1. +SubvertInvertAvert Provoking the thinking processes is the best way to keep people open minded, not just for other cultures and Islam, but also for other political views and ideologies. If the Left wants to keep its integrity, it has to stay logically sound, otherwise the Right will claim the moral high ground again.

  2. Listen mate, you obviously disagree with the people listening to this song, and it's going to stay that way no matter what either of us say. You're obviously politically savvy, so why don't you do something productive instead of arguing with us nice socialist folks here?

  3. Eh, free education? During the Scottish enlightenment we were the most educated people on Earth and quickly became the most innovative, I think we're trying to do that again. I hate the Catholic church, and all the rest of them, we certainly agree on that, all religions seriously supresses innovation.
    On a cheerier note, I've been watching your Rome videos and absolutely adore them, my family came from Italy at the turn of the last centuary, I am glad you enjoyed your time there. Z.

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