Socialism / Communism comes Full Bore to California 2019

oh yes California the land of dreams land Golden State they call it the Golden State Hollywood where you too can come out here and be a movie star yep give up everything you own to move to California yep and the politicians are so great out here they really work hard we got some really good politicians looking out for the people like Nazi piss OSI senator at California another communist liberal democratic scumbag Nazi piss OC that's what I call her then you got this loudmouth communist terrorist Democrat Maxine Waters who does absolutely nothing and then you've got this communist liberal democratic skank camellia Harris who also does absolutely nothing and then you've got gavin newsom another democratic communist marxist socialist terrorist dipshit gavin newsom so come on out to California the land of high taxes high unemployment tons and tons of illegal aliens criminals ms-13 gang members terrorists child molesters I mean it's a beautiful state I don't know what else you could ask for it let me give you some aerial views of some prime property that you could be living in because this is how you're gonna live when you come to California cause it that's what California is about living the American dream let's have a look kid Rho is clearly the epicenter of Downtown LA's homeless crisis well it's one thing to see pictures and some people have walked through it it's another thing entirely to fly over it and realize that it encompassed is a 62 block area just to the east of Little Tokyo we're coming up on 6th Street and Crocker Street which is mostly commercial businesses and industrial warehouses while some blocks have tents neatly lined up on the sidewalk other corners just like this have trash overflowing into the street and today you can see the Department of Sanitation is in the process of cleaning some of this mess up but when you look at the amount of trash that they have to deal with you can imagine that they are inundated on a daily basis with 3 1 1 calls just a few blocks over on town Avenue and 6th Street you could see this entire sidewalk lined with tents with very little room for anybody to walk on the sidewalk and a pretty heavy LAPD presence patrolling these streets as well as the construction boom continues here in downtown Los Angeles we're taking a look at some of the newer luxury apartments along 3rd Street and san pedro street only about a third of a mile away from some of the hardest hit parts of Skid Row which is home to about 8,000 homeless residents here in downtown Los Angeles as we continue down 6th Street towards the corner of South Central Avenue you can see that same scene playing over and over again 10th after 10th surrounding this entire block with little resources at his disposal here's a man doing his laundry out of a bucket the homeless crisis is visible at each and every turn here in this part of downtown LA this is another scene that's playing out over and over again to this part of Skid Row along Crocker Street you can see the Department of Sanitation cleaning up tons and tons of personal belongings even entire pieces of furniture as the LAPD keeps the residents from interfering here at 5th Street and Crocker you can see tents on both sides of the street but as the Sun shifts throughout the day we're noticing a lot of the people who live on one side of the street spend a bulk of their day laying on the sidewalk opposite their own tents just to seek shade for the Sun over the port of LA the despair and presence of homelessness really knows no boundaries as we fly over the post office here in downtown San Pedro you could see that all four sides of the building seem to have attracted a large concentration of homeless residents tent after tent families and pets even in between the industry and oil refineries here in the South Bay are so many side streets where people have found places to park their vehicles and live in full-time here's a look at drum Avenue where the campers are parked one after another lining this entire block the interesting thing about so many of these RV's and campers is that many of them aren't even drivable as we travel up the LA River from Long Beach we find overpasses just like this near the 710 and the 405 freeway underneath Wardlow Road you can see an entire encampment set up under this overpass with makeshift walls and space for these residents to collect their belongings and carry out their daily chores like laundry we're just north of the 405 that slows Cerritos elementary school near the left hand part of your screen just about a third of a mile away from a homeless encampment underneath the 710 freeway we're up over Bixby Knolls right along Long Beach Boulevard next to the Virginia Country Club golf course we're just on the other side of the wall as a set of train tracks dotted with homeless tents the largest concentration of homeless people living inside their vehicles is right here in Willowbrook you can see well over a dozen RV's and campers lining this block alone residents in this neighborhood right next to the 105 and the 110 freeway interchange literally have a homeless encampment in their own backyard no seriously y'all got to come out to California it's a great place to raise your kids and your family you don't know what you're missing California is the hot spot to be to raise your family and kids here let's listen to some testimonials see for yourself homeless man is in custody accused of trying to rape a mother in front of her toddler in San Bernardino Police say Gabriel Emmanuel removed two bedroom window screens to get into a home around 8 o'clock yesterday morning