Socialist Goes Shopping

did you call yourself a socialist I'm a socialist yeah where'd you go shopping at in general I'll be a little out here say I'm very against all of the stuff that comes in to play with capitalism in general I feel it is extremely exploitive and in general even in a restaurant or anything I don't you call yourself a socialist I'm a socialist yeah where'd you go shopping at okay there's there's this meme that goes off around all over the place where there's an image of a person who's consistently saying oh I think something should be better than the other person's like and yet you participate in this and are you the person in the mean I'm the person in the who's been so they say I feel society should be improved somewhat and yet you participate in society I need to go shopping to get food if I didn't go shopping I die but I prefer it wasn't that that's not true because you could farm your own food you can make your own food you could raise your own cattle but capitalism allows you to buy all of those things for a very cheap price in bulk very cheap convenient all around us we see capitalism working these these trucks that are constructing the road right now these pots that are floating the flowers this hotel right now these are all because of capitalism how can you be so mad at it I'm not mad at capitalism and I feel like it's had a great effect on society and large we wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for capitalism but it's not going to last forever nothing nothing lasts forever and I feel like capitalism has had its day and now we need to move on to something better which is socialism yeah what's one country where socialism has worked longer than capitalism obviously there is none I'm saying we need to look forward to something new something better socialism socialism but you have no examples where that works better than capitalism so imagine a society this is nothing to do with socialism or capitalism where no one ever dies no one ever well we know that that has nothing to do with socialism because lots of people die under socialism you agree right there have been come countries that have touted socialist beliefs were bad things that happened but again we're I'm saying because something I can look to our society where everything's perfect but that no society where everyone has tried to make everything perfect has survived yet but that doesn't mean you won't they won't survive in the future so how can you I'm still trying to understand your argument that we need something better than capitalism how do we get there just so one of the biggest complaints I have about second about capitalism in general is that in order for capitalism is all about putting a profit so in order to produce profit there's two things you can do you can improve the quality of your products to get more people to buy it you can lower the price of the products which will make people attract it but then if you're lowering the product price you don't make as much money if you raise the price as less people can afford it and the only other way to increase profits is to lower the amount that you're paying to produce that product so if you want to get more if you want to get eventually if you get to a point where your product can't ever be produced any better you have to start lowering the amount you pay to produce it and that might include cutting wages of your workers but if you cut the wage if your workers you you eventually have to your workers won't have as much money to buy stuff and if they can't buy stuff they can't buy your product and that's just event so like with automation automation should be a good thing that means we don't have to pay people don't have to work as hard you can produce things more efficiently with less resources but yet with capitalism we don't want auto mation because it means less people are buying do you know why people are pushing automation it's because the government is stepping into these private businesses that are engaging capitalism capitalism is not about profit capital isn't about consensual free trade because profit is and it's kind of you know depending on the person so if I traded this watch for your groceries right now it that would be a profit to me because I would want to buy I would want to trade for that has nothing to do with money has nothing to do with profit it's about consensual trade that would benefit us both and that happens in everyday life every day when we make a decision it's capitalism it's based on consensual trade who benefits you what benefits mean so when we go off of that when the government steps in they start regulating a private business that engages in consensual free trade they have to do something to stay afloat to stay alive so if the government comes in and says we have to pay our workers $15 an hour Walmart's gonna start having these automatic and electronic control de janitors what is a bad thing it's it's inherently a good thing if you can produce something cheaper with less work the fact that companies have to be forced to do automation is the problem that's not what I said when we force them to pay their employees $15 an hour when that's not in their budget they can't afford that that's going to cut down on the quality that you just said of their products because the government's coming and putting all these regulations you have to pay health care for your employees you have to pay them a living wage so when we do that it's forcing them to just get rid of employees and putting in all of these automated things that you just said McDonald is now they have kiosks that replace their workers that would work at the cash register and earn ages that kiosk is making them a lot of money and saving them a lot of money so maybe what we do is say socialism isn't that great because that's a socialist aspect is regulating private companies actually taking private companies and forcing them to work under what the government says and now we see people what's the difference when you force a company to do something it's authoritarian what's the difference if the people are the owners owned the internet the owners the employees in Walmart owned it it's certainly that's not what ever happens in socialism and what you're talking about is what be communism yes okay so communism is an authoritarian socialism we're in the where the government owns the means of production and then the people vote for people or ideally speaking they vote for them but obviously there are authoritarian governments where that gets circumvented but socialism doesn't just require that governments aren't there's multiple different types of socialism good at all what are they so typically there's like three different types of major socialism that are tucked oh my gosh I thought there were only two now we're going onto three okay so I there's socialism well I heard there's democratic socialism and they're socialism and there's a difference but now there's a third one so democratic socialism is independent from the other stuff democratic just means leaders are elected democratically or people do democratic stuff that's independent from anything else I'm talking about the economic or the amount of control implied here so there's like authoritarian socialism which is communism and then there's like Trotskyism which is less authoritarian more controlled by the people itself and there's a narco socialist a narco socialism which is sort of like you you keep to have been prodding out this whole time about how people should be there should be less government regulation and everything there should be no government regulation and that's it that's anarchism I understand that how do you have an arc ISM with socialism so one of the one of the types of anarchist socialism is an end cap right here and Orrico capitalist you guys rant at least one some of you were I gave it away I didn't read your thing you don't know the end cap collars no I don't actually yes I do I would just would didn't recognize it what was your question you were going on about an arco socialism which I've never heard oh I'm not much for it but basically instead of it's a flattened social structure where instead of someone up above being in charge and telling you what to do it's like a group of people like if imagine if yeah like it's like a union but instead of being instead of like layers and layers and layers of layers of people above you who you report to it's less some structured I'm personally not anarchist but that's I don't think I've explained that very well but yeah no you're good well I'll let you go cuz it's pretty hot out here enjoy your capitalism today you're sure your pants your shoes very cool backpack your glasses all brought to you by capitalism maybe you'll change your mind one day doubt it have a good day yeah I doubt it so another thing capitalism brings us are the wonderful supplements shirts apparel safety gear at infowar what he 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  2. Insanity has been defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

