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from a young age were taught fidelity to the system and to the state we all grow up saying the Pledge of Allegiance in school but the words under God we take for granted those words were added to the pledge of allegiance in 1954 to exclude American communist communist of course our godless heathens that piece of history is largely unknown but the ideology behind it is probably being most known idea American Society this town may appear to be an accurate likeness of a typical American community but it's a fraud it isn't free socialism has spread the shadow of human regimentation over most of the nations of the earth and the shadow is encroaching upon our own liberties if a person defends the activities of communist nations while consistently attacking the domestic and foreign policy of the United States she may be a communist now that you become acquainted with the enlightened communist system in contrast to the out stated capitalistic way of life you are now prepared for the next step current doctrine ation you won't have to worry about next year the state will do your planning from now on overthrow it by force and violence will have our way if it means bloodshed and killer there's a new communism getting around and it's only another word sleep in almost every industrialized country in the world socialist parties have huge representations large membership bodies and hold many elected position in government but in America everyone knows that being called a socialist or communist carries an immediate negative connotation the term is frequently used to smear people in groups not necessarily for being one but merely for associating with one so what is this unacceptable ideology to find out I talked to a founder of a socialist organization in the United States the party for socialism and liberation a long time socialist organizer brain Becker people think Karl Marx is the originator of socialism maybe modern socialism but you look at early Christianity early Islam the early tenets of Judaism a lot of it has a yearning for the old days the yearning to go back to primary or social existence where there's cooperation and equality socialism is the ideology reflecting the desire by people who want change people who want to get rid of the evils and the in justices of the capitalist society and replace it with a new society a society based on public ownership and public ownership means that it's sort of the corporations and the banks and the wealth all that which is created by the labor of human beings working people instead of that wealth being accrued and accumulated by a small percentage it is used for society's needs in the United States Constitution people are given political rights the homeless get the right to vote every two or four years but they don't have the right to a home the socialist program is everyone must have the right to employment or an income if they can't work everyone as a guaranteed constitutional right must have a place to live that's affordable and health care should be free and education should be free now those four things that's the hallmark of the socialist program that's been demonized but if you ask most American P well certainly they have not they'll think yeah those are pretty good things and what are socialism's roots here in America well socialism has very deep roots in America most Americans don't know it but the rise of the kindergarten the rise of public education the rise of something called social security that is when you retire and no longer productive no longer able to be employed by a capitalist productively you should not be living a life of poverty Social Security the idea of unemployment insurance meaning when you're laid off not for any fault of your own but because the capitalist system routinely go through economic recessions and depressions you should be cared for by an unemployment insurance these are the ideas that originated with the socialist movement in the late 1800s there was an intense battle between organized labor in the country's industrial capitalists with socialists in the leadership the labor movement was on the cusp of winning the eight-hour workday and the corporate owners were willing to do anything to keep working their workers to the bone workers on strike all over were shot and killed by police during this fight for what seems like such a basic human right today in 1887 seven anti-capitalist leaders in the movement were sentenced to death on trumped-up charges four of them publicly hanged there's a clear message to anyone involved in radical politics the battling ideologies of capitalism and socialism in America is more than just opposing arguments it's been a real battle with real weapons where one side was exiled sent to prison and murdered anti-communist paranoia continued to build struggles that outraged the rich like child labor laws and women's right to vote were labeled the red plot President Woodrow Wilson was helping push for new laws that officially criminalized opinions not deeds in 1915 in his State of the Union address he declared there are citizens of the United States who have poured the poison of disloyalty in the very arteries of our national life who have sought to bring the authority and good name of our government into contempt such creatures of passion and disloyalty and anarchy must be crushed out and the mission to crush out anti-capitalist ideas was in full effect as World War one began a coalition of socialists and anarchists who'd been leading the militant labor and anti-war struggle was a primary target over 90 IWW leaders were mass arrested and given the lengthy prison sentences repression in the courts was reinforced by hired gangs and lynch mobs allowed by the state to carry out vigilante actions in 1917 the oil company controlled newspaper Tulsa World printed on its front page the first step in whipping Germany is to strangle the IWW kill them just as you would kill any other kind of snake and they did kill them not your alone big businesses thugs like the Pinkerton gang lynched many IWW leaders frank little a popular IWW leader of Mineworkers in Butte Montana was beaten dragged behind a car and hang from a railroad trestle that same year Wilson legislated the criminalization of dissent bypassing the Espionage Act included in the US government sweeping definition of espionage suggesting that you shouldn't be used as cannon fodder in a war between ruling elites 1918 famous American socialist and presidential candidate Eugene