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[Applause] I know I'm good all right please this is as you probably know this is not the show we expect is that a dog I thought I was gonna be the biggest violation of code tonight guys brought it yorky okay so listen it's obviously that light without they're not good you're just so a not everybody so hold on a second before I move on oh damn it somebody to see my binder but don't ruin it for people behind you is their first time going to change my mind live broadcast anyone know the topic of tonight it's a new topic we've never done this before not good here can we unravel this and show it to the crowd before we get it on the table all right let's get out and show it to the crowd of course anyone is welcome to suck [Applause] what women have to say about you guys thank you so much this is not the show we planned on doing we anyone here see the SMU show last week all right suppose anyone want to show like that what we couldn't because your your campus officers actually wouldn't show up so all a second there's one who did show up today there's one who showed up give it up for officer Steele us Orson one who showed up and there are some private security details out here who are off-duty officers and just so you know the same lieutenant who told them that no one would show up because there was no credible threat told these off-duty officers you can't carry on campus well he called someone above the lieutenant's head and he said what what's he do you carry and I quote you carry your fucking gun do not know so thank you so much to learn as a mix up obvious we couldn't get out here and do the show that we want to do is going to be kick-ass we've wanted to do this whole like SMU but instead we loaded all of our misfits into a bus and ship them across country against their will gross violation of labor laws we said we can't do the big comedy show we'll come back and do but we can do one hell of a change my mind cuz all we need is a table some coffee and some good conversation are we right right thank you guys and one guy to CL and weed what was that in a pin alright first off I can't see well in the year is there anyone out there who disagrees and would like to change my mind on the idea that's the premise that socialism is evil okay now by the way okay we see one person all right let's uh let's bring one person in to start hold on one second hold on hold on we got to pick one person there's two hands going up are you an actual are you okay one second here one second in one second right and this is why this is why we had to downscale this but by the way I appreciate we actually have the ability to see any leftist organization in the country and how many people show up and just so you know every time there's an ant of a protest unless they're standing ventia parallax pick every time there's an anti foot protest or Occupy and they post something we can actually tell you that on average about eight percent of people who claim they'll be attending attend whereas here this is the last minute there was a cancellation we said hey guys were gonna be in the quad and I think it's actually two to three times the number of people who said they were coming so you guys actually show up and I know that's hard because many of you have jobs so um so that's we're gonna be talking about tonight for those who don't know this isn't a comedy show I know it's me were saying why you come here and do a lecture Billy have an Alice Cooper play jazz piano at Carnegie Hall I don't do lectures it's not fun but with this the goal here is not to by the way just to argue it's not ad hominem it's the opposite of cable news if someone disagrees with me I want to sit down and we just crack method to rationalize their position now I know a lot of you won't be able to see me or hear me so I wouldn't blame you if you walk out like I said this was last minute planned we appreciate every one of you who is here but I would love to sit down with someone who disagrees with me and everyone here by the way I know how high energy you are but make sure you give respect to anyone who sits down and disagrees and give them the chance to make their argument but hopefully you can be productive knocking Jared who do we want who you want to grab who's grabbing who all right so many people keep saying messenger bag so mr. messenger bags hold on one second come on out one second come here come toward me we're gonna have someone Pat you down real quick you got one person you can pat him down knock DJ there you go I fulfilled my legal obligations all right let's move your name sir and in brass balls come sit down appreciate it a round in the hand I don't know what that means all right actually by the way I know many of you are still reeling from your rejection from Northwestern don't insult Urbana come on that's asking a sparrow not to sing or vanish champagne as we call it the gates of hell you like Detroit without the balls to follow through all right we're kidding but DePaul actually has rescinded their decision and we will be going to DePaul City America all right so I believe I've hopefully people can hear me we're just gonna sit down and go through this point by point to see where we find common ground it's the first time we've ever broadcast at live a lot of people say well what you think maybe you added it our hand-picked opponents hate Kentucky can somebody I should grab some water here and give him a closed bottle so that you know he doesn't accuse disappointing it is a really nice one wait you ordered one what that means you're a fan you can't come up here no no no get out we disagreed you can't be a fan who here actually disagree with me I appreciate I appreciate afterwards it's that it is evil you this guy's gonna be really eager or this guy in the orange all right okay well let's grab the guy in the orange sorry I know I know but listen we didn't plan on this we've no idea show up and do it and people want us to get out what's your name sir Alex Alex are you all did you go here Alex we got we can do it hold on a second hold on a second if I if I do this with a high school student next thing is gonna happen is they're gonna laura ingraham me and say that i mock someone who's not of age are you 18 your parents have to give you permission I can't I can't actually fill me I appreciate it Alex I'm sorry this guy come on let's bring this guy up here I'm so sorry this is the process we don't want to break the law because we only have one officer who showed up because that's all you need for a crowd like this all right what is your name sir Yousuf Yousuf nice to meet you Steven so I believe let me explain my position I believe that socialism is fundamentally evil and it happens here we usually don't reference this but its sources in case someone wants to look at them afterward but I don't think I won't use it's not fair for me to use them so I believe socialism is evil you disagree I would love to hear you change my mind minimum wage well a second is this your this your changing my mind I want to make sure okay my position on the minimum wage yeah you know what I'm not a fan not a fan okay are you against illegal immigration and legal immigration from poor third-world countries at the scale that we've been having it so far am i against illegal immigration the answer it what was that Bob we're gonna do everything we can like we says is last minute because uh we're not necessarily friendly here I mean they don't consider us friendly so like I said there's a lot we appreciate you supporting us of course I'm against the illegal immigration but again socialism I believe the idea of socialism let's do this before we go on okay this is something I think it's important there's some that we often see from both the right in the left simply started with the premise where I made a statement socialism is evil right and you've moved on to different questions different topics so I'd like to first before I move on if you meant if it's okay let's define socialism okay how do you define socialism so I know that we're agreeing on that premise socialism is a system in which the state redistributes wealth from what it would be under a pure capitalist system okay I think we agree on that okay and then I think it's important to don't go get this is just a natural discussion I might be wrong here and what what do you think I mean by evil or what would we both agree the definition of evil is harmful to society Society believe morally reprehensible it's immoral okay so so as we both agreed socialism is basically a collective a governmental control of the distribution or product means of distribution or production and when I say evil I mean I believe that that is immoral so what can we both agree with that I don't agree that it's evil no no no but that's what I'm saying yes okay so what part of my position do you disagree with again that the goal here is to change my mind not score points well I'm trying to give in to you that your own objectives if you're a conservative cannot be achieved under capitalism okay and so an example of that yeah you have a lot of Republicans like Paul Ryan who are obstructing Donald Trump hold on you cannot deny that he is a big capitalist and he has lots of capitalist donors that would like nothing more than to increase their profits I think you can agree with that and people like that have been opposing immigration reform for decades because they believe that mass immigration will lower the wages of the working class yes increase their profits no I would say a lot of what you just said is correct and that many conservatives Republicans believe that mass immigration from countries like say Mexico from quote-unquote third world countries couldn't lower the wages yeah I do believe that a lot of Republicans believe that okay so I would agree with you on that so if you impose a minimum wage mm-hmm you're not gonna have this mass immigration coming in because the companies that are taking these illegal immigrants and taking these low-wage immigrants if they have to pay them $15 an hour we wouldn't have mass immigration like we're having right now yeah I don't necessarily agree with that premise so let me kind of go because first off before I would like to take that hold it what example we point to before we go on because I know a lot of times I disagree of a successful socialist country well there are different kinds of socialism I think you're thinking of the Soviet Union in Venezuela when you these are unsuccessful countries but you also have Sweden you have Norway your Finland you have Denmark you've Germany these are countries that have two robust economies and high levels of socialization right what's their minimum wage I don't have the numbers off the top of my head what if I told you that they have no minimum wage there are plenty of countries that have high minimum wage really has a high minimum wage I know but we didn't talk about them we talked about a successful socialist economies now first off I think it's interesting it said this is important because we need to find the premise first off we're away from the premise which is the moral argument I believe socialism is immoral the redistribution of something that you have not earned I believe is fundamentally immoral I believe that theft are you hold on a second hold on a second then we'll go in so now we've moved on from that to the pragmatic and no I'm not an anarchist and then you brought up some successful examples in Denmark Norway Sweden I believe yeah first off these aren't socialist countries now the reason we would point to countries like say Venezuela and Cuba for the same reason Bernie Sanders did for decades is because they're true examples of socialism the Danish Prime Minister said Bernie stop referring to us as a socialist economy we're a free-market economy they don't have a minimum wage as we know it they only allow collective bargaining between unions higher-skilled unions and those their employers so these are countries by the way if we're going to their immigration laws the only way to make it work if you refer those countries I mean I guess I would have to ask it sounds almost as though you're making an argument are you uh are you a nationalist I would say I'm an economic nationalist you are an economic national okay so they go see part ways with a lot of probably your more left-leaning brethren I never said I was a liberal okay so you're a conservative socialist they're rare they're hard to come by so nobody won wage there but again this doesn't change the idea let's get to the fundamental premise yeah before we move on to the pragmatics and I'd be happy to but I believe that socialism the ISM that we both agreed upon yeah the collective means ceasing of distribution production is immoral I mean the argument is absurd because if you say that it's immoral then you also have to say that government funding of police is immoral government funding of the military is immoral anything the government does is immoral and that's ridiculous because you have to have some state that's going to socialize certain things and so the question is not do we have socialization it's how much sure um I would disagree with that now would you would you know where I disagree with that guess what say I assume you're gonna try to argue the government funding of the military and police is not socialism why would I say that well because if you don't argue that then you're gonna have to give some ground yeah no absolutely I think you're right if I if I have to concede that police forces he's saying police force military roads is socialism the same as health care education and I'm assuming that's are you referring to Denmark and Sweden they're not socialist economies if they have more of a social safety net that's kind of what you're talking about right yeah there's social democracies there well they're their market economies with higher emphasis on a social safety net that's how they describe what a social democracy is so so okay we agree on the term let's go with social democracy I just wanna make sure we don't get confused like democratic socialism is all that changes anything but um we just talked about this conceding that ground I don't believe that the military and the police force would be the same as socialized healthcare school why not sorry because we only have one microphone well you had to do a late set if I appreciate you working with me well I mean why not why not was your question her definition was there so why not yeah okay why not because there's a difference between a public good and a commodity can you explain to me the difference between public goods and a commodity well in economics a public good is a good that is I believe nonexcludable and nonrival risk so exactly yeah so that would include things like the police the military you'd be hard-pressed even find hardcore libertarian to say that we don't need those so there's a big difference there's a fundamental difference being that and something like health care or school it's or it goes to free Internet as you know spend computer talked about in Germany now high-speed Internet is a right ii ii declare any commodity to be