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raise your hand if covered if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants [Applause] with thunderous applause John Doyle in check off copy hello there ladies and gentlemen welcome to heck off you commies did you watch the debates did you watch the same debates that I did because red flags going up my guys you know not that they had any Flags on stage last night because they don't believe in taking pride in the country but you know it was really easy for back in the day if a Democrat said something like you know I think we should probably not let felons or mentally ill people purchase guns and Republicans would be like ah they're coming to take your guns vote for me because I won't take your guns but now you've got a me here from Minnesota just straight-up admitting that gun confiscation is what's going to happen gun confiscation right if the government is buying back how do you how do you not have that conversation confiscation you give them the offer to buy back their gun but I'll say this I look at these proposals and I say does this hurt my Uncle Vic and his deer stand coming from a proud hunting and fishing state these proposals don't do that well it's not confiscation because we'll give you the option to get money for it when we take it from you the value of the rifle cannot be measured in dollars it's not worth however much I spent on A+ upgrades or whatever the true value of the rifle peace of mind peace of mind knowing that hey if our governments ever tried to go to radical and one could argue that after these first two Democrat debates that it's basically inexorable within my lifetime at least I've got an ar-15 or six or what-have-you and that's the thing that I mentioned in the Venezuela video that's arguably the most important takeaway from witnessing these failed socialist countries which is that they voted this into effect in most cases they allowed this to happen to their country once you give the government that much power they're not just going to give it up when has that ever happened hint it hasn't so you can vote your way into socialism but just be prepared to fight your way out of it and we've seen that happen before and that Senator is why we need guns I don't care about your uncle and his deer rifle I really don't I'm sure he's a nice guy hunting is cool and everything let's not stand on ceremony here let's not no no one wants to make you miss turkey season now my uncle no the reason we have guns is to protect ourselves from people that wish to violate our rights that's really it the Second Amendment was not written for your uncle to sit in his deer stand the Second Amendment was written because our founding fathers knew that power corrupts and as a result government tends to expand and so we have a right to bear arms because we have a right to self-preservation and it would be unwise to violate that in the name of utopian worldview because the natural manure of the tree of liberty is the blood of both patriots and tyrants to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson and speaking of Liberty this culture doesn't even care about it anymore I mean we're too comfortable and we're dangerously ignorant we're dangerously ignorant too distracted by Netflix to actually care about the future of our country because yeah what what do you you're telling me that I'm taking this for granted for granted meaning this this could be gone someday when's the last time you've heard anybody say we can I just finish reading this analysis on 19th and 20th century world governments and I do have to say I've noticed some parallels between their collapses and symptoms that we can see surfacing here no it's always oh my gosh I'm rewatching the office on Netflix for the 8th time and I totally forgot how cute season 2 Jim and Pam are it's like these people have no personalities outside of $6 designer concoctions of caffeine and sugar binge watching mindless television programs for hours if not days on end alcohol consumption and like liking dogs that's basically it that's what our people have become and given that yeah why shouldn't non citizens have access to free health care why shouldn't College be free why shouldn't we raise the minimum wage Kamala Harris even I mean just look at this hey guys you know what America does not want to witness a food fight they want to know how we're gonna put food on their table it isn't even her that makes me upset it's the applause it's the mindless seals in the audience cheering about yeah how is the government gonna put food on our table why is that something that you would cheer for why would you cheer for government dependents all of their ignorance by the way could literally be cured with an afternoon at a public library but it's the apathy that's why we're here no one cares anymore why should they well it'll probably all work out in the end right I'll just believe whatever is nice whatever makes me look virtuous on social media but when the chips are down I don't know someone else will figure it out these people have no sense of responsibility not for themselves now for their families for health care self-preservation economic status none of it I am so depressed yes but there's a reason and the reason for this of it there's a record number of Democrats seeking the nomination and it's because they truly believe that whoever wins the nomination is going to become president they sincerely reject the idea that Trump actually is not that bad of a president in fact he's been a very successful president thus far despite their unrelenting and unconditional opposition towards him and so they can't and I've said this before they can't escape this echo chamber so they truly believe that anything that deviates from their worldview is atypical and for that reason regardless of their public criticisms of Trump and his administration they've received him to be a gift to their political aspirations because they think that whoever runs against him is going to just have a walk in the park I mean despite the Trump beat 16 Republicans despite the Trump beat Hillary Clinton while almost every facet of the media were working against him despite that Trump has been successful while in office even with opposition from both Democrats and Republicans despite all of that they think that it's going to be a cakewalk for them and they're wrong they're wrong because the Trump economy is great they are wrong because Trump's pace is loyal to him they are wrong because his approval rating is decent and they're wrong because his opponent is likely going to be a socialist tyrant and that means that Trump is going to win again because even though the people that support these Democrats can cheer loudly and artificially inflate their numbers through their control of the media and Hollywood and BA and bummers out in the process these independents aren't going to buy it that's actually interesting these people are so ignorant that it actually makes me sad like it drains my energy but nonetheless these people are going to lose there's maybe like nine of them that I would take seriously that would be Joe Biden Elizabeth Warren Kamala Harris Bernie Sanders Pete Buddha jag who looks like the Mad Magazine guy you won't be able to unsee that now beta O'Rourke Cory Booker Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard and those of those the only ones that actually have a chance at the nomination are Joe Biden in Connell Harris which is what I said a few months ago when I did a video on this note that virtually all the Democrats have come out in support of open borders and paying for the health care of illegal immigrants and Connell Harris has actually gone as far as to call for the abolition of private health care it's part of the reason why I said that Bernie