Socialism is Not Grace | Nobody Special 070

welcome to episode 70 of nobody special on this episode we talk about socialism and grace in whether or not it can be compelled the gospel post presents nobody special welcome to nobody special your podcast of – no but he's talking about the somebody who matters I'm Danny the 25th nominee for the DNC and host of nobody special mm-hmm and I'm Caleb your other host some nobody special this is a show where two generations of people look at God in pop culture politics and everything in between all while not taking any of it too seriously not gonna let two nobodies hello Caleb hello Caleb yes Caleb what's going on this week was like a kid in a candy store as far as things were concerned to talk about yeah it started off there was a story I I picked the story for today that I was most interested in talking about on Monday uh-huh I texted I was excited about it and then oh boy the world blew up in between then and now it has been a treasure trove of great story see here I haven't been a part of anything this week or connected to any source of Internet so you're gonna fiddle man been amazing okay so first of all pride a month has gotten way more pride II and just people have gone nuts over this thing so they're calling that out on everything Bernie Sanders promised to erase student debt and just get rid of it just gonna get rid of man I mean money is already an illusion anyway so you know Biden actually this happened a week or two ago Biden said if we liked him cret president he'll cure cancer that's fine but if we don't let's see well let's see all the Democrats started criticizing the crisis at the border but they can't say the word crisis because four months ago they they said that by calling it a crisis that the Republicans are just trying to stoke fear and they're talking about the situation at the border but it's not a crisis but they are approving four points there's a dollar but it's not a crisis but it's crisis what's what's more in crisis Alexandria children are being detained so they're back AOC she posed for a photo shoot where she was like crying staring at the wall and then someone posted the broader pictures and it was a photo shoot she's not even looking at anything yeah there's nothing there it was a little photo shoot and I'm like dang we can't talk about that either Jerry Falwell is crazy on Twitter right now he's just he's calling out people for know who this Jerry Falwell the president of Liberty and thanks to him oh yeah he is the subject of my most like tweet on Twitter oh my gosh you're too engaged on no I'm trying to make me know I just thought well angers me because he has turned his school into a for-profit institution that's only concerned about money in my opinion mm-hmm and it's in my opinion that will save us in case he's watching this he's not but he called out David Platt how dare he yeah I do you call out David Platt David play because he apologized to the members of his congregation this is back during the day David Platt prayed for the president and yeah what's the big deal about that I don't know but plant apologized to the people that felt offended at his actions and then Falwell says like I can't believe that you would apologize maybe have some backbone and this is that and just call it like he I wasn't apologized I I see where he's coming from that right David right little David's listening he's listening no he's not he's listening oh my god he is he's listening hey David don't apologize because if dumb no he plays good our brothers and sisters in Christ I'll call it you on Twitter next yeah I stand with Platt I don't have a Twitter so I do but I don't they called out Russell Moore and said he didn't have the qualifications to make a judgment call on ethics because Jerry Falwell has a big business than him and a bigger payroll Wow I don't know why that matters but okay Google got caught essentially social engineering which is like a super big deal and they censored all the evidence of them basically claiming to censor evidence so like whoops how do you do that hilarious by Oh Google and I actually just listen to Ben Shapiro and Joe Rogan podcast oh yeah about them kind of talking about that stuff that's interesting dude it's so much worse now yes they straight up said that they are trying to arrange the search engine traffic to quote not have another Trump situation in 2020 what like social engineering yeah and then the first part of the DNC debate because they can only have so many people on stage at a time if there's like 2014 se to be Democratic National Convention for all the presidential candidates I see I have to look dumb and ask all these questions just for ya people out there to understand okay so in case they don't which I just called you dumb and I realize that so I so they asked a question to Beto uh-huh and Beto he he didn't answer it but halfway through he switched to Spanish just because they're like we want your vote yes didn't answer the question so much to the point that it was a funniest thing I saw Savannah Guthrie the moderator of the debate said I'll give you 10 more seconds if you actually want to answer the question yeah he just skirted again and drop some more Spanish to say like Spanish people I'm