  3. His politeness was the highlight of this video. This is the sort of civility that needs to exist between both sides on a full scale. His ideals are terribly flawed but he had gentle candor which is refreshing to see coming from a self-proclaimed socialist.

  4. 3:13 Economics class 101. AOC just said "Huh?, Whaaa't? Did you want ice in that drink, that's extra… because capitalism sucks, right."

  5. I can't fully agree with the "no regulation" policy. Ex: life in the early 1900's was terrible for a lot of people. Meat was being sold in the streets that sent people to the hospital, so FDA was formed. People risked their lives working in the textile mills. They were deemed as dangerous. This is history too, so this is not speculation. I think businesses should be minimally regulated, but not completely unregulated.

  6. Keep up the good work young lady! For the climate nutcases, ask them what the average world temperature was in the year 1700. Then, when you get your non-answer, inform them the thermometer was invented in 1723, so 300+ years does not make a warming trend of any consequence over a billions of year old earth. Ice cores? lol…ask them which volcano went off right when the industrial revolution kicked off…ya, and then ask them about the year without summer.

    Ought to be interesting material, have at it!

  7. This man couldn’t even get a sentence out. If that’s the case you shouldn’t debate politics.

  8. The big misconception is that Socialism has never worked. The sad truth is that it has always worked. Worked for the people in power, who managed to convince enough of their society to yield their power, freedom, and independence. Once people become dependent on the government, they can be systematically starved, controlled, annihilated; meanwhile, the people in power gain ever more power.

  9. Under socialism what is the point of being energetic, trying to improve yourself to live better and better. Everyone in the same boat makes no sense. I don’t want a Hyundai, I want BMW. What city is Kaitlyn in.

  10. So this guy is hoping that machines take over the economy and the government takes over everything else.

  11. Just cause you shop does not make you a capitalist or against your ideals…Kaitlin….your a fucking moron

  12. I watch this twice, what the [email protected]#k was he trying to say?!?!?!. Sounds like he's trying to explain video game economy or something. He needs to move out of his parents house and quit playing Fortnite.

  13. America is the best place to practice your "socialism" as long as you never ever have to ever depend on it. Fuck real socialism I enjoy food, freedom, etc. that capitalism provides.

  14. I was in Walmart the other day and I seen one these automated janitor system. I asked the manager what was the name of the guy who got fired?

  15. That fat slug obviously never traveled around the world to see the different types of “socialism” – too bad he couldn’t travel back in time to the Soviet Union or the com block countries, or current day China… see how much he buys when he’s paying 50% in taxes in his utopian society… what a putz

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