Socialism Violates the Ten Commandments

Leftist Christians claim socialism is compatible with the Bible. In fact, they say it’s even more biblical than our present government. You know, God would be a
socialist, we are told, so if we want to be good Christians, we should embrace socialism too. Hm, let’s think about this.
Um, no. To start off, what is socialism exactly? According to Merriam-Webster,
socialism is defined as “Any of various economic
and political theories advocating collective
or governmental ownership and administration of
the means of production and distribution of goods.” So there’s no private
property and the government, not the people, owns or
controls the economy. Well, how does it hold up
to say the 10 commandments, the basis of our Judeo-Christian faith? That should be our first test. Any good political system should affirm at least the 10 commandments, right? That’s like God’s 10
rules for life on Earth. Hmm, let’s see. The very first commandment states “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.” Socialism violates the
very first commandment. You see, in a socialist system, the state basically becomes God. It is the state we look
to to give us our rights, our freedoms, our livelihoods, our jobs, our meals, our education, our health care. That is, if there’s any
of that to go around once the government takes it over. There is no appealing
to a higher authority because the state is
the end all and be all. But as Christians, we
don’t serve the government, we serve God. God is our heavenly Father
and our ultimate authority. Our inalienable rights come from Him and it is the state that must
conform to His natural law. It is not surprising then
that socialist and communist countries have tended to be atheistic. And the worship of God has been replaced with the worship of government. Instead of worshiping
the one and only God, it is the leaders of these
regimes that are revered as saviors and gods in
their respective countries. The eighth commandment says,
“Thou shalt not steal.” But what is the basis of
a socialist government? Stealing, theft, or as Frederic Bastiat, the 19th century French economist
called it, legal plunder. When one thinks about the idea of plunder, one may conjure up images
of pirates plundering ships and victors of war
plundering the defeated. But have you ever thought of
socialism as basically plunder? Now I’m not saying that
those who get things from the government are guilty of it, no. The state itself has taken
on the role of the thief. It takes the property
of those who earned it and gives it to those who didn’t. It legalizes it, legitimizes it, and anyone who opposes this
legal plunder, through taxation or outright confiscation
of private property is an enemy of the socialist state. However, God has told us not to steal. That presupposes and affirms
the right of private property. Government should protect our right to the fruits of our
labor, not take it from us. The tenth commandment says,
“Thou shalt not covet.” That means no, we should not feel it is our right to have
other people’s stuff. But socialists even tell us to feel good about our covetousness. Socialism encourages
jealousy, envy, and strife between the rich and poor. It paints those who have
more than us as the bad guys. That somehow, they owe us something. Now maybe easier for us to
think of ourselves as victims if we don’t have what other people have. But socialists are exploiting our natural though sinful desire to
covet and elevates it. But God has expressly
told us not to do that. So, how can socialism be
compatible with the Bible when it violates three of
God’s most basic commandments? It can’t, and we know that God doesn’t contradict himself in His word. So no, the Bible does not support a socialist political or economic system so as a Christian, no, I
cannot embrace socialism.

  1. A few points.

    1. The dictionary definition of socialism says "collective OR governmental ownership and administration". Therefore it need not be a government owning the property, as collective is a broader term. This would include thongs like co-ops.

    2. You refer to the socialist government being God to the people, but this is not necessarily the case. You mention rights being goverment given and education being state run, but the definition refers to the "means of production and distribution of goods", which covers neither of these. A government can also recognise, uphold and protect God given rights, without being held as the source of these rights. Therefore the socialist government need not be in place of God as and idol, but can be a mere servant of God.

    3. Taxation is not theft. Two perspectives on this.
    a) Firstly when asked if people should pay taxes, Jesus examines the coinage and sees the portrait of Caeser on the coin, before telling people to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belonga to God. If your money is state provided currency, the state may tax it. It's only an issue if the state demands something else in tax. You could argue that the bailiffs demanding other items should not be employed by the government.
    b) Secondly, Israel effectively operated taxation as part of God's law to provide for the priests. The offerings (set up in Exodous) to God included Fellowship offerings, part of which were burnt offerings as a pleasing arromaa to the lord, but part of which were wave offerings which Aaron and his sons would wave before the Lord but would then be their share. These were offered to God yes, but they were also redistributed to God's servants so they could dedicate themselves to the work of the tabernacle, not to farming.

    4. Socialism isn't characterised by taxation. Caeser taxed, but he wasn't a socialist. Trump taxes, but would you consider him a socialist? The definition you quote talks about the "ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods". If privately produced items are taxed, this isn't necessarilly socialism. However, if energy production is nationalised (as it used to be in the UK and still is in parts of Europe) this is socialist. In George Orwell's book, Animal Farm was set up as socialist intially because all the workers collectively owned the means of production, though when the rules changed it ceased to be socialist.

    5. I'm not sure that socialism is any more about coveting than other forms of government. The many wanting what the rich have could be generalised to various non-socialist forms of democracy, and the powerful wanting what the powerless have could be seen even in non-democratic government (eg. Israel under king David, where David's adultery lead to coveting and then murder). Perhaps you would argue that socialism is always coveting and the not all monarchy is (after all, David did repent), but does the argument hold with the US government? Also, the poor demanding from the rich might be coveting, but the people of Israel for commanded to love the foreigner, the fatherless and the widow. Providing for the poor was their God given duty and command. Ruth had the right to glean Boaz's crops, though in his generosity he went further than required.

  2. Legal plunder from the middle class is done from the right as well. An example: when government steals from the middle class and gives the money to the rich that breaks the 10 commandments.

    Republicans have done this for years.

