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welcome back to this week's edition of freedom and prosperity radio the weekly radio news magazine that we put together here auntie Virginia Institute for Public Policy Thomas sent our next guest is a dear friend who's been working hard at changing hearts and minds as long as I've known him it's an honor I'm six inches taller and a better dancer because I know Bishop II W Jackson president of stand staying true to America's destiny and good to see you again sir thanks for joining us and and you've got a new initiative to fight back against communism how has everything been going for you first and foremost well of course there's always a pleasure to be on with you and to talk to you and yeah things have been going great of course we're busy because there are a lot of issues that our country is facing right now and yeah we've just started a new initiative called stand against communism because we want people to know a that Marxism is a hole that you can't separate socialism from communism for Marxism they're all the same thing and no matter how much Bernie Sanders or Kashia Cortez try to convince people that none oh we're talking about a different kind of socialism its Marxism Marxism is communism and secondly we want people to be motivated and inspired and mobilized to get out and vote their values and vote for freedom because of course the ideology that these folks represent no matter how softly they present it is really the opposite of Liberty and we want freedom in our country that's that's the basis and foundation for our prosperity and our success as a nation and we don't need an ideology that's going to take that away we need both parties involved in this too II W because I don't think you know and really I've seen too many of my Republican friends kind of teetering in this sort of business socialism where you know through economic development agencies and things like that they're they're redistributing wealth to businesses who are behaving just like unions are the chambers of commerce are out there saying protect my union members don't let other people start businesses and challenge them and I think it's what's really created these enormous pockets of poverty where folks like Alexandria LoCascio Cortez and her ilk go in and sow the seeds of this communist dictatorship you know Jo Freedom Works even really works my wife and I were commenting on the fact that you can go out now and buy a high-definition television 32 inches some places you can get up 460 hundred and 70 bucks when they first came out that would have cost you two thousand fifteen hundred two thousand bucks because the free market and competition always makes the delivery of goods and services more efficient at lower cost and gives more people an opportunity to raise their standard of living then the more the government gets involved and the more regulations and the more control the more prices are higher and the less access average people in our country have to those goods and services it socialism doesn't work and everywhere we try it we find out it doesn't work so yeah we've got to come back to those foundational principles more freedom means more opportunity higher standard of living more prosperity for everybody including in healthcare and in education you get the government out of the way let competition reign and watch the prices go down and the delivery of services become more efficient and wages go up because more people are competing for if you're if you nail two things together if you're a carpenter and more people need carpenters well then you can demand a higher wage and you are worth a higher wage by your skills and that's just it is the marketplace at work stand america dot us is EWS website ewg auxin is on with us this week why why is it when we have such ringing examples of what communism does are we still to this day convincing ourselves that somehow American communism would be better than Russian communism or Chinese communism or Venezuelan communism or Zim Zimbabwean communism you know Joe I I don't mean to over spiritualize this but but I'm convinced that the further we get away from God and the further we get away from judeo-christian values the more these things appeal to us because we we develop a perverted view of fairness and equality we think that somehow the government can control everything and everybody and it can make everything fair and everybody equal well that sounds utopian but it is completely unrealistic and it always ends at the point of a gun because you can't make everything fair life is not fair you know I've often said Joe how come I can't sing some people have bad gifts some people don't you you take life as you find it and use you you use your own gifts and abilities to try to go to the highest place those gifts and abilities will take you I mean you're a radio talk show host and commentator not everybody can do that job not everybody has the ability to do it so we need to just get people sure that there's equality of opportunity to fulfill your god-given gifts and ability but when you say there is no God that that doesn't matter we're going to create our own sense of fairness and we're going to make equality a reality and and and unfortunately there's only one way that they have to affect that and it's by the use of governmental force you know people end up being slaves of the state instead of the state being a servant of the people we were just doing a segment before you came on the program about how the government is buying off all these local governments and bankrupting us with twenty two trillion dollars in debt and 1,300 programs where the government sends money to the local government to buy off their fealty I I don't know if we can stand it any longer but bankruptcy is what kills so many democracies ewu the collapse of their economy and once that economy collapses chaos and then a strongman dictator moves in and I'm afraid for our country that we couldn't we could see that happen very soon well look I think I think we're seeing the rhetoric that can take us there I mean when when this green new deal was proposed and you got presidential candidates embracing it anybody who looks closely at that will acknowledge that that thing requires the complete takeover of the economy and the complete takeover of all private property