Socialist Space Weebs Blow Themselves Up | ArmA 3 - A Fustercluck in Only War

tre do not order your troops to plant explosives during an assault oh my fucking god oh yes this is the opening I was waiting for I turn on your music I may have done this you can't even tell which what is me we all look the same we all look the same Christ Oh Joe bloody fire hold your fire [Laughter] break with great space we've put your Hut's back on Jesus Christ it's a horrible please stop these were bad also your hats are your night vision why do we have a black man well if you're John Marston nice all right someone heal him yes we're the glorious time employer I've landed on this planet and we're gonna be practicing the art of Mon car and we're going to be destroying the enemy's resistance upon this island I've just realized I need to give us some fucking flashlights because we can't look at our map using night-vision for some fucking reason Jesus Christ we're going to be sending mowie down south to investigate Imperial armor they're gonna get eyes on and locate and disable any of the hostiles near there in the meantime we're going to have Naruto moving down to clear the Imperial barracks off to the southeast southwest in the meantime Cory index and sword will be moving north clearing out to the two villages that block the path to the airport which holds the current base of Imperial presence on this island that's we're not Japanese very different usual maglite oh my fucking god just seeing a towel rail rifle disappearing four by four oh my god guy in the center just got fucking obliterated and just saw some poor bastard die horribly shit guys go behind the fence go behind the fence fuck me yeah Jase fair enough thank you that was close Oakley shit good copy in Naruto if you want to pull back and wait for Maui to move to your location and assist that may be a better choice yeah hold off that's more yeah we'll get eyes on the town and we'll read you into Barry anything we find good copy Maui sweep the area make sure it's clear once you've done that you can utilize the imperial vehicles or armor to link up with Naruto and assault the Imperial barracks your rail rifle should give them some support that was over long-range guys what we'll do everyone else wiped at least once I'll say for Maui they did well as well but once we get our eyes up oh yeah I don't mean like you know who really cares about Chris sorry dude I love this I know Chris is legit like a nicest guy I hope me out in fucking Sweden now he's a good guy hello hello hello how you guys friendlies let's see how you guys oh my god you're dead in a hallway brilliant mowie just a small request for the zeus here can you please turn out of your turrets real quick in a commander position so I can see towel riding Lehmann Russ's there we go brilliant job Maui that'll do alright follow me out we're just gonna go catch up the rest of the guys while we was that you shooting a lemon rust towards the town no that was not we have not fired a shot fuck index and sword this is Corey we're now moving towards the Trinity in small vehicles we'll be there soon please please mark it on map oh Jesus sorry say again okay good alright oh my god I just boarded two wheeler holy shit there's Imperial vehicle in the town behind us guys we need the guns we just fucking two moved out of the way shinobi do you copy fucking awesome hey you still alive you still alive still alive goddamn alright thanks to your dry beating hey fuck you I saved us oh my god fucking brilliant holy shit ah go on I'm sorry stiff right now from the music ah that's a good copy drone is ready give me a sec the surfers aware Naruto and just my mask cast themselves with a fucking control what Joma why are you here sorry who told you put a bomb there Trey told me to approach and right Trey to plant explosives during an assault I hope that is my squad executing him I fucking hope currently strung it up a chimera south of the base mock's ah fuck me I leaped right he's all beat I'll just Christ Jesus Christ get some frags over that building all right lads apart from a few squad losses that was overall pre successful operation obviously whenever we hit with armor that was rough the Imperials have some quite strong forces we've just discovered that the Laz guns they use they use heat rounds say the devs as such whenever we got shot by one despite the fact you only got hit in the chest can you can you not stop it please stop everyone anyway whenever we got hit in the chest for example all of our body would be hit and other such problems before we wrap up for the day here we go let me just do this please hope that the server doesn't crash here we go and hold on lads there we go enjoy a nice little sight you can see over there it's an ultramarine executing Brigitte oh he's running he's running away from her now he's dead all right good job lads here we go indeed we have

  1. I like the arma 3 videos and the Warhammer themed ones are good and all but maybe we could see some other themed Arma vids?

  2. Did a game where I played CSAT and AAF vs Taus… We got trashed until Viper Team members got there. Apparently, Future China beats space Japan easily.

  3. 4:15
    Aww… how sweet.

    And somewhat disgusting. But fear not, my country is already a shithole so the vomit won’t have any effect!

  4. My head phones are weird I hear the loudest voice in the right and in the left I hear the radio

  5. Corey – Cory in the House
    Naruto – Naruto
    Moe – Weeb shit language
    Index – A Certain Magical Index
    Sword – Fucking Sword Art Online

    How much of a weeb is Rimmy? Not Tau Levels. Because these are some basic ass anime.

    Come back when you've got K-On, Kimi Ni Todoke, Onegai Teacher, Gunbuster, and a couple dozen others. Then I'll give you your Tau badge of honor.

  6. hey leave the tau alone just caus i modified my riptide modle to play the USSR anthem through a tiny speaker in the base

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