Socialist Labour or Neoliberal Labour?

if Jeremy Corbyn wins this weekend is it time that the MPs who oppose him either sign up to his program or move aside nice Kendall you're not a supporter exactly what do you think well I I've voted for Owen Smith in this leadership election and I and I hope that he wins but whoever is elected on Saturday needs to unite our party and take the fight to the Tories and does that mean you would or wouldn't sign up to jeremy corbyn's burger and you know whoever is elected I don't think that I'd put myself forward to serve in the Shadow Cabinet we have got some great people who can take the fight to the Tories but we also need I think to do some serious long-term thinking about the future of our party and what we've got to offer to the country and that's what I'll be focusing on over the coming years tedward Lee you asked the question that's your view I'm not a member of the Labour Party but I do support a lot of jeremy corbyn's socialist policies and I find what's happened with the growth in the labour party extraordinary and I just think that micro the growth in the membership yeah the growth of the members of the Labour Party and I just can't see how it's compatible having politicians like with respect this kendall who my opinion represent the past the period of the Labour Party's well one of their worst periods during the Blair Tony Blair sorry generally I don't see well you know you lost you lost over four million votes during that time the growth between the gap between rich and poor ballooned during a new latest time I think that there's a whole lot of young people and working class people who see Jeremy Corbyn as in not perfect but offering something different and having a bit of a different view of politicians in general and that has to be welcomed and and do you think that do you think like the leader of unite then McCluskey said that that people who in the Labour Party intend to oppose Corbin should be deselected to not stand for labor at the next general elections I think they should be shifted out by their constituents I would support the call for a mandatory race election I wouldn't necessarily say that you should go and target people you don't like I think you should have a democratic discussion in a democratic organization such as the Labour Party and I don't think being an MP should be a job for life what a depressing conversation I have to genuinely is it just me I'm a great believer in democracy is we've discussing the last question and I think about democracy you have a government but you also have Her Majesty's opposition and the reality is that the Labour Party needs to make a decision right now whether it wants to be an all serious alternative government in Waiting or a Friday night Marxist book club it can't be your Labour Party members to vote for socialism imagine everyone surprised they vote for socialism but the British people aren't going to vote for a socialist government it's not going to happen it's never going to happen and it's absolute pie in the sky politics think it will and and the reality is Jeremy Corbyn couldn't lead the Labour Party to victory in an egg and spoon race right now sensible MPs are likely is Kendall who talked about the real issues affecting real people with proper substantive ideas for how to actually solve some of the problems that affecting you say the working-class voters who are dreaming of a utopian socialist future or actually going to be falling by the wayside that's a horrible mistake I don't know what Labour MP should do right now because they're in a situation they're facing deselection for simply speaking the sense and speaking the truth all they're going to face losing their seats in 2020 and only I can suggest is go off and get another job there's some vacancies on Bake Off no yes and this you're saying um if Jeremy Corbyn wins the arm leadership election again you're you want the party to unite and then in next breath you're saying you won't serve on during the Shadow Cabinet which is a because it serve the Labour Party in many ways I think we do as a party need to do some serious thinking about what we have to offer for the future how we make the economy work for all how we make our public services fit for the future when direct answer to your question I think it's incredibly difficult for those MPs because there are sort of irreconcilable differences within the Labour Party and what do they do in terms of their conscience do they support a leader who they don't believe in or do they continue to campaign for something else I think I mean I used to be a lawyer irreconcilable differences seem to me to be grounds for divorce there's no sense that people are going to be splitting in the labour party let me make that clear you know what my message is to many labor members who are worried about what's happening is you know don't split and we won't David what we what we watch those who want an alternative to the tories surely we have to focus on how we build a progressive force that in 2020 stands a chance of winning an election against the Tories so go back to the question I think that if he wins it is absolutely crucial for the party to unite behind him for the reasons that Norman has said because over the last few months essentially we've seen the government getting away with huge amounts in terms of rolling back the state privatizing the NHS going ahead with the brexit in a way that's completely unaccountable ignoring climate change you know they are making the lives of my constituents in Brighton very very miserably saying then having a news has to sign up to jeremy corbyn's program that was the question i I think labor including Liz does need to sign up to that I mean she between that Owen Smith is saying on a vast number of policies and what what Jeremy Corbyn is saying but I think the crucial thing that you've noted against your Pentacles and I was there that I think as well as uniting what labour needs to do is to be a bit bolder because Norman is right whoever their leader is the chances of labour winning the next election with an outright majority are vanishingly small deal and therefore therefore we do need to look at ways of seeing how we can do better for our constituents by working more closely together I want to lay a challenge to Jeremy Corbyn to say that what he should be doing if he wants to do politics differently as he says he does is to embrace electoral reform let everybody's vote count all year round not just a I have a sneaking admiration for Jeremy Corbyn I think he is an amazingly honest and straightforward politician who says what he thinks but what he thinks is both dangerous and unelectable and if the Labour Party this election shows that Labour is now a serious risk to our national security to our economic security and to the security of your family it would be dangerous for our national security would ruin our economy and it is a really dangerous program for the nation and sensible people like this Campbell cannot in good conscience go on the front bench with that sort of program and if Labour is to win elections it needs to win seats like mine my seat was a Labour seat between 1997 and 2010 with marginal boundary changes I have everything evil is candle will leader of the Labour Party I would be facing stiff competition at the next election if Jeremy Corbyn is leader of the Labour Party my majority will go up and that is a bad position for British politics to be what we need but I protected that's a bit me when I say I agree but we need serious opposition it's really good for government it makes government think about things more carefully it's good constitutionally and it is the proper process but Jeremy Corbyn cannot be that that what he is doing is destroying the Labour Party in my view and and that is a short-term political advantage for us than their 1 to 0-5 with the spectacles aren't you sir working-class people are on zero hours contracts jeremy corbyn's 10 pledges include an end to zero hours contracts a lot of working-class people are in poor quality high rent privately owned housing Jeremy Corbyn has said half a million cancel houses what jeremy corbyn's 10 pledges can Liz Kendal possibly object at the last general election in 2015 we pledged an end to zero hours contracts building more homes tackling poor quality rented accommodation you asked what I disagree with I said earlier on in in answering the question at the beginning that you know I believe in multilateral disarmament I think you know you can't just hope that other countries give up their nuclear weapons second to put peace at the heart of foreign policy that is not wrong that is not withdrawing from NATO that is not unilateral disarmament it is simple he does believe in unilateral you think you do not well I heard I've had many conversations I went on many hustings with him where that's what what he said so I said the submarines without but nevertheless sorry the submarines without missiles nevertheless he actually made that a free vote okay all right would I do you know I've got a go we've got a kiss moving on this program because we've got so much talk about

