Socialist Feminism or How Cancer Can Get AIDS

hey guys it's Undead chronic back again with another response video this time I'm responding to means TV and they made a video titled socialist feminism and they have this wonderful example of a feminist socialist to explain to us what socialist feminism is of course they disabled be like to dislike ratio on this video I don't know why they do that because everybody likes feminism right feminism could do no wrong they have a hundred and thirty five thousand subs look at that that's a lot of feminists that's more than undead chronic and they put this video out two weeks ago but wait a second they only have forty seven hundred views you know what I bet this video I'm gonna make roasting this broad is gonna have more views by tomorrow just pure leftist vomit on the Internet but let us examine exactly what socialist feminism means got first wave feminism that's a you know women didn't want to be property they wanted to be able to vote susan b anthony a lot of racism that people don't want to talk about yes first wave feminists were so racist but here's the thing guys every female you speak to as a feminist even if they say they're not if they think they should have the right to vote they're feminists i disagree you know it's the red pill scale this is not worse if you disagree with northway feminism you're slightly you know you're Sargon you know if you agree disagree with third wave feminism you know you a little bit more red pill second wave feminism traditionalists Islamists first wave feminism your red pill the dudes back and the early 20th century should have told those brats that were campaigning for the right to vote they should have said you can vote but you also have to sign it for the draft isn't it amazing brothers that people say females have the same responsibilities as males they go female and men are equal gods like destiny will say you know it takes two to make a baby but they look at all these rights were given to feminists how convenient that they never have to be drafted in World War one or World War two or Vietnam that's right not a single feminist got their brains blown out on the Western Front from rifle fire not a single feminist will starve to death in a POWs camp in World War two not a single goddamn feminist had their legs impaled on punji stakes and died a slow death not a single one no no they all got to vote though they all got to vote to send the men to those disgusting horrible fates all the feminists got to vote for which presidential candidate they wanted to be in charge of the slaughter of millions of Americans of millions of Europeans and now they say oh we can be drafted yeah now that we don't have a fucking draft disgusting the man of the twentieth century should have realized first wave feminism for what it was a cancer a tumor if you don't cut a tumor out fast it will spread then you got second wave you know Rob earning 60s the pill Woodstock title nine still mostly for white women yes second wave feminism aka boomers what did the boomers do to the USA they fucking ruined it and now I have to listen to first or second generation Hispanics who as far as I know I haven't had a single male get murdered or killed by the system and not even Hispanic I had to listen to a woman tell me because I could respect a Hispanic dude but a feminist Hispanic a woman of color who has contributed zero to Western civilization nada absolutely nothing I mean honestly I can't say that I need to start making videos for bit shoo then I could fully roast these broads to perfection third-wave 90s right girl Daria septum piercings really good shit really good shit useless so now let's start to talk about socialist feminism feminism is the fundamental belief that women should have the same rights as men socialism what about responsibilities come on what are our responsibilities no representation without taxation it's the belief that the world would be a better place to live for everybody if our society and economy were controlled by communities rather than by corporations communities rather than corporations basically a bunch of your communities run by red Cortes and other commies like this one are going to decide which people's property they can confiscate oh you made a corporation or you made a business well it smug community so just give us all your shit so together they make a theory that women should not only be freed from subservience based on their sex or gender but also their class people talk about intersectional feminism a lot now because as feminism has progressed intersectional feminism is like super aids it kills you so fast you don't even know what happened right I just look into those eyes look at this she looks like a Lord Farquaad from Shrek I said it oh she reminds me of a character from Aladdin no no not jasmine cuz I dig her die oh no she reminds me of fucking Aladdin useless the guy's eyebrow manly asked ja yo you saw endgame I'm sorry guys I just spoiled endgame for you danos became a feminist and decided to preach socialism first women have noticed that it tends to be led by and serve rich white women and not women of color and women in the working-class gym as much as our osis chick who wished that she was you know a Hispanic with big chi chi's so she didn't have to be a feminist you could just take men's resources and big tits in the big ass listen she's not attractive she has to be feminist that's alright but I support them because I want to just walk up to the social justice trash fire right and just start throwing grenades into it I want to feed the infighting I want to feed the civil war do not interrupt your enemy when they're making a mistake back and be patient and let the enemy general defeat himself metaphorically speaking instead of general I mean crazy call me feminist broads me socialist feminism is just an extension of that intersectionality where feminism is not just about white women with a lot of money getting to do whatever they want it's also about poor women having the opportunity to live with dignity to have babies when they want to have babies and not have babies when they don't want to have baby how about you give men the same right to not have babies when they don't want to have babies oh but this is what you say you shouldn't have put it in you knew the consequences I can use the same old tired argument for the Dom slot taking cream pies every Tuesday and fucking Thursday I wanted to get an abortion because you know Tyrone didn't get drafted into the NFL so she's like up next next college prospect I'm gonna let raw dog me you know you aren't all these privileges for women you don't extend it to men in this girl's a comedian – and she made one fucking joke or is this all a meta joke is this whole thing just meta and I see this is a total channel he's and work in a way that provides for their families and that's kind of the standard of feminism that we as women should be holding ourselves to a lot of people talk about how we need more women CEOs because if women are CEOs that means that they have power and that's good right but it's power over other workers many of whom are women who are underpaid and exploited so those CEOs can profit and profit is theft and it's most on profit is theft Oh you see guys I learned these talking points and I'll parrot them back because acity is theft if not for this girl if you are a feminist if you are a social justice warrior and you wait under 160 pounds and you have a nice ass your chastity your willingness not to fuck everybody is theft because you profit off a selective distribution of your pussy we need to take the means of reproduction and redistribute them to the in cells so by your own logic I forgot your name I got a couple in cells that can hook you up with because I don't want you to profit off your used up coochie because that's theft so for the community let these men fully enjoy the benefits of feminism often theft from women if Nike has a girl-power campaign celebrating female athletes but those shoes and clothes are made by Bangladeshi B child slaves is that feminism no it's not but that's what you get when you vote for politicians who want to export businesses all right they don't want to pay all these prices to put this one to poor people to do it I bet this chick supported Hillary Clinton or Bernie so feminism is not just about oh as if I need to see this ugly broads face twice in the same YouTube video donate now please give me more fat I wish she was holding the cup so I could read it I bet it says mail tears useless actually she kind of looks like Kurt Russell to get a little beard maybe Kurt Russell tranny oh no it's a potential it's been undead chronic guys take it easy a world where freedom itself is under attack hey guys undead chronic here has we've ever been at the gym having a good lift when a gym bunny happens to bend over near you and the only thing holding you back from talking to her is the horrible gym gear you're wearing well don't get caught wearing your HP Sports future at the gym anymore get your very own honest workout shirt at the unfair chronic merch store the link is in the description

