Socialism: Is it in the DNA of Every American?

So you want to know the real DNA of the
United States? It’s in the preamble of the Constitution and its socialist. Check
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So bu,t that’s what you called about? You called about the Constitution and socialism? [CALLER] Yes I did. [THOM] Go for it Mike. [MIKE] Okay I when I’m going to state is, I’m gonna, I’m gonna show that socialism as part of
our governments DNA, And first of all, but first by doing that let’s define
socialism in the context of this discussion that’s been going on for the
past couple weeks. Essentially, socialism is a program
created and supported by the people to benefit the people. Right?
[THOM] I would go
with that definition, but we also need to define
capitalism. I caught a little bit of Morning Joe this morning and they were
interviewing Governor Hickenlooper know of Colorado. Who has come out and
said he’s going to run for our political office for president. And he
he started a brewery in Denver and then, leveraged that to Mayor
and then to governor. And so he’s he’s a wealthy guy as self quote
self-made businessman.And Donny Deutsch and Joe, what’s his name,
Morning Joe were all over this thing, about how he’s a capitalist.
This guy’s a capitalist! And and they tried to get him to say that he was a
capitalist. He wouldn’t say it. He was saying, basically, he was engaged in free
enterprise. I don’t think most people even understand the definition of the
word capitalist. Hickenlooper was not a capitalist. He was engaged in free
enterprise, he was an entrepreneur. But a capitalist as a person lives off capital.
It’s a person lives off their investments and that’s not Hickenlooper.
I mean. maybe it is now. in his retirement. But that’s not how, he was a
businessman. And, so okay the word capitalist is just as misunderstood
as the word socialist. Forgive the aside Mike, but it just was making me crazy
when you know Donny Deutsch and Joe were sitting there going, well
you know, I don’t know why you won’t even say he’s the capitalist. Well maybe he’s
not a capitalist. Maybe he doesn’t live off his capital. Anyhow, back to you Mike.
[MIKE] Okay well you went off for a different time, because I thought that just a
rebuttal through to the definition of socialism, or what socialism is,
is that they would say but it’s still a government-run program. Which brings me
to my point, okay? Our government was created and is
supported by we the people. And it was done so, to benefit the people it serves.
I mean it was, it’s our Constitution is essentially a socialist
document. Everything was created to serve the people. The people serve the
government and that government serves the people.
[THOM] The people actually control
the government and the government serves the people yes and I completely agree
with you. That is a socialist concept. [MIKE] Yes and that that’s what the if you’re debating with a conservative that’s what they need to
know. Because if you’re gonna ask them who does the government serve?
What other answer can they get? [THOM] Yeah. Tragically I’d
say right now that the government is serving fat cats and
corporations more than anybody else. But we can lay that at the feet of our of
our Supreme Court and that has very little to do with the founders original intent.
[MIKE] Right yeah, but that’s what I’m saying though. The
socialism is part of our DNA in our Constitution, so it’s not something that
we should be we should run away from [THOM] Amen, amen.
Well said Mike thanks a lot for the call.

  1. Yes, it is in the DNA of every human to seek the most resources with the least effort. That doesn't make it moral

  2. socialism to me is the lessening of competition and the increasing of association, it is a transformation of a peoples outlook from me to we.

  3. you're an idiot thom. and the reality is that Perez is not goimg to give you the leeway you give him. You are a function of capital. you have no value as a person, and to assume you do is just a basic misunderstanding.

  4. CAPITALISM when properly regulated

    But we are arguing in a conceptual cloud that is all semantics. Our arguments are only real within what we have already made up.

    If you can't understand what I am saying, it isn't because I threw a ball you can't catch.

    Take some time to contemplate things rather than being ok with the popular, bandwagony, superficial opinions of the consensus so you can feel you have a sense of purpose.

  5. The disciples of Jesus Christ "held all things in common" because socialism – in the PURE sense of the word – is in the "DNA" of every SOUL. Cooperation; NOT competition…this is the way to true success. So, pay attention as your super-competitive society descends deeper into the morass of insanity, electing failed anti-Christ "businessmen" to lead them and fervently adhering to this satanic Cult of Personality. What did you expect? Jesus showed the way, and you go the opposite direction! Amen.