Debs gave a speech in Canton Ohio he said wars throughout history have been waged for conquest and plunder the feudal barons of the Middle Ages the economic predecessors of the capitalists of our day declared all wars and they're miserable serfs fought all battles taught to revere their masters to believe that when their masters declared war upon one another it was their patriotic duty to fall upon one another and to cut one another's throats for the profit and glory of the lords and barons they alone declare war yours not to reason why yours but to do and die if war is right let it be declared by the people you who have your lives to lose you certainly above all others have the right to decide the momentous issue of war or peace for these words alone Deb's was arrested convicted and sentenced to ten years in prison the charge obstructing recruitment many others who did nothing but speak against the war met the same fate during the patriotic hysteria the Espionage Act was expanded into the most repressive law in US history the Sedition Act read whoever shall willfully utter print write or publish any disloyal profane scurrilous or abusive language about the form of government of the United States or the military or naval forces of the United States or advocate teach defend or suggest the doing of any of the acts shall be punished over 1,500 people were arrested under this law those convicted faced up to 20 years in prison everything and everyone target books and future films were seized by the government every postmaster in the country was under orders to monitor all mail and refused to mail newspapers and magazines deemed on despite this repression major victories were still won during World War one workers were able to win higher wages but after the war their bosses wanted those wages back the captains of industry in America had just watched peasants and industrial workers and Russia rise to power it had reverberations everywhere people all over the US stood up to the attacks on their jobs and wages in a wave of strikes in 1919 one out of every five workers in America walked off the job the Display of power was formidable US Attorney General Mitchell Palmer a member of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party along with a Justice Department head the young J Edgar Hoover mounted the capitalist counter-offensive Palmer wrote in the case against the Reds like a prairie fire the blaze of revolution was sweeping over every American institution of law and order a year ago it was eating its way into the homes of the American workmen it's sharp tongues of revolutionary heat or licking the altars of the churches leaping in the belfry of the school bell crawling into the sacred corners of American homes seeking to replace marriage vows with libertine laws burning up the foundations of society while they have caused irritating strikes and while they've infected our social ideas with the disease of their own minds and they're on the clean morals we can get rid of them on November 7th 1919 a date chosen and marked the anniversary of the Russian Revolution a series of violent rape without warrants took place in 12 American cities arresting hundreds months later on January 2nd raids took place in more than 30 cities involving federal state and local law enforcement every single socialist office was raided homes of socialists were also rated around 10,000 people were rounded up and thrown in jail and Palmer and Hoover's raids thousands of Resident immigrants were deported for being communists the raids became notorious for their extreme brutality such a massive operation dealt a huge blow to the Socialist Movement and was a clear message of terror to anyone who considered joining a socialist group similar state sanctioned a violent repression of socialists continued in the following years police departments formed official red squads or police intelligence units working with business elites Unleashed terror on party members they conducted mass surveillance rated their meetings and ransacked their offices as a Los Angeles police commissioner said in defense of their red squad in the 30s the more the police beat them up and wrecked their headquarters the better communists had no constitutional rights white socials and become so strong and also so demonized and attacked at the late 19th century in early 20th century well it was really about power the the socialist movement started to arise when the the ugliness of urban proletarian or bourgeois society the working of 14 16 hours a day the working of children to the bone the working of people so that they died at a tender age because they work so long those kind of oppression suffered by the modern working family that gave rise to a socialist movement people who said we work all day and for what so that the capitalist the big robber barons can get ever richer we want ours and that was the beginning both of the union movement and the beginning of socialist movements socialist newspapers and socialist parties in the United States despite repression over those decades socialism in America is still flourished in 1912 there were 13 daily socialist newspapers 12-month leaves and 298 different weekly socialist publications Eugene Debs who ran for president on the platform of making the United States a socialist country won 6% of the vote over 7 million votes by today's population and at a time when women in African Americans were barred from the ballot box Deb's party the Socialist Party had a hundred eighteen thousand active members the Communist Party which had eight thousand members in 1929 swelled to a hundred thousand in just ten years beloved figures embrace and joined communist parties such as Langston Hughes Pete Seeger and Helen Keller between 1898 and 1933 there are 57 different socialist mayor's selected in 23 states from Nebraska to Florida to New Jersey in 1911 alone 74 different US cities and towns elected socialists as mayor or major officers still small relative to the population size socialists in America made themselves felt by wall street with their militancy and uncompromising class consciousness very losing our power altogether the Empire's kingpins granted major concessions with a new deal to try to quell the workers rebellion the movement at home wasn't the only thing scaring the elites a rapidly changing world catapulted the repression that wasn't a response by the elites in America to the Bolshevik Revolution here in Russia you had poor people in the cities and in the countryside take the power hold