one of you and you're like super not because this is the same guy that said well what do you want me to stand for in this campaign what so he just dropped Spanish so that he could get the Spanish vote and to that I have the following statement prepared oh gosh okay los candidatos democratise estan Clara meant accomplice siendo part of ten votos ellos piensan que serous estupido and while sleep that attack see I don't know what you just said but I do know some words in there basically just call him stupid didn't you no no no I said the Democratic candidates are only doing this to you are only speaking Spanish to get the Spanish votes and they think you're stupid yeah which isn't like it's not they're pretty heavy pandering right the whole debate it was just like pandering yeah yeah that's the worst so twenty Tony's looking to be buck why well yeah who are who are the can't I literally haven't paid any attention on who where they can't no I wasn't kidding there's 24 of them a lot of them yeah what are the popular ones Biden Biden Joe Biden's run for president yeah he said if we elect him he'll cure cancer that's not a bit he actually said that no granite I get the thing he was trying to say but what he said was if we elect him he'll cure cancer it's a big big delivery right right man if we don't know why yeah if we don't elect him he's not curing cancer sorry you know we try things from like Jesus daily as they been on Facebook yeah like sin Jesus will heal this girl I'm like what kind of backwards yellow G a 199 and Jesus is like sorry you know it's a tough one by bad she's gotta go ya know I don't know if people liked it it's clearly a works bassist or the share this post if you love Jesus yeah I hate those I hate those like equals one prayer know what justice it's super-president one prayer equals one prayer yeah that's and that I wouldn't even call that a math thing I would just say that's a functionality definitional thing yeah I can't stand one like equals whoo maybe Oh oh my absolute favorite are you brave enough to repost this or are you gonna get pwned by the Democrats or something like that that's like that's a shot you're talking about the Christian version of that also those yeah I hate those truely's I see people share alike people yeah if you are truly a Christian then you will repost this because you're not afraid no I actually to post this I'm public about my gosh listen I don't want to say offensive things on this podcast but I've not seen anybody under the age of 40 share those yeah wait under 40 you have a CA or under well seriously yeah oh no I've only seen the young people did only who people young people I know they're all old on my facebook no I literally it's like tons of people I know do it and it makes me very upset ah that's it's very obvious that you're not securing your salvation yes you you're less repost those yeah and if you're one of those people that's serious if you proclaimed with your tongue that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior and believe it in your heart I don't know why I just want Scottish there but whoa you know everyone's safe here what did Jesus to change your fate but if you uh if you do that and you truly believe that he is the son of God and that he is wash away your sins you're saved don't you know don't worry about it and if you agree with us you're already shared with this pod or else you're going to hell that is kind of the implication yes like share they'll share this if you don't share this then Satan has a pitchfork sure Damon he's eatin an extra-hot which I never understood that either the devil isn't in charge of hell it isn't this area that God just kind of decided are at the end of days i'ma just give him this area to like torture the bad people know he's tortured in there too yeah it's it's his home in that it's created to torture him yeah period that was gonna be suffering just as much as those people are yeah I would say more yeah yeah he has a lot of failure to come to grips with right a lot of rebellion justice yeah but so I wanted so so there's a lot going on this is gonna be a great two years of podcasting I think just from the amount of insane when I talk about politics insane we agree it no cuz no one's trying to be on this so funny right now nobody cares about the politics I don't that's not true it's hilarious right now I know he's saying are we getting pop culture on politics but I thoroughly do not like politics no one does yeah I have my beliefs oh yeah sorry trails off as if there was more than that sentence no no I it's it's not gonna be a full podcast of politics I I do a want pop culture in there we will still cover the YouTuber news if we have to youtuber um drama YouTube gia Jake Paul he did something and I don't really care that talked about today is the statement Bernie Sanders had a made I had texted a number that number was false mm-hmm some fake news and I apologize but um under Bernie Sanders news new plan he wants to wipe out one point six trillion dollars in student debt or as a lot of students call it two semesters but um kiss so he's just gonna wipe it out yeah as in they don't have to pay it no one else I don't understand how that works so um it doesn't it does it does exactly we would