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mr. president socialism does not work and if you wish to see the evidence for this self-evident proposition look around you we've had more than a hundred years of an active political socialist movement in Britain and yet I see here raised on the Dyess three young men dressed in aristocratic dress of some years ago elevated above us all the very image of privilege and they look as if they are socialism still hasn't swept them away and I want to know why not because they they look as if they're about to go off and pose for the one of the famous Bullingdon Club photographs and they probably reckon that might come in handy in twenty years time if they're making a certain job application I remember 20 years ago when I was making a certain job application the fact that I couldn't afford the white tail tie and Tails and couldn't afford the membership of the Burlington club was obviously the main reason ladies and gentlemen why I didn't quite make it to that ultimate requirement of the politicians trade to be Prime Minister but these three gentlemen are obviously getting ready privilege is alive and well socialism has failed and what wonderfully tame revolutionaries we have with us today you very kindly invited three socialists and communists into your midst you sent them very clear instructions as they did me to come dressed as a sort of middle-class diner of the 1950's so that we knew our place beneath the president in his various aristocratic white.i entails and you found such store what revolutionaries at least the two males didn't comply with the dress code and have made their very strong protest and that ladies and gentlemen is why socialism doesn't work because when you invite a socialist to an elite institution and offer them a good dinner they turn up and they eat it or they're late for the dinner but they wish they turned up and eaten it and although they don't buy it may the dress code they play by your rules and they go along with the way it all works no they're not stupid to do that because they have a much better life playing along with the rules going along with the toffs and the establishment than if they were really serious about their idea of continuous revolution if you ought to know the difference between socialism and freedom I think one very good way of looking at it for those of you who are privileged enough to have cars I'm sure some of you've got rich parents and have managed to be given a car others of you will get very well paid jobs and then you'll have the joy of owning your own car one of the great items of freedom in the modern capitalist world it didn't tend to have cars for people in the communist systems apart from the people at the top who stole most of the money but I think one of the ways of drawing the distinction between socialism and freedom is the difference between traffic lights and the roundabouts you know how socialists are traffic lights they are the very embodiment of what we've been hearing about they are organized by the government aid elite they are top-down they're very expensive they often don't work very well they proceeded by clear mandates and instructions you would be arrested and fined if you disagreed with them nobody supervises them properly very often they're wrongly phase so you can sit in a very long traffic jam on the busy road facing the red light and the green light is obliging you letting no traffic through on the empty road adjacent to you in London they come up with an even better socialist vision of traffic lights because we now in central London have some traffic lights with all red phases on all the roads absolutely perfect so you can then frustrate everybody and create a massive traffic jam in the hope that there is that one random pedestrian who wants to cross both rails at the same time I I have sat in many of these traffic jams I've never yet seen the person that's that they're designed to help who wants to cross both rays at the same time but I live in hope that he or she is out there because I know it's very kind of our socialist thinking officials to have them in mind and to decide to disrupt the other 3,000 of us who want to use the traffic light junctions in this way whereas the roundabout you know what a great idea you know freedom loving capitalists they would call it I spent there trying to take the roundabout side in their constituencies when they get back on Monday morning the House of Commons because there yeah well I think the others are following it very well I'm sorry you're finding this so you're fighting this is stressful experience but as a frustrated revolutionary I can understand and I must say there are still some few roundabouts left out there so you've got a bit more work to do even on trying to get socialism to abolish the roundabouts because the roundabouts it's very embodiment of freedom you're allowed to choose your own speed of deceleration and acceleration you're allowed to make your own decision about whether it is safe to cross the roundabout or not and far from being individualistic it is a very collective experience because you've got to guess and sympathize with what the other people are going to do in approaching the roundabout otherwise you might hit them and I have fortunately never seen anybody hit someone else on a roundabout because we are very social beings and when we're allowed to exercise our independent judgement it works extremely well that is freedom I give because America has a mixed system and the one bit they've got wrong is having all these traffic lights but they have many other fine aspects of freedom which does work and I agree with you that I think it's a great pity that the land of the free hasn't quite got it on roundabouts because they are the very embodiment of freedom they also have rather too many lawyers many of you probably become very expensive lawyers well that can be damaging I give way there's somebody over here well welcome to the real world that is great that is that is very rare I know now you you've dominated the debate so far I just like a couple of minutes if you don't mind you know we've had many minutes from you so when I was a minister one of the very interesting duties I was given that was on the death of child chess cue the the communist tyrant in Romania I was the first British Minister to go and visit and I was asked to give a talk to the leading university and it was a very big hall like this with more galleries when I eventually breakthrough from my communist guards in order to address this gathering because although child czesc you had gone there was still an interim communist government in place I've introduced by the Communist minister who said very clearly in Romanian and they did translate it for me that I would not be answering questions there was an intake of breath and menacing noises coming from the audience so I overrode my host unusual but he was a communist and he was about to leave office and I said no no the the Minister is misunderstood I will be taking questions thunderous applause broke out from half the audience they were the ones who understood English there was then a pause and there was a remaining translation thunderous applause break out from the other half and only in the question and answer session they were far more responsive than all of you but we we can't have everything in Oxford I suppose a profit is never respected in his own country the questions were really very really terribly sad I remember one of them saying do you have army guards or police in your factories to make sure that people work and I said no no under our system people willingly go to the factory and they do it because they're going to be paid and they couldn't understand this and they said well you know they can earn more money if they turn up and do a reasonable job and then I realize the reason they couldn't understand how just paying people money would be an incentive was that they had practically nothing in their shops that money could buy they couldn't see the point of it and I realize this there's an old friend of mine in this university now unfortunately deceased used to be part of the workers educational movement and he used to be one of the hosts who would take visiting Soviets round London the few who were privileged enough to get a past and were proved to withstand the pressures of Western capitalism and so he used to take them first of all to Marks and Spencers on Baker Street and they were completely gobsmacked by the range and quality in the price of all the produce in this place good value and wonderful and they would say to him is this the store that the senior party members or the government ministers are privileged to use he said no no no no this is the store for everyone this is this is where your proletarians in British terms come to shop if you want to see the smart people shop I'll take you there i'll take you to Harrods and you were then taken to Harrods they're even more gobsmacked just unbelievable and the thing that most people was when he said and by the way nobody's banned or barred from Harrods you don't have to belong to the right party you don't have to know the government Minister you don't have to know them there anybody can go in if they got a bit of money to spend there any need to have a lot of money they can just go and buy something at the lower end of the price range or they can just go and look that is the difference ladies and gentlemen between communism socialism on the one hand and a free society on the other a free society delivers plenty it delivers choice it delivers opportunity it means you can go from having nothing to having a lot it means you can achieve something it means you can give something back it means that charities can flourish it means you are allowed to make choices it means that you use the roundabout with skill instead of sitting at the red traffic lights in a frustrating queue knowing that somebody far more powerful than you as yet again made a big mistake and has got the wrong phasing on the lights you

