“Socialism Throws People Like Your Ass Into Labor Camp” Commie Student To Former Soviet Citizen-5/5

socialism I don't believe in capital it's all useless you know in your job to receive thanks thanks to my business imagine imagine imagine occupy if my business visit did your job it's not a job so when we finish we're gonna go well when we finish to college don't need to tell you where I'm gonna work okay let's say hypothetically someone goes to college for me to find a job because of the way the capitalist economy operates and in socialism I finished college so start first of all live under socialism let me tell you that 1959 socialism done in you so socialism socialism with other words never existed anywhere so from 1917 so the only place on earth the socialism ever existed is the Soviet Union circa nineteen seventeen through 1953 because that's one actually Stalin diabetes is that but what was one can for social but it was socialist that would fit your different they will fit your definition of socialism right here okay and you're happy with what was happening in the USSR between nineteen seventeen hours we make a critique of it in order to improve socialism the next time it comes around and throws people like your ass into a labor camp that's an interesting concept so so this way this way so so so this way because of course the will and the they're mostly Hispanic one of them one of them is Muslim the other one is this is Russian so you know we have like the whole the whole section of will push who is working in my business you're racist to believe that black people are naturally predisposed to crime you don't even get your history biography of socialism program you don't get your history I don't know it's a good question like Hitler yeah that's exactly what I said right hmm okay if that's your interpretation so this is how old US Capitol like you said the better interpretation well I said no it's just an example we talked about the interpretation because I said once that you immediately transferring is something completely completely different okay so anyway where were we social economic system absolutely pretty what the reason is because generally speaking I suppose at least you know as far as I'm concerned I want to make something out of myself when I come to this country and I know that when we started talking about bbi's kind of you know rollable glaze over yet another story of someone immigrant poor immigrant coming with $100 in your pocket and it was the case with me I mean a little bit adventurous that I had I always wanted to come to United States of America I learned English so I spoke English most most of my you know fellow immigrants didn't even know a word of English so they came over here with the hundred dollars we were on public assistance and I am for public assistance for the people who actually need it but as soon as well it's it's very simple first of all and for most people who were born disadvantaged and a lot of people unfortunately were born as advanced is just simply genetics I mean you are like it you're you're locked in of the oil well genetics if you're born without an arm that's that the genetics genetics of course if you're born from informations I mean there are people have no arms I'm you know no arm or you know whatever or blind I mean my heart goes out to them my heart really goes out to them and I'm more do you believe in kind of having a conversation without New Rochelle yes it does absolutely I'll give you the link my videos right did you see any anything whatsoever one at least why did you get owned by my comment you can call it that's ok that's ok but is there any editing there's no anything whatever you say okay we're not editing my video I'm sorry about whatever word you use the neither in my videos but again we're getting back to your question so I am all for public assistance and guess what in the past in the past before we have the government taking care of this of this you know people who are disadvantaged from birth do you know who was taking care of them the point I'm trying to make is that you know without the government taking care of these people in the past we had a way of actually supporting hey that's going but there's there worse a way of supporting these people in school churches is called charities and and it was working hey they were doing give me an introduction you need the last time around you're going okay all right right thank Allah he said black people naturally predisposed to time when you are Israel Palestine yes you said that Palestinians are cockroaches and in one of your videos on your YouTube channel you can see it you say that if you have no response I hope they'll respond fucking racist that's what you are here's my face delusional you cannot identify with our struggles at all we when we think about something like this one handshake here in fucking life because we're being killed okay like you're just sitting here laughing this is not fucking funny is it isn't funny is it funny when let's say Saddam Hussein I mean let's put it in perspective when Saddam Hussein let's say let's talk about the serious Assad is not a socialist we don't support us and we support the Kurdish but these are the people were murdering their fellow I don't know why you're bringing them up to us nothing nothing okay nothing is just there there's no point it's just I don't remember saying that you said on a video yeah how about the over 200 Palestinian children who died how about how about 200,000 Syrians murdered by their fellow Isis their fellow of course not there he what you said earlier than if I did you're thinking in the first of all maybe not only can you not present fact I don't know represent an argument not only by accurate three on BB uh-huh you don't even agree with yourself you're not even oh wow I'm still gonna put it on your children sure go ahead okay bye-bye dog the white power structure in the United States rely on to maintain your pretty white power go now okay who's sister Karen you can go we got work to do okay all right yeah yeah I'll talk to them mystery isn't is it man yeah whatever better job

  1. Did he just said socialism existed in USSR between October Revolution and Stalin's funeral? I think he did. Jesus fucking Christ.