the power and say that there are a socialist government that inspired socialists all over the world socialists started in China and Vietnam and Korea but also in America and so the government came down heavy with the Palmer Raids to say we're not going to tolerate a reticle general generalized radical resistance as evidenced by the Russian Revolution so what happened in 1917 was the ruling class in America was panic-stricken it was stricken with the idea that this contagion of revolution could spread to the poor within the United States and that if they could organize themselves if they could have a space to organize then they could succeed if they did in Russia from a historical point of view I think it's really good remember that when the Haitian Revolution happened the slaves in Haiti the first slave revolution it had a panic impact on American the American capitalist class which at that time was a slave owning ruling class when George Washington and his Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson rush money to the beleaguered white racist regime in Haiti to stop the Haitian Revolution in the 1790s and in 1804 there was a kind of Red Scare at that time where all black people in the South had their movements restricted because there was a fear that the contagion of revolution from Haiti to the southern states in the United States could lead to a slave revolution the era of anti-communism that followed of world war ii was fierce in 1946 Congress passed the taft-hartley Act it was an unprecedented purge of socialist Union members of which there were many up until this point half of the unions in America wanted a leadership of socialists but with the new law every single Union officer was required to sign an affidavit pledging that they did not believe in socialism if you didn't sign you lost your job knowing that art could dangerously convey ideas the government wanted to have tight control over that too in 1947 the House Committee on on American activities began to target people in the entertainment industry dangerous professions such as screenwriters actors directors producers technicians authors musicians and others were all summoned to Congress and forced to publicly swear that they were not communists those who said they were were barred from employment and blacklisted in Hollywood but you didn't even have to say you were to get punished I just had to assert your rights like a tense screenwriters and directors who took a stand against the nationwide witch hunt we are aware of a developing nightmare of fear in our land in which increasing numbers of citizens are being forced to swear I am NOT this I am NOT that I don't belong to anything I don't believe in anything I don't criticize any loyalty ODEs and loyally board and nobody is loyal who criticizes the bipartisan foreign policy force control and bringing the university campuses and UK here's being fired film studios enlisting in the Cold War labor leaders being framed perjured testimony lawyers sent to prison for defending their client all ten decided that when asked if they were communist they would refuse to answer all ten were sent to prison for those who were open communists well they were just arrested under the Smith act it was being illegal for anyone to be a member of the Communist Party in a surprise attack the state arrested everyone who held a leadership position in the party all of them were sent to prison over a hundred were convicted of being communists and given sentences of up to six years jailed for nothing with their beliefs during this period 5,000 communists were forced to flee the country more than a thousand went to prison the climate was such that anyone who even leaned to the left was completely persecuted but just to show how far it would take things in the legal system the US government went beyond a hard prison sentences in 1951 Communist Party members Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were found guilty as being spies but their sentences would be much different than their predecessors the judge convicted them not for espionage but for the murder of all the American soldiers who've been sent to die in Korea On June 19 1953 they were executed it seems like there had been waves of anti-communism before World War two and after World War two it seemed like anti communism was pretty much locked in how did the Cold War impact the repression on the left here at home after World War two you had Soviet Union got stronger China had its revolution Vietnam had a revolution revolutions were happening all over the world against colonialism so the US elites bankers politicians and of course the repressive agency said we're going to stop that in its track in the United States we're not going to let it flower communism after World War two became synonymous with the struggle against the Soviet Union communism was treated no longer it's an indigenous movement for social progress and social justice and equality but a Fifth Column and extension of an enemy State and of course the US and the Soviet Union had nuclear weapons pointed at each other so if you are a communist if you were sympathetic to the Soviet Union sympathetic socialism then you were a traitor and you were treated as such and that's what happened tens of thousands of people lost their jobs hundreds of thousands of people were driven out of industry people decided then and there I won't sign a petition I won't go to a demonstration I won't have anything to do with the left because if I do I could ruin my chances for employment or education and it could impact my entire family that's what actually happened in the United States the United States government has a lot of power the US media the corporate owned media has represented the view of the United States to the letter and so the witch-hunt that began in 1945 4647 McCarthyism became what I would say the unofficial religion of the United States it had it was an article of faith you had to swear that you renounced the devil renounce communism renounce socialism so that you could work so that you could have a career so that you could thrive in any possible way it became a rule for existence in the United States and so you had not only censorship but self-censorship millions of people decided I'm just not going to identify as a socialist or a communist even if I think those thoughts because I can't survive within this system the vicious anti-communism of the 40s and 50s effectively snuffed out the left and the big cities where the movement had always been strong