have to change our whole the whole way our economy works for that to happen right I mean am I wrong well he Hugh he was claiming to you talks the one person like that's the thing he was saying is tax them one percent journey to make up for 1.6 trillion dollars I think it was trillion I don't know it was an absurd for us right now what is the US debt I don't know but didn't we have to create a new freaking like numb run you know what I'm saying no it's resilient it's not like freeze it lunch what is it no it's I mean it's trillions but really not yeah yeah why don't we just do that in just a second oh you know debt so us said yeah what Bernie did is the equivalent of Michael Scott coming in and saying hi declare bankruptcy like he just so so that's not how that yeah works but um he's coming at the same strategy that he came at the last time that he's promising free stuff to people that frankly kind of need it now personally I have college degrees and I gotta say your choice to not go to college I'm totally envious of that at this point because it's expensive it's no cost effective and it isn't producing the amount that people put into it riced on that um a lot of companies are even starting to prefer candidates that don't have college experience because they don't have to untrain bad habits and they can just get in a fresh person train them up to actually do that job and then they're good to go right now the other side of that are there are still gonna be professions that you got to have college degrees doctor well yeah you'd think Oh to college if you're thinking about becoming it doctor go to med zzzz nobody's trained now care I need to know you can read you know yeah so um but they they've started to prefer Kansas don't have it so there's a lot of people especially people closer to my age that have a ton of student debts and the economy kind of sucks a little bit yeah not a little well it's getting better but it kind of sucks a little bit so to hear them say you know in my case I'll just be honest I'm against this plan even though I'd get essentially $40,000 mm-hmm it's pretty crazy so I'm against this plan what did it start out as mmm what did it start out us uh that's not including undergrad that's about probably 3/4 of graduate school and not including undergrad what okay so wait you started out at 40,000 oh no no I start off with like 90 yeah but that I mean college coverage cost of college it was about a hundred thousand between undergrad and grad I think it crazy I mean a lot of scholarships so I'm not really sure dang yeah college but um so I stand to benefit out of this program and I think it's a bad program yeah I what program the Bernie Sanders you know just wipe it out yeah well program yeah no that's no that's support program so um the thing that he's doing I think is just trying to he's trying to hide in a men dissent of tax right on the top tier and every economists has said this is a bad idea and I don't understand why we keep coming back to this idea to overtax people in order to pay for other things what do you think is the alternative well I think part of the issue is the cost of college is too high but I don't think the answer is don't charge for college I think that's a stupid answer kind of the same right because how do how does how does a college make it somebody has it funded by the government and how what he said some of them are yes some of them are government funded some of them aren't if they're state colleges you know state funded and that kind of stuff yeah well yeah I know that but it's like all college it's like I was see you know is that word like the trillions of dollars are going is straight into the colleges so the students pay tuition what it is is that the the colleges already have their money mm-hmm because a bank paid it no the it's I have a government based a kind of funding right so the government paid a bank to give me money to go to school yep so I have to pay back the government essentially there was some third party really complicated system actually so here's the thing that stinks even if I declare bankruptcy in a normal circumstance all the bills I owe can't actually collect those because I declared that I don't have any money the one kind of loan the cand student loans because the government back in government said like no we're gonna get ours yeah which is kind of messed up but so I owe the government because they help to pay for the education I got yeah so they're just kind of claiming all right on their end they're just not gonna have us pay them so that means there's one point six trillion dollars that they have to find someplace to give to a bank that they told to give money to right so that so his plan is to then over tax the top earners because their income inequality wrong no no you know that's the thing I I disagree with mmm is rich people they made their money mm-hmm therefore they should keep it right just like just as you know I'm I'm lower income but I make my money mm-hmm I should keep it right I mean it's basically you you want to move up the chain you gotta develop your skill set sure and I mean I'll I'll be fair I do think there are aspect of even capitalism that are cruel in over-competitive mm-hmm in can tend to bring out the worst