"Socialism Is When The Government Does Stuff": The Young Turks Don't Understand Socialism

greetings dankey kahng gang this is part 2 of our look into the young turks and their stunning an in-depth analysis of socialism this is taken from a video on june 10th 2013 so a little dated but should still hold up this is a ash ask jink why socialism doesn't work and toke turkish protest i've done you the courtesy of skipping through all these faq questions and just gotten right to the one that we are concerned with so without further ado let's let's see what cheek has to say Sarah wants you to explain how capitalism works and explain how socialism does not Jesus how much time do we have okay look to me it's actually silly labels now all of our forms of governments are a mix so for example there are some government services like the cops the military the firemen the post office etc and we have private sector as well so you've got oh gingka Mon man just because the government has just because the government operates a certain sector of the economy doesn't make it a socialist organization Jean once again like by that logic the US military would be a socialist organization of course UPS and FedEx that do a similar service was slightly different you've got Nike who makes sneakers so now if you're saying communism is where the government makes all of those things I totally and utterly disagree I think that's a bad form of government now but but that's not what communism is jink communism is a well it's a classless moneyless form of society with super abundance where each can take according to his need and do according to his ability but you know that's he doesn't even know what socialism is folks socialism isn't when the government controls a certain industry or a certain sector of the economy that's social democracy my friends socialism is when you have the proletariat control the means of production and instill a dictatorship of the proletariat in any kind of respective country that's socialism there's there's no capitalism there's no free-market there's none of that you know stuff like that I often say that I'm totally in favor of capitalism by that I mean a mixed economy like the one we currently have we're probably a little closer to Europe which in some circles would be called socialism ok so I think what jink is trying to say is he wants us to be a social democracy I don't know why liberals are so fucking confused about this but it makes it's it's a self-perpetuating problem because see liberals get confused they don't know the difference between socialism communism social democracy and then just you know just liberalism they don't understand all of those differences and so they just see it as just the same fucking basic thing they have this simpletons view of what socialism is they have no idea jink have you you've never read the works of Marx you've never read the works of Lenin you have no idea what you're talking about my friend so it's just a matter of splitting hairs as to what you call socialist and what you call capitalist well I mean if you want to ignore like all of socialist theory and just go by what the fucking idiot liberals and the stupid conservatives call socialists than sure I mean it's splitting hairs but that's because nobody knows what the fuck they're talking about like read some actual fucking theory jink and you'll understand what socialism is but don't believe the extremes don't like the guys who are free-market libertarians that think government should do nothing are insane the guy who's who think that government should do everything unfortunately equally insanely equally is insane folks this is this is your brain on liberalism you know socialism is just as crazy as the fucking anarcho-capitalist libertarians that we have here in the United States that's it's a great great great job King answer is somewhere in the middle go the answer somewhere in the middle go mark Wallace the happy dance oh no all right well I wanted to see jinkx happy dance but I guess we're not gonna get to see that folks but again like we saw in part one they don't know what the fuck socialism is they think it's when the government does stuff I'm sorry my friend it's that's that's not what but it is um Jesus Christ I it sounds so obvious just explaining it but I guess to these people they just don't fucking know they've never like looked up the definition from like an actual leftist but you know the of course the other assumption is that they do know what socialism is and they're just purposefully muddying the waters and trying to you know confuse that with social democracy I don't know folks let me know what you guys think in the comments section

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