a right or to be a fundamental role of government that means the government can now remove that right depending on who's in power and that's the problem that's why i think it's fundamentally immoral for someone to take something they haven't earned regardless of who's in power i think it's immoral for donald trump's administration to take it from you just as you probably think it's immoral for barack obama's administration to take it from me um so the difference there would be first public goods versus commodity now if there's an important distinction for everyone here to make because this is a common argument we hear from the left if you support any role of government at all that means that this is socialism but it's not according to the definition that we agreed upon thing else I think it also matters the constitutional parameters of government right what the Constitution defines what our government is and what fundamental human rights are well I want to get back to your earlier point where you said that because the military is a public good than that therefore it's not socialism in your definition you never made any distinction between different types of goods you just said a socialist economy is one that takes wealth from some people and gives it to others and that's what financing a public good is what no no it's not you talked about redistributing the redistribution the common means of production or distribution so if we want to frame that in I certainly wouldn't say that that's the police someone's yelling hopefully we're good so I would not agree with it the military or police would be socialist but to move on here again let's go to the Dane the Dane Danes the Danes Denmark Norway Sweden you pointed to them as successful examples of socialism because that would be different from your definition of socialism so now I've moved on from the idea that taking something you haven't earned to give to someone else is morally reprehensible regardless of the reason because socialism can only be enacted to the threat of violence that's really what taxes are at the end of the day we all agree on that violence is part of life okay well I don't believe there should be a part of life for someone with guns to come in if I don't pay it for timmy's health care I just disagree with that if you don't pay taxes you're gonna have other forms of violence that arise spontaneously this this sort of autistic libertarian idea oh you can you can have an aggression stop it stop he's been watching that gaming videos this idea of a non-aggression principle is is just fantasy okay you have to have described to me on to you said autistic and yes it's very civil until you brought that up define autistic here well it tends to be characterized by an over an overemphasis on logic and philosophy as opposed to reality you know it's very easy to argue from syllogisms and axioms and all that so hold on second I want to make sure before you because what you do is you speak in these paragraphs we need to determine what these definitions are I think we both agree that's fair fine okay so you just said that autism if I'm not mistaken and I would love for you to bring this up is rooted more in philosophy and theology than facts than logic to razandrich syllogisms that sort of thing that's what you believe is the definition of autism well because it leads you down these intellectual do you believe that's the definition of autism oh I know you don't okay so you really get an insulting way okay what ab answer a little bit of yeah well we don't call that friendly banter generally we call that being a dick so I want to go back to hopefully keeping it civil you know I wouldn't I wouldn't call you retarded you know I wouldn't say that you had a fight with the Clippers and the Clippers won I wouldn't do this let's keep this very a civil so let's go back to Sweden Denmark Norway as examples you pointed to them as successful examples of socialism is there saying to me that you said I know you'd want to point to the USSR or Venezuela or these places but really we should look to these Scandinavian countries sure why because they provide a good quality of life for their citizens you don't have this gigantic gap between the working class and the upper class there is a commitment of the state to the well-being of their citizens and I think that's a wonderful thing okay so first off I I agree with you first off the overall well-being of citizens is a tremendous thing I think we would all want I think everyone here wants a better society wants a better America I don't think that you want a worse America I hope that you don't believe I want a worse America despite the fact that you implied I might be autistic so maybe I don't know what's best for America you know autistic and such um keep your hands feet off this campus but your reason your reasoning there and correct me if I'm wrong you said there isn't the same kind of gap the inequality gap that was your I want to get because he's speaking like I said in longer paragraphs seems the fundamental premise there was Denmark Norway Sweden they're examples because they're successfully have a higher quality of living in the main purpose you the main justification used was there's less of an inequality gap am i correct I don't want to misrepresent yes okay so your problem is with inequality it's one of several problems I think another problem but that was your first issue let's go point by point okay inequality what's immoral about inequality because there's this idea that you're gonna have this society and everybody has social obligations but if you have a situation where people are being crushed for a feat where people's wages are going down you lose the social cohesiveness of that society you lose the commitment that everybody has to advancing because now you're getting into potential results the hypothetical almost autistic one good thing but I ask again what is immoral about inequalities and morals that it ruins the society that's what's immoral about it how does inequality ruin society cuz it sounds to me if I'm not mistaken what you just went on to describe was a problem with poverty yeah so your problems with poverty then but but poverty is the consequence of inequality that's not necessarily true but and as a matter fact I would argue that there are two very different things because I would say and I think we probably have to agree that the free enterprise westernized capitalist system has pulled more people out of poverty than any system in existence and if you look at countries you said don't point to countries like Venezuela or true socialist economies there's tremendous equality but everyone is equally poor so the problem you have is with poverty it sounds like and I think it would both have a problem with that that we want to solve ways to eliminate as much poverty as possible it's not just poverty inequality matters too because if you have inequality of wealth you're gonna have an upper class that controls the political system and secures its own interests instead of the interests of the people yes inequality matters okay so describe to me and I'd like to go back to examples of this the upper ruling class determining the political system you want examples of that oh yeah I would like to example that sure cuz I believe so for example let's say you know you mention the inequality hurts people I would argue no and I think that's because again this is a horrible leftist view I know you said you're not really liberal but I can tell you by your worldview and economics that you do lean more left because you're seeing it as a zero-sum game wealthy people can't get wealthy off of the backs of poor people if they make them more poor that's kind of we're going to talk about motives and attributing motives that you've done a couple of times here if I believed that if I want everyone to be wealthy okay I would necessarily need a system of government that would require that would want people to be wealthy would require people to be wealthy for someone who would want to control a system of government like in socialist economies who would want to consistently talk or gain the votes of the poor they can only be elected if people are poor Bernie Sanders is not going to be elected by a rich country we're not trying to make everybody rich that's not possible we're trying to create a fairer distribution of wealth but I want to get back to your question about how are the wealthy controlling the blood yeah so what's an example of that I don't believe at any quality necessarily hurts my don't believe it's a zero-sum game you know for example Tim Cook and I don't like Tim Cook by the way Android they're gonna start yelling Tim Cook creating a better iPhone even though the iPhone can kind of sucks thank you that's where I get the passion that doesn't hurt me him making billions of dollars that doesn't hurt me poverty breadlines 160 dollars for a dozen eggs that hurts me I have a problem with poverty I don't care someone else has more than me so long as I have a system where I'm able to do okay you understand that it's the upper class and the capitalists that want mass immigration and want illegal immigration because it's in their economic self-interest if you're a Republican you're with the capitalists you're going against your own interests the capitalists are not conservative they're not well honestly we're talking were capitalists conservative Republican here so you're saying that capitalism we're talking with the ISM now socialism versus capitalism I don't care what Paul Ryan does in his own time I don't care what is front-page news pres is doing p90x and what he thinks about immigration I couldn't care less I don't believe in you I don't I don't believe it seems that you would agree in securing the borders commit you would agree in stricter immigration I would and it's not you're not gonna get it if you shield for the capitalist well they're against you define shill well if you're if you guys I know you like to sound really intelligent us being in paragraphs one thing you've misused words several times and if someone were to call you on it and be as rude as you are you might look what you might refer to as stupid so saying autistic or shill define because it's a very specific definition you came in and just said shill and I'm really quickly to give and get ready to give the microphone to someone else if you don't stop doing this because this isn't the goal of this what's a shill well I think you're getting upset because you're losing a debate but what the show you know the person losing the debate is the one who refers the other person is autistic and a shill that's generally a good sign so what's the show I guess pushing or advancing somebody else's interests I suppose for profit these conservatives well you're not talking these concerns are talking to me this is no performance Paul here that's why we're doing this after this is a conversation you're talking to me I just said I'm against illegal immigration so you can look yeah then I'm mad at you I just think I just think it's rude it's okay don't worry okay I'm used to people being rude to me I'm sure you're probably aware of this to one degree or another let's move back to again Norway Sweden we didn't really kind of go to that you've talked about them as successful examples now we were further and I would agree I would agree that if we're going to take a model and say they've created a social safety net that functions better than many other countries for example socialized health care and education what's wrong with that well like so you would support school vouchers I think you know in general vouchers I think have a problem because they do lead to the incentivization of private schools but anyway that the government that's taken us between does yes so you would support more of a flat tax and increasing taxes on the middle class and a lower class I want to progressive tax okay well that's not what happens in Denmark they should change it okay so we would want a lower corporate tax rate not necessarily okay so here's the one thing we point to it and then I appreciate it was REME again ease of use if I appreciate you so if taking the time everyone give a hand to Yusuf appreciate it very much for us out there thank you this is always interesting to me because we talk about this a lot and I know and if we look here just so I think we've talked about this we're gonna be actually selling for like five or six bucks I'm not looking for any we're gonna be selling to change my mind pamphlets so that you guys can actually be prepared from these arguments right here on page three I actually have if anyone here you know what kind of like a magician oh you have a manga hat can you come here really quickly what about what are the words written down right there Denmark and and Norway so if you guys know where people are going to try and direct the conversation you don't get distracted by words like you know autistic or she'll which is what they throw out you can be prepared very often for how people disagree now here's the thing to provide a brief education on Denmark Sweden in Norway I didn't think I was going to go anywhere super productive um they made their wealth long before they became what you would call socialist economies now by the way they're not socialist economy it's the Danish Prime Minister when Bernie Sanders was saying we should be like Denmark socialist he said shut up he said where he said we're a free-market economy and we place emphasis on social safety nets which they are now scaling back here's what's so interesting there if you look they have far lower corporate tax rates than the United States we have a much does anyone know the corporate tax rate in the United States the marginal highest protection yes it would go down yes the marginal rate I believe was up as high as 39 39 I think it's 35 at the marginal highest at about 39% and in Norway Denmark Sweden I think the highest they have is 25 some of them have it as low as 22 so a good 10 points lower so they have corporate taxes low I think if you're comparing the United States if you make 1.2 times the average income so in the United States that would be $50,000 if you make $60,000 you'd be paying 60 percent income tax so what do they do is they understand that they can't stifle businesses so they have lower corporate tax rates and the United States doesn't sound very socialist and they have increased taxes on the middle and lower classes they pay more texts everyone pays something something by the way super strict well it's changing but at one point super strict immigration laws not everyone gets to take part in the social safety net if you haven't paid in and again these are people who have the population about the size of Ohio or Michigan so to compare an entirely homogeneous population to a country of 300 something million people by the way I'm against the illegal immigration but the big difference being us in Denmark in Norway and Sweden is we're not a people we are a country of ideals and if you're willing to come in and have made a go but we're gonna buy you an equal opportunity not ensure equal outcome that's the difference that