in people right but that's a heart kind of an issue and it's very hard to adjust a heart through law no yeah no I'm a whole difference between old and new company oh I went to a camp well I went to it all the time he's got you guys have heard me talked about it teen fact and that was one thing we talked about and our alumni track one year was you know is you can't force charity no it's not something that you can do and if you do force it it is therefore not charity no that's why you know like yeah it's just it's a crazy crazy thing that people think you know if they would just say just give but it's like you can't force that you know there's legislation around it it's just not right absolutely it's not correct absolutely can we come back to that point cuz that's such a great point and I really I want to dig further into that all right but before that there was an a small other part I was gay I was gonna get to that this it can be appealing because I get $40,000 to be honest right that's appealing but it's not it's not a sound doctrine and as I was thinking through this although it's appealing to people in college I know this sounds appealing but think it through because all they're doing is claiming that another person is compelled to pay a person's debt so in and this comes off as appealing but especially during political old times political seasons you have to think through the implications of these things that they can make another person pay off a thing they didn't sign up to make and even in a church kind of a context to that this is coming up and a good amount of preaching and then theology I know it's come up in a few different podcasts or Podcast I've done I've kind of laid heavier into my preacher brethren yeah because of that but they pitched this theology that tickles ears and doesn't hold any kind of importance right because it's just appealing to the flesh and I was thinking yeah we gained something and not mm-hmm yeah it's and I was I was thinking through this in a second Timothy chapter four verses one through five Caleb cool all right I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus who is the judge of the living and the dead and by his appearing appearing and his kingdom preached the word be ready in season and out of season reprove rebuke and exhort with come with complete Wow I'm struggling it was complete patience and teaching for the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths as for you always be sober minded endure suffering do the work of an evangelist fulfill your ministry dang that's good yeah absolutely I mean this is fantastic I am that the that's crazy how that's just like straight up mm-hmm absolutely right now yeah they're there's so many people out there that they're preaching a I'm not even gonna just kind of claim its prosperity preaching but that there's a subtlety to it that even people that we are the size prosperity preaching still do this they preach things that people want to hear yet is is dangerous to them right um it's it's it's it's indulgent of their flesh mhm it's you know the promises of breakthrough the promises of God's becoming blessing this prosperity gospel but I would say there's even like yeah way more subtle shades yeah yeah I don't know it's hard it's harder to explain but there's like a slight I'd say it's more geared towards like not even that you received but almost like the feeling right you get from it you know like oh you should give because it's it's good for your soul like even stuff like that right um weird saying like even like the feeling that you get from it right it's just wrong yeah because it's not what we're supposed to be giving for right I mean Piper has always put it clear that the chief end of man is to glorify God right God gets glory in this now as a sign of that I do feel good yeah because I'm in the presence of God but that's because I'm in the presence of God right and I just there the the part I enjoyed about this part of Timothy it is that Timothy's being encouraged to think to actually think to to worship God with his mind because all this stuff is appealing it's dennah it's kind of stuff that people can even be in church going like mmm mmm it's good it's good which is always yeah weird if you sit next to that person it was like mmm good mmm like stop it stop it hmm that's good so but it's it's it's just appealing aspect that it's almost as if they're dangling a carrot of of breakthrough of a God's gonna speak just keep going okay right what if God doesn't I mean there's you know entire periods of the Bible that are actually not part of the Bible because it's called the silent period right it's the period that God didn't speak in a manner that he had been speaking in the past God was silent for a bit right I think in those times it's important to still to chase God and to stay faithful to the things God's called us to be faithful to and to be honest to understand that there are things trying to distract us by placating our ego yeah and to tell us how important and special all of us are and we are special in the eyes of God but only in that we are created in God's image and it can be tempting to try and say this is all about us and it just isn't yeah I think that's super this is super simple but