  6. That is 💯% true. Thom you should be a PR director for Bernie's campaign. These points need to be made on a national level.

  7. If it's POPULAR
    then it's RIGHT?

    Can we try to figure out how to make your argument better?

    By using the word "Better", I mean something that mitigates suffering & brings wellbeing for everyone "better" than some opposing way.

  8. We are a tribal species that has always worked on the model of interdependence. Capitalism breaks us down into self serving individuals disconnected from our true nature. Marx laid it all out there years ago yet we still can't break free from the corrupt institutions that have enslaved us.

  9. That is not the definition of capitalist.

    a wealthy person who uses money to invest in trade and industry for profit in accordance with the principles of capitalism.
    "the creation of the factory system by nineteenth-century capitalists"
    synonyms: financier, investor, industrialist; More
    practicing, supporting, or based on the principles of capitalism.
    "capitalist countries"

  10. I've been saying this for a long time. "A government for the people, by the people," is socialist. It's not capitalist. Capitalism is "for profit." Nothing in the declaration of independence or the constitution says anything about making a profit. All men are created equal and free to pursuit happiness, and own the government. In other words, there aren't any elites, kings, queens or bourgeois in the eyes of the government and law – at least on paper.

  11. Marx's expressed goal was the address the short comings of the liberal (France America etc) revolution. The Liberal revolution claimed it would Lead to Equality Freedom and Brotherhood. In the view of the socialists it failed on those fronts. So to the early socialist thinkers this failure was because the liberal revolution tried to view the people as a unified mass and did not address the hierarchies between workers and land-owners. The goal was fairly straight forward do for the working class what the liberal revolution did for the land-owners (capitalist). To achieve this you have to, in the same way the liberal revolution extracted power from the royal class and gave it to capitalist, extracted power from the capitalist class and given to working class.
    This has been tried though all possible political means revolution, elections, reforms, etc and the different schools of Socialism are derived from what method you feel will extract that power best.

  12. Your caller should have cited the Preamble. I have made his point in many discussions always leaving a copy.

    "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

    Notice that the first five points are about government action and that among them, "promote the general welfare" precedes "secure the Blessings of Liberty".

  13. This is a huge strectch. Capitalism and socialism are economic systems. What the founders created was a Democratic document which didn't really specify an economic system. Constitution doesn't encourage the public ownership of the means of production. And that's why we need a new amendments to fix that. I don't like the idea of glorifying a group of slave owners. They set up an unequal society

  14. equalism is THE TRUE alternative to the left and right and its NOT a centrist position at ALL! its an actual new, unique and innovative view of the world, each other and OURSELVES. its purely anti-fascist and anti-capitalist but it defines political and economic terms correctly. capitalism, in fact, embraces and implements BOTH big business AND big govt. equalism denounces both. so, if you want to break free from repeating the mistakes of the past join the equalism movement. watch my latest videos –
    "equalism 143: Do We Really Have Socialism for the Rich?" – –
    "equalism 141: Was Hitler a Socialist?" – –

  15. You are full of it. Socialism is when the government controls the means of production. Our government is not a socialist state. Where do you get this.

  16. Sorry Thom hickenlooper didnt say he was a capitalist because he is a wishy washy flake who wants to appeal to progressives and centrist without committing to anything whereas Joe is a right nut who thinks capitalism is beautiful

  17. Wrong wrong wrong. The USA constitution is a liberal document. Liberal from root word libre means FREE, the root word of freedom, freedom of the press etc. Now as far as government working for the common good ,that's also an liberal idea from John Adams, all the founders revered the founder of liberalism aka John Locke, and all the founders quoted him in their books they wrote. Does USA have socialist tendencies, sure it does. It's also based on capatalism and progressive taxation. Conservatism is based on corporate corruption and cultural bigoted behavior. What liberals oppose is tyranny or dictatorship or ideas not voted on. Conservatism is religious fundamentalism and thus tyrannical. Those are the differences. Now if you want to say liberalism is similar to socialism then yeah you can say USA is socialist .

  18. The government serving the people is a socialist concept? Wrong, it is a concept of individualism. Socialism is actually based on the concept that the group is more important than the individual (and the individual can be sacrificed if the group deems it necessary). That's why socialists are perfectly comfortable taking people's stuff away–it is all for the "common good."

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