finally the plutocrats felt safe from the pitchforks but a challenge to the systems white supremacy suddenly reared its head in the rural South in Montgomery Alabama a new mass movement was born the state used its weapons of red-baiting violence and imprisonment waging an all-out assault on those who wouldn't accept the status quo it was used as a tactic to negatively demonize people in the black liberation struggle so and it was effective so if black leaders or organizations started to become too popular or too radical they were they were labeled as red or communist and that brought the state down on them it made it more difficult for them to organize even within their own communities because of the negative propaganda associated with communism what extent did this State go to supress black liberation movements in the 60s and 70s the state was involved in any number of physical attacks on Black Liberation leaders and organizations from shootouts of the Black Panther Party straight-out assassinations of leaders like dr. King and Malcolm X both of whom have had their their high-profile assassinations was strong documentation decidedly attached to this state being involved directly or indirectly political imprisonment is still rampant many of those who were involved in those struggles are still locked down in the dungeons of the United States to this day for their involvement the counterintelligence program as it was famously called was developed specifically to wipe out all manner of the left and was targeted directly specifically at the black liberation struggle why do you think the most radical left and socialist elements of these figures are left out of a narrative you know is in a letter-writing exchange with a political prisoner David Gilbert not long ago one of the still imprisoned white members of the black liberation struggle and this question came up and his response is one I tend to agree with that be scientific element of the struggle was attacked so that we would be left with nothing but those engaged in mysticism and other forms of organizing and leadership that is so that all of those who are engaged in the hardcore science of understanding how capitalism works how imperialism works how violence and media associated with those those enterprises work and who decidedly put in their program a redistribution of goods and services and targeted the economic structures that continue to create the inequality that we still deal with all of those people were were attacked and still are attacked if not physically in their life or through imprisonment sitting holding their physical body their memories and their ideas are attacked posthumously even after death those who are hostile to the state will be turned into as I think Lenin call them sycophants of the state in their in their after lights and their memory we'll be distorted to have them be propped up as one who would have supported what was going on when in fact they dedicated their entire life to destroying it the government's offensive with COINTELPRO was devastating it targeted all socialist organizations and black liberation groups it worked with spies in every single Black Student Union and every College tens of thousands had their homes ransacked by the FBI through this mass surveillance operation the government used a wrecking ball of infiltration sabotage and even assassinations but it wasn't just here the United States launched military intervention in over seventeen countries in the name of fighting communism deciding of destiny and causing untold misery from millions but the collapse of the Soviet Union the capitalists of the world declared the end of history that capitalism had finally triumphed over socialism and would bury it forever but if history has taught them anything it's that even though they scorched the field that grew socialist ideas those seeds does sometimes doorman what's sprout again the Soviet Union collapsed 23 years ago the pretext for fighting communism as part of an international fight against an enemy state that's gone that's vanished capitalism can no longer compare itself to the Soviet Union it can only compare itself to itself and we see within the capitalist society of growing hardship growing income inequality growing poverty one out of every two Americans lives in or near poverty and so as a consequence of this economic division and the inability to justify the old anti-communism there's new space opening up for socialism and you see the Occupy movement people said we are the 99% that was kind of dementia of the beginning of a new socialist context the Sanders campaign even though I don't agree with Bernie Sanders on many issues the fact that tens of thousands of people come to someone who says he's a self-proclaimed socialist and says there should be an end to any income inequality that there should be greater equality the fact that he's on the front cover of Time magazine and it says socialized this comma America and that's not a bad thing that means we're seeing a new day the fog of anti-communism the bigotry the prejudice that's starting to lift in the Sanders campaign success surprising success or the Occupy movement sudden spontaneous growth nationwide these are harbingers of what's coming this war on ideas and alternatives is still being relentlessly pursued every day even 50 years after the Cold War the Empire continues to wage war on every remaining country trying to build up socialism refusing to let even one nation develop alternatives without the constant threat of subversion and overthrew because the last thing the system wants is an example that undermines its supreme truth the inability to question this dogma is deeply ingrained after all capitalism is the bedrock of America like every other myth that acts as the glue to our society this too needs to be challenged the planet is in deep crisis or warned inequality define our world unfettered capitalism and endless consumption cannot and will not last the elite at the helm won't ever give up their security for the good of humanity and the old guard will use every weapon in its arsenal to maintain domination the empires long war against any alternative that challenges this crushing reality is unconscionable we have the right to criticize the system itself without being labeled shut down or worse we can't let the rulers of this system dictate the boundaries of our discussion because in this era where alternatives are desperately needed we have to unite to marginalize their ideas not less then marginalize ours

