1. Yes they are terrified of real socialism and a mass redistribution of wealth ,an overhaul of the banking system and abolishing the House of Lords .Corbyn has the potential and the mass civil movement .which is insidiously growing day by day .Hence Tersa May faux left movement towards kinder Conservitism. Which we know is poisen rhetoric

  2. A world recession is not far off .China has devalued its currency and the rest of the world is now following suit. It's a race to the bottom. America is a broken system and its ruling class are feeling the foundations of capitalism beginning to crack. The U.K. and Europe are also showing signs of a broken economical system. Corbyns popularity is a knee jerk reaction to growing inequality and the emergence of a dumbed down subculture .who tragically are the abused workers in poundland ,charity shops, Tesco's, etc.its the upper end of the working class's and the middle class who will be radicalised and demanding a socialist solution .which they want delivered by a socialist Labour ,led by Corbyn. That is the battle ground ,all be it a civil war .were if Corbyn can banish the Red Torys, it could be the catalyst for a new age of real socialism.

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