  1. The intellectual mouth piece of the rich…what does he know about poverty, the homeless etc? Nothing. Of course he thinks capitalism is perfect…look at all it has given him. You only have to look at MPs backgrounds and education to understand the imperfect nature of social mobility. Does this man look like he has climbed the social ladder? Of course not…

  2. To belive in socialism you have to be extremely dishnoesty or a person who is envy , lazy and low IQ .

  3. The future:
    99% probability of total earth extinction man included.
    1% probability of socialism.

    The good draws towards the good due to complex feedback loops with the exception of extinction.

  4. John Redwood reaffirms that he is a pathetic, intellectually bankrupt, entitled political hack. Absolutely zero substance in his argument. Only veiled and not-so-veiled cheap insults at his opponents. No ability, no arguments on the topic at all. Cursory examples about traffic lights, and traffic rules, and utter utter rubbish hiding behind obtuse and superfluous embellishments of the spoken word, much spoken, but nothing of consequence. Such a sad and embarrassing example of what the English elite throw up for a politician, and a veteran at that.

  5. The crackkka can't exist in peace in ANY societal system so you folks are just wasting time here. Systems are not inherently "evil" by nature unless the very policies of the system are "evil" like in the system of white supremacy which is what Amerikkka and just about ALL of the world exists in. NO country in the world that is affected in ANY way by the white collective can be CORRECTLY called a democracy. Black people existed in societies for HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of years(BEFORE creating white people) that had MANY socialist and communist-like principles and policies and they lived well and in relative PEACE. THIS is the TRUE history, not likely to be found in crackkka publications.

