Socialism Nightmare: Venezuelans Now Eating Dogs, Cats and Pigeons to Survive

the eyes of Hugo Chavez looking over Caracas but now he's dead and the poor living there in the Barrios historically his political base have turned against the movement he created bread medicine toilet paper these are just some of the basic necessities Venezuelans are struggling to find the falling global oil prices have hit the country hard public services are disappearing one after the other American officials are warning the country is on the brink of collapse Venezuela is in a state of emergency right now its currency has been devalued 92% since the last two years alone the amount of hyperinflation here is actually just unbelievable you need a backpack full of money to buy a dinner Venezuela bit everything on the price of oil remaining high and with government revenue 95% dependent on it the plunge in oil ascent the economy reeling as a result GDP is predicted to contract five point eight percent in 2016 the third straight year of negative growth and Venezuela has the world's largest inflation rate of the IMF expecting it to reach 700 percent this year there were poverty reduction programs that were very much tied to political loyalty they were not set up to be sustainable it started with a theory a theory that capitalism is bad a theory that private property in a division of labor is bad one of the first things Hugo Chavez did was seize the land he seized over a thousand industrial enterprises nationalizing them – he took over the energy grid he took over the production of oil which is today the only way that Venezuela generates revenue now that oil prices are down and the government did not have the provision to to save for rainy days now Venezuelans are left with nothing in a country that only produces oil that imports everything Venezuela could grow most of its own foods thanks to large expansion of fur Thailand but through the years most of its agriculture has been abandoned and other farms like this one have been expropriated by the government and production has collapsed the government just lost control of the situation last week you'll remember president Nicolas Maduro had to hike petrol prices by six thousand percent so with all this fears are growing that Venezuela soon won't be able to afford its debt repayments in fact bonds are already trading at levels that suggest a default is priced in Venezuelans in Caracas in the capital city we have a very tough time accessing basic necessities but the people in the interior of the country in the States and the province have it even worse and we're not just talking about medicine we're not just talking about basic things such as toilet paper we're talking about food and that's where the situation escalates lines down the block for just basic necessities lying down the blocks for public transportation that is insufficient you know and then a lot of people talk about the toilet paper with the government setting up a set price so poor people could afford a toilet paper even in the driving rain Venezuelans started their day in search of food expecting to see the usual grim queues that form at government stores not today the only stores with affordable food are shut closed for the national workers holiday the sign explains it says sorry and thank you people walked away empty-handed but full of dread wondering where their next meal might come from and here's the thing these people aren't allowed to come back tomorrow food is rationed here doled out according to the last number on your government ID carlos chi Dinos explains his turn is today his number is five Cinco Omega coming sinkhole e'en yet a Mill Creek so he's saying that just today and Wednesday can he buy things and because it's closed today he's out of luck the things that we have experienced the things that we have seen here in Venezuela are absolutely insane we went to the some of the restaurants and the all the prices on the menu are in paper and they like taped on to the menu because they have to change it every week and sometimes even more than that it's changing that fast is it's really like it's interesting and you brought up the gun-free zones that's the most interesting part to me is no one is allowed to have a gun and this is the murder capital of the world so we walk into the hotel at night because we're a little crazy as we're told by everyone don't go out and we went out there was no one anywhere it was like a ghost town and when we get back the security guard is hiding behind a door because he doesn't have a gun and the other tip bad people all have guns the the situation in Venezuela is dire and it is dire in many different ways socially politically as as well as economically Yemma is a mother on the verge of a nervous breakdown that's the result of five days without water this is how we live now as Venezuelans we've lost our quality of life as you can see we were middle-class people and now we're not even that anymore just look at the kitchen this is how we live now that we have no water now it's just arrived so I've started the washing machine and I'm filling buckets so that I can cook Jennifer while bossy man water and electricity are both being rationed everyone is feeling the pinch until last year working for jobs I earned about $300 a month this year working the same four jobs I only make $100 and this will keep diminishing as our currency devalues a frame is a trauma surgeon working in Caracas is public hospitals free health care was one of the foundations of the sharpest regime these are all the bandages we've got six little rolls and these here are made in China very poor quality but tears your skin off we've seen food shortages medicine shortages now basic services electricity even water that is not reaching a big portion of Venezuela's popular this is what buying food looks like in Venezuela waiting for hours hoping it by the time one hands in their allotted number they'll still be fruitless and this is what it feels like this is a greatest sadness so I didn't know this Venezuela several years ago for us this is something new something unbelievable unacceptable there's no other name but catastrophic I left home if 4:00 in the morning I went to several places for nothing all I could buy is a pack of maize flour no more this has to stop the one who needs to leave will leave we'll kick them out of power basic food supplies are being sold on the black market for 10 or 20 times the price supplied by the governments without the black market the country would crunch to a halt at the supermarket's the queues go down the street there is no even