SOCIALISM REBUKED: A reply to Francesca Fiorentini

hello my name is Henrique Johnson I'm an independent libertarian commentator usually focused on Swedish politics this week I'm doing my video in English due to its international relevance for those of you who need it there are subtitles down below I'll be back to Swedish in my next video and I will progressively be adding English subtitles to my own videos for foreign viewers interested in my back catalogue last week I came across a viral video made by the Al Jazeera media network featuring the very photogenic leftist activist Francesca viewer and tini the video is apologetic to socialism and designed to turn American voters to its course Fiorentina's video of manages to be both dishonest and clueless at the same time with much of his discourse offensively trivializing the tragedy of those who've suffered under real socialism hence I feel obliged not to let her socialist propaganda stand uncontested in this video I present my strong reservations to the flippant half-truths and debunk the outright dishonesty presented in their video so stay tuned socialism the monster hiding under America's bed we're looking at some of the biggest myths told about the S word let me stop you right there critique is not a myth just because you disagree with it all right socialism is a favorite straw man of the right used to disparage any candidate that mentions anything that resembles something like generosity let it be noted that socialism has absolutely nothing to do with generosity taxes are ultimately claimed and collected with force there is no opportunity for the citizen to go no I think I'll pass this time but thank you for coming generosity means freely deciding to spend resources on other people there can be no generosity at the muzzle of a gun only coercion but the people that collectors are doing it for the common good to give to those in need ooh you say that is still not generosity that is taking the value and resources of other people by false and then spending it according to someone else's values it is the root of totalitarianism when you decide that a little bit of force against other people might be permissible for the greater good whatever that greater good eventually might degenerate into socialism is a range of economic and social systems characterized by social ownership and democratic control of the means of production that sounds pretty harmless a dictatorship is an authoritarian form of government characterized by a single leader or group with leaders without a no party or a weak party little mass mobilization and limited political pluralism of course reading a dry textbook definition of an ideology sounds pretty harmless but the fact that you feel that it sounds harmless it's in no way negating what democratic control of the means of production really means here's a hint it doesn't mean we all get a cozy vote on whether we should purchase some fancy new smartphones and I have a selfie party historically it's rather means nationalization of corporations commodities and assets how do you achieve something like that oh well usually by sending in the military and throwing a few thousand people in prison you know socialism the pretty harmless sounding idea you toting you can think about socialism as democracy for the economy an economy that takes planning and forethought and doesn't just leave wealth distribution to the invisible hand of the market which in case you were wondering looks like this for the 99% of us democracy fully economy an economy that takes planning you say there's a word for this it's called planned economy and it is a terrible idea and to continue with the colorful hand missiles it looks like this let me break it down for you in simple terms in a market economy value is automatically determined as a free interplay of all freely participating parties if a copper mine in South America caves in the supply of copper on the market diminishes and the price increases as a function of the price increase a trombonist in Sacramento might decide to postpone investing in a new instrument and the cost of telecommunication wirings is a pump in the same manner as the popularity of Netflix Rises the demands of renting DVDs dwindles this is called the pricing mechanism all sometimes market self optimization in a plant economy an army of economists are tasked with figuring out how much everything should cost and how much of it the government owned factories should produce this model has proved excellent at producing too many tractors and too little bread in socialist East Germany the enforcement of plan economy created an illegal black-market bartering economy in which desperate people spontaneously try to bridge the misalignment of supply and demand the ministry for state security the starseed was therefore obliged to spy on its citizens and foster the gruesome informant culture in which nobody could trust one another in fact the system of plan economy was so popular they had to build a great big wall around their system to protect it with the people tore that wall down then they myth number one socialism has been attempted and failed well socialism has failed in Algeria Burma Cambodia Cuba Laos Vietnam Afghanistan Albania Allah Russia Co Slovakia East Germany Ethiopia North Korea Poland Romania Venezuela and the Soviet Union the Soviet Union wasn't actually socialist I can't believe you just did that presenting socialism as an ideology so good that it has never been correctly represented but I promise this time we'll do it right just trust me with executive power and for the economy will be by yes – whele is going through an insane political crisis right now but it's not clear that that crisis has anything to do with their socialist policies no and I'm sure it's also not clear that drinking five bottles of Prosecco every night and passing out into stairwell of a strip joint has anything to do with waking up with a headache the case of Venezuela is particularly disgusting as the Westons left-wing for many years celebrated its anti-democratic policies as progressive examples of building a successful socialist state those voices have all gone silent now as famine is ravaging the country and an annual inflation rate of 13 thousand percent utterly is killed off its once booming oil economy and people are now desperately and illegally trading in capitalistic US dollars for survival Cuba is not a democracy for sure but it also has the highest literacy rate in all of Latin America for sure not a democracy but oh those communists reading skills that's like arguing the benefits of getting a really nice wheelchair from the government after his chopped your legs off and involuntarily trapped you in a tropical 1950s version of the Amish come on another myth we hear is that socialism is too expensive expensive is a rather funny and quite revealing label to put on socialism most financial systems talk about establishing a growth equilibrium and oh never mind socialism can be said to be expensive at its unfailingly consumes more resources than it's capable of producing Margaret Thatcher's on this one our world when she stated the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money another myth spouted about socialist policies that they're not good for business all over the world honest hard-working people running businesses have had their lives and fortunes squandered as the ideology you were defending moved in as a hold of nationalizing barbarians ruining the economy in the process of course I realized is socialism that we are talking about here is supposed to be one of light touch allowing businesses to thrive perhaps even making them better by gently nudging them in the order of towards the common good over and over again this has been proven to be like asking for a tiny slice of the neck of goose it might look trivial from a spectators perspective but it will still kill the whole damn thing another myth about socialism is that it requires big government requires it is big government it fosters big government socialist policies need to be enforced resulting in a ceaseless expansion of civil servants and bureaucrats as power is shifted from business and achievement the value of political pull the value of knowing the right people and greasing the right wheels takes its place as ambitious people are incentivized to become part of the public sector and the government the brain drain is affected on the productive sector forcing fewer and fewer to pay more and more taxes to an ever-expanding strata of people in the public office as the consequences of this begin revealing themselves the standard socialist response has been to disqualify private business as incapable of solving the challenges facing a solid arrack society regulating them more and more up until the point or outright nationalization becomes necessary I'd be the first to agree with an open mind capitalism is not likely the ultimate destination for the civilization of mankind as Winston Churchill would have have it it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government aside from all the others that have been tried however in the light of historical experience and overwhelming evidence socialism is not the solution to any challenges facing that time and for all I care I pray that we shall be able to keep the United States out of its foul claws I would like to conclude this rebuke of the apologetics of socialism with an iron Rand quote I believe the fits the situation the Rotter whose simplest that he sees no difference between the power of the dollar and the power of the whip or to learn the difference on his own hide as I think he will do you agree that we must never take our freedoms for granted and the socialism represents a degenerating move towards progressive totalitarianism share this video subscribe to my youtube channel and please leave a comment I love to hear your thoughts I appreciate all respectful commentary if you appreciate my YouTube channel you're free to choose to support my work we have patreon there is a link for that below here somewhere I am Henrique Joseph thank you very much for watching this video [Applause] you

