Socialism Gaining Popularity in America, Particularly Among Women: Poll

according to a new poll the concept of socialism is gaining popularity in America particularly among women a new poll for Axios on HBO conducted by Harris found that roughly 40 percent said they would rather live in a socialist country than a capitalist one Axio says that the Soviet era stigma of socialism appears to be fading away especially among women the poll results show that 55 percent of women ages 18 to 54 would prefer socialism to capitalism while Axios reports that a majority of men still favor living in a capitalist country those surveyed were asked what they considered to make up a socialist political system the top response was universal health care with 76 percent of respondents agreeing that it's a component of socialism next at 72 percent was tuition free education and 68 percent of those surveyed said a living wage was part of a socialist government while the lowest response is on the list include 49 percent saying a socialist system includes a dictatorship the results showed 48 percent answered workers owning and controlling their workplaces as another and 46 percent said a socialist system involves a democratically elected government

  1. Do like we do here in Finland. Economy is capitalist but public services are socialist. If you’re driven and ambitious you can work for corporate sector but if you prefer free-time over labour you can work as a civil servant.

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