requires a racial national identity Republic so ironically socialism almost invariably tends to be racist to a certain degree which is a funny when we say national social and democratic socialism theft is theft if you're taking if it's ill-gotten gain something you haven't earned theft is theft something else they also find very interesting now let's talk about this I just wanted to bring this up so you can see that these are things you can prepare for these are very common arguments very interesting if we take that kind of cultural social fabric of Denmark Norway Sweden so take them they do have a higher standard of living on average than the average American but if you take the Danes who are in America if you take Swedish Americans if you take Norwegian Americans they actually have on average of 55 percent higher standard of living index then the Swedes in Sweden so it's because they've brought a culture with them again if you look at the very storied culture of hard work ethics of personal accountability of shame they do better there and they do far better in the United States then even in their homelands so you get people up that work ethic who have that kind of cultural fabric who have that history and you give them a free enterprise system oh my god watch them bloom but I appreciate I forgot his name Yousef thank you very much anyone else want to disagree yeah Yousef yes all right I see big balls of steel thank you and by the way I do mean Yousef does have balls of steel to sit down and do this I have tremendous amount of respect for anyone who enters the arena yeah and I hear some people yell I don't want to yell anyone down like I said this is not this is not the show that we wanted to do we'll bring that back through this is we've never done this usually changeful – sitting down with a couple of people not a few hundred people out there in a quad with a don't tread on me flag looks like the Patriot he's gonna be hitting something with a tomahawk yes Pink Floyd shirt I guess you have your hand up now you're not a fan correct no no we can't do that we've got to have people who disagree I appreciate it yes I can't see could you pat him down hold on let me I'd you and Pat you down mr. Illinois it's okay thank you I love you too like I said I'm really thank you guys so much for hanging out we appreciate it I know it's not what we planned to do cheap pin someone I don't know what this is but I know someone's going to complain about it to have to look at it later I can't winter pin and I can't what someone hands me a pin like where it's like I can put it on an anthrax I have no idea what's your name sir I'm drew drew nice to meet you drew appreciate it so again like I said I believe that that socialism the ISM socialism is fundamentally evil immoral and if you disagree with me and you think you can change my mind a most elaborate a little bit on like I mean it immoral okay well I actually I wrote a paper on this a couple years ago and I mean I'm not but I think that based on like research from like past countries that capitalism is great when a country is trying to get back on its feet but I think once you kind of I don't want to say peak as a country but economically once you kind of reach that stability and like you feel like your economy is thriving I think then there should be a shift towards socialism but not I don't think a full-blown like socialism reform socialists reform by any means but I think like I would so how would you define socialism because I wouldn't go full-blown so I mean it in a census of redistribution of wealth but I not the extent of communism so here well sorry my right your left here's anarchy here's communism here's free enterprise here to be socialism and here be kind of the middle yeah okay because like a utopian capitalism capitalist economy okay utopian socialism socialist country is communist so I'm not as far as the communist although I think both of us can problem I have no idea what I know now they're teaching in school anarcho-communism have you heard of this it seems redundant doesn't it yeah I know people told me I was the idiot because like that doesn't make sense you seem very friendly I appreciate it um so this is one thing that I find pretty common with with it changed my mind um and I think this is important because we have changed quite a few minds within a segment a lot of people come back and said hey you don't I didn't think about this before or I hadn't looked at it from that angle before the premise and addressing the premise is important if someone fundamentally and that's why it's framed this way believes that something is evil or immoral yeah if you don't get them off of that you have almost you know if I can't convince the mother I have no hope of convincing the child mayor on 34th Street anyone no no all right so because they're doomed to a life fear dominated by doubt anyone's movie quotes I could go on all night sorry this is very rude of me uh the point is if you don't change my mind the idea that it's immoral yeah because you've said I think once a country establishes itself yeah then they can kind of shift towards socialism but not full-blown socialism so let me I guess frame it this way I believe it's immoral to take some something that you haven't earned theft is the felonious taking of something that is not rightfully yours yeah okay we would agree okay so taking something that isn't yours is it moral I believe socialism is immoral because it's theft now how does that change if an economy is more stable or less stable it exactly that that I get where you're coming from with that I think the thing the the the money that's being redistrict redistributed I'm sure is going towards things that everybody can use because I honestly like this is coming from one very left on this issue not very but I'm pretty left on this issue and I think welfare is very abused but I think it is needed some extent and I think like a battered housewife who won't leave her husband like its abused but it's needed that sounds pretty dark people take advantage of I would I would agree with you but I think some people do need it I've met like people that do they do need it but I think there's some people do need it I don't disagree with you that there are people in this country who could use a leg up so people I would actually even go let's remove the people who abused welfare because we agree look common ground which we do is that easy yeah I know but obviously remove that from the argument because we already agree right exactly let's talk about the people who would actually let's say legitimately need welfare okay so people we would both agree on I'm glad this is actually you see this a productive discussion you don't call me a retard again let's let's take this as an example you say because they really need it so let's say I let's use an example of something I think people could all agree on the kids with cleft palates could probably use the twenty dollars in my pocket far more than I can right yeah and there are charities that provide fixes yes exactly so if you were to punch me in the face repeatedly you know go Bam Bam Bigelow on me and headbutt me and take my twenty dollars and give it to a charity that helps kids with cleft palates would that be moral would it change the fact that you Bam Bam Bigelow – me – no no I wouldn't but I mean the process is much different than punching something a face in social in not all that different well yeah I understand we're coming from totally that that definitely makes sense I think so if we agree that something is immoral and it seems we both agree theft is immoral yeah it doesn't change regardless of the need yeah so it comes down to really you'd have to present the argument to change my mind here how socialism how the redistribution I see it is theft is in fact morale because it seemed they were both agreeing and it's not really yeah yeah I definitely every come from glad you're I mean kind of changing my mind in a sense you're changing mine because now I realize that far left is to write papers and socialists aren't dicks but can we agree all right so I would say the US economy make a rough estimate is around 80 percent capitalist and maybe 20 percent socialist this if you had to give like percentages you know what I here's one thing I don't know percentages but I would agree with you that certainly the United States as it exists today is not a true free market economy we do have certain other states exactly so my goal isn't to go even the majority socialism it's just I think that the more shifts maybe like get like a 30/70 6040 you know 60 percent capitalism that is in socialism I just want I don't want to fall on socialist I just want a little bit you know a little bit more like more more like taxing more redistribution it's not a full I'm not fully like sure socialist reform like you know let's let's overthrow like you know so let's reduce kind of the comparison it sounds to me like let's say instead of punching me you pickpocketed me yeah I was looking so he didn't hurt me but you still took the $20 and gave it to the kid with cleft palates that's the example of 60/40 versus 80/20 yeah is that any more moral because you think it might be better pragmatically speaking no I agree with you in that point have you heard there's there's a I guess we agree that social of them in is immoral the idea of socialism seems like we agree on that as we define it yes okay well I appreciate that and if you want now see look we agreed on something you set up maybe I'll concede this territory and now I would like to give you an opportunity since you're well-spoken and very respectful to go to the pragmatic I think that's also an important component it doesn't change the premise but I would love to give you an opportunity I think you probably articulator well um so I think the hard part about socialism also is you're always gonna have an asshole dictator it's gonna take over and try to make a communist cuz he want you know he wants it all like Bernie and Jane Sanders but oh that gets a new but there have been cases where they have worked but it's on a very small scale so like some more talk and small communities everybody knows each other you know like like a lot of people don't feel bad you know stealing from the poor guys you don't know them but like if you know like the neighborhood like drunk you know it has worked on very like very small communities so I can have me some examples of where socialism I guess it has wormed what free enterprise has created with America today cuz that was a standard I'm using right I come from a socialist province Quebec okay I wouldn't say an example of it working very well yeah there's definitely there's definitely like very bad examples I think Venezuela was mentioned earlier sure but I'm not gonna talk about the Norway Sweden that's that's already been done but there let me ask you this honestly before that guy were you planning on talking about Norway and Denmark and Sweden well my friend has a girlfriend who lives in me yes or no first no actually I was I was more focused on the percentages when I was telling you about okay but no he has a girlfriend in Denmark and I think the the cars sales tax is like above two hundred percent and that's outrageous to me I think that's like yeah that's insane oh I should add it's very interesting cuz probably if you wrote a paper on this one thing to the people understand not only is the income tax gonna be only higher in the middle and lower class but the value-added taxes these you know we call them VAT taxes here those obviously impact consumers on a scale which people would say you know here in the United States Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton they're very much against value-added taxes because of the they negatively affected consumers and in the middle class more than the billionaires because how many yachts can you buy yeah that's a huge component to the centralized economy in Denmark well I think so I'm glad you brought up it yeah well I yeah like I first an experience with this and I know that they I think they have one car for their whole family which is like not heard of in America but it encourages public transportation more it encourages more I think more green because you're a very nice man yeah if someone can't afford even a piece-of-shit car because the 200 percent tax encouraged to ride the subway is a little pitifully we all ride the bus Caesar all poor and don't work just yet exactly I'm guessing you guys aren't necessarily recreationally choosing or Banias luxurious public transit Oh so again discouraged so now we're talking about the government being a moral arbiter of what behavior is acceptable yeah but that to me is immoral yeah no I agree with that too okay yeah I don't know where there's a talking about like the small colony isn't working but I just think it it can never work on such a large scale okay thank you it that's that's why I'm not for a total reform I think it's just better just a little shift then it doesn't have to you know I think just progress towards like a more even though you agree that it's fundamentally immoral I think to be totally socialist is fundamentally immoral yes the pickpocket thing which I mean that's a good way of putting it I like pickpocketing isn't like the same thing to mix I articulating it but I understand your what you mean with the pickpocketing in the punching and the punching and the kicking game is pre-big and that you're autistic that's why anywhere you see true socialism and like you said turns yeah it runs it runs into becoming a violent exact regime very quickly which I think a lot of it has to do with military military and like dictator a couple okay two points now and then I'd like to leave it here because I think we've agreed on quite a bit um two points you just brought up you said you know I don't necessarily know that it's immoral sir I know I'm touching your knee it's just cuz I have to get the microscope is it kind of cute you're kind of cute I can't hear it was me he was making eyes at you so one thing we talked about you're like wow maybe kind of if we redistributed when we get to a certain point let's just say you don't agree with the pickpocketing yeah or the punching example this is something I've never in Thomas soil has talked about this I'm not bringing anything new so please people I'm not ripping it off I know that these are not new arguments I've never understood why it is considered moral for someone to take money from someone else that someone else has earned and I think maybe you can help me with this but it's immoral for me to want to keep money that I've earned yeah no that totally makes sense and I think because that's what socialism is yeah maybe my views will change when I'm making Bank now anybody to take you know any money from me but but I mean as of now I know what it's like like you know like be a college student a poor college student and have parents that like are helping me pay through college and you know it would just be nice to have a little bit more of a break with that kind of stuff you know I listen I agree with you I agree here's the thing I agree with you and I