Socialist Candidate Leading In Seattle Election

a socialist candidate is a leading in a race for seattle City Council I
thought this story was interesting 41-year-old economics professor show more so want might not go off a longtime incumbent
and she ran on raising the minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour funding local transit system through a
tax on millionaires and an increase in rent control to
counteract rising living costs and she said to the
Associated Press I love this because she’s not backing
down quote I think we have shown the strongest
skeptics that the socialist the label is not a
bad one for a grassroots campaign to succeed so he was into the mainstream media if
you turn on CNN or Fox News they will yell and scream from the
rooftops and mock you if you were to hint at the
idea that maybe being in favor socialism
isn’t the worst thing in the world they will call you radical the with not
allow you back on I mean these things are are painfully clear unfortunately if
you look at the history in the mainstream media but this woman is actually define that
and she sang really well I ran on this platform in look what’s happening I might actually win so pupil from 2011
backs up what we’re saying here what we’re seeing here it showed that 49 percent of people aged
18 to 29 have a positive view of socialism only
forty-three percent have a negative view so again among are younger group 18 to
29 we’re seeing that socialism is more
popular then on popular that’s not something you would see in a
previous generation certainly not something you would see in
the 1950s and you know I think this comes back to you
people at this point will take anybody who is
not considered pro establishment if you slap that
anti-establishment label on somebody and you let them run at a local level man it’s almost a guarantee they’re
going to do well because people get it they know how bad
the establishment is screwing them I’m not saying they know the details I’m
not saying they can explain it and I’ve been to all the nooks and crannies the
issue well what is true is that of course
they’re gonna they feel that they can feel it in in their wallet they can see
it around them its painfully obvious so in so many
steps up and actually says I will fight for the workers a little bit I will
kinda you know try to ease the burden off your
shoulders people oh yes let’s go with that all day long and also that socialism can
be defined in a couple different ways you not only get two to down into this
rabbit hole because we can go on forever about this there’s the kind of socialism which is
basically the road to communism where it’s in between the two when you’re
moving towards communism that’s not all the way most people think
a bit when they hear it it’s certainly not the way I think a bitter people I
know think emmitt when we hear socialism what we actually think I’ve is what’s
called a social democracy which is like what you see in the the
Scandinavian region in the world where you have a healthy mix of
capitalism regulated capitalism and a healthy mix government it’s
certainly more left-wing than what we have here in the United States we have
more capitalism the government by far but I
think it’s a more healthy mix you have but the government pay for everybody’s health care
universal health care if you get sick you get help period
period ended question and you won’t go bankrupt in the process
I know how evil thing is that when people get sick they get help up gross they have universal education so you know you don’t have to
worry about paying back student loans into your 50s did you know that that’s
actually going on in the US we have congresspeople who are still
paying back student loans who can defend that system but there are
a lot of people who will defend and also final point here when you hear
somebody in the United States a self-declared
socialist like Bernie Sanders for example but he is an independent but you know he
everybody kinda knows he’s basically a a socialist it’s actually to me it’s a
good thing within the context in the US to actually go for somebody even the
left me like if somebody was out there’s a lot
to me I would vote for them now the reason I say that is because they’re
obviously not going to get everything they want and I’m not going to get some
sort of you know but utopian anarchist state we that’s over a liberal they’re not gonna get
that but what they will do is fight for the right things they will fight for a
minimum wage increase they will fight for increase unionization it will fight for universal health care
they will fight to end the war as they will fight to combat global warming so in a way the first look in the you
can get in the US since there are going to win on every
issue those are the people you should vote for because at least they will they might chip away at the massively
right-wing system we already have

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  2. The UK has a mix of Capitalism and Socialism. We have Free Health Care but student loans are increasing but take the good with the bad.

  3. fascism has done its job and destroyed an entire generation of young people, they have been mind conrolled to believe this fascist garbage.

    socialism leads to totalitarianism, fascism, and the theft of private weatlh, this is sickening this HAS happend to america.

  4. good point I see no flaws in your reasoning. This type of socialism that she stands for is similar to that of government regulation when you think about it. Then again I really suck when it comes to politics.

  5. I will fight for workers all day long, but never a communist agenda. It would be the ruin of this nation, which is exactly what is happening. Correcting this is not going to be pretty.

  6. The poor should request to get paid in bulk product so they can barter with each other. That way the corporations get to keep their money. The big ceos can keep their big stack of bills, and the poor can barter for things that they need. The value of money will be diminished, maybe even worthless.

  7. I would consider myself a socialist/communist (of the Marxian variety) and I really do like how seculartalk makes the difference between socialism and social democracy like in the Scandinavian countries. But socialism/(and definitely not communism which means no state,money, or class) does not equal state ownership or control. Engels wrote in "Socialism: Utopian and Scientific"  "Certainly, if the taking over by the State of the tobacco industry is socialistic, then Napoleon and Metternich must be numbered among the founders of Socialism." But even though a social democracy is more regulated it is still Capitalist (Capitalism being the socioeconomic system whereby commodities are produced for exchange i.e. profit through the exploitation of wage laborers) And is still prone to crisis so it does not tackle the root of the problem. But thank you Secular Talk for at least differentiating between socialism and social democracy and you are another voice of reason on youtube and a leftist (Myself being a far,arguably extreme, leftist) and a fighting the right wing nonsense, sorry for any good and well meaning right wingers I know a few and know they are not all bad.

  8. By conservative logic Obama is a socialist. He is actually quite moderate. I am liberal so by conservative logic I would be a dirty commie

  9. I lost a good amount of my respect for this guy when I heard him describe socialism… He obviously doesn't understand many of the basic premises of socialism and communism, and the clear advantage of a communist state over a capitalist one. Social Democrats are mostly simply socialists who don't think that communism as the end goal of socialism (the whole idea behind marxism-leninism-trotskyism). People like this often think that communism/socialism=totalitarianism, when for most factions of socialism, nothing could be further from the truth

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