Socialist AOC DESTROYS Ben Shapiro Debate Challenge!

hi I really wanted to make just a direct appeal to Alexandra Ocasio Cortez the future of the Democratic Party according to Tom Perez head of the DNC last week ben shapiro offered a borderline illegal ten thousand dollars to convince rising Democratic star alexandria Ocasio Cortez to debate him I'm going to have so much fun with this not only am i eager to discuss the issues with you I'm willing to offer $10,000 to your campaign today for you to come on our Sunday special we can have an hour-long conversation about all the topics Under the Sun really probe your belief system frankly if you want to raise charity and we'll do it as a debate we can do that too however you want to do it I'm more than willing to talk to you I would love to have this conversation so let's make this happen let's make America a more civil and interesting place let's do this thing the very first point I made in my piece how did the bait ben shapiro is that to been debates are not opportunities to make America more civil or interesting it's how Ben virtue signals to right-wing partisans who have already made up their minds about opposing viewpoints Ocasio Cortes avoided falling for this trap responding with quote just like catcalling I don't know a response to unsolicited requests from men with bad intentions make no mistake Alexandra's not want to run away from debates before she won her election she challenged the incumbent she was running against Joe Crowley to a debate that he didn't accept until shortly before the election itself but this isn't an electoral race it's just internet fodder and the right wing is throwing a tantrum because aoc won't play the deceptive game and it's delicious Prager tweeted a fake word of the day in response to it one writer for Fox News in the hill wrongly claimed the AOC wouldn't debate meant another pundits said that Acacio Cortes pretended that Shapiro sexually whistle at her Alexandra had never said that you you watching this you saw the tweet yourself dozens of other prominent pundits and conservative keyboard warriors contorted her comments showing their true troll colors Shapiro responded by incorrectly claiming that Alexandria Acacio Cortez tried to slander him as a sexist al C's original tweet is clearly making a comparison between Shapiro's antics and the act of feeling entitled to approval from someone you're propositioning yet another example of Shapiro's feelings obscuring the facts you see in a debate with good intentions you don't bully harass lie about or name call the person you're trying to debate when you proposition someone who wasn't talking to you and they Klein your advances and you still complain about it catcalling is not that far off of a comparison but again Shapiro isn't coming into this debate for a fair and honest exchange of ideas he debates people so that others can perceive him and by extension his ideas as the winner but beyond impressing an audience and filling his own pockets not Hayden just elaborating he doesn't actually want to give ideas there for their chance he just wants to make people he disagrees with look bad I'm not just saying that because of Ben Shapiro his book how to debate leftists and destroy them eleven rules from winning the argument he also indicated out loud that he's actually not interested at all and hearing deponents out of the debate take a look as if you're on the defensive you're losing right there there is no such thing as is playing defense in politics you're on the offensive all the time you're forcing them to answer questions the left loves nothing better than to just grill you as though you're a defendant on the stand but the truth is you don't have to defend yourself against their attacks they need to defend themselves against your attacks so anytime you're asked a question you should think okay how can I flip this so that this so that I'm asking them a question so I'm putting them on the defensive if your debate opponent is just bombarding you with barely logical questions and accusations the way Ben does and that opponent considers it a weakness to defend yourself against what they said then how in Binns own framing do you explain your ideas thoroughly and not get perceived as a loser the answer is that he doesn't want you to Shapiro's the debate serve no ideological purpose they just help him build his brand the same way calling him and others out on the deceptive political is how I'm building mine I hold this opinion strongly if your goal is to change people's minds and get them a challenge their preconceived notions contemporary debates are largely pointless ideas are best tested through real-world implementation and analyses of such in a debate on the other hand the burden of proving the victor lies in the impressionable imaginations of an unrepresentative audience it's like deciding a sports match not off of the points are scored but off of whose highlight reel gets more likes on YouTube also all of these right-wing critics are hypocrites no one's saying Ocasio Cortez is weak or afraid to debate is also criticizing the sitting US president Donald Trump who are refusing to answer questions from the press these same right-wingers so distrust in the media in order to provide cover for comes fear being humiliated but now the shoes on the other foot and the moral faith of their media institutions is being called in a question they found the courage to stand up for journalism how courageous learning opponents and to fake one-sided political discourse is how she Piero has built his following right-wing trolls will say that not playing along with venture peers game shows weakness or lack of confidence in their political beliefs well that debate is over it's a BS argument

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  2. Lets talk about corruption in African countries. Oh sorry, we only look at bad white people. Count your lucky stars you live in the US.

  3. It’s easy to break down some clips and say you rekt him. I would love to see you actually debate him lol 😂 … it’s easy to talk about someone and make them sound dumb with them not there

  4. AOC didnt debate him because she cant defend her beliefs.
    Her calling it "catcalling" and saying he had bad intentions just makes her look pathetic and weak.

  5. No cortez was destroyed, she played the victim when all Ben did was politely ask for a civil exchange of ideas.

    You're using a strawman argument here, it wasn't that she refused the debate it was the way she refused it. If ALL she said was "no thanks, I appreciate it but I can't make it" then Ben would be fine with it but instead she equated Ben's polite request for a civil debate to misogyny and sexual harassment.
    And Ben is a never trumped so you clearly haven't got a clue what you're talking about.

  6. This was great, another thing that you may not have known is that Current Affairs editor Nathan j Robinson as well as two fellow writers publicly challenged Ben, and two other right wingers such as that dude from turning point USA to a debate, and the tweet has been spread and garnished several likes, not to mention that Nathan had previously written an article on Ben also calling for a debate and Ben even referenced it in a speech once but has yet to accept any of the challenges, so it seems that the right is quite afraid to discuss these topics. Finally, there is a sort of new channel called “Don’t Walk, Run! Productions” that is one of the typical right wing channels and it has done a video on ocasio Cortez and economic genius and while I haven’t yet gone out to look further into the validity of the claims to me it seems like it got several things wrong, so would love to see a a video refuting it if you would be into that. Great job

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