officers say the victim and her three-year-old daughter were inside but they were able to fight off a Manuel and scream for help he got away but was later arrested released this sketch of the suspect wanted for breaking into a home in Santa Ana and groping a 15 year old girl police say the suspect crawled into a bed with the victim yesterday and assaulted her she screamed and the suspect believed to be a transient and smelled of alcohol ran away police say this case is not related to a rape near railroad tracks two blocks away as was initially thought today police arrested 18-year old Alexis Dominguez and acquaintance of the victim police say what they know now is very limited because this teenager is so traumatized and badly injured she's getting the medical attention she needs now these tracks you see behind me are where police say the attack may have happened we saw a Santa Ana police dog sniffing the area for evidence not long ago officers say the 17 year old was walking home from school this morning she goes to century in high school just a short walk away when two men appearing to the transients and Hispanic took her to the railroad tracks where officers say she was sexually assaulted first responders crawled out here by the victim's brother just after 11:00 this morning police say there are a lot of problems in the area because of the large transient population here weeks it's not it's private property we do have a transient problem with the railroad tracks which we're addressing just last night a few blocks from here on North Lincoln Avenue officers say they were called to a home where a man also described as Hispanic and appearing to be transients snuck into a 15 year olds bedroom laid next to her and groped her while she slept she woke up screaming and that's when police say the suspect ran off now police are not confirming that these two cases are related but they are warning the suspects in both cases are still outstanding then Santa Ana have booked a 38 year-old woman in what could only be described as an alleged but bizarre kidnap attempt the woman was originally taken into custody yesterday and accused of impersonating a social worker a young mother told police that the woman knocked on her door and said she had to take her baby when the young mom refused and asked for papers or an ID she says the woman told her she was calling the Sheriff's Department the suspected kidnapper then began walking away but not before the scared mom and her sisters were able to grab this cell phone video of the woman after it was shown on TV the woman turned herself in now you tell me don't California look like the place you want to live and raise your kids and family with all these illegals and and mentally retarded nutjobs out there not to mention your communist Marxist socialist Democratic terrorists in a Santa Ana courtroom just before two men were found guilty in the murder of a nine-year-old girl playing outside her home one of the defendants attacked the other before being restrained Ricardo Cruz and Alfredo Aquino were both convicted in the 2014 shooting of Jimeno Mesa prosecutors say they were trying to shoot rival member members of a rival gang both men are facing 40 years to life in prison when they're sentenced in August Orange County and male nanny is facing charges of molesting two young boys under his care and possessing child pornography his bail is set at 1 million dollars Eyewitness News Orange County reporter Jessica Denova spoke to police who feared there may be more victims this Costa Mesa man portrays himself as the perfect child caretaker on his website Matthew the nanny calm but police say Matthew Antonio's XF ski created a nightmare for an eight-year-old laguna beach boy and his family we were alerted to a possible child molestation incident that occurred we found out through our investigation that there was another similar case out of Los Angeles involving the same suspect that case involving a seven-year-old the 30 year old suspect pleading not guilty last Tuesday in an Orange County Court two charges of child molestation one count is of oral copulation of a child Laguna Beach police say the suspect was arrested at a local airport after he flew in from Spain detectives say a video on Zak chef skis phone and evidence collected at his home enough for the charge of possession of child pornography there was video of himself with a child who has not been identified yet online the suspect boasts about more than six years of professional experience with certifications including one from trust line a California background check for in-home child care among his services travel and overnight care sick chefs Keys bio reads I think the reason I connect easily with kids is because I am not just there to supervise I participate dozens of photos show this mani with children detectives fear there are more possible victims from what I could see on the client list there's at least 40-plus families that we're going to be reaching out to schedule to take a good look at this mug shot Azusa Lamia Caballero of Santa Ana is being held on 1 million dollars bail at a child molestation case investigators say he is a dance instructor Caballero is accused of molesting a 14 year old student after driving him home from dance lessons police are asking for your help in identifying any other potential victims that a San Clemente apartment building are being evicted to make way for a facility to house the homeless the apartment complex was sold and then leased to a nonprofit that helps the homeless as Eyewitness News Orange County reporter Jessica Denova tells us residents aren't happy about having to pick up and