    Stealing from single people and giving the money to families is theft. If I make 60,000 dollars and s family guy makes 60,000

  3. The commandment "Thou Shall Place no Other God Before me" is here misrepresented and mistranslated. The Hebrew reads , "You shall place no other "tselem" in before me. Tselem does not mean god or God. It means "image" or "statue." The Hebrews had always revered multiple gods, and naturally placed statues of this heavenly host in their Temple. In his command, Yawveh did not ordain belief in himself alone. He ordained simply that no statue — tselem — of his fellow gods or goddesses be placed in front of his own.

    More important, the Ten Commandments of the Torah have nothing to do with Christianity or Christians. The commandments are not Judeo-Christian as is implied here, but are exclusively Jewish. The commandments — of which three nonidentical sets were written by the compilers of the Torah — specify a code directed to the Hebrews with regard exclusively to behavior among Hebrews.

    Example: "Thou Shall Not Murder." Murder entails exclusively the unjustified killing of a Hebrew male. A reading of the actual text — in Hebrew, not English translation of — makes this clear. The Commandment does not in any way specify behavior for Hebrews with regard to non-Hebrews. This is why Yahweh's numerous calls to mass murderers and genocide of Canaanites and others are in no way inconsistent with the Ten Commandment regulations. Joshua and his descendants we're forbidden to kill other members of their in-group only. They were free to kill as many others as they liked, and were encouraged on numerous occasions to do so by their god.

    It is true, as stated here, that a sincere Christian could worship only Christ or the three emanations ('persons") of the Trinity, and would surrender no reverence to the State or it's leaders or officials. As a practical matter, however, Christians do not at this time see anything problematic in surrendering their minds and votes to the various States. The dangers of state worship have in no way bee restricted to Christians living in socialistic states, as implied here. Rather, the opposite has been true:

    It was the Christians of capitalist Europe who sacrificed 29,000,000 of their sons in World War I to the ideologies of capitalist states of which they were citizens. When a socialists like Bertrand Russell pleaded with his fellow Christian citizens of Great Britain not to succumb to the propaganda of the state and the worship of Mammon, he was fired from his position as a professor and imprisoned.

    Similarly, socialists from all over volunteered to fight the fascist Franco regime in Spain in the lead up to the second world war. The Christian leaders of the world, meanwhile, were busy appeasing Hitler. Right-wing Christians like Charles Lindbergh created grounds like America First to express their public support for Hitler.The result was a war that could have been averted, but which resulted instead in the deaths of 40,000,000 Christians.

    Today, we have a US president who ran on a campaign slogan adopted directly from the American First Nazi supporters of the 1930's. The president's base is comprised of Evangelical brand Christians comprising the most racist and anti-democratic demographic in the country.

    Now, there are certainly lots of additional errors jammed into a short video here, but the tactics and purpose of the video are pretty clear:

    This video is not designed as a real inquiry, and it doesn't present a thoughtful Christian rejecting socialism for good reasons. It is simply a person employing mistranslated Jewish texts to justify the rejection of a caricature of socialism, and then defining the result arbitrarily as true Christianity. In other words, it's just an excuse to attack socialism, just as Donald Trump has been doing lately.

  4. You are not a Christian.

    Why do you refuse to follow the teachings of Christ?

    1 Timothy 2:12.

    Luke 6:30. For your immortal soul, I ask that you shut this and all channels down, donate all your internet enabled devices to your local high school and never come on the internet again. Luke 6:30. I ask in the name of Christ for your soul. What other teachings of Christ do you refuse to follow?

    Mark 10:21 Christ clearly lays out what he expects of followers. What are you doing to fulfill the commands of Christ to be considered a follower of Christ by Christ?

    How is this channel following the teachings of Christ as laid out in Titus 3?

    For your soul, I ask, quit.

  5. Usually, I enjoy Lisa's videos. But for the first time, I see she's being deceitful. Democratic Socialism (Which is what Bernie Sanders is proposing) is not "stealing". Lisa, you know this!! ..I'm surprised at how you are attempting to deceive God's people. If that's the case, then why do you pay taxes? …Is paying tax a sin? …According to your logic, it is. Right? …Isn't the government taking (stealing) money from our paychecks and businesses? ….Lisa, being a true Christian means telling the truth and not twisting the narrative.

  6. this lady has no clue of what she's talking about and she should know the Ten Commandments it's just a summary of all the Commandments that are placed in Torah it's a summary read the rest of Torah and get into the detail and functionality of each commandment. this is only a pretty face used to wean you away from enlightening yourself on the way God want us to live so you can only participate in the course of this life means running after Mammon she is sinful for participating in such foolishness

  7. she don't even understand the Bible she's been taught by Western Europeans from a western concept and they have no clue very abstract

  8. You lack a definitive understanding of socialism. The liberals are advocating Democratic Socialism. Their focus is on helping every American. Democratic Socialism is not the model you are espousing. The media you watch and follow keep telling you otherwise to keep your votes.

    Your Bible has many contradictions, like more than one hundred of them. For example, two conflicting version of the creation story, U dare you to read Genisis Chapter 2. Of accounts of Noah and how many animals were on the ark. Read Chapter 7. This could go on for a very long post. Your entire story is closer to your opinion based on cherry-picking short verses to make a point in your political party and church. Historically significant wars were fought to determine which understanding of the Bible you want to believe. There is no definitive proof that your God desires if he were, he would scourge the money lenders. He would not be pleased with modern people trying to follow the rhetoric or the Pharisees and Saguscies.

    Also, where you claim such? In the Bible a statement of the claim that only God wrote it. If it were from God, a literate Jesus would have written one, or God himself.

    By the way, there are two versions of the ten commandments in the Bible.

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