Sanders had no chance folks to average now policy-wise nothing really stands out he's just like the rest of the Democrats the things that made him unique in 2016 which were his radically left policies that's now the platform this is why Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew yang have no chance as sad as it is for me to admit because I actually like Andrew yang and I respect Tulsi Gabbard and I think that they have energy behind them but Tulsi Gabbard despite being economically progressive is not liked by the Democratic establishment because she has quote conservative beliefs about foreign policy such as acknowledging the existence of radical Islamic terrorism and demanding that then President Obama do the same and coincidentally she was only allowed to speak for about six-and-a-half minutes but hey she's lucky because andrew yang was only given three minutes to speak andrew yang is the outsider so yeah no way that they were going to let him speak because he would make them look stupid and I've hinted at my support for Andrew yang before and some of you who have asked me to clarify so I will the reason I support Andrew yang is because Andrew yang rejects identity politics he does not demonize his political opponents and he is an outsider and I genuinely believe that he is a good person and what I would very much like to see happen is yang become something of a household a name because I think that he could shock the Democratic base out of this trance of everyone who disagrees with me is Hitler and I'm not saying that it even could happen by this point but I do think if anyone could do it it would be gang I don't think that the Democratic establishment will allow for that though and evidently that is correct but I'm still hoping that he can influence the dynamic to some degree and he's also the only one with any ideas I mean maybe Bernie too but you know it's like Joe Biden Kamala Harris Elizabeth Warren they assemble teams of policy coordinators and strategists to figure out what they're gonna be running on and you know there are total puppets all these politicians are that's why every politician has their own little compilation video on YouTube of them switching their stances on things like seven or eight times throughout their career Andrew yang had to come up with his own ideas and work from there his entire campaign is a product of his own forethought and even if we think that that is misguided or unsustainable you have to respect him because he respects us and you know that's refreshing that being said he also joined them and support for decriminalizing legal immigration and providing them with health care so you know it was fun while it lasted but it was a meme to begin with and all good memes must end mr. mr. gay I would pass a 1,000 dollar freedom dividend for every American adult starting at age 18 which would you see that how they laugh at him the absolute audacity of these people to laugh at Andrew yang like really that's the radical policy $1,000 per month for every citizen that's what we're drawing the line here it's fine we're gonna have Medicare for all and all includes illegal immigrants oh and by the way we also want to decriminalize border crossing that plus free health care is the largest incentive that we could come up with four more of them to just come pouring in and since it's decriminalized they really will just be undocumented immigrants because they won't be illegal anymore we also want to ban assault weapons we've got 90 trillion burning a hole in our pocket so we like the green New Deal we want to be public college free preschool we want slavery reparations war abolish I see II but a thousand dollars a month what do you idiot or something let me point and laugh and oh well John you know they're not all socialists there's some moderates up there really the one guy that came out and said hey yo we need to chill out on the so socialism thing Hickenlooper yeah he's at like point three percent in the polls so I don't really know that the party is listening and you know is this whole thing continuous we'll have opportunities to rip apart these policies one by one by one but that's not the point here the point is that it's time to talk to your friends it's time to talk to your family members your co-workers anyone that you know that's a Democrat because at this point it's not even about getting them to vote for Trump it's about getting them to realize how toxic and radical their own party has become you're not even recommending that they vote for your candidate you're just saying hey you know are these really things you're okay with open borders socialized health care gun confiscation you know those aren't the policies at JFK those aren't the policies at Bill Clinton those are those really aren't even the policies the brock obama just keeps getting worse all the time you guys need to fix it you guys need to take control of your party or more likely you know we find out that this is the logical conclusion of your party and it's only gonna continue to get worse and increasingly out of touch with the average citizen and normally that'd be fine because it's like hey digging your own grave but what's that they're importing voters from other countries okay so yeah you know this election is very important and they say that every election cycle of course because they're hyper there the boy that's cried wolf every four years for the last few decades whatever but this election is quite literally a choice between America freedom prosperity or socialism tyranny and hardship and the type of damage they're going to do is interest ah well good thing we got our guy back in office so we can repeal that silly tax increase no they're going to fundamentally change the core of this country beyond repair and they'll have thunderous applause from their mindless seals while they do it and so we need your help if you don't have the time your money helps too you know if you care about the future of this country you should be donating to campaigns you should be donating to organizations that advocate for our values and for our country I mean not to do the cliche campus conservative Oh what would Ronald Reagan do where's the Gipper when you need them but freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction I believe is the quote and the time to fight back is now because I swear to you our window is closing and it isn't going to reopen cleanly the time to watch an entire television series on Netflix is long gone we cannot afford to be silent and we cannot afford to be passive history is watching and so are your children and their children and their children in future generations because if our legacy is that we let America fall to socialism we will never be forgiven in previous generations sure you know they let them take over Hollywood let them take over the media the university is whatever we're pushing back now and we're doing that because if we don't then no one else will that's the most important realization if you don't no one else will they're going to keep indoctrinated in the country into socialism mass emigration fire and confiscation yeah that's a given that's not going to end you decide if we're going to resist it or not hey guys if you like this video give it a thumbs up leave in the comments and subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already you also got to follow me on Instagram I did a livestream during the first Krabbe debate it was a lot of fun got to talk to some of you guys big shout out to hash tag April gang big shout out to Luke with his chaotic gamer energy big shout out to Jackson the 13 year old with the really fuzzy cat kid was epic so yeah he's a lot of fun I'd like you to be a part of it so I'll follow me on instagram hands thank you so much for watching and may God bless america

