Socialist DESTROYS Gun Culture With FACTS and LOGIC!

hi my name is Aaron this is my show reeducation and today I'm going to talk about how American culture is gun culture now I spoke before about how it's all about selling security and fear and I'm going to talk more about that today because I think it's a concept that really needs to be flushed out a little bit better now what do I mean when I say they sell a security and fear well as I stated before they sell the Republicans or the right-wingers security by telling them that they need guns and they sell them fear in that they think that people might take those guns away and for the Liberals it's the same thing it's just reversed they sell them security in thinking that the guns are going to be regulated or taken away entirely and they sell them fear by making them think that guns are far more dangerous than they actually are that isn't to say that people with guns aren't dangerous it's just that usually we shouldn't be blaming the individual for a societal problem I'm going to pause it today that guns are actually the glue that holds all of this together they're the thing that holds together the vast majority of American culture it's basically the center linking piece in the entire puzzle guns shouldn't be thought of as a tool or a weapon they should be thought of as the spectacle longtime viewers know what I'm talking about when I'm talking about the spectacle but if you have any questions I do have a video linked in the description box below explaining what the spectacle is and the gun debate itself is what keeps this whole spectacle going in our society we never ask the real questions like why is our culture like this all we ever do is accept the cause and then try to reg the symptoms as if that's going to help something and it won't this is a real problem at least in the United States it is in the United States in 2017 there is over 40,000 gun related deaths that's a lot that's something that we should actually take into consideration but trying to regulate things and trying to criminalize individuals for this doesn't solve the problem blaming an individual for a systemic problem is never a solution it only ever compounds the problem but what it does do is it makes us fight against one another makes us fight against each other instead of actually fighting the real problem the system the gun debate is not that simple it's part of a large conglomerate of other debates it's the glue that really does hold a lot of American culture together when you think about guns you don't think about just some farmer off in the middle of nowhere shooting at some foxes that are trying to break into his henhouse you think about a lot of different things you think about how do we deal with gang violence how do we obey Authority how do we protect our homes how do we protect ourselves how do we protect our country do we want to use them to hunt for food do we enforce the law with them or against them and not only that it also shows different things it shows strength it shows fear it's a symbol of manhood a symbol of death a symbol of heritage oppression patriotism it's a symbol of rebellion and terrorism all of these things are all linked within the gun debate it's not just a black and white issue it's not just something that people can just slough off it's complicated it is a tool and it is a weapon they are fun they are scary they are cool and they do kill all of these things are all related to the larger picture and each one of those arguments is not just as simple as saying I'm pro-gun or i'm anti-gun you can use the gun debate to justify many different things and being pro or anti-gun says a lot about you as a person it says a lot about your political ideologies your beliefs structure how you formulate your arguments these things are all tied to the gun debate and that's not a bug that's the feature the gun debate isn't like regular debates it's not something that exists in a lot of other cultures that's something that is very much specific to America you don't see that in Canada you don't see that in Europe you just don't see it in many other places where they Revere the gun as though it's some sort of Idol some sort of God people want to take pictures with them you don't take pictures with your drill people want to idolize these tools these weapons and carry them with them everywhere they go they like to talk about them they like to use them when they have no other reason to because it can be fun it can be exciting it can be dangerous and it can kill these things can be used to protect and to defend they are nothing more than selling you fear and security which is exactly what I started talking about at the very beginning in this society we are constantly being sold things and it's not just items it's not just goods that were being sold it's ideologies its political beliefs it's you you are being sold to yourself every day it's called cultivated identity we create the identity that you have adopted and then you do everything you can to become more of that identity to buy more things that define that identity to do more activities that define that identity that is all part of this whole debate and guns for a lot of people especially in America is central to that cause it's central to the spectacle and when you're selling security and fear there's no shortage in goods and services and ideologies that can be sold to you the idea that holding a gun and keeping one with you all the time sells you the security that you're always going to be protected but it also sells you the fear that there are other people out there that are doing the same that might use their gun on you it sells you the security that people around you are going to probably not have a gun as long as you have strong gun control laws but it also sells you the fear that those who do are going to use it against you it can also sell you the weapon itself or sell you a security system it can sell you bars on your doors and any can even also sell you the idea of war and war is one of the largest industries in America you have to be sold that idea you'll notice that in the news media you don't see an anti-war movement you have two parties sure the Democrats and the Republicans but you don't have an anti-war party at least not one that's worth a shit you have people that are constantly defending it in different ways and that basically just sells you on the idea that guns are ok as long as they're in the hands of the state we have this debate constantly on who should and shouldn't own firearms who should be allowed and who should be forboden from actually owning these things but we never actually in a real way discuss the use of firearms when it comes to the states we don't have the discussion on whether or not police should use firearms or the military we just accept those things as truths we just accept those things as inevitable because you personally you might not be able to have a weapon you might not be mentally fit or physically capable of using one properly but the government certainly is it always is you can never question whether or not they need them it's just accepted as fact it's just accepted as truth all of this is part of the spectacle it's all part of regulating the symptoms while completely ignoring the causes if they didn't have this culture of gun fetishism like they do in the united states you wouldn't have this debate at least not to the extent that you do you wouldn't have it being tied to everything from farmers on their property hunting foxes to patriotism to gang violence to being a man it just simply wouldn't exist something Bo from the Fifth Column said that really struck a chord with me was that we don't need gun control we need self control because when you regulate yourself you're not going to need to regulate the weapon at least that's the way I look at it my name is Erin if you do get a chance please check out my patreon every dollar does help fund this show and thanks for watching