  1. From killing the natives as foreign settlers to Russia gate(which never happened), The USA is paranoid nation #1

  2. I'd like to see a video on WHEN Hollywood forgave the gov't after they did what they did to them in the 50's & went into bed with them.

    The gov't uses Hollywood for EVERYTHING including their pedo fixation.

    Thanks for the great video Abby. I watched it 2 years ago & have created an article now.

  3. Fuck Abby Martin. Defending commies. I say eliminate every communist in our country. I used to like Abby's content. Socialist's have you on the payroll now eh?

  4. I was born and grew up during Socialism in Eastern Europe, the first thing what Socialists do is they go against rich people
    to help poor, so rich people start running away from the country, economy drops and crime is increased,
    people start stealing to survive and the whole country becomes poor but with free education, dirty cheap housing without any maintenance and terrible free medical.
    I am very scared of Socialists and that's why I am scared of American Democratic Party because they have the same ideas.
    Socialism is the worst that can happen.

  5. People just need to read 1984 and kill all of this socialism nonsense. It’s so insane to trust the gov’t to enforce equality of outcome.

  6. Socialism, Communism and Capitalism are all under government control and don't work. The only system that works is Free Markets. The Democratic Socialist party under Obama was in control for 8 years and the cost of education and healthcare tripled.

  7. This has to be the most disgusting video on yt. If you know anything about socialism and communism, you'll know why I say this. (Here's a hint: It has caused the deaths of tens if not hundreds of millions of people)

  8. ahhh abby martin makes beautiful art! preaches it like my high school teachers, and kicks ass at journalism with a LEFTHOOK. Not too hard on the eyes neither, she could of sold her soul to capitalists like trump for bank tendered career self-security and instead took a shot at being the enemy of the state! Not saying it doesn't take some courage to sell ones soul to misogynists/facists. It is just not winning, to be that trumpian definition of a woman who is "successful". Heck thats TV prime time spot uppin comer, for neonazis with propaganda "SANTA IS WHITE KIDS." Not sure if the audience or aryan in president see it that way. Guessing they more so see things the Roger Ailes way, making that job a truly horrifying one. rather die a poor commie than endure the fox news couch auditions. SO NEVERMIND LEFTISBEST ABBY 0 POINTS FOR SUFFERING

  9. I actually don't want to even look at that stupid metal in your looks stupid and dirty..

  10. if you think about it, socialism is democratic- the people are owners; you get paid a fair, livable wage for labor; you get health care, free education and health care, and affordable housing. Capitalism is undemocratic, unequal, class based; war and military based (needs expansion and cheap "slave" labor)

  11. You people have your heads so far up each others asses, it is sickening. I have an eastern European branch of my family that endured what Socialism/Communism produces: 60+ million deaths, that's ten times what happened under Hitler. Until you understand why that occurs, your words are meaningless. Read Solzhenitsyn and then get back to me with your pro Communist ideas.

  12. Prisoners of conscience, censorship, blacklisting, fictive trials, assasination of dissident leaders, totalitarian propaganda… Isn't that what "Liberal Democracy" used to accuse the Soviet Union of? The whole US oligarchy is one big lying collective Stalin.


    and if they do –


  14. The Communist Manifesto ADVOCATES A VIOLENT REVOLUTION



    I think it is safe for me to assume that a SELF IDENTIFIED COMMUNIST is NO BETTER THAN A NAZI (National Socialist)

    And I reserve the right to treat them the same –

  15. I'd vote for democratic socialism over the overt greed of capitalism and corny politics any day. I'm in complete agreement with the narrative here…

  16. Anarquism is the answer. Christianity was founded by the roman empire as a tool to keep happy the jewish revolts and to control illitarate masses withn the empire. It was not a socialism whatsoever.

  17. The American Socialists should love Trump, because he wants to be friends with Socialistic Russia. He wants every American to have a job, plus wants world peace, so he‘s socialistic, nationalistic and pacifistic. Just perfect.

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