  2. Ha Ha, give them about 10 years, let the real world kick their ignorant, little ass" around, then see what they have to say

  3. what kind of racist is interrested in what colour someones employees are? Where do you even find theese clowns?

  4. I don't approve of these guys' disposition and I as a socialist certainly don't want anyone in "labour camps" BUT Mr. Jaffe is patently wrong on so many counts. And given his clearly high intelligence, I suspect he's deliberately dishonest intellectually, which is a lot worse than being simply wrong. Plus, come on, even if you're a conservative, you can't help but find the "Fuck your business!" part a bit funny!

  5. White privilege ffs 🤦‍♂️ those guys need kicked up and down the street.

  6. Palestinians never murder anybody smh Hamas and Fatah are definitely cockroaches!!


  8. Churches and charities have hard limitations, part out of inability to distribute assistance on a wide and efficient scale and partly because they're ideologically motivated and WILL put strings attached to what they give. They have their place in society, but it's a disastrous idea to propose they be the principal source of today's public assistance.

  9. What a nice group of socialist young men, I think their attitudes will take us far. I'm so glad Jesus Christ is on his way back.

  10. Living proof of the Fact, that, our school system doesn't work. These punks have no idea of how to have a productive debate. And, to make things even worse, they have lost the ability to listen. No comprehension at all.

  11. Socialism has worked so well during Soviet Union that they built a wall to keep people from escaping too capitalist countries

  12. I’d kick that loudmouth kid in the face. All millennials do is try to gaslight everyone and twist your words. You don’t wanna do that to me. I’ll rearrange someone’s face. You should be able to engage in dialogue. None of these little skinny fuckers can do that because they’re socially engineered brainwashed idiots. This kid needs his ass kicked. I don’t care if you came from Russia man! Your cool and have your head on straight! Your more than welcome in America as far as I’m concerned👍


  14. They "HATE" capitalism but yet they all have a smart phone, they LOVE youtube, facebook, twitter, uber. Capitalism gives us everything we love in this life. Shut up you bratty hypocrites.

  15. This Asian dude wants to bring back Concentration camps. The new Nazi's. All should be scared.

  16. Kids who dream of Socialism in the USA are telling a guy who LIVED in a socialist system (USSR) how great it would be when that guy fled the very same system they dream of to come to the USA LOL AWESOME!!!!!!

  17. I'm telling you. The reason for these kinds of people is some sort of personality disorder. I just dont believe anyone can be this way if they have a normal mind.

  18. Amazing how this kid is all in favor of Labor camps for people who dont agree with Socialism. Amazing

  19. That little angry psycho kid just said he wants to enslave all racists. I hope to God he gets deported.

  20. "GENETICS, GENETICS"!? Wow, I guess genetics is a social construct now too. Then the blabbermouth idiot says he would like to throw you in a Gulag. "Real socialism was from 1917, to 1953". This kid literally wants another October Revolution, in America. Oh boy

  21. That Bangladeshi fuck needs his face punched repeatedly.
    Over and over again.
    Then he should be sent to live in a socialist country.
    We'll check back in with him in a couple of months.
    He'll probably be dead.
    He is a total moron.
    A dangerous moron.
    That needs punched.
    And beaten with a big stick.
    I bet he's a virgin.

  22. You're just a middle class, socialist brat From a suburban family and you never really had to work 
    And you tell me that we've got to get back To the struggling masses (whoever they are) 
    You talk, talk, talk about suffering and pain Your mouth is bigger than your entire brain 
    What the hell do you know about suffering and pain . . .
    Danny Elfman Capitalism lyrics seem so true

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