Socialism Leads To Violence

socialism is responsible for 100 million deaths more people than fascism a single rocket hitting the center of the city killed 11 people it also increases poverty so why does it appeal to so many people democratic socialism is about young politicians say socialism will help the poor at in a modern moral and wealthy society no person in America should be too poor to live don't they know that socialism creates more poverty the oil-rich country is now leading Latin America in what is called acute malnutrition even people who understand that socialism is bad for the economy may not know that socialism almost always leads to violence 120 people would kill during 2017 why does socialism lead to violence socialism gives absolute power to the state no one is allowed to own private property or trade yet everywhere under socialism people still do maryanne is able to find a listing for diapers the black market online price is almost 10 dollars cheaper people have to trade in the black market to survive but then government gets violent they throw some of them in jail my father was a political prisoner for almost a decade because he's in his 20s sold soaps and perfumes and did not want to relinquish all his profits to the government today in America capitalism is vilified but if capitalism is so bad why hasn't there been a max that mass exodus out of America because of capitalism sorry you just don't see it socialism is like the perfect perfect excuse for someone who wants to rule an authoritarian regime as people rebel against government controls the politicians to preserve their power use violence to stop them and they threw me out on the floor and they started kicking me they tortured him asking who organized the protests how did you answer I said the people are just tired of Daniel Ortega Ortega has governed Nicaragua for twenty-two of the last 39 years in Nicaragua people have again fallen for Daniel Ortega and his socialist promises well inland but under his policies Nicaragua has gone from one of Central America's safest countries to one of the most dangerous in Venezuela where there are similar protests this man was a major in Caracas the Minister of Interior Affairs was call me several times a week asking me to use the police department that I was in charge of to go against protests in check out the mayor refused to have his police punish the protesters so he was threatened with jail he then escaped to America why do you think Venezuela followed the same path when we had Cuba's example for decades and it was terrible yeah well seems to me we're not able to learn they will always be dreaming about the future and never delivery and people keep falling in love with that camera kind of crap they do socialism repeatedly leads to violence and yet around the world people pray sit I don't think they realize how deep socialism is involved in all that this man fled Nicaragua he understands America is a great country and people really don't appreciate it much they should travel a little more to poor countries to really get a feeling for what they have here in the United States look around just look around you know and really get some knowledge you

  1. socialism ,capitalism ,pupulism(1.u intentional) liberalism, idiotism, christianism , muslimism (jaja new word for I slam ) atheism, narcism,dwarfism (intelectual,not the physical)
    so many synonyms for ignorance, jetons in the tug of words game called ideological debate, pupular pooplick cargo cult performances of humanoid bowerbirds trying to improve their fuckability score

  2. Ms. Alvarez most people don't care to do basic research and for the most part are incapable of independent critical thinking and the state education systems across the western world make sure that they cannot, a generation that have become the embodiment of ignorance breeds contempt and useful idiots!

  3. Socialism. Taste so good, it'll make you want to row a boat made out of trash in the middle of the pacific ocean with the possibility of being eaten by sharks to flee from it.

  4. The older gentleman at near the end said it and nicely. Americans are so spoiled that too many have no true idea where they are, what it means and what they have. All it takes it some small amount of education and a bit of self-awareness to realize and understand it. People like Alexandria Cow-Farts Cortez are both ignorant and arrogant in believe they and they alone have all the answers to perfection. You know, because there was no history before she grew up and started lying.

  5. 3:40 – Nailed it. America IS a great country…we have it better than we ever have in the history of humanity…yet people don't appreciate it. People REALLY DO need to travel…go get some perspective.

  6. Alexandria Cow Farts Cortez or Cow Farts for Brains is clueless. My dog is smarter then she is. I'm guessing she was a terrible bartender too.

  7. That's what happens when you let stupid people who don't want to work and want a hand out then are okay with just a hand out breed they are out breeding the Smart Ones that want to work into good don't want to be they poured into society
    and then one of the smart ones figures out how to control all the others for his benefit by offering them handouts for votes

  8. errr… Most countries named in this video are NOT Socialist (except for Cuba). Some governments are more or less involved but still capitalist… I wonder why this guy wants to create confusion.

