Socialist Equality Party leaders speak at march against plant closings at GM headquarters

Oh brothers and sisters this demonstration has shown that the working class has taken a stand I stand I guess the plans of General Motors I stand against the low wages a stand against the attempts to divide workers with their brothers and sisters all over the world and a stand I guess the unions would you decided to join hands with management this demonstration is saying the time for gift backs and concessions is over working people are looking for a way to fight the coalition of ranking file committees and the Socialist Equality Party encourage this rebellion gM says the plants are their plans we say no those plants nothing will be built yeah you're breaking file committee it's here to say jobs or not jobs are not negotiable we're not asking we're demanding yeah you're saying enough is enough can I hear you're gonna saying there's nothing that can be done we don't accept that look at what our Mexican brothers are doing have been out on strike against the same conditions that workers face in the US and all over the world but it's not being reported this is one of the Lords of strikes in North America 70,000 workers are striking against the auto industry many involving the same companies in the US and in the Detroit area the reason they don't report it is because they are afraid of reporting it they know workers in America that don't want workers in America Europe or anyplace else in the world to get the same idea the metamoris workers marched to the US border and said American workers wake up we agree American workers wake up workers in Mexico yellow vests in France everywhere working people are saying enough is enough Thank You Larry where is the assistant national secretary of the Socialist Equality Party now the corporate executives inside that building behind us have decreed that they will close five factories in the US and Canada and destroy more than 14,000 jobs in the coming months their job massacre became began on Monday when more than 4,000 engineers and technicians IT workers and others were escorted out of the GM Tech Center like little more than criminals and trespassers many who have worked for decades producing profits next month next month General Motors plans to shut down the giant Lordstown assembly plant the anchor of Central Ohio where workers in the early seventies carried out powerful wildcat strikes then the next on the chopping block is the detroit Hamtramck assembly plant built in 1985 and then the Oshawa Ontario plant and then the transmission plants in Warren and in Baltimore if these plants are allowed to close they will mean a death sentence to working-class communities more opioid deaths more schools deprived of funding we are gathered here to say to say that we do not accept this illegitimate decision we will not sit idly by for another criminal attack by corporations to throw workers out on the streets who have produced billions and billions in profits for these corporations last Wednesday for rather Thursday morning General Motors announced that they had just made eleven point eight billion dollars in 2018 in profits plus a nine point five percent profit margin in the in the United States over the last four years this money and billions in profits has not gone back into the factories let alone to the wages and benefits of workers almost 14 billion dollars has gone for stock buybacks and dividends for billionaires like Warren Buffett who owned millions of stocks in this corporation it's the first bailout of Chrysler in 1979 the United Auto Workers has told workers year after year after year that they must accept wage and benefit cuts to save their jobs and what has that produced 600 thousand workers have lost their jobs all the workers have been pushed out and a new generation of young auto workers are coming in at poverty wages at part-time labor with no rights whatsoever although they continue to pay dues to the UAW now no organization that takes bribes from corporations and oh and owns a hundred million shares and General Motors is gonna do anything to defend Auto Workers right that is why on December 9 we organized an emergency meeting and at that meeting a steering committee of the coalition of rank-and-file committees was established of Auto Workers of teachers for the Amazon workers and others to take the struggle out of the hands of the corporate controlled unions and mobilize all workers in a struggle to defend the right to a decent paying job in a future this is not just a fight of Auto Workers this is not just a fight of workers in America and Canada it is a fight of workers around the world that's against the capitalist system a system which caused trillions of dollars into the coffers of three billionaires who have more wealth than the bottom 90% of the population Oh we face a big fight ahead of us but today is an important step in developing an independent initiative workers to link together Auto Workers with other sections of workers and to unite workers around the world the only answer to inequality to poverty to war is the development of a powerful movement of the working class that will use the great advances in science and technology and the labor of the world's people to create a society based on social equality the fight for socialism natural where fight so I'd like now for us to take some time we'll march over to the second Avenue Baptist Church we'll get warmed up with some hot chocolate and then we'll discuss the way forward in this fight thank you very much

  1. Stop harassing the corporations! Just kidding. Fuck the oligarchy! Boycott GM and all nafta and free trade corps! As well as Israel and other horrible countries.

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