Socialism's "useful idiots": Bailey

overwhelmingly most people in the socialist camp are what Stalin caught useful idiots not me I'm not calling them useful idiots of what I'm saying is that there is a moral tranche of people who have very dedicated to actually undermining destroying the institution's the media political parties the churches the schools the universities all the institutions the rock-solid base of our society and they actually use people and manipulate language and manipulate people to try to get their message because it sounds very warm and fuzzy and we all want to be nice we all want to be popular we all want to do the right thing but fundamentally what you've got is an ideology which competes against the judeo-christian Western civilization based ideology that the individual should be respected we talked about in Christianity the individual is created in the image and likeness of God that every person has dignity and that in fact we all have to contribute when you've got teenage kids as I have the thing is they all want money and they all want they want to find the easiest way to get through things and so if you want to give them a handout they'll take it but in fact what we've got to teach them is the dignity of work the dignity of buying their own first car the dignity of getting on in life in the best form of welfare is a job we don't want anyone on welfare but what a lot of the socialism ideal is is this equality of outcomes and the idea of taking from people who've got things and giving the people who haven't and in fact individuals the Christian ideal is that the individual who's got something you know Catholic social teaching talks about the fact that we've all got the responsibility to look after our brothers and sisters to actually share what we have and to do things that are for the benefit of the whole community I've spent my whole life attempting to live that and so it's really not about people who care about things but fundamentally there's I've got a right to a different view what you have is these people who say that they're wanting diversity but they want diversity of all sorts of things but not diversity of opinion they want tolerance they're fighting for tolerance but they're intolerant of anyone who doesn't have exactly the same opinion as then

  1. Australia is a Judeo-Christian country, our legal system is based on the old and new testaments, that is what is meant.🙄

  2. Lol Australia is China’s quarry. China is the 800lb socialist gorilla in the room. Totally dominated by communist party-owned state companies and state banks.

  3. Our values that protect the sovereignty of the individual evolved DESPITE Christianity, not because of it.

    The church had centuries in power and were as collectivist and authoritarian as the 20th Century Left I.e. Socialism, fascism, etc

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