  1. It isn't even about totalitarinism anymore. It is about economical logic. It simply doesn't work. All socialist economies go bankrupt and start printing money. This is because of a series of small production losses such as not producing enough bread and too many tires that will lead to no money being left.

  2. I agree with many of your points but it's also undeniable that there are some inherent flaws in the way we do market economy.

  3. Nothing represent half truths better than soem libertarian think tanks, like CATO Institute.

  4. if you replace multi-culturalism with aryan race, it becomes difficult to tell socialism from nazism

  5. Socialism has been garbage for so long in America, righteously so. But today socialism has creeped up from the waste dump of history and lefties are taking the chance to Make America Small Again.

  6. Tycker din kanal börjar bli väldigt vinklad ifrån ett håll, lite tråkigt. Lyft upp problemen och se fördelar, ger en mycket roligare video

  7. Text book definitions are text book definitions for a reason. Nationalisation of industries isn't necessarily socialism, as proven by totalitarian regimes in the past (hint: not socialist societies, since they are direct democracies). The only reason a planned economy is terrible is because of corporations that source their jobs unethically and can get away with much lower overhead because of their tyranny. I'm seriously baffled that there are grown people calling themselves right libertarian still, if you were to call communism a utopia, then what the actual fuck is anarcho-capitalism?

  8. A socialist regime wants a lot of milk but dead cows, rather than a decent amount of milk and healthy cows that can continue to contribute in the long run.

  9. Det är alltid roligt när en svensk försöker sig på en påhittad engelsk dialekt för att inte låta svensk.

    Tycker själv att socialliberalism är den bästa ideologin (låta folk välja själva, men hjälpa den som behöver att nå sin potential) visst är skatter tråkigt, men det är lika tråkigt att betala försäkringar och hyror. Men bara för att folk kommer tvinga en att betala så behöver det inte ses som negativt. Man skall göra rätt för sig för krävs inte mycket tankemöda för att föreställa sig vad som skulle hända om folk fann att de bara kunde säga att de inte vill betala skatt längre. Skulle folk betala för något ifall det inte stod någon med ett vapen ifall man inte tänker betala?