  1. I'm female and not a feminist, and how I feel about the voting thing is that either women should have to be signed up for the draft to vote OR men shouldn't have to. Either way the standard should be the same and should have been the same from the start. At the VERY least the woman in question should have to be a taxpayer (rather than a tax drain, and that would eliminate most women, especially a lot of the dumb ones.)
    And frankly, I'd gladly give up my right to vote in order to stop all the idiotic leftist women from voting.

  2. Hahaha I know how deep you wanna go in on this one! I can sense it! Lol dont do it tho, we need you still here to do God's work.

  3. Greed lead the way to giving the right to vote to women. After given the vote they banned booze. Many profited from this.

  4. The men of the early 20th century definitely have a lot to answer for. Giving women the right to vote, prohibition, the income tax, the Federal Reserve. (and more)

  5. half the people I know think we are heading towards a great depression. if that occurs, I wonder how many of the hard core feminist and soy boys will survive the hardships.

  6. I bet you if you asked any of these dumb bitches if they supported Nazi Germany the answer would be a resounding NO. Maybe they should go check a history book because this is EXACTLY how millions of people lost thier lives to racism.

  7. Haha. Let me in the team. I really don't want to play. I just want to get paid for wearing the the team uniform.

  8. She looks a little like Elaine from Seinfeld got her face dipped in pancake batter and deep fried, not doing anything for me.

  9. 6:50 Thanos became a feminist ….. and still got away with reducing world population by half. Who needs infinity stones when you can have feminism?

  10. When it showed the broads name and said "comedian" underneath, it was gross but not surprising. Where can I get tickets to her show?