and and when you have leaders saying yeah I think that's a great thing to me you you've got the seeds of totalitarianism there and so you're right I did look we need to remember Hugo Chavez was elected president of Venezuela he was elected you know he turned the country into a socialist nightmare confiscated the guns and and then it was Johnny bar the door yep and and that's that's to me that's exactly the way it can happen in our country electing people who don't believe in the Constitution don't believe in free markets don't believe in in individual liberty they believe in some sort of collective reality and those folks then get in power and they move the government more and more and more in the direction of totalitarian control of the people and before you know it you look up and you've got Ronald Reagan's prediction of what can happen when freedom is not fought for and protected he said we would spend our sunset years telling our children about the United States of America where we were once free and that's to your right I think that's how it happens we can never assume it can't happen in America vigilance is the price of Liberty I know that we are endowed by our Creator II W with unalienable rights with those rights or counterbalancing responsibilities we're also endowed by our Creator with seven deadly vices also counterbalanced by seven great virtues but we seem so much more inclined to engulf indulge those vices Madison and George Mason and Patrick Henry wanted to guard against those vices but that seems to be where we are whether it's envy or sloth or greed you mentioned judeo-christian values I mean this is this is the simplicity of understanding that you're not more important than the guy next to you just because you say you are you know I spoke to the n-double-a-cp at an N double ACP meeting a few weeks ago and I said to them we needed a civil rights movement when it came along particularly under the leadership of dr. King who was preaching non-violence and love for one's neighbor in the Constitution what we also needed was a civil responsibility movement as a parallel to the civil rights movement because we all cry about civil rights but we're forgetting our civil responsibilities and the two that the two go hand in hand and you're absolutely right our founding fathers believed that you could not have freedom without personal virtue and we forgotten that part of the equation completely and now it's all about everybody is a victim and everybody's got demands and everybody needs to complete a safe space and a place to cry and all of that but what happened to even John Kennedy a Democrat saying ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country that kind of virtue is unfortunately waning in our country and we've got a recovery the movement is stand against communism and two things that dictatorships communist dictatorships always do is they erase history and they break up the family you know which one is happening more profoundly I'm almost at a loss to decide which one is happening faster they've been after the families since the founding of Planned Parenthood and the idea that you don't need a father and a mother and that kids can get pregnant and the government will reward them and nobody's taking responsibility for the children except the government and now we want to erase history all across the Commonwealth and beyond these why aren't people hearing these klaxon zlw is that what you're trying to help us do absolutely we're trying to sound the alarm you know Joe I probably called hundreds of people over the last several months and I'm not exaggerating hundreds personally called them on the phone people conservative people that I'd know around the country or that I've had interaction with who have contributed to my campaigns or have responded to my emails and and what alarms me is the lack of alarm it's almost as if people say well we've got president Trump and you know we're all set right now nothing to be concerned about nothing to see here but they don't realize these same forces we're talking about to topple president Trump as well we need to be alarmed and so yes we are seeking to sound the alarm and say to people this is something you've got to take very very seriously you know the the destruction of the black family for example which is happening now across all demographic lines was was a socialist move in and of itself because you know let's face it it would place the the father in the home with the father of government it replaced personal responsibility for one's family and children but the government taking care of everything and before you know it you've got 40 years later eighty seventy two percent for black children and in some places like Richmond 80 percent of black children being born out of wedlock that trend is following now in every every demographic in the country and and that's the result in my view of a kind of socialist approach to government as opposed to leaving people responsible for themselves and peope you to judge by the way has called to remove Thomas Jefferson all monuments get rid of his name you don't need to mention him we know he's a figure in history but it comes to town we have to discard that and you are absolutely right that is what communists do they try to rewrite history by censoring the things that they think they need to remove from history because Thomas Jefferson is the guy who said all rights come from God that we are endowed by our Creator not by the beneficence of governments I says so if you throw him out you want to throw that out too I think frankly for some of them Joe the answers yes they'd love to throw that out well I've read the passage though I've called it the lost passage it's in the Library of Congress it was the section of the Declaration that Jefferson wrote regarding the use of usurpations and abuses about slavery and I said there is nothing short of what dr. King used to say about the Jim Crow era that I've read more eloquently does in the governmental institution of slavery and segregation and one man being superior to another and that the the you know everyone says slavery is America's original sin it's not it's cronyism where the southern states banded together to get John Adams to take that out of the Declaration because there is no greater treatise against slavery than what Jefferson writes about