would actually like to see college be much more affordable I would like to see you do very well in this country and I do believe that your views will change too typically they're very likely to change especially considering how open-minded you are and how civil you've been i really really appreciate you drew sitting down very much and I just think see there's a good example um by the broadcast just live would you say this is probably a more productive – great this is like I love having conversation with people who have different views of me but what you see does it more productive than say like Yousaf oh I caught the tail end of that but yeah I mean from what I caught that yeah the tail line is a good way to describe it um yeah I definitely feel like I don't know you changed my mind on some aspects I feel like I also made you see that like you know not everybody that's kind of more left is just a bad person well yes you well I don't I don't believe it everyone's loved that yes I know what I do believe is that your your I do believe your premise is incorrect and I do believe that then if we get to the pragmatically speaking which we don't really get to because it sounds as though you're kind of acknowledging on a grand scale it couldn't work um I just think it's important to leave this conversation knowing that I understand you want what's best for America you understand that I want what's best yeah we disagree and here I've given you something to think about and I appreciate you tearing the time to do it definitely thank you drew I appreciate it brother someone's yelling at him someone someone's yelling at him why don't you come up behind me like that I had someone gonna Pat you down max second Oh John Pat it johnny-boy put him down this guy yells he's funny I want to take your word for it the guy who gave me the pin max nice to meet you max I appreciate gosh you were just chomping at the bit you just rudely elbowed some girls and came right all right well thank you well I think now we're just saying names no that would be socialism you can't have my water all right max I believe that socialism is fundamentally evil right if you disagree and think you can change me and then by the way after this we'll move on to another topic who'd like to do actually this climate what we're gonna do the gun topic program [Applause] it seems like a crowd of people the white guns I know max but you can't take everything alright alright calm down max sat down so I believed it socialism is fun mentally evil we don't have a ton of time on this and we'll move on to guns with someone else change my mind so I have some reservations about it I would not consider myself a full-on socialist that being said nobody who sits down by the way does here that's what's so interesting is like everyone's kind of hedging their bets like it's kind of like that friend in high school who no one like you want to be friends at you want someone to be his friend you wish that he had friends just not use yo he's not really my friend full on but kind of that socialism it seems to everyone that can but I think dismissing all aspects of it as evil is guiding us away from some important policies that can be enacted okay well first up I haven't I haven't disregarded all aspects of it I'm talking with the premise the fundamental premise the ism of socialism the isms are important right so I guess let's let you define sorry I know I know it's not ideal we just showed up but we appreciate everyone who's here if you can't hear me I apologize the stream will be up online tomorrow I really do apologize again thank thanks to the security who did come here to make sure we could do this [Applause] and we will try and come back so I disagree with the fundamental premise or be able to think he said all aspects of socialism the ISM is what matters right so socialism let's define that we've done with everyone else how do you define socialism so you know I wouldn't say there's a concrete definition you know talk to various people you get various definitions I let's go with the dictionary so right so I guess you could argue that it is the communitisation hold on a sec hold on a second this is very important because I and this is one thing I know when I went to college and I see them doing it more and more it's okay to say you would presume this or maybe one might presuppose and talk about your arguments and opinions but there are certain things that aren't arguments or opinions there are certain things that are facts I think we have to agree on that so I I can't go with you down that trail if you say I suppose you could argue that the definition you just gave if you could repeat it and say we agree that socialism then we can have a conversation cuz I'm not arguing well you said you're not quite socialist I want to know how you define it and you just defined it in a way and I think we would agree well it's some can you redefine it okay sure I believe that socialist socialist mean policies are ones that attempt to socialize means of wealth some means of production or distribution well those are words I just wanna make sure I actually socialism is the means of socializing or the collective ownership taking or control of means right a production distribution right correct I just wanna make sure we agree on that okay and I am I believe that that is immoral I remember you were sitting down to change my mind right so that's the premise that's not all the tenants that's the isn't we really is a my believe it's immoral definitely okay go ahead um so what I wanted to say is that I think that you know blanketing these these statements that socialism Ebola is driving our society away from a couple of beneficial policies one of them I believe is a guaranteed basic income which is an economic system that's been proposed by capitalists by socialists basically what it would do is it would change the well our seat as we know it where everybody would be guaranteed a certain amount of income this would be around the poverty level to be guaranteeing everybody clothing however it would create an incentive for free market enterprise at the same time and creat an incentive to work and incentive for people to get out and okay and probably only I only was the only he's just drunk on a Thursday okay can i address that yeah go ahead he said he said I'm a communist all right okay I guess it probably I think must've been talking to you um so here's one thing that you just said I think it would be to sort of eliminate this through the idea that it's evil would be to not acknowledge the virtues I guess you said the beneficial economic effect economic benefits of socialism okay again so this is really important cuz it comes back to the Prince of the idea that it's evil so for example many people in Germany argued especially after the Treaty of Versailles they would say well Hitler was great for the economy does that change that his idea of National Socialism was immoral not the idea is what he did in moral if it had beneficial effects for they did not aim he blamed it on certain classes of people that's not what that's not what people who promote socialists who would you blame the inequality problem on today well the inequality problem is dealt by problems with with I guess but no rich the upper class it's a different classism Hitler's you know we say the one-percent Hitler said the Jews so the point is no no it's not a false equivalency the point is if you if it doesn't change the fundamental morality of the policy regardless of how beneficial is economically I'm not I'm not saying it's rich people's fault I'm saying that that's where as you said it's to deny the economic benefits if the act that would drive economic benefits for example you've probably taught in school that the United States was built on the backs of slavery I don't agree with that but you've been taught that right I mean that to some degree touchy subject I'm not going to get into it okay so if people say you know let's let's agree that the United States is let's say Bill the backs off of slavery right the Chinese book they're definitely immoral ass come in with slavery I agree okay so let's say there are economic benefits to enslaving people there certainly are for some people it still goes on across the Islamic world today it still goes on because there are beneficial economic effects to certain groups of people does that change the fact of slavery is immoral I'm kind of confused with how this can relate back to the topic that we're talking about let me be really clear socialism is immoral that's my only point and you're here to change my mind the ball on this regard and it's immoral what is me but it does matter you know the point is they're both immoral regardless of economic impact the idea that the benefit of something doesn't change its inherent morality we use this example before if I steal I can steal money and I can use it to go get hookers and blow or I can steal money and I can give it to Bono's charity which acts as a whole example because bono charity I'm advocating for a universal basic income which is a socialist policy how do you provide it well you provide it by taxes how do you get taxes tax people's income how do you do that the IRS what if I don't want to pay income taxes for universal income I mean you go to jail do you have to pay taxes it's a fact and that is what do you want me to say to that that is before that is the forceful taking of something that you have not earned that's the definition of theft you've just described that which but surely surely they're there I mean you talked about this with someone earlier there there there are necessary goods that need to be provided via taxes that wouldn't be provided because of a free rider problem in this case you can link that back to the universal basic income and provides goods that that some people can't afford normally again we're going back I think you're jumping around here and I think we're about out of time we're going to the gun argument because if I said if socialism is evil and you grant it well maybe it is but some people really need that theft to occur well that is what you're saying because you haven't so you don't believe that threatening someone with jail if they don't pay additional taxes it's not to take their money additional taxes it's overhauling the welfare state system that we have in the status quo okay so what how much is enough wealthy people in America today pay about half what's the number all right what's the moral number the moral number of a percentage they should pay well I think it's important to audit where our money is going first and then evaluate how much it would cost for a universal basic income after that you talk to the economist and you decide what would be an appropriate income tax level to provide for a universal basic income yeah so I mean I know I haven't heard of any legitimate economist who's argued that it would work but again I'm max max I appreciate it max because again if we both agree on the premise you haven't changed my mind as to the fundamentalism of Social and Thank You max I appreciate them given Florida No thank you uh you know what Nucky J let's change this to the the firearm argument the pro-gun change why we have that right we have that banner banner yeah Bret I don't know who the radicals are or the radicals here hold on one second we are going to change okay I got a by knocking you're in three minutes so we're gonna go with the next topic I'm sure you've seen this before who here is pro-second amendment [Applause] okay so pro Second Amendment this is one obvious it's a hot topic right now you have a lot of high schoolers who are making the rounds and I I know it's unpopular to say I don't think that people should be determining policy certainly it relates to fundamental human rights on an emotive response regardless of whether they're 16 or 96 I'm Pro second amendment for those who don't know I was raised in a country where there is no second Amendment Canada there is also no First Amendment so I came here I shot my first gun first time I thought it was really cool it's the principle of civil dialogue and change my mind denigrating an entire nation of people but the truth is Canada is pretty silly and so this is an issue right now that is I think particularly for a lot of people here particularly obviously as we're talking about today here at the school you know listen we want to do a this big this big show that we get like at SMU here and we can't do without security to ensure the security of the audience and the security of the venue and this is also something before we get into the second row so it's very near and dear to our heart because many members of our team have had restraining orders or they've had serious security threats where I won't say what some of them do have to carry maybe I have to carry who knows I don't know anyone here whether you have a carry permit or not isn't that isn't the wonder of it roll the dice let's see if you win the lottery so it's an issue obvious it's near and dear to my heart and I I also think it's important to see kind of this this the bias by omission from the left that you see on campus it's one thing to just ban somebody on campus and it's another thing to make it impossible to bring in certain speakers it's another thing to make it impossible for people to come in and do what they've planned to do this right here is not ideal right it's not we yeah we wanted to bring in a look at SMU had a fog machine and light shows my half-asian lawyer bill Richman who knows bill Richman Trani Bane showed up it's a lot of fun it's a stage performance want to be the funnest party on campus we could spend computer with air BP stated an intern spent his working Homebase the stream right now as a matter fact – I think he's doing the live tweeting that's important the constant sheet and it relates back to the Second Amendment with the campus the reason that we did this is because we ran into a lot of roadblocks we knew it couldn't be safe we knew we weren't able to do the show we wanted to do last-minute I think we're gonna be doing it at am if I'm not mistaken later in April we'll be broadcasting that we already taped some sketches and some segments and have some guests booked but we said you know what rain or shine we're gonna show up anyway this is what we can do in French laws where they make Hulu from the baseball bats all that matters is that kid has a present to open up on Christmas that's what this is we didn't want the fans to be screwed we know it's not ideal but we appreciate you showing up and hey look we didn't get any rain so I'm pretty sure that's a sign God hates socialism and then as to the rules that chain that we talked about I'm sure plenty people have delos with Facebook and Twitter and YouTube they make up these new violations and they change the rules you don't know how to play by them because there really are no rules that's what happens we often try to come on come to campus that's all fun happened then we try to get everything booked in advance the rules change there were some miscommunications here so we appreciate the private security detail who came out we appreciate the