  11. Couple tips fellows if you're going to hit it make sure you wear a thick condom not no week lifestyle where it's going to break and you dip that s*** in Flex Seal make sure you carry a vial of bleach the dump in that condom when you're done with it so they don't sperm Jack U you may have asked for permission to have sex you didn't ask permission to get an STD

  12. Marxist Feminism to be more specific. It literally is a product out of the Frankfurt school of brainwashing…. And it has proven to be more destructive than AIDS or cancer

  13. How stupid is this person to think that socialism/ communism is not the number one cause of death in the modern world? All these useful idiots need to be forced to learn real history so they can understand the real result of socialism.

  14. As per Fastnail:
    Western women have been utterly ruined by feminism. With their feminist
    indoctrinated minds, western women who can hardly cook a meal from basic
    ingredients or even clean a house, sit complaining in a comfortable
    chair in an air conditioned or heated environment made by men in
    factories designed, built, and run by men. They drive nice cars
    invented, built and maintained by men. They use a computer invented and
    programmed by men, built in a factory by men using electricity
    discovered by men, transported on a national grid of power lines that
    were planned and engineered, maintained and made by men, using
    electricity generated using methods invented by men, in power stations
    built by and run by men. They use the Internet, which uses protocols
    invented by men, transmitted over cables laid by men, in an
    international network invented, planned, and made by men. They are
    fueled by food that was the result of farms and agriculture planned and
    created by men, delivered to them by global food networks and transport
    systems invented and built by men. They are diagnosed and healed from
    sickness by scientific methods and medicines in hospitals where their
    new born children are cared for in sterile, safe environments invented
    and built by men. They live in houses that were invented, planned and
    built by men. They are entertained by programs transmitted globally by
    signal technologies that are beamed directly onto large and small
    viewing screens invented and built by men. They are kept warm or cool by
    technologies invented and built by men, in cities with roads, bridges,
    shopping malls, movie theaters, hospitals, restaurants and other
    infrastructure planned and built by men. They drink clean water piped
    into their houses by a national network planned and built by men, from
    reservoirs and treatment plants that were planned, built and run by men.
    They are protected by laws invented by men, and enforced by men who
    risk their lives every day to protect citizens, their property and
    protect their country.

    Women enjoy the benefits of everything men discovered, invented,
    created, built and maintain and are treated with special favors (by law)
    and allowed to do anything they wish in the society men created, even
    if lives are constantly put at risk by lowering standards to allow women
    to gain entry into the military/police and fire services. And yet there
    are so many western women who are so privileged and devoid of hardship
    that they spend their time constantly complaining that all of this is
    not enough for them, that men should be ashamed, that men have too much
    in this society that they made, and that men need to give even more to
    women because they are entitled to it just because they were born a
    woman…and emasculated men agree to it. Take away everything that men
    have done, and western feminist indoctrinated women would be sitting
    outside in the cold rain without anything to eat until a man comes along
    and offers them shelter, food, warmth and security. Women don't create
    things other than drama and chaos.

    Women are consumers. They don't defend the world nor maintain it. Men
    built the world. How about we send all women to their own continent and
    let them start a civilization from scratch. Western women are
    self-entitled fat ass, deluded state weaponized thots who routinely
    without an ounce of guilt, steal hard working, faithful honest men's
    children, wealth and livelihoods and plunge men into abject poverty or
    even worse, suicide, raping them at a whim with no fault divorce.

    Western women also wrongly think they are equal to or are superior to
    men. What sane man would go anywhere near poisonous parasites like that
    just for access to pussy? It's bizarre behavior for any right thinking
    man yet these deluded women who bring absolutely nothing to a
    relationship still complain… "WHERE HAVE ALL THE GOOD MEN GONE?".
    Marriage is the most irrational decision a modern man can make if he
    wants to survive free and intact. Feminism has ruined the chance for
    most guys (and women) to have a healthy, fruitful, loving productive
    relationship. Of course it's all men's fault. Bwhahaha. This phenomena,
    while incredibly frustrating for men, will ultimately hurt women the
    most. Guys have checked out of the endeavor of finding a wife as its
    just too dangerous. Billions of women exist on this planet. Spoiled, low
    quality privileged western women are not special.

    Non feminist women need to speak out against third wave feminism which
    is all about man hating and power. Stand up for your fathers, brothers,
    uncles, grandfathers, and sons. If you don’t, who will? My comment
    represents the beliefs of millions of western men, and it's about time
    enlightened women and guys please share these truths.

  15. In that clip at the end George Bush says that freedom itself is under attack. What he doesn't say is who is attacking it. The answer is obvious now.

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