hey everybody what's going on is Jeff Krantz and welcome to another edition of grant spreads so I'm gonna I'll ask you all first make sure you take a minute to stop like to subscribe and share my page you know I was driving home today and I was just thinking a little bit about I'm willing to give everybody an idea I'm not really stubborn you know well I am but you know I'm open to the idea of hearing other people's ideas and considering change and so what I've decided is you know I keep seeing everything on the news and online about you know becoming a socialist country you know instead of capitalism you know and and fine I'm willing to listen to your views and your points on socialism and the first thing we're gonna do is if you sent me a private message what I'll do is I'll send you my PayPal account information and you just go ahead and take a little percentage off the top of all of your head tum and send it to me and we'll see how that goes on me of you all you would super stares I think we should be a social stuff hey miss burger Kendra why didn't you send me prior to that million dollars that disappeared from here campaign you know we'll see what we can do there well anyway guys peace love you a member take a minute go like subscribe and share have a great day

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