I mean like for today it's so true like I don't know many people who actually sit down and think you know Ryan actually because right I did this whole study when I was in high school we went to you know all these philosophers and oh my gosh it is amazing because those people they are trying to get at what truth is and like actually figuring out this reality around us right and it is crazy to see that this was like you know Plato Aristotle these people who were before um like Jesus's time that they they studied this world so much that they literally found I would say it would mean my class call that was like I can't remember like nuggets of truth right it's and it's these things of you know where it's it's so close to like the gospel and like the actual you know God that it's uh it's crazy because they actually thought about it and each one of them has like a piece of it I was really I'll have like the whole thing but right and then because they tried to take God out of it functionally most of them and actually here's Donald didn't Aristotle is phenomenal airstreams my favorite one Galileo I think did you know the Aristotle the same he he created this God called the unmoving it was called like the unknown God or something and there's a there's a little shrine and Greek and that was the same place that Paul went to in the Bible where he says the same God that you guys are worshiping here he's my god right now it was Aristotle with God and he got so close right that he was able to connect and see right there's a ultimate master behind all this right and man that's just so cool that's yeah but then they it's any time that they tried to understand the purpose of creation a part out of God they've ended up in this existentialist crisis of I don't know if I'm even real anymore yeah I think that was Descartes who I can only assume people kind of picture it as a Descartes he said this kind of your thing calm and all that in and said I think therefore I am but if you think about that phrase there's no way you can utter that phrase as a sane man you know this is like I don't know it's real but I think that's a fundamental you know that's the fundamental yeah we won't do that in the class that's like the fundamental truth that everything is based off because they what they did is they would go and create truth set right they were true like out of this reality that we are in mm-hmm it is true and that is like the I'm pretty sure like the first one I think therefore I am mmm-hmm part of existence right like I mean yeah but that's a crazy man thought though that came yeah a for Descartes if I if if my history of de cartes correct that came at the tail end of a very nervous mental breakdown of him thinking nothing is real it's like that's hard to live you know yeah I don't remember too much by I'm gonna be honest but I do remember that he had a little bit of a a little bit of a meltdown ago didn't they all don't we all know like I think I don't remember I used to do it in Latin oh well I can't so so you know during political seasons during all these debates and everything politicians promise stuff to get them in office and instead of being being drawn in by the the flash of their statement think think through the truth think through things God's called us to and and called us to be and actually think don't go by the gut or the heart from the heart is the is deceitful and the gut makes poopoo and do a research I mean like I love you for this is something that is so obvious but not done very often do research and people like searching you know I read seeing articles Washington Washington Post and BuzzFeed told me yeah I'm like no it's important to three sexiest ties the cory booker war if there are two truths in the political you know news never listen to CNN and never listen to Fox News because they're only speaking from the side that they are very very biased on and it's like they don't have points only angles yes boom that was great I'm out is that an actual thing huh I stole it from Phil of the future from the Disney Channel about a decade ago I mean it's uh that's true because yeah like it is I stole it from fellow the future that's absolutely right yeah but you got to go to multiple sources and compare and see what they're saying to find the truth and there's actually some some very non biased news groups out there that just state what happens which is awesome right I mean what are they I heard I mean obviously everyone's gonna have a bit of bias like that's not a thing to be perfectly but I would say one that I I've I think is fairly good is NPR a Breitbart oh no NPR in PR because like I I would do I have a Google home and I say yeah what's my day like you don't show like tell me all the thing is on my schedule on whatever and that she'll play the news and that's like literally all they do is just state what's going on which is pretty nice like my president Trump said this and this is how people reacted on both sides blah blah blah and it's like so so part of the thing that I wish had more time to get into the heart of the thing Google's getting in trouble for is that they're curating an MP MPR's fine I actually don't have anything against NPR or aap I enjoy the AAP because they sell their story to people so