  1. Gun rights of the individual are above the state's authority. This is America at its core. If you don't like it, go away before bad stuff happens. The true America is disgusted with the anti-american rhetoric.
    It's not complicated. Johns Hopkins patient safety experts have calculated that more than 250,000 deaths per year are due to medical error in the U.S. yet the neo marxist commi dog crap left doesn't care because all it's about is control and more murder by state. 100,000,000 murders by marxist socialist states in the 20th century with wars excluded.
    in conclusion, for all your verbal flatulence, one or the other has to go. socialist are the stupidist brainwashed fek-tards ever. the us gives billions to arm 2 of the biggest terrorist states in the world yet you are worried about law abiding decent people being able to defend themselves … learn from the vitriol that youtube tries to hide like other major medias.

  2. Gun culture is grotesque in the US literally the only legitimate use for a gun in modern times is in self defense against cops or fascists hunting is fucked up if you live in the first world and not in a food desert and have access to food wild animals are literally abused and shot at their entire lives imagine being a game animal in this late stage capitalist society literally breed and released to be shot at what sort of hope can we have to stand in solidarity with nature and our cosmic siblings to utilize ecotechnologies and redistribute the resources hoarded and stolen by capitalists, I think a evolution towards a plant based animal inclusive future goes in tandem with a future coevolution with our planet if we manage not to cause our own extinction. We have over 7 billion inventors artists and poet we could do anything if we reclaim our collective creative autonomies.

  3. Like the circumambulation of religions and ideologies?
    So we glue together, focus and conform around some sacred thing because of the infinite ways there are for each individual to conform?

    How often must an individual, under Western capitalism conform? How often must an individual, under Anarchism or Communism conform?

    Thanks for the feedback🙂

  4. At about 10. Yeah I think from the first instant I thought about it carefully (aka., but not necessarily – before this I didn't have an opinion), I knew that behaviour of gun owners was far more important than the types of weapons they have.

    Except nukes. Nobody should own nukes.

  5. We need self control? Thats literally neoliberal ideology talking. Solve social and systemic problems by asking the individual to be better. Want to colve climate change? Recycle and buy an electric car – youve dome your part now. Great way to make sure no change ever happens.

  6. Yep. It's even found in the hood. Ideas like gun totin makes ya a man and everybody else has one so I better too and better to get caught with it than without it and all the same hero scenarios where the fools from around the way pull up and ya handle em like a sharpshooter. All of which ignores that fact that most of us in the hood know good and well that most cats never see it coming and die with that gun they loved so much and held so dear still tucked in their pocket or waistband. Same is true of the more rural areas I've stayed. It's less the gun and more the people's relationship to em. It's important to be able to defend yourself against anyone trying to do you and yours harm. But we gotta get realistic.

  7. Ok, but what if I got attacked out in the country by a bear? Or what if I suffer a home invasion and it'll take cops too long to get to me? It's not only about fetishism, but sometimes you actually need a gun lest you get into a dangerous situation.

  8. "The USSR was bad because they told their citizens propoganda that the state needs control or else everything will go fuck" – A clueless american

  9. I used to consider myself an ancom but I am not vegan and that would be ideologically inconsistent with the values of anarchism. I am not going to support authoritarian socialism so I guess that makes me demsoc.

  10. Great video, but you need to get a vintage mic, the one you are using clashes with the retro motif you’ve got going there.

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