  1. Ha ha! Julia Fartly-Brewer proven flat wrong a few months later. A couple more weeks campaigning, and Labour would have won. Because neoliberalism has failed and people want the kind of social democracy which has worked before and works now in more prosperous economies.

    Fartly-Brewer is also the kind of economic illiterate who actually believes that the economy is just a big household – as opposed to people like George Osborne who mislead as an excuse to gut the public sector.

    Liz Kendal (another lightweight) and her ilk need to [email protected] off and join the Tories or start some futile Tory-lite third party we can all ignore.

  2. Ha Ha Ha! At all those MPs. Saying Corbyn's Labour were no competition and not a viable Opposition. Right at this time the MSM are attacking Corbyn like cats with lying accusations and articles because he is so unelectable not. Labour ahead in the Polls too. I have seen Corbyn's foresight over 40 years be proven right. Their foresight from 2016 was completely skew whiff. No one vote for anyone of them soon. JHB and JRM are they mentally ill?

  3. Brexit will wreck the economy and split the nation. A Tory wish will end up a nightmare. The voters will get their way next time round. Time for change. JC 4PM

  4. Attlee's govt was socialist and under him,they had 6 and a half years in power. Eat that Mrs Hartley Brewer.

  5. Blair did at his best 13.5 million and that was with Murdochs support. Labour got 12.9 million last year with practically no backing from the UK media. Corbyn is a breath of fresh air. A proper leader not a watered down Tory.

  6. Liz Kendall is no friend of the Labour party. If she knocked on my door,she'd need to have a fast car nearby with the engine running and the door open. Time for the Blairites to go.

  7. Liz Kendall was right. The Labour party is in an absolute mess and so are the Tories. And also, Corbyn will never become a PM, that's a fact.

  8. Julia ….is so out of touch. Eat your heart out, he came so close in 2017, in the next election which will probably be right after we're out if the EU in 2019, labour will win then i hope. Jeremy Corbyn is awesome.

  9. So what about ALL those socialist MP's that had to accept Blair and the Tory lites? They either had to tow the party line or get out. It works both ways.

  10. I wonder, does Julia look back at things like this and think "Christ, I am an arrogant, stupid right wing mare who hasn't a clue"?

    I doubt it.

  11. At this point it's positively funny how incredibly wrong Hartley-Brewer was. The only sadness is the inability of rightists like her and Kendall to learn.

  12. 3:18 Bitch, I beg to differ. Julia Hartley-Brewer can take her risible Brexit ideas and fuck the fuck off. We don't need capitalist elitists like telling the people what they should and shouldn't want. Hartley-Brewer? It just sounds like the kind of name where she inherited millions from daddy and his country estate. Don't be fooled by the lies of the Brexit tossers like Ms Hartley-Brewer there. Vote for Jeremy Corbyn if you want a country that works for the many, not the few!

  13. LIz Kendal is proud that they won three elections by cutting working class throats. She is a repulsive monster.

  14. Read the YouGov analysis – fewer working-class people vote Labour than ever before.

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