  10. Det skulle vara intressant att höra vad din bild av ett perfekt Sverige är? Nu vet jag att den här videon var främst riktad till amerikaner.
    Men hur ser din "utopi" ut?

    Vad kan USA lära sig av Sverige?

    Vad kan Sverige lära sig av USA?

  11. Even though socialism (ie Stalinism, Maoism, and the Khmers ..) means dictatorship and totalitarianism. Nontheless (without even briefly suggesting the "a little bad for a greater good" argument is viable) I would never say New Public Management doesent need it's antidote in social responsibility, a long term perspective and an upgrade of non-quantitive values such as a cultural heritage. What I personally are hoping for is we can wake up soon one day to a reality where the political colours are gone. Left and right, blue and red will always be reference points for our understanding of our history but let's hope for a sollution that is not just a new colour to disguise the same old crap just like when Hitler repainted Russian socialism in brown and black or when Orange became in fashion in Indonesia (Dont miss Oppenheimer/ Herzog/ Morris "The act of killing") wich I recommend to anyone who still in 2018 sometimes feel they gravitate towards strong leaders, uniting in an underground uprising for "the people" or actually believe it's not too important if any demographic group get trampled upon in the process of reaching for the skies in #Metroo dreamland or any similar bullshit :

  12. Yeah You are Great man Hendrik.. keep
    it up.You put the words right.Abut Jordan vs Annie and skavlan stupid people Rick

  13. Taking taxes from people already happens. Nothing "Socialist" about that. Your dream is to have a system where the working families all pay tax and the wealthy don't. ""We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes." (Leona Helmsley)
    Nationalization and Democratic Socialism have nothing to do with each other. Socialism does not have to be a dictatorship. It can be Democratic and socialism doesn't necessarily mean private property and the ownership of the means of production is automatically taken from the Capitalists. Your examples of socialism gone bad like East Germany have nothing to do with fact. East Germany was not a socialist state but more like a Stalinist fascist dictatorship. Your examples is apples and oranges. Don't like Apples? Well oranges are just as bad.
    Socialism is not a dictatorship. By definition it 's supposed to be democratic. So any example of socialism run by a dictator is moot.
    Your rant on limiting big government fails to address the dangers of big unthrottled business. Without a government that is just as powerful as the business's it is charged with regulating, wealthy powerful corporations can run roughshod over the world. The right wing mind has a short memory. The reason there are regulation that prevent business from doing whatever they want for the sake of profit is that problems like slave and child labor, unsafe working conditions, irresponsible over exploitation of resources and inequitable distribution of wealth existed. If we were to roll back all of the regulations these same problems will only return. The wealthy will nave pay a living wage, support infrastructure or education of their own volition. The wealthy don't get rich by being altruistic. They get rich by hoarding the wealth.

    Supply Side economics is the real myth, not Socialism.

  14. För många år sedan besökte jag Sovjetunionen och diskuterade under en hel vecka med deras inrikesministerium hur de hade tänkt sig att samhället skulle fungera.
    Om jag hade varit socialist när jag for dit, hade jag varit botad när jag for hem.!

  15. Visst, många poänger, men för en gångs skull- förenklande. Är en fan, men håll dig till det du är bäst på Sverige,!!

  16. Sjukt proffsigt jord video. Så bemöter man någons argument. Var som att på ett artigt sätt dra ner byxorna på motståndaren. 😀

  17. I want to dispute a few rhetorical things.

    "Generosity means freely deciding to spend money on other people. There can be no generosity at the muzzle of a gun."

    "taking from others by force"

    Regardless of what you want to call it, It is the case of a parent asking their child who has candy to share with other kids. If he refuses, he gets punished for misbehaving.
    Is that evil kommunism?

    You could also liken it to a group project where there is need for finances and everybody else votes on sharing the costs according to how much money people earn because they think that´s more fair.
    If you don´t like that you can either suck it up or leave the group project.
    It is only if you refuse to do either and start fighting or refusing to pay while taking advantage of the others´ money that others will inervene with the violence neccesary to stop you.

    Every social interaction is restricted with the threat of violence in a way, you can´t just walk up to people and punch them or insult them. That doesn´t neccesaily mean it´s unwanted and evil.

    If that were the case, the only society that wasn´t kommunist in this regard would be a completely nihilistic and anarchistic society

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