    But the truth is this: It turns out that melanin is responsible for a WHOLE lot more than JUST protecting us from the harmful rays of the Sun. It also fortifies the pineal gland which WE have LONG known to be connected to our "third eye" which has to do with our connection to the Divine Creator and spirituality in general. A LACK of melanin causes the pineal gland to calcify which renders it incapable of performing it's more "esoteric" functions. Simply put, it causes the melanin-deficient Caucasian to be devoid of compassion, mercy, or concern of ANY other species of life that are not like them. So the Caucasian generally thrives by the "Pull yourself up by your own boot straps" creed as they don't even care if their OWN survive or not. This can be evidenced be the fact that the top 1%(which consists PRIMARILY of old, white males) that control the society, ROUTINELY throw their OWN people under the bus DAILY. Trump just shutdown the government for over a month affecting the security of HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of his OWN people and he could not possibly have cared any LESS than he did by doing it. He would stop people from getting food aid(SNAP) EVEN though his OWN people are the BIGGEST recipients of the aid. In the absence of people of color to be violent and Satanic towards, whites will find OTHER differences in each other and go to war based on THAT premise(religion, wealth, etc.)

    But the melanin-infused people of color on the planet thrive in a system of HELPING each other to survive the dangers of the world. To us, there's no such thing as an "independent" person because WE see that NOBODY is able to survive on their own in this world from BIRTH to DEATH and that the "independent" human is a myth. EACH of us are in FULL awareness of how many times our family members or friends or STRANGERS helped us out in some dire situation, so we KNOW that we must work TOGETHER to survive nature.

    But the fact of the matter is this: Whites are going to be killing SOME species of life wholesale no matter WHERE they exist. And regardless to whatever system they may be CLASSIFYING their society, it's REALLY only a masking of the system of WHITE SUPREMACY.

  6. John Redwood is the epitome of all that is odious in our society. He has prostituted his values,(if he ever had any,) morals, ethics, mean nothing to this guy,who puts the acquisition of MONEY as the prime driver in his life.
    ALL the billionaires, I have read most of their Biographies, the common denominator, is that they led SAD purposeless , unfulfilled lives , blighted by greed for money. The Capitalist Economy,depends on infinite expansion of resources. The World resources are FINITE!! Go and live in the Favelas of Rio de Jenerio , for a few weeks.
    No, better stay in your London bubble, with your Ho Ray Henry dress suited knob head, so called friends.

  7. Human beings can be so deluded and ignorant. The free market and capitalism can never and have never coexisted. Socialist policies prop up capitalism or society would crumble, not because a minority are super talented and propping up the incompetent rest, but because 'lucky' rich enslave the poor with unfairly low wages. That's why they hate a minimum wage.

  8. This felt more like a comedy roast than an argument in a debate, except roasts tend to get quick to a point

  9. His argumentation regarding socialism is completely devoid of substance, using ad hominem remarks, trying to be funny, and giving statements that either make no sense or prove the point of the other side (e.g., the idea that roundabouts are somehow a form of freedom OR that privilege is alive and well at this day and age AS IF THIS IS SOMEHOW A GOOD THING) to support his argument. Jeremy Corbyn's face says it all.

  10. People should just become a consultant with a niche. Then they can actually make more than their sweat equity would allow under a contract with an employer. The days of being an employee are going to be over soon. People stay working for companies because of healthcare benefits. Employees make far less than consultants. Most workers don't consider going into business for themselves because they are simply uneducated on how to go about it and just how much money you can make with the same or less amount of work you would give an employer. The masses are stuck at jobs working for employers at low rates because they are given incentives that the employer negotiates with insurance groups that give them kickbacks/price cuts to allocate insurance opportunities to the employee base. With the healthcare situation all up in the air and a mess in general, I can see more young people opening up businesses to make more money than as opposed to graduating high school and going to work for some company. Granted you need to have some experience to gain any leverage, there are ways to negotiate as a consultant that will give the client/company leverage in the beginning. You will take merit-based contracts where you won't get paid until you deliver a service or product to the client/company. But when you do deliver you will get paid better than an employee and the client/company will not have to pay for taxes and insurances of an employee. Everyone should consider revolutionizing the market by contributing to capitalism and starting their own company. This will incentivize more growth financially and force the healthcare field to cater to small businesses as opposed to big businesses. This isn't socialism, this is capitalism in evolutionary progress. Don't beg or demand more as an employee that's dumb. Start your own business. If you want to work for a company and not start your own then you are choosing to be lazy, entitled and a scourge on the world's buttocks.

    Abolition of the nuclear family (p.24), abolition of private property (p.22), no individuality and personal freedom (p. 23-24 ), forced labour (p. 26). Communism and Socialism are totalitarian by design! and will inevitably end with a FUHRER on top of millions of dead bodies.

  12. He's absolutely right though, that scowling fuck skull Crobyn would take us back to the dark days of the 1970's. Happy for the poor to be poorer so long as the rich are less rich.

  13. Is this guy really gonna start a debate by commenting on their dress wear and stories on his youth, how is that gonna show how socialism does not work?

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