one officer who was willing to show up today and that's the same thing yeah [Applause] I'm sure Illinois unions have nothing to do with that if you show up to the lotto with Crowder event you'll meet the brass knuckles I don't know why Urbana sounds like a guy from New Jersey I have no idea deaf enough with the Second Amendment right we see that a lot what do they say the ever-changing rules and so I think the premise is important what's the Second Amendment is what it ensures otherwise you get to the territory of oh no one wants to take your guns away no one wants to and now do we see we saw justice Stevens say let's repeal the Second Amendment everyone like yeah that's a conservative thing because he has an R next to his name how many people here don't care if someone as an r next to their name it comes down to what your principles are not being imprisoned what Oh shall not be infringed yeah I appreciate it thanks for your now I can't really hear you guys that well so if I if I ignore some of your yells I did hear Canada sucks that one was loud and clear I think they heard you in Nova Scotia um so I think it's important this is why we go back to the fundamental issue as we talked about earlier I appreciate you it's like nothing up my sleeves you can see these notes here on you know I hear one second you guys wanna do an exercise before I can't show this to all you but Demi Debbie I know you're family so we're gonna go to Second Amendment oh shoot sorry I just spilled wha shoot I got water all over myself so this is what we have written down as you can see here kind of in red if while some of these are in black are the claims that they might make and these are arguments that are very commonly made by the left so it doesn't take doesn't take a genius you just have to know the branch and then kind of the sticks that go off from the branch now guess what you don't get off the branch if they can't convince you that theft that socialism is somehow moral sorry are you cold I know I wish I had hand warmers I'm freezing that being said we have these arguments yeah hold on so let's be careful let's just no no that's okay thank you I appreciate it you're in a t-shirt you want to show that you do Gracie jiu-jitsu I appreciate it for what are you a Bluebell purple belt okay good for you I'm doing a favor just so you guys can kind of see this I don't think we've heard anything today Debbie Debbie that we weren't already prepared for this is amiss that's a fundamental difference being the right and the left it is very easy to prepare why why is it easy to prepare well because what did I do I looked at what your professors here on campus say and by the way it's the exact same when you go back to Marx to Bernie Sanders you go all the way to the meeting when they talk about democratic socialism there's nothing newton out doesn't me that you shouldn't prepare yourself for every possibility but all I have to do is look at what your professors say and we heard that parotid today so Kay do me a favor here let's just recon this like these claims so people can kind of see we won't go through the rebuttals but we'll just see the claims that we anticipated today sure the top 0.1% have as much wealth as the bottom 90% or any variant of that stacked this income inequality is outrageous and immoral now of course I wrote it as a more angry liberal but we did we saw us run into that the idea of inequality that that's more immoral than socialism well guess what we were prepared for that and actually even agreed with drew that that's not fundamentally immoral um this one here you saw socialist countries like Denmark Sweden I don't think we actually have the corporation argument here let's see what else we got so okay let's read this one universal health care is way better in other countries you read it like Andy Kaufman reading the Great Gatsby you're very enthusiastic it is better in other countries I appreciate it we didn't hear someone bring that up but we do hear people bring up the virtues of socialized health care one thing there that's really easy by the way really really easy when people say universal health care in other countries because now we've gotten off the moral argument keep bringing them back to it well on a second if if Hitler provided universal health care I'm not comparing Bernie Sanders to Hitler I'm saying if you use nationalist socialism to provide health care for a certain nation of people does that change the fundamental immoral act of that ill-gotten gain it doesn't but even then when we get to the pragmatic results we write this here actually we have these stats but you don't need all these stats for example forty five percent more likely to die in British hospitals emergency rooms you can see here nine hours in Canada the United it's two hours I dealt with that one as a kid you don't need those stats there's one stat you need to know when it comes to universal health care the only example of the left can point to the universal health care working better is our subjective polling methods where people are asked if they are satisfied with their level of healthcare well it's just like with college kids here someone gave you a crappy 2002 Kia and you've been riding the Champaign Illinois bus for weeks you would think that that was awesome if someone said you liked your quarry probably say yes right now that being said someone who has a five-year old Cadillac and is ready and is able to afford something better and wants to they would have a different standards so the only stat that left is point two I would say I don't want to say only cuz well there's this one in this colony with these these tribes let's move that the main staff that's pointed to and I would question your professors on this one they say universal health care works better in these other countries now we've gotten away from the moral argument we've gotten away from the economic nationalism that you see in these countries you're talking about subjective standards because objectively longer wait times are not better objectively higher mortality rates are not better objectively your chances of dying from some kind of a serious illness or not getting care are not better objectively the standards are not better subjectively there better be prepared for that and know that because it's the most common argument I see and I see so many conservatives going well I guess I didn't know that I guess I didn't know that Cuba had better health care did you see that in Michael Moore sicko for a perfect example he claimed Cuba had better health care in the United States why because they thought it was better they said do you like your health care more they said yes we think it's better but it's not alright do we need it are you your ones it's a family show okay here's one I think we ran into a few times can you read this claim right here sure we already have many socialist policies in the US public roads Marines police military do you want to abolish those as well what's the harm of adding more free health care nothing up my sleeve so see how many I think all three of us all three are given training to that right yeah this is what this is what we call really a false equivalency now how does that work how do you prepare yourself for that's we're gonna be printing these booklets hopefully you know any mug clubbers here the more my club the more will have time to print them out and money to do so we're gonna self publish that again this isn't it's a fall equivalency you need another difference between a public good as we discussed right and a commodity once you define that that's why it's so important to define your terms what is socialism what do I mean by evil what is a public good what is a commodity what's the difference when you get down in the definition Andrew Breitbart was a man who actually coached me was just a stand-up comic thank you very much yeah he was a great great guy great guy I'm done my bright part the man not the trademark just the man I knew him personally was a tremendous guy I can't say enough good things about him and by the way very flawed as well as many great people are you look at the story of Churchill I would certainly say he's comparable in the war on new media he always talked about knowing your definitions because if you say well one could argue that socialism is don't let them do that because then guess what now they can simple that whole and that's just what one definition no no let's define what it is and let's discuss that do not allow the conversation to go on undefined not only is it no longer productive you'll just begin talking in circles and it becomes a cable news soundbite gotcha game but it's also just a way to not be able to make a constructive argument it's just not helpful and sometimes you end up looking stupid because you even defined what it is so um there we go that was actually that's all we have here on the socialism so what would you say you say that pretty much all the arguments we heard were right here in this booklet yes Daddy ninety-nine two point five in your opinion okay just like the 80 95 to 99 all right what do you like it's like Matthew Broderick and the computer wore tennis shoes he's just like spend computer BP food ninety five percent and by the way we also have as you can see we have death rates here all these sources which would be in the chief of mine book when we release it Debbie do you have any any question we're gonna move on to the second amendment thing but I appreciate you watching my back there and I appreciate I will follow you on twitter what is your Twitter Debbie Bernal at Debbie know everyone here follow Debbie on Twitter oh and by the way if I can ask you guys everyone your as a smart device the stream is live on YouTube and Facebook if everyone here could take out your smartphone and make sure to tweet out the hashtag changed my mind and Crowder Illinois takeover which was not self titled but I think it's pretty uh I'll go with it I appreciate it you can take a selfie yesterday because you're you you assisted so well thank you so everyone follow Debbie everyone retweet the screen you guys are fantastic it's Belle bernard ber nal Debbie Bernal okay no creepy don't no one Anthony Weiner that I can see are any people lifting their jacket taking the space odyssey' angle sick puppies all of you alright so I am pro-second amendment this is a hot-button issue today I guess we don't really need this the socialism socialism is evil I'm Pro Second Amendment changement hold on one second let's not get urine for someone we need someone just to give them give them a check wait is a maggot heck no no no no no no no it is a maggot hat let me see make data great again okay Silicon Valley fin all right let's go bring him on let's what's your name sir Park Harvick hard six sit down Karthik nice to meet everyone give it up to give a hand for Karthik sitting down okay no you don't get to take the microphone wow that's that's very college student of you but you didn't earn it I'm kidding um so okay I am Pro Second Amendment I support the Second Amendment wholeheartedly it seems to me that you disagree if you do I'm willing to hear your arguments and have my mind changed you don't yeah you don't disagree with the second okay no it doesn't it doesn't work it doesn't work if we say well first off what do we agree on the Second Amendment to me and this is something we see a lot you see a lot when people come up and they're they're a little bit more confident and then people see some discussions kind of unravel the way they did and they go I'm not really a socialist I'm not really against the Second Amendment I'm against pop gun policy implementations what you've said now why it doesn't work for me but let's go along that trail first off what do you believe the Second Amendment to me it's okay just don't call me autistic hear me yes I believe that the Second Amendment is I mean it's the right to bear arms so that can include any type of God okay can you guys can you guys see them cars like you have to speak up I can't do this okay so I believe that from a policy standpoint we have to regulate certain types of guns or just certain types of situations extern Karthik okay you're very nice but your your voice is like white noise okay I mean we need to hear you I'm not saying I don't want I don't want to give you the boot but if they can't hear you okay so I really believe that there we go he's trying to hear yeah good let's hear you Karthik they're running for you over me go sound off like you got a pair so I believe that I believe that there are certain situations where the government has to step in to account for certain externality that might exist within you know whether or not that's the economy or the society so from a certain standpoint I agree that we should you know be very lightly but I believe we should be very liberal in terms of the type of guns we allow in the just in the society I just think that we have to place certain regulations too so I'll get into that right so what matters most is you said that the Second Amendment the Second Amendment is the right to bear arms you said period yeah okay so what matters is also the why why yes yes for both internal and external threats so we both agree on that yeah okay good because actually they're often not teaching that in school so I appreciate that you actually acknowledge that that okay the Second Amendment is to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government historically understand why that exists and you said that should include we should be very liberal including most firearms and now you've said certain externality so that's the reason why is it's by the way we would both have to agree it's amendment number two in our Constitution it's a fundamental human right yeah okay so now I'd like you to go on with why and when we should strip people of their human rights sure so for my general understanding there are two major problems with guns and I don't think that mass shootings in general is I mean I think can you guys here conflict so I probably I need you to speak up so I I don't believe that math because when we look at gun violence the problems that I see are gang violence like gun related shooting suicide right so these are the real problems that I think I see with gun gun dads gun violence right now so I think these are the externalities that we have to try to account for No so you mean for example talking about gang violence so externalities like crime yeah now you guys got him nervous he's literally eating the mic jerks like crime absolutely so we should outlaw crime no I agree I think okay let's stop doing this what changes would you make the Second Amendment or what do we need to do differently I don't want to walk around in circles here especially when people get you second Amendment right now gives me the right to keep and bear arms to protect myself against a tyrannical government or someone kicking in my door or all of the above what problem do you have of it so I think just as an addendum to the Second Amendment right and this is gonna be very very unpopular right but I believe that I think we need gun registry I think we need to keep a tally on who has