Socialism in 5 Minutes

hi there so as you may well know a dude named Bernie Sanders a self-proclaimed socialist was pretty popular in the last u.s. presidential election and with good reason he had a lot of good ideas and his popularity has also raised the question like what is socialism exactly which is a question a lot of people have including you know me before I found out because the American school system gives you Animal Farm in ninth grade and says oh yes see the pigs mean not capitalism is bad by the way George Orwell was a socialist and that book was a pretty specific critique of Stalin but that's a topic for another video usually when you're taught in school what socialism is you get an intentionally skewed and almost entirely inaccurate view of it because the people telling your teachers what to teach are capitalists and are pretty invested in seeing no one educated as to the alternatives to capitalism so what is socialism if we're doing like dictionary definition its defined as a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production distribution is exchanged be able to regulate it by the community as a whole okay so what the hell does that mean TLDR it's like the common ownership of the means of production man okay so what the hell is laughing basically it means that people who work a K you probably are in control of what you produce worker owned factories are a good example of how this might function that exists within our current framework there are a lot of different ideas as to how this happens we'll get to that also later one way this can function is the workers all form a Council and all the decisions are made democratically by meanings instead of some corporate Arshad who's never even seen the inside of your building deciding what you can and can't do you and the people you work with and decide what you do with the stuff you make some workers councils may decide to elect managers but those managers are just that people who manage things on a wider view as opposed to people who may specialize in only one or two things but this is important they are not treated as superior to any other worker everything is flat horizontal so everyone is it equally and gets an equal share of what they produce socialism is a means of production which is anything that goes into making a product or service belonging to everyone not by a big boss man with his cigar and gray tie I assume but wait you may think doesn't that mean Big Brother government comes in well short answer no long answer no you see the state does more to help capitalism than to hurt it the state is the one who protects corporations the state is the reason corporations are recognized as a thing in the first place the state is the only reason a dude with a lot of money can say hey I have a lot of money I'm a company now and the state is like yeah you're totally a company now and the dudes like you know what it would be sweet if people were breaking the law if they messed with me also here's some money the state and the state is like cool all the things you just said are right but wait you may also be saying what about human nature wouldn't people just be lazy one no because humans behavior adapt to the environment they're placed in if you're placed in a society that those equality there's a good chance you will – and – no because here's the thing you actually have way more incentive to work in socialism because it actually counts you're not being paid like barely enough to make rent barely enough to eat barely have to treat yourself to the very basic pleasures of contemporary life and if you're still stuck on capitalism think about this our technology has increased so much since the Industrial Revolution our standard of living should be high enough that every single one of us should live like kings compared to even a hundred years ago and yet here we are still working minimum-wage jobs paycheck to paycheck struggling to survive it's not a question of how much wealth we have but who has it it's a very basic question of who gets seat this dude or you know everyone bonus round here's what socialism is not libraries public health care free tuition these are not socialism although these things are are also cool there's a whole lot more to say about all this but that's the basics or at least one form of the basics it can be complicated because there's really no one Universal interpretation but for right now just kind of take this as a baseline we'll get to the different forms of socialism and you guessed it later videos oh and one more thing capitalism and socialism cannot coexist they are two entirely different methods of doing things one results in billionaires who do nothing but take money from the paychecks of the workers and the other results in everyone being paid you know like a living wage and more than that even what they're worth which is a whole lot more than they are under capitalism and actually according to some Marxist thought socialism is actually a temporary stage that comes between the fall of capitalism and the practice of communism so wait what the hell is communism then that sounds scary well I'm glad you asked because next time we're going to answer that question until then hit that subscribe button for the reasons that you normally subscribe to a channel and press like if you want if nothing else to counter all the people who come to this page just like it and leave an angry common without even watching the video and of course thank you for actually watching

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