  9. It would be awesome to see a debate between brainless AOC, or Bernie or Kamala or Pocahontas and a Smart Gloria Alvarez. So refreshing to listen to Gloria in Spanish, English or Italian.

  10. This is why I call myself a Social Democrat, NOT a Democratic Socialist (BIG difference). Improving and expanding the provision of public services (affordable healthcare, child care, education, and stronger minimum wages) all serve to support the American free market by giving more spending power to more citizens.

    But Socialism as an entire system of government has been proven to produce…less than ideal results.

    If you sit down with an progressive democrat (like myself) and really hash it out with them, that's all it boils down to. Publicly funded education, healthcare, and benefits – to benefit the individual citizen, empower the consumer, and as a result strengthen the economy. Hard line socialism-or-bust types aren't what the left needs right now.

  11. hahahaha vietnam for example is socialist when it actually has been communist for a long time. socialism tends to be a peaceful democratic rule and communism is a violent dictatorship. a country also tends to be violent when its invaded. the ignorance of some people 🙂

  12. Don't worry about it the socialist are going to get exactly what they deserve. I'm not really worried about it. just stay out of the way.

  13. I'm glad we have the 2nd amendment. These people have little chance to get rid of their socialist dictators after they realized its bad. They have no weapons to confront the people imposing the dictators rule. If this happened in America, it would probably be extremly violent, but over quickly, it would not take years and years to get rid of the dictator.

  14. Socialism unmasked – What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine. And government gets HUGE!

  15. Don't worry…if we flip to socializim there will be a cival war that makes the slavery civil war look like a playground

  16. NO. What people don't get is that Democratic Socialism is not the same thing as Socialism. It's a false equivalency and this is propaganda. Also, communism is not the same thing as socialism. Pick up a goddamn book. But I'm guessing this is a 'preaching to the choir' type of video and comment board. Besides, we already have Democratic Socialism. When your taxes go to infrastructure projects, schools, and social security, that is a type of Democratic Socialism. You already live in that world. The debate is not whether we should have socialist practices or not, but what TYPE of socialist practices. That's what everyone is arguing about.

  17. Lol No your purly lying and your talking about authoritarian communism. How about you talk about Demark, Iceland, Sweden, Finland. Btw Capitalism kills way more people for just an example between 36000-45000 people die every year in the US because they dont get basic healthcare.

  18. The best advise, go travel to shiithole countries to better appreciate what we have here in the great USA !!!

  19. Poor people are poor because they are bad with money. It doesn't matter how much you give them, they will always be poor.

    The majority of "rich" people in this country gained their wealth by being frugal. Being poor is a mentality.

  20. Why else would hundreds of thousands of Central Americans travel thousands of miles risking their lives to flee socialist countries to enter the United States?

  21. Make note that the women in the interview was proposing "democratic socialism" not Socialism. Please learn the difference.

  22. No one in America is "too poor to live." No one in America is even poor according to global standards.

  23. Socialism isn't synonymous with dictatorship. Police, fire, highways, sewers, subways, NASA, military, etc. etc., these are all socialist programs. Before some dumbass replies with, "SpaceX is a private company that is proving capitalism is better than NASA!" I'll point out that this sentiment is horse shit. Yes, SpaceX is fucking awesome! Mad props to Elon Musk! But SpaceX wouldn't have survived it's first year if it wasn't for NASA. Sending rovers to mars would bankrupt a private company 100 times over. But with NASA trail blazing ahead, private companies will be able to benefit off of NASA's findings in order to position themselves to come up with a profitable business model for going to Mars.
    The point here is that neither 100% socialism nor 100% capitalism would produce the best society. It needs to be a balance of the two.

  24. Anarchi-Communism is the natural state of humanity. That capitalist oppressors actively resume attempts at GCR does not reflect negatively on either state socialism or anarcho-communism

  25. Democratic socialism and socialism is Communism. (Fidel himself said so in case any of you have any doubts) (Fidel Castro on VTV (Venezuelan Government mouthpiece)

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