guns and hold on I believe this because I think it can actually aid law enforcement right you can actually create risk pools so we're gonna balance is likely to occur based on you know how many suicides have occurred into it okay so if you have a gun registry you can actually tell you that yeah I appreciate my preview taking time Karthik that's we're gonna end this one if you didn't give it up for Karthik everybody it's hard to hear him and I do ordered them know this is because there's no way hold on a second hands down there's no way you can go wherever you want or you can hang on but there's no way that my mind will be changed on this because we just talked about okay the second member what it is it's a fundamental human right to defend against a tyrannical government and this is one thing that kind of happens at the left it's a circular feedback loop what's the solution to give the government the ability to know exactly who has guns when they have guns where they have guns why to empower the police force keep in mind the left today as we know them of course as today's social movement these are the people who believe that police officers are off you know offing black kids and record numbers just because the melon and their skin so to say that we acknowledge that the second member is a fundamental human right to defend against a tyrannical government would fly in the face of the idea of a gun registry and if you look at this you look at the Australian buyback that people often point to you look at what's happened in places where there are gun registries yes it is used directly to infringe upon people's human rights which is the entire purpose of the Second Amendment in the first place I ascend wanting you down that trail you know you guys couldn't hear him I don't think it's a particularly convincing argument the certain second of your gun registry I'm not on board but yeah this guy good to go go go ahead give a gun registry in the state of Illinois well then don't be don't be so upset when i insult illinois gosh right sorry go ahead i'm pro name again Jonah Jonah Jonah and I see I am Pro Second Amendment appreciate it I changed my mind okay you guys have a gun registry in Illinois okay yeah we're gonna say yes should cut home jeez okay all right guys guys guys guys different gangs this isn't Gangs of New York okay mister dead rabbits is not the four-corners everyone just calm down Jonah is here we wanted to be calm collected I am Pro Second Amendment I appreciate you taking the time to sit down thank you very much I appreciate it you look like that key to that actor who's in the black Donnelly's you ever seen that show I've not there was a film I think called the ruins by the way can people hear me all right it was a pretty big issue if they can't hear you discussion or discussion what if you want to call sure well I think this define returns I know this is an argument I want to be really clear I think we've had some really really productive discussions with several different people today I don't think that I don't think that there's necessarily a negative connotation I wouldn't give a negative connotation in this context with with an argument but this is being around the bush discussion fine okay okay so you're a second per second minute right yes okay and as we as you did let's define what sec amendment is it's gonna totally agree with you it's too sweet it actually good appreciate it no one listen by the way I I haven't I'm not using them people keep keep an eye on this I'm not using the notes so I would like I would love to for you to read the Second Amendment well he of Russian collusion I will Joe now I would like for you to read the sanctimony that they're just being there just rambunctious because they didn't get tranny Bane out here if you can read the Second Amendment for me I'd appreciate a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed okay so you just read the Second Amendment wonderful and still no so we both still agree on what it yes and like let's just clarify it right so is the right to keep and bear arms to protect yourself against foreign and domestic threats good including including government thank you so let's let's do that the implications of that statement or I want to take I'm gonna bash or I should be able to go buy me a tank right now yeah would you good that's it here's what's ironic about that statement um first off tanks are allowed in Europe which is very interesting to me and are you aware about Madison's letter of marque and reprisal I'm not okay this is a letter actually giving it was a letter issued to a private ships and hey are we allowed to have cannons on this ship to protect from pirates and Addison said the Second Amendment of course you are so we say that cannons are at least similar to a tank back then it was the most basically advanced weapon or you could have well so so let me get this let me make sure I understand what you're saying you're saying back in the day you could get not just musket but you said you can get cannon cannon yes yes yes I'm saying that yes back in the day the Second Amendment covered yes all so are all small arms all individual arms that could be used defensively yes so you saying that I should be able I'm eighteen should I be able to go buy a tank because that was that worst off I know you brought the Constitution why don't we do this let's let's bring up do me a favor bring up the definition of arms I mean arms I'd like you to bring it up if you bring up the constant I would like you to bring up the definition of arms to make sure that we're not going on down a rabbit trail but maybe we just agree words we might search up arms I'm gonna get arms well no search up arms in it I'm sure when merriam-webster smart smart smart to document there it'll give you the definition of arms I just since I'm not using reference you know I just think it's I just I'm asking you to be handsome I will say one part about you I you see I can't say and is the Wi-Fi is terrible that's the only part anyway it's not it's not bringing up arms it's not can can someone bring up the definition of arms again because I just okay who has a definition of arms as it relates to weaponry you said you had it so you're like that kid in class like I have the answer on the antenna still you want to stand on I forgot my answer okay arms okay Q want to read that free Thank You Nucky Jared [Applause] weapons and ammunition armaments ok weapons and ammunition armaments ok and then it says underneath out of hat includes a list just see weapons firearms guns artillery ordnance yeah well you know the last kid said you do you want a society cuz cuz I mean this is the Second Amendment there the whole point of why we have a court right why we have a judiciary is to interpret what that means right know what the implications are really so you don't think that the courts were in it were the founding fathers well that made the judiciary to interpret the Constitution to interpret our laws and those implications to ensure the authenticity and the implementation of the Constitution that's why I think we would both have a problem with activist judges on either side activist judges I mean they're it's it's supposed to be an inherently non-political position that's obviously not the case right but but certainly like you know the lifetime appointments right so you you'll you'll have both judges on both sides okay but forget about that for so let's go let's go let's go back your thing is I don't wanna get you off topic and I don't want to think of it being unfair let's go to the judiciary decision the most recent of which is DC vs. Heller okay that's the most that that well that's the most fundamental Second Amendment case in modern history so this is actually where we went down and there were dissenting voices it lost so the Second Amendment is currently as it is interpreted and it's interpreted as a way that you and I disagreed upon which is people have the right to keep and bear arms period so this was up Helen versus to Helen brother gonna bust a Helen Keller I always get a color versus DC what's really important there is you talk about the judiciary because now we're talking about interpretation of the Second Amendment so let me be really clear before because I want to then I'll let you know what the judiciary interpretation was the Second Amendment what's your interpretation of a Second Amendment well as I said I I said it when we first started okay good so again that I but I'm but I guess I'm saying right like the First Amendment and where's the disagreement then I guess we can okay so we can limit the First Amendment now know what is libel favorite libel slander by all limitations on your freedom of speech in the same way no and I'll meet your second event so incorrect but continue come off here right so so right so I don't believe that I should be able to go buy a tank per se okay I'd say that's that's that's promotion of general welfare that's that's domestic tranquility right so that like I think that the government has a variety of purposes and I know you might I know you believe in a small government that's fine but there are inherent purposes and having a government that's why we have a country the last wise okay fine so so in my mind the government should and ought to limit certain things for example I should not be able to buy a tank what I would really like to get back to is I mean do you could you give me a favor because you just you just kind of jumped around to a bunch of different things the first amendment first off where your yeah you went to libel and slander two very different things and they're illegal by the way for different reasons which do not infringe upon the First Amendment just like when people use the argument yelling fire in a crowded theater it's the call to action libel or slander is actually something that it's designed to hurt somebody one in the written form one in the spoken form which is untrue so what you're effectively suing for an it's a crime because it causes damages in a very tangible way that is fundamentally untrue it's not it's not about freedom of speech you can say anything you want you can right now say anything you want you can you can yell out right now that I'm at I'm a dick yeah okay thank you very much so you can and I just I'm not suing you there are no damages there okay for example could you just jumped around set of limitations the first moment I agree and there aren't so let's go back to the Second Amendment or the second time what we agreed on it but now you're saying there are limitations as they need to be interviewed that need to be interpreted judicially correct well I'm saying I'm saying I think it oftentimes you all hear conservatives take this extreme approach where whereby they would say oh okay let's talk about like right now right people are people are trying to you know ban semi autos or cetera there's a whole bunch of things bump stocks the whole thing right and they say people second amendment well let's not talk about that great because that's not what all think that we should repeal the Second Amendment many of them do I don't know if that's true I mean where you where you're getting that you just you just you just discussed in theory repealing the First Amendment that's what you just did you know what I do not say let's repeal the First Amendment I had no point when you say let's put limitations we can put limitations on the freedom of speech we currently cannot do that that is fundamentally altering the First Amendment I'm calling an addendum as opposed to repeal I'm saying libel and whatever again let's get away from the first minute my point is what's your problem the second amount let's go what is your problem if I stop them as we both agreed it to be and then we'll move on from here conservatives often will say I want my high-capacity magazine because when and when the government ultimately ultimately becomes tyrannical and that's up for debate but show or fine under the assumption that all governments become tyrannical no no no okay long second this is something that we have that you can't do I know you came and you said looking for an argument I think because you are you more of an argumentative person I'll say yes because what you just did was you presumed my premise you said most conservatives and then you brought up some that most conservatives do not believe and then you said all the assumption that all governments become tyrannical so these are presumptions that you're making that I didn't make so what I want to do and find is avoid that and I talk about this a lot anyone who follows a program I've not assumed your motive I've not assumed your position the reason for picking our terms our definition here it's not trickery it's the opposite of it because I don't want to assume your position I want to hear your position so your position in the Second Amendment you're a problem with it as you as you've agreed with me it to be again so let me expand I say I'm saying oftentimes I hear conservatives say well no you said all governments are coming to radicals so but what is your problem with a second amount so I'm getting there okay my problem with it's not even so much my part so my problem with the sec amendment is how conservatives talk about it and then not follow through on their logical premise so what I'm going to get so I guess what I'm saying is oftentimes guys don't you don't shut him down okay listen you guys let's have this conversation I think it's more productive if we can hear what he has to say and I appreciate in some doubts I appreciate your your your enthusiasm but let's let's let him go I'm saying oftentimes I conservatives say oh I need us I mean an ar-15 I need a high-capacity magazine because I need to be able to protect myself from the government right which is the purpose of the Second Amendment and so then I'm gonna say okay so in order to fully protect yourself in the Second Amendment you ought to have a tank is that what you're saying and I think that's kind of an absurd is not what I'm saying I'm not saying in order to protected you ought to have a tank of someone right okay so it let's say the military all of a sudden tomorrow turns wants to take over the government do a coup d'etat whatever then they'll come stroll into your house and and do whatever they want right because they have a tank and you can shoot them with your semi-automatic weapon but like the tanks gonna win no no you don't go with an ar-15 over a tank right like that's ridiculous no no everyone everyone quiet no um I'll go with an entirely armed citizenry over a government with a registry able to take their guns away so hold on a second here you just made a bunch of presumptions no I'm not saying you ought to own a tank it seems to me your problem is with conservative interpretation of the Second Amendment and so what you use to substantiate that is what I think you guys if anyone takes philosophy in college this reverse Nirvana fallacy so you're talking about an imbalance of power the government has tanks right so you're allowing this presumption to let's say this this theory this the philosophical portion this equation the government