they have to be middle-of-the-road or us they can't make money right and I'm like I kind of appreciate that you know granted they do both of those they do have a little liberal type bias but the problem is in the it's it's not that the things they're saying are factually inaccurate is that their curated it's that they're tailored to meet a custom a narrative and story so right Google is getting in a ton of trouble trying to censor a ton of stuff because of this because they got caught basically saying they're curating and social engineering and border I mean it's a federal crime at this point if it's actually true so I wish I had more time to get into that and I just don't because I was no good with that for like two days but yeah I think through things think about the implications of things and then think about there a meaning and actual truth actual truth has to come from God as the author and creator of all things if I I'm gonna finally know that God is the author and creator of all things then that changes how I go into everything if yeah if if it controversially know that a Word of God the Bible is true how do we know the Bible is true there okay John Piper wrote a book on this going through every part of the Bible and explaining why it's true and giving evidence as why it's true and oh my gosh it's amazing yeah if you're if you're a Christian if you're a non-christian pick that look up do you remember the name of the book I'm okay with shoutouts I'm pretty sure it's called why the Bible is true or something it's something along this line type in why the Bible is true John Piper and book will pop up I forgot to get a pen I'll try and put it in the show notes also the PNG inside the inside the put the book here Danny Danny is editing this because I don't have any time so put the book here Danny this is called optimism right here day I know this is boring for the the podcast this Conte notes copy of ism it's what's going on right here is it gonna be me putting in the text a no and still tracing you to the hands to follow it put it right here I'm not following whoa is that a dragon coming out of the book right here look so the other thing that they might find helpful is I'm also doing a blog post or kind of series on blog posts that I'm in Scripture and how scripture is authoritative so please check that out all you know yeah and I've been going through a few other books actually didn't know about that book but I'm gonna have to pick it up I'm reading the second half to it now they're like the second part which is reading the Bible suture supernaturally because you've made that one and then this one so it's like now that you know the Bible is true how do I read it supernaturally righteous it's pretty good I've only read the introduction but it's good so I'm introduced like a second date please which he kind of goes to like very shallowly and then begin the introduction on like the authority of you know each section basically right just good absolutely so yeah please check those out those are all amazing there'll be some show notes and there check them out get them we're pro Piper Pro Piper I love Piper know not to we still do the part that you brought up earlier though because that was a really good point about teen pact and all that the the main argument I've heard from the Christian left is that basically the clearing of debts is a thing Jesus would and did do and they're trying to say Jesus was a socialist Jesus was a socialist yes kinda they're kind of backing into that a bit or Jesus promotes socialism because it's everyone pooling their stuff together in order for the greater good I wouldn't say that at all I would say that socialism is everyone like you said everyone contributing this one Jesus contributed you did nothing he's right little son again right so they're saying you can't do nothing about it it's this idea of compelled grace that I think they they confuse government in God I think that's the big problem of the the this issue is that God and government can't be a used interchangeable and maintain a proper understanding of government right the the biggest problem in Bernie's plan for 1.6 trillion dollars is that they're not claiming that the government's gonna take this on and just pay it out of their pockets right that's grace if they decide hey I know people are struggling in order to do that the government is gonna bear the burden of this we're gonna take our negative amount of dollars and we're gonna give it and we're going to make it more negative er they're not doing that they're claiming hey yeah and out of the kindness of my heart I'm gonna make somebody else pay for that that's I'm good I'm gonna take this mmm a massive burden and I'm going to bury another person under it so that they're not actually motivated to do anything right and that's the fundamental difference is that grace cannot be compelled I can't compel grace out of a person I can't compel just then it's it's not true no that's it sure they may actually be giving that sure but is it truly inside their heart actually going to be the charity or the grace I know it's no it's threat of force right anytime their overtakes to have manner yeah it's being taken and I know again this dangerously close to all taxation