Socialism: Doomed before it begins!

[Applause] socialism is popular in Britain more popular than capitalism at any rate that was the result of a YouGov survey last year in which 36 percent of respondents expressed a favorable view of socialism while only 32 percent expressed an unfavorable one capitalism meanwhile was viewed unfavorably by 39 percent of respondents and only 33 percent viewed it favorably you don't have to be a devout believer in free markets to wonder why this is the case when the catastrophic failure of socialism is miserable around the world take man availeth a country that just a few years ago was being hailed as party of democratic socialism by everyone who can livingston to those Chomsky to Bernie Sanders American journalist thought about how their the country is the people are lining up compete that's a good thing now thanks to capital Strasburg economic mismanagement venezuela has gone from being the richest country in South America to being one of the poorest it's economy shrank by 18.6% last year while inflation was eight hundred percent shortages of basic essentials including food and medicines have made life in that country unbearable every day thousands n is waiting to you to apply for a passport so that they can move to a different country but without much luck because the government has run out of plastic to laminate passports all of this it's the fact that Venezuela is the most oil-rich country in the world take the two natural experiments where a country has been split into a socialist and a capitalist part Korea and before 1990 Germany or take Cuba where the consequences of its being here to Attalla terry experiments obvious to all you care to look at the evidence socialism doesn't work and it has never worked anywhere for longer than a few years at best so it explains the enduring appeal of this clearly terrible idea every socialist experiment has at some point being praised by Western intellectuals Prague has been dished out even for Stalin Soviet Union and Mao's China but socialism's proponents have been very effective at distancing themselves from real-world examples whenever they have ended in tears they always do it is only when the horrors of these regimes can no longer be denied that the Socialist Left goes strangely silent or falls back on the favorite catchphrase but that wasn't real socialism real socialism has never been tried the final recourse of socialism proponent is usually to argue that true socialism must be democratic with decisions about economic life being taken by the workers themselves but consider for a moment how unworkable that would be imagine Switzerland the home of direct democracy which decides more by referenda than any other country now let's pretend that Switzerland went socialist and expanded its model of direct democracy to the newly socialized sectors this would mean referenda on the production of razors carpets gloves ink cartridges curtains kettles toasters microwaves baking trays washing up liquid tiles blenders pizzas and many many other things you would need literally thousands of referenda to organize an economy in this way Otto Turner would soon block to rock bottom level economic planning but again becomes dominated by a single issue groups not ordinary workers eventually all the heavy lifting would have to be delegated to expert committees at which point real socialism would become unreal again but it doesn't stop there the fundamental problem of socialism if the people just don't behave like the Socialist Palace welcome to this is whether if they occasionally falls back on coercion and intimidation to achieve its ends by clamping down on alleged saboteurs and speculators as a result the socialist state becomes increasingly authoritarian it's the rejection of private property of the free market price system or open competition and much the natural inclinations of flourishing human beings that makes socialism fundamentally unworkable the Willetts proponent ever learn

  1. Democratic Socialist01 made a good video.
    And keep Switzerland out of your video.
    Yes Socialism in Switzerland would be good.

  2. There has never been communism in the UK in the past even under left wing labour governments.

    It's the tories sold all the public utilities off since 1979 which has given the false impression via the right wing press that labour governments created communism in the UK. Uk labour is not the UK communist party, never has been never will be.

  3. Those that own their own home or even simply own a field – under socialism your home & that field will be taken by Government, socialism means you have to have equality and you can't have anything more than the poorest in society. So it is a race to the bottom. No popping to the supermarket to buy products. You will be given a set list of items and nothing more than what others have. Yes sounds great – NOT!

  4. In Principle I agree! …the best form of capitalism was fascism but they didn't allow that to go on. Read Mosley to better understand fascism and capitalism and also its pitfalls. I beleive in guided capitalism like Singapore.

  5. iea london speakers. take away your blinkers. pop down to 52 clapham high street for a lesson on real socialism.

  6. Venezuela cuba east germany ussr etc etc the workers remain wage slaves selling their labour power to the state in return for a salary, That is state run capitalism NOT common ownership.

  7. Socialists know their ideas don't work. But it doesn't prevent them from continuing to try. The reason for that is that the Left is a religious movement seeking to achieve heaven on earth regardless of the consequences. Videos like this can help but a better way, IMHO, would be to make videos based on banter. In other words, the consequences of socialist policies as revealed in countries that practice it is truly what Leftists want because such a political system will give them power. It's all about achieving and maintaining power at any cost, including if it means sacrificing a few hundred million or more human lives (except theirs) to get it done. The Left is about their narrative and what they consider the truth and not reality at all. That is why the basis of the Left's philosophy is postmodernism since they can continue to (in their minds) have their cake and eat it too.

  8. Venezuela isn't socialist, what are you even going on about? Also, the Venezuelan economy has never been good considering they were struggling under a NEOLIBERAL government (which is why Chavez was elected in the first place). Also its funny how you use south Korea as an example of free market capitalism, yet south Korea was a command economy from the 1960s to the 90s.

  9. More people have died Under Capitalism in the past 5 years than ever died under Socialism.

    Now I wonder how long it will take for people to start going "Not Real Capitalism".

  10. To say South Koreas economic boom is capitalist is a complete lie South Korea had five year plans companies which did not follow the governments plans were nationalised there is an argument that is corpartist but either way it disproves the argument.

  11. You ignore the many capitalist countries with shrinking economies or low growth. You also ignore the socialist countries that have had good economic growth.

    Venezuela has a capitalist economy. Most companies are in private hands and the economy is not centrally planned. You can't even explain how socialism supposedly has led to the problems they have.

    The two explanations proposed are:

    1) economic terrorism by corporations & the USA (proposed by the venezuelan left)

    2) mismanagement by the government (proposed by the right-wing)

    Neither explanation has anything to do with socialism. The first one has to do with class-struggle but is not the government's doing.

  12. Do people honestly think Sanders was just gonna flip a switch in America that would go from a Capitalist country to full fledged socialism?

    Oh wait I forgot, this is America. I just answered my own question….

  13. Socialism is an immoral, shitty ideology. Everything is centred on the use of force & aggression to achieve aims and make society "fairer".

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