let's say became tyrannical okay sure let's agree with that so what you're saying if they perchance became tyrannical they would have this incredible advantage because they'd have tanks not to mention drones nukes and your solution to this imbalance and power is to create an even and even greater discrepancy in power so I see what you're saying and and and that makes sense I guess my point is I'd take an ar-15 over nothing I take 300 million Americans with an ar-15 over a tank and I certainly would take my fundamental human right to own one and I certainly would take my fundamental human right over someone else's interpretive opinion of it so this doesn't change the fact of none of us have disagreed it doesn't change the facts of what the Second Amendment is but again yes if you look at Afghanistan you look at gorillas warfare you'll look at for example Switzerland with world war two armed citizens it is it absolutely is a deterrent we know it to be illiterate neutral in World War two no Switzerland was neutral or two but Switzerland every person was armed geographically and because of an arms populace if you look at documentation that was a big part that allowed them be neutral you read about the Japanese talking about the Americans well they didn't want to get into a land war that it was jealous I'm sorry all right you actually think that a military is the rid yes I do I well I guess then we have a very fundamental misunderstanding that you think a military is scared of the US population because there's a reason they're doing it they were getting upset because you're not being very civil when you presume things that I didn't say okay so none of this changed what the Second Amendment is pragmatically speaking absolutely of course I do believe that an armed citizenry versus the tyrannical government is far better than a completely disarmed citizenry I know you disagree there but yeah I think that that's better overall it doesn't change the fact that I've a fundamental human right in this country to self-protection regardless of your opinion so the reason I ask you this because your problem has been with the interpretation from conservatives as you said on the Second Amendment I'm gonna have to wrap it up here okay this is my this is this is my issue I have a problem with the leftist the liberal interpretation of the Second Amendment and that goes back to when I asked you before about Hell our versus DC because we're talking judicially the Supreme Court do you know what the dissenting opinions the opinions on your side of the ledger were for their view of the Second Amendment well I don't but I know that New York in New York State there's another I'm gonna give you that and then and then I appreciate was it was it Jonah Jonah thank you very much let me let's let's give it a round of applause for Jonah I would encourage people to look up New York State wife rifle and pistol Association versus Cuomo okay thank you a ar-15s were not protected under the second okay I appreciate it um but I would like you to look up I appreciate I would like you to look up hella versus DC and this is so important because Heller versus DC it's not so much by the way we have an interpretation of the Second Amendment as we know it today I don't have a right this is actually gonna be the last one so thank you to Jonah I want to I want to leave it on this because this is really important we've talked about this quite a bit I actually have written down actually I would have you come and look at this to see if we can rob write it but you know what the truth is I don't even know that actually do you want Debbie to come on back out I [Applause] think hold on a second Debbie I don't know where this is there's two genders change my mind male priviledge is a Miss change my mind pro-gun is somewhere back here Debbie you want to talk well I do this to buy time we was here from knocking [Applause] everyone comment and sport you're worse than Karthik sound off like you've got a pair see now you see what happens when I give him control of the mic No [Applause] [Applause] okay so Debbie I want to sit down by the way don't take any pictures because we're gonna sell it's only for $5 but come on you guys can't just steal the intellectual property that's another argument it doesn't electril properly actually exist and where does it infringe upon the rights of physical property change my mind okay so something that I find interesting actually here he surprisingly didn't no one brought up the mass shootings argument we have an overall kind of strategy that it write down have a brilliant researcher named reg who helps me and we prepared we sit down and kind of do mock debates for every scenario listen by the way I'm showing this to show you I'm not some skilled Donata like a Ben Shapiro I'm not this really I'm not a Thomas soul I'm a comedian who happens to have a platform and I'm so humbled and grateful for it and I'm just hoping that I can help you guys go forward so you can have these conversations and actually change people's minds that's one thing that knocking Jared now will say you know when we went out we did change my mind the first time we thought there's no way this is gonna be a hit because I had been on Fox News for four and a half years and they're always like soundbite kids soundbite you know if you can less like Al Sharpton just made things rhyme before he has that stroke and the teleprompter and we would sit down and do an hour conversation and it was just what tens of millions of plays I don't know how many it's been one of our most successful segments because it tells me that there's a craving for truth out there right now that people want to see something wrong they want to see something real and it surprised us it overwhelmed us and so it's unbelievable that we're able to do this and people will listen and I do hope that it's productive and I want more people to go out we see people sending in pictures will change my mind booths we appreciate it and so eventually we're gonna do the book yeah it's a meme now to pee is stored in balls I know reading it please continue meaning me so we have some strategies here debit it says that where we kind of write down overall this will be in the book and we sell make them define their terms make them determine what the Second Amendment is make them substantiate their claims in this case no one really actually had any change the second moment but ask for their solution determine exactly where their line is have some positive this is something very important have positive solutions to offer right but I want to see the last claim that he made was you think you should be able to have a tank I believe right hold on let's see let's see where this is because I believe that this is in here somewhere hold on a second ah one second okay here you go let's read this claim right here deeper now okay okay so you say we need gun to insist tyranny do you seriously think that you can resist the US government with your own guns that is the exact argument that we just heard correct and this is exactly we talked about this is a reverse Nirvana fallacy it's this idea of well we already live in a society where there's this discrepancy in power when the government has so much power so the solution I don't know it's so illogical to me the solution should be to strip the people who are already less powerful of the power they currently have it doesn't stand to reason does the argument hold water it does not it doesn't hold water and that's what the Socratic method is I've talked about this quite a bit Debbie have anything else you want to peruse or reader no Debbie everybody Oh second alright so we're gonna get going pretty soon here and that's well thank you very much I appreciate like I said hopefully next time we come into our bana we bring one DePaul how many of you here will make the trip out to the ball for a four with the kick-ass fog machine the light show the security we used to des mu by the way we have been we're so grateful and so humble we've been grossly under estimating the audience's that show up as we did here today this is last minute it was planned yesterday with McFarlane auditorium at SMU we had to turn away people in a 2500 seat auditorium just making sure that the exits there are secured required I think 1825 police officers and so we're really trying to get everything up to snuff here we actually specifically for you guys just so you know specifically because of the miscommunication that fell through and security not being as helpful as we would have liked them to and specifically because they weren't able to get in and bring in our equipment we bought a shitty news van slash bus to equip so when things like this happen we can an emergency drive across the country and get to you guys faster that way we can actually broadcast we will broadcast from the van on the side of the road if we have to we'll find a place this is the deal we've talked about this is no longer just coming to play nice this is intellectually a hostile takeover we are coming to your campuses period whether you're bidding us or not we're gonna find a way we'll be right near the campus we want to come in and do a lottery with cutter light it's a comedy show we wanted in the same shows that liberals are able to do on campus we want to come in and make it entertaining for you guys so everyone can have a night of laughs and escape for a little bit but if we're not allowed to if they start putting up these roadblocks we'll just get in the bus and drive up anyway because you guys and I say this I'm hunched over here I feel like The BFG you guys this is genuinely about everyone out here and I appreciate it when here being respectful and not shutting anyone down this is not about the police officers on campus this is not about the College Republicans this is not about me it's not about knocking chaired it's about the audience here the fans people out there who crave truth who want to walk in the light of truth right now on campus and I know it's hard I know it's an email here today this is something I don't like I hate to end it on it on a dour note but it's happening that's in you can I talk about this is a little bit a little bit kind of sensitive this kid sent an email today he talked to me and I gave him an email to send it to and this is not to be self-aggrandizing it's because I think not gage here would agree we've realized the responsibility that we have and that's why everyone got into a van and drove for 14 hours yeah 14 hours I I had to fly them get in the van back with him I'm not looking forward to it there was one flight left to Champaign fairly a bustling airport but a kid came up when he talked to me after SMU and he said uh you know your show saved my life I know that sounds like well how could he said I was I felt so alone and I was very depressed and I'm a conservative on campus and I was constantly vilified and as I came out of the closet the conservative lost friends and I think I won't get into private details but this is someone who obviously has some some mental health issues which is also why the by the way I don't believe in removing fundamental human rights for people who have mental health issues because that's one thing when we talk about not wanting to stigmatize all gun owners I think it's also important to not stigmatize anyone who has PTSD or someone who has a teenager was depressed and miserable because I tried to whack him out on drugs for the word more like kids and then they all begun to protect themselves because they have some issues he said I was depressed apparently I shouldn't say kid apparently PTSD pennis was someone who I believe served it wasn't entirely clear you never know what's the left sometimes I'll say PTSD because we came on campus but I do believe this one actually had it he said you know really I was depressed I was in a bad place I was suicidal and in watching this show made me feel less alone and here's the thing that the only point to this this is we want to arm you guys arm gosh we're gonna get in trouble with the ability to provide information to everyone on campus we want you to all be able to provide your own arguments this is the opposite of exclusivity this is the opposite of having some secret formula we want to give it out to as many people as possible we want all of you to be able to have these conversations and change minds we want you to be able to do so in a way that's productive you don't listen obviously our show is pretty offensive but we don't want to give you don't want to give the left an excuse just by being a dick and not being able to substantiate it that's why we're out here is to make sure that you guys don't feel alone to make sure that you guys don't feel afraid and if you see people like us if you see us get banned from Twitter if you see us get banned tweet you if you see us not able to come up be able to visit campus I know we see kids what's shot do you have we got these emails all the time this kid kid this guy said he was really depressed and it made him feel less alone and this is one thing that I think everybody needs to understand I think changed my mind this this whole conversation has helped you see with black lives matter you see what the idea of male privilege you see what the idea of modern feminism you see you when they interfere and by the way here's the thing I understand that some of these people have had some pretty bad breaks and these groups I understand that some of them have legitimate grievances but what I also understand is they do not have a corner on feeling alone or on being afraid none of them do no one has a corner on being afraid no one has a corner having a tough life listen black lives matter coming out and talking about systemic discrimination I get that this guy might have had a bad encounter but are you gonna tell me that just because of the melanin in his skin his experience was worse than a guy who came in out of the military from abuse about father who was suicidal with PTSD felt so alone he was close to blowing his brains out and then what helped him was watching a show with not gay Jer and I dressed up like Swedish twins that should tell you how afraid people are right now out there and the reason we do this the reason we came here and showed up and like I said I know it's not ideal we really wanted to put on something else for you guys is just because I want you all to understand that you don't have to be afraid there are a lot of things to be afraid of speaking up is not one of them the fact that you're here since I've been alive this is an opportunity right now and everyone look at this this would have not happened five years ago this would have not happened right after Barack Obama was elected and not only to happen it happened without riots it happened without looting and having to react seated people down and you were more polite to them than they were to you even though you'll watch the show that has people like tranny Bane in my half Asian lawyer telling Twitter to go fuck themselves you can have fun and you can still be productive and above all else do not be afraid we love you guys so much let him hear you or you [Applause] thank you