is theft and I don't believe that I view America more as a country club yeah you know pay for that access and I get to be here and keep the protection of it and all that nice crazy I don't even like notice it to be honest I just kind of whatever number pops up in my bank account that's the amount I make yeah that's cute isn't big enough that you're like they took how much I mean I know how much I'm supposed to be getting but it's like I know how much I'm getting taken out in taxes like 20 percent oh yeah it's not jesus only takes ten i mean that's just a pinzón no jesus still only takes ten percent whatever you don't have to tithe 10% and it's not in Jesus it's you know tithe means 10% I know but I do want to I'm just saying hmm what's the word for 15% Thai than five as soon as you said I got like way too excited I almost couldn't deliver it um no but but the idea of compelled grace that's kind of the thing I mentioned talking about is that Jesus didn't compel grace on somebody but took the burden on himself right and I think that's the the bigger aspect that I mean even take the politics out or the the core of our of our of our Christianity and our faith rests on the fact that Jesus was willing and able to pay our debt on our behalf because we are not able to pay it right you literally can't dude I mean it's like you can't you will die trying it's literally it is uh and I say here a lot but you are totally deprived depraved wait which one is which deprived deprived yeah I mean you're like they're not exclusive you know you both I mean but it's just like a depraved are the people who put a rant what are you gonna do like your sin just kidding that's delicious your sins um you sin yeah but how are you gonna get rid of it by doing good works no because you're still sent it's not like those counteract each other it's only by the blood of Jesus that that is taken away mm-hmm and I hate I hate when people say otherwise I know this sounds like a threat but I will come after you I like how you leaned in for the effect because super quiet and I'm looking at the lights and I will yeah um I did and I will i watch it's not peaking at all yeah I know I got the compressor on you're fine yeah yeah yeah but it is just it's gonna save you a lot of time if you just realize right now that you're not able to do it mm-hmm you're not able to uh save yourself and honestly that's why I know not all of us are not all of you out there at Calvinists but I think you know how we talked about this you know the other a couple episodes ago I think I'm full on I think I'm falling helping this now because I wasn't sure but I see all the connections of Calvinism and uh I'm not even going to that because I know everyone doesn't believe that and that's fine but so anything wrong I think what everyone does believe is that when we when we are put in that position where we know that we are not able to pay our debt mm-hmm it almost and we know that God is in control and that he is sovereign mm-hmm it means that that's like it's honestly great for us mm-hmm but for some reason we can't get over the fact that if we're just like freaking restless little right babies and it's like right it's it's it's the first step to coming closer to Christ is understanding that you actually need a Savior in in and the grace of it is that God gave us a savior and his name is Jesus Christ He is God he is fully man fully God and he's the only person able to act as our prophet priest and King as our perfect kind of sacrifice he's the only person able to actually upper right great as those things and took it on himself to do that right a Christ didn't need to be compelled to do that it was a choice Christ made in order to save his people there are plenty of things that Otis it was only him well sure I mean like there is God God I mean father father yeah no we're not but I mean like it's not socialism because he did it for us not everyone was like hey you know Jesus you died for me and my good works you know we both work together I know that's how it works right and it's it isn't as if Jesus came and said hey to pay for our sins we're gonna put all of our sins on bill bill did it bill didn't this work for you though I mean that was the whole imagine like we lose another listener every name I bring up like Gary Gary you know thank you just Lawson alone it was sorry bill and Gary please write us and let us know you're okay but that was the whole idea of the Old Testament kind of sacrifices that they sacrificed an animal and put as in an effort to put their sins on the animal as commanded by God as in atonement for their sins and it wasn't effective because they had to keep doing it as Christ came it was like no that did it oh that's the final payment there isn't another payment because the payment Christ made is infinite so we don't have to keep murdering and killing things for our sins it's been done and it is done and it is finished right that's so cool the more I think about that the grace of God to reach out to the clean to the unclean to the dignified to the undignified to all those people in and to give them this path that he it took on himself and didn't put a burden on anything else but on himself to people who didn't earn it and didn't and couldn't earn