Socialism is the next Capitalism –  Ending Hunger (cc)

One of the most contentious political issues
on the American front in the last few years has been wealth redistribution. I’m sure you’ve heard about it. Wealth redistribution The notion that you have worked hard all your
life, saving, putting up with all the crap that life had to offer And you’re saving – squirreling away your
money getting ahead. And now there are under achievers out there. Under achievers who expect to get a free ride. They want a
piece of the pie that they didn’t work for hard as you have. What the heck is with that? And I mean this message was hammered home
over and over again. There will be no wealth redistribution even today. We’re talking about these greedy unions & union members and collective bargaining. and how far it will go. America was founded upon good old-fashioned Democracy and capitalism where anyone and everyone can achieve whatever their heart and mind desire. In theory. Of course the reality is far different. And if we take this wealth redistribution
to a bigger extent and apply it globally. We have to ask ourselves this question. American businesses have prospered. They’ve developed new medicines new methods of farming, new methods of
food production. But it has not come without a cost. It costs a lot of money for the chemicals used to keep the insects at bay to keep weeds at bay for all that different aspects of food production.
It has become very expensive. Now two-thirds of the world out there is poor Dirt poor. Do they have a right to be fed? Is it an obligation for American businesses agro businesses to make sure that the poor are fed? There are right now, riots going on in Syria, in
Jordan, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain It happened in Tunisia, Egypt. A lot of
these are driven by food. That food has become too expensive. It continues to escalate in price. I just heard that corn has gone from $2.00 a bushel to more than $7.00 a bushel now, because
America is using it for fuel. The rest of the world wants to eat corn and
corn products. But we needed to drive the SUV’s, I mean it’s really tough filling up and SUV now when it can
cost $100.00 in oil. And those oil-rich countries don’t like Americans
so we’ve got to create are own biofuel. And if that means that we don’t create food
for the masses. If they had enough money they could buy it
but unfortunately they don’t have the resources. So is it America’s duty to make sure that the poor are fed? Or should America just direct an ever-increasing-size
fence around itself block out the poor countries, the poor people. Realize that they’re under achievers. I mean they had
the opportunities to develop things but the didn’t. And if they don’t have enough food or food
is too expensive Jobs were exported to them. Lots of factories
went abroad and gave them work. God only knows from Pakistan, India and
China to the middle east there’s plenty of jobs for a
$1.00 a day, $2.00 a day. I mean I can’t believe how they can’t feed themselves
on that, and house themselves, and put their kids through school. Actually there’s not
may schools in those areas You know what I’m saying. Americans have achieved a height, a prominence in this world that has made them declare that they are the
greatest country on the face of this planet. Do they have any obligation to the rest of the world? Does big business have an obligation? And if it does if you find it in your heart to say that America should share its wealth. Then how do you justify it back home, because in America, hunger is a serious problem. Economic hardships are serious problem. So if you’re going to help the world then isn’t it time that America started helping Americans at home? And that instead of finding ways to rip the people of this planet apart, whether
it’s in a country or globally – We find more and more ways to work together, to
cooperate and build a better world, for all people At least that’s the way I see it.

  1. 400 people own more wealth than 155 Million Americans COMBINED!!! Can a man really WORK hard enough to accumulate this type of wealth? Absolutely not. Vast wealth is stolen, not earned.

  2. When people talk about wealth redistribution, they aren't talking about taking money from the upper-class (100K +). They are talking about taking money back from the Rockerfellers, Rothchilds, etc. Do you have any idea how much money these guys have? Do you really think they earned it?

  3. "They are underachievers. That had the opportunities to develop things but they didn't".

    "There's plenty of jobs for a dollar a day/ 2 dollars a day. I can't believe how they cant feed themselves on that. Or house themselves, or put their kids through school".

    OMFG! what a fool!

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