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  12. This guy is a joke, he could not stand the idea that somebody could have a better point of view, very disappointed of you crowder.

  13. The first time I watched this I thought Yusuf won. On the second watch through, I can’t actually see how… I think Crowder wins.

    For example, Crowders argument that policing is a necessary “socialist” aspect does not mean socialism is good in all of its capacities is true.

    That’s just one example… but I don’t see how Yusuf said anything that should change Crowders mind. I don’t see how taking money off someone to pay for something that person doesn’t want to pay for, when it is not necessary for the good of all (but good for an individual) is not evil/immoral.

    What did Yusuf say that stops that act being immoral?

  14. Crowder i love you but i couldn’t keep watching at the 20 minute mark because you were cutting off the man when he was making his argument. I understand you want to discuss every aspect of what he was saying but he was not cutting you off…

  15. Uuum, I went to reply to Crowder’s question in the comments, and he’s disabled it….

    Guess I’ll do it here.

    No, socialism won’t work for America. We have too much freedom as it is, and if we started allowing people to live off of the Uber wealthy, our economy would tank in less than 5 years.

    Having said that, I REALLY wanted to hear what Yusuf has to say. I’m actually really disappointed in your inability to allow him to speak. Was it because he was making good points, and so you had to shit him down? He wasn’t a liberal hack. If anything, he was simply somewhat of a free thinker, that had a some good ideas. However, every time he would start to address your question with one of his “Paragraphs”, as you called it, you would butt in and spout off a whole chapter. Moreover, the fact that you actually get upset over two words that he simply used descriptively, was childish Crowder.

    I’m at a loss for words here. I literally wait to get notifications from you, every week. I hadn’t seen this one, and now I’m starting to understand why. I can’t actually believe you added it in here. You clearly botched the debate, and stomped out what could have been one of the best debates we had seen on here yet.

    In my world, that’s a loss….we literally just watched you lose a debate….Your mind wasn’t even ALLOWED to be changed, and all because I think you felt yourself losing control of the conversation.

    This was hard to watch…..

  16. This was soooo painful to watch. Steven really got defensive, interrupted him so many times, and just flat out lost. It directly contradicts the many times he called others rude and defensive as if he is never capable of such. Something tells me that his intentions is not to have actual conversations that hopefully give a clearer picture for Americans. I think he just gets off on just debating. And that is someone that really doesnt care about this country or its people at all.

  17. Idk why so many people are criticizing Steve,he may have lost but I mean they did put this in the video,and even so he did give props to the first dude multiple times

  18. Main problem with the first kid that thinks he's a genius, is that Denmark Sweden and Norway are the size of New Jersey and have a population of around 5 million

  19. I dont agree with Yusef, and I am a big fan of crowder. But Yusef completedly destroyed Steven in this debate. You can see Steven is unwilling to concede an idea even when its apparent that he got owned. Crowder jumped on the opportunity to delegitimize him. Thats the first sign that he knew we was getting owned.

  20. @StevenCrowder I have a question and I sincerely wonder this. If redistribution under the idea of socialism aka a tax is theft, does that mean all tax is theft? If that is true then should would get rid of taxes because it is immoral?

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