it and are incapable don't even want to earn it also all of us could come back home to be with him right I don't know I mean just every time I think about that it's just it's humbling yeah it's very humbling I mean it's I do not deserve the good I get right it's none of us can boast you know I think that that's the that's the crazy thing about it is that like for the first time ever we can say uh I mean we didn't have anything to do with this just straight up the grace of God right so I think in in that grace you know there's a difference between socialism and grace cuz socialism is all under threat a government action period it's big government period and if I don't act in their prescribed manner of quote/unquote grace and sharing then I am punished because of that right on the other end of that there are aspects of community that are important to Christians if a brother is in a need you know people that that have that they need to help them out all right in and and they're not compelled to but but it's an expression of the faith and of the God that gave us grace to extend that grace to another person if there's a person that they I'm I start small if I have an extra 20 bucks a person needs 20 bucks just give them 20 bucks and don't expect it back just bless them and say hey because the grace God's given and the ability that I have I'm gonna help out a brother right and that's fine but to compel a person or to get upset that they don't do it that's just ego and arrogance yeah and I think those are the big differences between Grace and socialism is is the one is motivated by fear of of action and punishment and the other is is the outpouring of love that God has given us in an expression towards other people right so shaping up to be an interesting 2019 2020 election cycle oh yes it should be a you know here we go again so I I want to take this time to announce I know you know I wasn't playing on doing this today but in 2020 I'll be old enough and eligible for president so Burton 2020 I'm announcing my candidacy today oh my gosh 2020 do the thing again America Wow that is lazy no no do the thing again America do what again dance yes absolutely I stand with you the people Wow ask me a stance on anything anything I'm ready Danny uh what are your beliefs on the capitalization of marijuana M if you capitalize it it should be the M that is beautiful that is the answer that every American has been looking for I'm not wrong for generations and you have just answered it hmm why don't you just become president now I'm too young so Burton 2020 do the thing again America will have merch for that no won't we totally no that's not a thing I want to accidentally like what if it catches on and like I'm accidentally president you're gonna be my ride in I kind of give to the presidency like what do you do you know I've been watching designated survivor and oh my gosh that shows so good isn't he the Secretary of Education of what of Education or something now it's like farming logistics Oh agriculture agriculture yeah it's pretty fine woody it's so good though because like it's super interesting because he's kind of like this super humble guy yeah yes to come into like becoming that fearless leader mm-hmm and it's like I mean it's just definitely like a CBS show right where it's like really cheesy at some parts but I mean it's it's one of the better ones I need the ending of that show whenever comes up to just have it be that it was Jack Bauer the whole time and Kiefer Sutherland just calls cousin CTU is like like I did it I found the terrorists you know and then Josh that that I need that I need that I need it I do you know it whatever all right that's it for us tonight do you know another thing I need what people to write in their questions to the podcast Kayla but where can they go to do that go to the gossip a post comm slash nobody special go to the bottom of the page there's a question form there where you can ask those questions or you can say hello and you can go on Facebook Instagram not Twitter and go to our DMS and slide into our DM it is I always forget Facebook's but who cares special podcast and Instagram is nobody special podcast a you tube is the gospel post or subsection on there or the only section we're working on it have ideas it's time I don't have yeah we're working on to worry of my life we have plans plan but there in the other pants I don't know what that phrase actually I don't know the best either laid plans or in the other pants I feel like I'm not saying that right that sounds like you're gonna I know I'm sure so Danny Lords your email correcting that thing I said you know who you are where can they uh we already did that we're did it so that everything yeah that's it man we come to our base it's quick let's go home let's not even antigenic down I am really tired yeah bill shut it down all right are you ready let's do it I'm ready I'm Caleb that's gonna do it for us today I want to you say wouldn't you say that's gonna do it for us today guys I'm Danny now I want to say it first okay okay all right this is how you say hers oh just say it oh my gosh well that's gonna do it for us today I'm Danny and I'm kid and we are nobody special

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