the Christian King and even you know points out that they had tried several times legislatively to get rid of slavery in the new world and the king wouldn't allow it you know I will stand up for Thomas Jefferson for as long as there's breath in my body because he to me articulated words that control the destiny of this nation when he said those wrote those those powerful words of the Declaration of Independence and you're right he had an even more cogent see asian of slavery but of course they could not come in agreement on that because there were some states that were militantly against any kind of statement against slavery but-but-but Thomas Jefferson pricked the conscience –is of the American people throughout human history with those words and and I will I will always be proud of my country in part because we produce people who've made those eloquent declarations of who we really are as a nation and yes I know Thomas Jefferson wasn't perfect just like I'm not and you're not nobody is and that yeah we could find reasons to criticize him just like people can find reasons to criticize us and every human being but the question is did he do something that in my view had eternal significance and I would say yes absolutely and if you want to look at the bad stuff he did and not the good stuff he did then you met in turn the picture the mirror to yourself because if you if every one of us is judged by that standard only any negative thing we've done is all anybody should look at not the positive things that we've done frankly we're all hell bound and so I stand up for Thomas Jefferson as one of our founding fathers and every single one of them because they bequeathed us something that was far greater I think that even they knew II WI you know I know that the listeners they see the things going on I know that many of them feel daunted by you know whether it's the constant attacks on the President or our Liberty or our history or our families and they feel like there's nothing they can do but I remind them when I get a chance that carpenter from a small fishing village wandering around talking to the poor people and the prostitutes brought down the most mighty empire known to man at the time so I think you know we all can do it if we're inspired by that how can people help you with stand against communism well they can dig in if they put in the URL stand against communism zorg that will take them to my website and they can click on that they can sign up to be a part of this movement they can go to stand America u.s. that's the website and they can make a donation to the effort they can sign up to be we've got something called Patriot partners our tenth anniversary is on July 4th and we're trying to get 243 Patriot partners to give as little as 3 dollars a month to our organization in celebration of our 240 third year as a nation and the 10th anniversary of Stan so and their prayers of course Joe and I don't say that lightly because I really believe that America is in a spiritual crisis as much as a political crisis and we've got to come back to the spiritual principles that allowed us to become the greatest nation mankind has ever known and by the way let me add one thing Joe slavery is not America's original sin slavery existed nearly a hundred years before the first indentured servants arrived in Virginia in 1619 and our founding fathers inherited the institution they were not created but thank God they sowed the seeds that would ultimately end it well is the most profound thing Martin Luther King jr. ever said is all we ask is live up to the words on your paper and that was why his movement was so successful you know with with non-violence and just saying listen it's it's your document not mine live up to it and and really there was no recourse after that well Joe let me let me just say what do you think I think he was really also saying was he said when when the founders wrote the Declaration of Independence they were writing a check to which all Americans would fall heir and so I think he was saying you know what it's now mine and it's yours and it belongs to all of us and now let's live up to it and I think the other thing that we can't forget and Wow how important this is at a time of such division is he preached love and then preach hatred for it for white people per se and as some would clasp them he didn't preach hatred for the segregationist he preached love and he said we're gonna wear you down with love and we're going to meet your physical force with soul force and and I think that ultimately was what broke the back of segregation it wasn't just the law it was the heart of the man reaching out to others and saying we're gonna love you anyway and and and Joe we need love in our country right now I know we Christians are accused of being bigots and haters but the fact of the matter is we are being vilified and accused and marginalized when in fact what we are saying is we love our country we love our people and we want the very best for every American I so appreciate your visit again it's stand against communism dot-org or stand america dot us Bishop II W Jackson thank you so much for your time in your visit and just some of your insight and everything and anything we can do to help we always you know we always have your back thank you Joe same here my friend god bless you god bless you and thank you all for listening this week to freedom and prosperity radio remember it is only one generation and as II W reminds us Reagan not only said you know we would just sit around if we lost it and just tell our children wistfully about the days we were free many people come to this nation specifically because we're free whether they know it or not they just know we're prosperous and if we can explain to everyone who comes here that this is why we're prosperous because we're free then we're in a good place because a new world order that looks like the old world order is no order at all but if one looks like our Declaration and our founding then it's doing something for the world until next week thank you for listening I hope you had a great weekend and we'll have one ahead of you so long and thanks for all the fish on behalf of all of us here at the Virginia Institute for Public Policy I'm Joe Thomas saying so long and thanks for all the fish

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