Socialist Games Reviews: Adventure Communist (and introduction)

Well, that was easy. I was going to make a series on the best games
out there with socialist/communist themes, but it looks like I might have to cancel the
series if class conciousness is this easy to find! I suppose we’d better play it just to be sure
though. Hello and welcome to my newly rebranded channel,
Marxist Media. I’ve been interested in leftism and politics
in general for a long time, but I don’t claim to be some huge super well-read expert who
can come up with any original insights on the theories themselves. So how can I do anything people will want
to watch? Well, I thought that one thing I can do is
to combine that with one of my other great loves, video games, and maybe other stuff
later on. Now, I’m not claiming that anything on my
channel is going to change the world but at least it might introduce people to something
new or give them a new perspective on some game that they love. Hell, it might even give people something
to think about, if I can come up with anything interesting to say. I’ll be rating games on their gameplay and
on my perception of their socialist content, whether they’re explitly Marxist, can be interpreted
as class concious, or are just based around the USSR with no political context. Speaking of which, I do so love all these
potato jokes and the broken English, it’s all very ‘In Soviet Russia’, X does Y! Those kooky commies! And the gameplay of pressing one button over
and over until you die of boredom does capture effectively the utter nihilistic meaninglessness
of life on an oppressive Stalinist collective clicking farm, I have to applaud the rich
social commentary. While I might not agree with the message,
much like Papers Please, I have to appreciate the amibition of the developers attempting
to blend the story seamlessly into the… Wait? What? Oh, that’s just what the gameplay of these
clicker games is normally? Well, in that case forget it, I can only enjoy
a game with this little depth if it’s artsy and pretentious. That said, much to my shame, I will say I
do know this is actually more complicated than their previous outing Adventure Capitalist,
so perhaps ‘Hyper Hippo Games’ do support a worker’s movement after all. Plus with a little cash to buy some gems or
diamonds or whatever the fuck, I can skip ahead without doing any work. Just like real life under capitalism! Though I’m not sure that’s supposed to be
ironic either now that I come to think of it. Okay, you know what, even playing it ironically
this is even more unrewarding and mind-numbingly depressing my life usually is when I’m not
playing video games at this point, I think we should just move on. Do I even need to rate this one? This is basically a joke video anyway to get
started, but, fine, I guess the gameplay scores a 2/10, because it is technically functional
and marginally more complex than most clicker games, as for socialist content, the Yakov
Smirnoff schtick has been pretty much dead for decades, but yknow, at least it doesn’t
outright call socialism evil like some games I could mention, so I’ll give it a 2/10 there
I guess.

  1. Adventure communist perhaps wasn't the best to start with as it is so shallow,as you pointed out with the scoring, so you couldn't really put forwards a good idea as to what analysis of other games will be like in the future.The scoring seems somewhat arbitrary,you could just weigh up the points that lead you to those scores and present them in a conclusion and give a final overall this was good or bad bit with no scores.It was pretty good with a few jokes in that made me chuckle, I am looking forward to a new one from you.

  2. Like the idea of the channel and the review. Keep up the good work, waiting for more videos like this one and the one you made on Neocolonialism.

  3. Hey, Marxist Media – Why are you playing pro-Serb ethnic cleansing music, antifa/ape loving failed abortion?

  4. People who critize communism fall in 2 categories :
    1) The one who don't have a clue about this political way of life. They were massively hammered with mass media disinformation. Clichés and stereotypes is all they have. Those are the same who dont have a clue on what really is capitalism and its consequences.
    2) the one who benefit (aka makes a living from) exploiting entire populations by inslaving them economically.

  5. Hahahahahahha the communist love FREE MARKET video games!!! Fucking idiotic socilaist cunts! Move to venezuela you piece of shit!

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