leave a place that they've called home for years new neighbors coming to the San Clemente community means so long for those living in this apartment complex I I'm not against what they're trying to do but I feel that they didn't come up with a game plan to help us out it's like a we're taking over have a nice life Jonathan Moreno and other Vista that my tenants got a letter at the end of April announcing they new owners of this 17 unit property will lease it to Friendship Shelter executive director Don price says the nonprofit will permanently house homeless men and women in these units making it the third property of its kind for friendship shelter in south OC this property was for sale someone was going to buy it and likely displace these residents we're trying to do that relocation as thoughtfully and generously as we can price says this means cash to help with moving expenses and wrench in a new home these signs are out in front of homes along the streets some people in this community worried about what a homeless shelter means for their neighborhood Marcella Mendoza's concerns the behavioral and criminal backgrounds of those who may move in next door to where she's raising her two daughters for me that just brings in people who aren't I guess mindful of their neighbors mindful their communities they're gonna bring in issues with them baggage price says the county has a vetting process for those getting vouchers to live here and we all have know people who live in families in our neighborhoods within our communities who struggle with a mental health challenge or with a substance use challenge the difference will be that the clients in our program will have supportive services on-site Marino who has lived in this family-friendly beach town just a short walk from the ocean for more than two decades says he'll need help finding another deal like this one I've linked from here to her vine and the average is around 17 18 hundred a month I don't make that kind of money anymore California does not have time to worry about you homeless people they got other priorities let's have a look at what their priorities really are it's time ever the pride flag is flying above California's capital governor Gavin Newsom Sophos tweeted out this photo showing the pride flag waving in the wind it flies between three flags that always rise above the Capitol the American flag the California State Bear flag and the PIO wmia flag that honors prisoners of war and veterans missing in action may be a welcome to tucker carlson tonight for generations california symbolized everything that was fantastic was great about America it was most beautiful place in the world snow-capped mountains pristine beaches lush inland valleys but it was more than a vacation spot California supported the biggest middle class in the country it had a education system the envy of the world and a gleaming infrastructure California was the state that made the American dream a reality now the state of California is known for a very different set of images needles and feces in the street a dying middle class the country's highest poverty rate policies that prioritize illegal aliens over ailing American citizens California is still symbol but today it's a symbol of everything that's gone wrong with this country trace Gallagher joins us tonight with the latest from the once Golden State trace and Tucker for governor Gavin Newsom California is humming along nicely apparently and he now says the Republican Party is heading into the waste bin of history quoting here America in 2019 is California in the 1990s the xenophobia the nativism the fear of the other scapegoating talking down or past people the hysteria and so we're not going to put up with that we're going to push back Newsome ended by saying quote what we're doing is working I think Democrats are winning right now apparently somebody forgot to remind the governor that 40% of his state's population lives near poverty and that having among the highest country taxes in the country and cost of living isn't exactly giving them a leg up and there's this July 1st California drivers will pay six more cents a gallon for gas taxes that's on top of the twelve cents last year and on top of already having the highest gas prices in the country doesn't appear drivers are winning also on July 1st California begins background checks on customers buying bullets the cost one dollar for every purchase the check is meant to quickly return information on restrictions like a felony conviction and non California residents can no longer buy ammunition here period finally a study by homeless advocates say people on Skid Row have less access to bathrooms than Syrian refugees a problem which is vividly apparent to everyone in LA in San Francisco but putting in more mobile bathrooms just in Los Angeles would cost 57 million dollars a year in other words it's not going to happen I've got to believe the homeless don't feel like they're winning either sucker what a disaster trace Gallagher thanks a lot for that while California wages war on its own middle class and tries to build men's rooms that cost as much as houses the governor doesn't see a problem with the state as you just heard tens of thousands of middle-class families have fled and are continuing to flee every year meanwhile Gavin Newsom travels to Central America telling his citizens this priority is helping people there as the state disintegrates Newsom says Donald Trump's version of the Republican Party is what's headed into the waste bin of history maybe so the California is going to get there a lot earlier you

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