks into me as far as socialism because in the Marine Corps I figured out how a social society would work I didn't have to worry about room and board I didn't have to worry about how I was gonna eat I was paid and okay wage so all I all I had to worry about was actually just you know going to work I mean it was terrible it's working for the military-industrial complex I was an admin clerk though so I avoided all the nonsense just because I guess I had a little more brain power than the most marine recruits but as obviously I'm doing this show right now I'm a member of the DSA the jingoistic propaganda didn't work on me I thank my parents for that my parents were not moving the most lefty people ever so I got out of the Marine Corps and I came back to Pensacola I went to college for a while in Cincinnati Ohio it's what my mom's from that's why I had connections there dropped out of there worked for Citibank I mentioned that on another show that was terrible during the housing crisis you know what I'm gonna commit oh I've done all you caused the honey wait selling bad mortgages redlining people so here's the thing like everything you probably could have done that's like terrible and capitalism I've done it so part of the problem we're all part of the problem no I'm living in society you're sort of inculcated in doing it because the work that you're going to do is going to be in service is that because of the forces that are in control of it that's so true you can't you can't remove yourself from that that's so true – you become a hermit in the forest which I dream about doing my second my second job I mean well back up boys just oh so I haven't moved here yet so I came to New Orleans because I just loved I Love New Orleans so much I said you know I'm gonna move here my first job was working for I was a carpenter for an NGO they were really just undercutting local labor I realized that I said I got to get out of here to the terrible place so I go to the great bastion of help and the next job I have you know because I said hey I'm working one terrible job while we just bounce right into another I became a cop so I did that for yeah you know I was a cop I did I work for OPI so tell me more oh you didn't know this so we've known each other for a while it's great fun you listen to WH IVLP New Orleans whi vfm no I mean I don't volunteer the information let them answer yeah so as I say I want to talk about is what so I work for OPI so Orleans Parish Sheriff's Department which is one of the worst organizations in the United States this is not me talking if you can google that and find all kind of fun stuff we had a one the consent decree right now and what that means is our jails were run so terribly in this county Parrish that the federal government threatened to come take him over they still might do it because it's so really bad now I wouldn't just say this is the one thing I'm proud I wasn't just say I worked in the jail but I wasn't just a correctional officer I was a I was a full cop like a badge and a gun the whole deal passed the test post peace officer standardized testing I couldn't work on the street the whole deal rest back you know you yak and you're cutting up on Bourbon Street I put the cuffs on you and put you in but my deal was I mean I was never like I guess again I was never I was never a hard guy my idea was yeah hey man like why don't you just walk away and I'll just pretend I never saw that idea was I was going to be the one good cop because this place new yeah I know that like on a liberalism thing though right that's exactly right I have a lot of ideas about this and I change this world yeah me by myself and I'm sure we'll get into that later on in future podcast about police in jail and all that fun stuff but we have it that's the same but but the really quick like the me by myself that's the same sort of mindset that people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos kind of like push out all these like tech fascist types and I think they can like do it all and the way that they need to do it is by controlling everything well it's not no it wasn't that it was that I was gonna be that dad was never in my head it was it was that I'm gonna be the guy that's cool like I'm gonna be like hey man just just be cool and I'm gonna let you ride and this and that I don't understand you going through something so just be cool and it doesn't work from either direction because first of all people they look at you and they see that badge and a gun and already ordered offensive you know you're nobody's friend you're nobody's home boy and then second of all you're getting pressure from your people to do dirt and what happened was well that will happen yeah well I don't want to kill all the stories about I don't want to kill all the ACAP stories although all cats are beautiful stories right now like I got plenty of tea to spill about stuff all day long but how I got out of there why is it was already a tumultuous situation I already kind of I hated it I hated working for an organization but I'm at home on my day off and they called me up and they say hey man you gotta come down to jail right now I said for what I said it's a full-blown riot in here so okay so I suit up like go in there I'm suited up I wear all my I got all the just like you see if you watch if you're up late in Saturday night after the Rachel Maddow Show yeah like you watch lockup like that's what it is yeah I got all the stuff that you swat these dudes are taking control of the jail and so we threw a flashbang in there I'm the first one in there with my shield and all the whole and I'm Captain America in there like it's it's like it's literally like 300 when I talk to my therapist about it it's it's 300 because like time slows down I'm just cracking people with the shield and I'm just cracking people with this shield time is slowing down and it was crazy so pretty much the day after that I just start having nightmares about that day every day and I remember I had to work a shift in the jail and some guys smarted off to me about something was usually I would just let it ride and I had to be like I was like I will end you right now I'm yelling and screaming at this dude cracked yeah cracked and like the rent like other inmates were come to me like Johnson Johnson Dawg Dawg like like be cool cuz to some of the og guys I think the guys who've been in there for a hot minute I was the cool guy I really was they be like hey Johnson just told you to do something like do it because he cool yeah because he cool like enemy like come on man be cool be cool and I'm like okay and then the very next day I just I went to the HR and I said you can have this badge you can have this uniform take it off gun because you bought the gun oh yeah that's my team I got the whole team probably scarred your brain at that point you have some PTSD now and now you're a little afraid of your shadow because it's like oh this trim it strong why what and I want to be very clear it was never I never had an idea of oh I'm not gonna be a cop anymore so of sudden I was a socialist I went in there I went in there as a socialist I went in there with this mindset same mindset I have right now when I was the guy that people like who is this dude when is in it huh no seriously I've had people ask me that who is this dude and his hybrid car pulling up with it with his bony sticker on there with his badge and his gun right I guess people haven't seen you know that's it that's a hundred or safe that's that's a really great analysis that's exactly where my line was to where what who what oh yeah sure we can do that I'm sorry I'm late what we're talking about I'm I'm not really much to organize or anything I'm just kind of just brother and a little bit his girl Friday when he needs it no I grab beers for everybody in the show I was born in the morning I was born to buy you grew up in the parish and now I'm here so nice to meet you guys I was out of the hurricane refugee for a while where did where did you stay I'm you only actually live in Destin Florida for all oh yeah yeah I was in Pensacola when I was in the Marine Corps my dudes look at the time we are up against it I can't believe we spit this whole hour just talking about ourselves and hopefully you guys get to know us a little better from these conversations that we have and you feel like oh you're part of this room with us because you really are it's all about organization and having solidarity with one another it's workers so again you can get a hold of us at contacted good running comrade dot-com anywhere where you listen to podcasts we are out there also we have Instagram Facebook Twitter is comrade morning man we are really up against it though but thank you guys so much for listening we're gonna see you next week remember we have two shows the one that you can find out there in the web and then the one that's going to be right here on 102.3 W HIV


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