  1. 1:35 Could we really stop a tyrannical government with our rifles and shotguns? The military has waaayyyyyy more sophistication in terms of weaponry than all Americans combined. Just saying. If you wanted to take it to the extreme, you could say that everybody should be able to own an F-35 Fighter. But that is totally infeasible.

  2. 1:07 – But it's not confiscation, it's collectivization! No difference between the two at all!



  4. The further they go left, the more they kill their own party. There were Dems in the debate who tried to communicate that! I fully agree, just talk to the Democrats you know about what they're proposing and reason why it's a BAD IDEA.

  5. You like the asian guy? He wants to implement a social credit system like China. Correct me if im wrong. It was a video from the Breakfast Club

  6. You don't know what Socialism is and it should be embarrassing for you. Also you know nothing about politics and your misplaced confidence should be embarrassing too. This video and channel will be on the internet forever and future historians will mock you for such garbage and illinformed takes.

  7. Ultra-nationalism is the only way. It’s time for the wholesome men and women to restore this country to its former glory! We must revive Christianity, destroy the moral degenerates, instill wholesome values into our children, promote strong work ethic, execute gangsters/drug dealers, and bring prosperity back to the people of America.

    If you know what’s morally good, as all grown men should, then you’ll join the fight by supporting the right.

  8. What's the problem with liking dogs? Dogs always have been and always will be more valuable than leftist. Dogs are pro America.Dogs are pro life pro gun and pro badassery. I like dogs I'd rather see every leftist cook alive not burn but cook than one dog euthanized for medical reasons dogs are awesome liberal communist are shit outlaw commies get more dogs

  9. Tulsi is a libertarian. She just hasn't realized it yet. Maybe she clings to the party because she thinks it's her only chance. In reality she has no chance, because she's sane.

  10. Hey John – those guitar hooks you're using are really inadequate. I had some. Unless they are in a stud, and then you might be ok. Sheetrock hangers are a nogo. I wouldn't hang anything important from them. Great channel – surprised I didn't know about it. Hope you get on Bitchute.

  11. "Queue the clap track!" "Queue the cheer track!" Pretty sure I heard that exact cheer on Family Feud.

  12. I notice a lot of your arguments against these communists could be used against conservative government as well, hell any government, like you said, once you give government power it will never give it back, you can't vote in freedom, its already been lost the day we established the corporation known as the united states of america, the only moral society is one without a government. Taxation is Theft.

  13. Someday the socialist will have a complete victory in the US. The blood will run in the streets when it does.

  14. Put food on your table?! There is NO food in communism. NONE. You like to eat you greasy sjw fucks?? Well you won’t after your useful idiocy is done

  15. Leftists: punching Nazis is ok (even if we can’t find Nazis)

    Me, reading history: well the commies are responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths. Pol pot, Stalin and mao each put up bigger numbers than Hitler.

    Also me: so what should we do to commies if punching their little brothers, the Nazis, is a good thing?

    Crush a commie? Stomp a commie? Kill a commie? Castrate a commie?

    Is this really a game you want to play cucktards???

  16. Thank you for spreading the word with your channel. I got off Facebook because all it was, was mindless people hating me for not jumping on the bandwagon to boost my social status. Hopefully those same people don't vote again.

  17. DemoncRat debate was a battle between 20 of the liberal brightest and best (lol) competing to show they can give away more freebie's than their competition, and win the race to top spot of stupidest liberal in America. Stay tuned for the movie version of deomoncratic race, Dumber and dumbest.

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