coffee if they can find sugar they take hot water with sugar in the morning and they try to eat once at three o'clock – to be able to sleep on to the next day this is a true country in collapse this is a hyperinflation and socialism reaching its ultimate end government officials say the state of emergency will allow better distribution of resources the state of emergency has little to do with the economic situation it's more to do with how a government that has lost all popular support how can they control a society when you start asking about the alternative explanations the government has given what they call an economic war or the aggression or the imperialist agenda it does not pole it does not even register with Venezuela's so it's all seen as excuses the criminality is brought on by the government as a way to control the people like we were driving by and our fixer showed us this huge huge building and he was like yeah this is a building a skyscraper that's being run by a criminal organization there's people squatting in there and this is where all the kidnapping happens but you walk around town and there's government-mandated sign saying gun-free zones everywhere you go and no smoking signs while there's massive incredible crime by some estimates there were nearly 4000 murders here last year you have all these are not only civilians in military and turistas and opposition you also have criminal gangs battling it out it's a recipe as we have seen in the Middle East for chaos the criminals here are running around just doing whatever they want kidnapping wherever they want murdering whoever they want what pure impunity meanwhile the government sends in their agents to every business to every private place to every public park to make sure that everyone has mandated signs that say no smoking no guns and you can't be racist the way things are going there might just be a revolt people are looting there was looting even over the weekend right after this state of emergency was declared I've seen video footage and they the people just taking into shopping malls and if military if the military files are fires on the people you'll see something akin to the Arab Spring Venezuelans have to place our fingers on fingerprint scanners in order to buy medicine and food but they tell us that there's controls over your ID number you can only buy on certain days you can only buy certain quantities of food so this all boils down to a model of political and economic control model that has decimated the economic apparatus that has decimated national production expropriating businesses expropriating the producers of food and basic means I have called for the armed forces and militia to hold national military exercises to prepare us for any scenario yes while his citizens are starving Maduro decided now would be a great time to spend money on the biggest military exercise in Venezuelan history the military has become the main basis the main pillar of support of the Tommo regime that is very important for everyone to know what we're seeing even though mr. Maduro is a civilian is basically a military government from my experiences here at this government here is run by criminals this is a criminal state when we ask the people yes the situation is bad now but how do you see the situation in the next 12 months the Venezuelans at answer over 62% of Venezuela's answer that it will get worse and over 60% of it as well as blamed the government directly for the crisis opinion poll suggests 70 percent of Venezuelans seeing President Maduro should step down he recently suggested punishing business owners who've ceased operations by jailing them and seizing their factories la plante potato para well kill pero cuando delta by an idol factory will be a factory handed over to the people the opposition won the majority of seats in the National Assembly last December but since then nearly all of its decisions have been struck down by the Supreme Court so now almost 2 million people have signed the opposition's petition to force Maduro out of office the question right now to point out is that we all know that the present Maduro is not going to finish his term there is no way under the circumstances that chubby that presumably is going to finish he's not going to go quietly as a matter of fact what we've seen since the December six elections where the opposition one of the National Assembly in a landslide victory is the whole state not only the executive power not only the president but also the Supreme Tribunal also the Armed Forces social ranks with the president in setting up obstacles to that political change that Venezuela's expressed that's their will shooter a Trank Ilario democrática nosotros no sabemos lo que puede pasar en este pais [Applause] Venezuela's una walk back and question for my life loca where is this country headed and can this crisis be resolved in a peaceful manner well I doubt it because all we have reached the peak of the tensions between the government and the opposition and that's why I don't think that is going to be a peaceful solution unless the government led the democratic mechanism like the record referendum in order to to to try to bring some changes in the country so and I don't see because the government is trying to delay it all the process the democratic process and trying to use some force those people who do like Bernie Sanders come to Venezuela check it out

  1. I dig pizza from a Little Caesars dumpster 2 times a week to help feed my family and i work 50 hrs a week. AMERICA FUCKING FIRST!

  2. This report was 3 years ago. Where is the famine and starvation? Surely they must have run out of zoo animals by now? There's something seriously wrong with the picture portrayed here.

  3. Those Venezuelan hats opposing this socialist regime remind me of another hat that opposes that nonsense!!! You guessed it. MAGA

  4. If you don't follow USA this is what happen sanction…. Venezuela can't export and import🤔

  5. Socialism is evil and Americans' embargo is the devil. People should go to basic, the land is fertile, go farming.

  6. all these people agreed and allowed this to happen to them, and now they complaint. We have the power and yet to not offend we keep quiet.  They "the government" have us trained well.

  7. Revelation 13: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

  8. That's odd,
    Who would have thought bigger government would lead to bigger government corruption

  9. There seemed to be a lot of overweight people. They must have been enormous before food scarcity.

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