Socialism Causes Rift Between Dems: Emma Meshell Discusses on Trish Regan Primetime

at 2020 Democratic frontrunner Jill Biden claiming this turn of phrase was ripped off watch he says let's make America great again let's make America America again now avenatti says he does endorse joe biden for president but when it comes to make America America again he tweets out quote I wish I would have thought of this oh wait well we've done some digging and mr. Arvind Adi did beat Biden to the punch overnight he goes on to say that since he can't use the slogan and he's glad Joe Biden can't join me now campus reform dot org contributor Emma Mitchell and Fox Nation host Brittany McHenry so Britain aren't we still America I mean what makes America America again we we are America look Michael avenatti is hard up on cash you know we've seen many cases court cases the extortion with nike stormy Daniels saying she got ripped off there's an NBA girlfriend that he also took most of her settlement money so I think somebody in Joe Biden's camp needs to just maybe give him some to say listen please disassociate yourself with this campaign because nobody wants to be associated to Michael avenatti and it doesn't have that ring at least Magga has a ring well Emma to to divide using it getting away from avenatti for a second here make a mayor I think it's saying make America what it was during eight years when Obama and Biden were president and vice president because while they were president kept talking about all the problems with America before they were president they were in office right well the funny thing about this is it seems like a real pivot because like you said they spent so much time talking about America's problems now they want to talk about how Great America is which I'm happy about that I think this is a fantastic country but it is a little bit less catchy than Trump's 2016 slogan it seems to be sort of going in that direction so perhaps they should have taken a different branding strategy there but either way if I were Biden I would be very cautious to get a glowing endorsement from a man who is currently in the news 4 embezzlement and fraud yeah and and and do we really Brit want America to be what Michael avenatti thinks it should be and I'm a little lost with where Joe Biden is and I think some of the nicknames Trump's have been giving him are a bit accurate in his disposition he seems tired I think where he will Excel for the Democrats is to have that enthusiasm the smile to get things going even his announcement was about the Charlottesville incident and a lot of hate he's harboring a lot of hate and I don't think that's a winning strategy particularly with our economy doing as well as it is so so Emma what what happens as a result of this I I don't think that the the slogan stays do you I think I think Biden's got to rip it up now it's being polluted by all of these things well it'll be interesting to see which way Biden goes on this and it's kind of surprising to see these gaffes from him because he has what should be the most experienced campaign team in DC right now yet we're seeing all of these echoes of plagiarism which have you know haunted him in the past in the 80s he dropped out of the presidential race because of some of these same accusations and now we have people like AOC saying that he has copied her green new deal and put his own name on it so hopefully their campaign if they're looking to win can figure out a way to get around these these gaffes that's what you know it's bad and and the left turn that the Biden is apparently met you might not like that and they won't like socialism says another 2020 Democrat candidate listen to what former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper says about socialism Democrats must say loudly and clearly that we are not socialists if we do not we will end up helping to re-elect the worst president in this country's history Brit this message that socialism doesn't work and it won't be accepted by Americans seems to be getting some traction I mean Bernie's losing traction compared to Liz Warren I mean a lot of Liz's ideas are frankly quite socialist in nature but they're not overt socialism the way the way Bernie was bragging about it yesterday although she does really like the unicorns and rainbows for let's just eliminate all college debt and I student loans I would have loved that utopia but it doesn't exist but yeah a recent Monmouth University poll showed that 50% 57% of Americans do not believe socialism aligns with our values this is consistent across the board with other polls so I commend him for taking the stand to at least say the far-left progressive part of this party is going to do itself in and they need to get on a consistent campaign strategy whoever the Democratic primary primary winner will be to appeal to moderates because that's not going to do it but I'm wondering Emma if Bernie's Vanguard on the left of supporters might get discouraged the way they were in 2016 you know that I think 12% of Bernie supporters felt so so dissed by the the mainstream Democrat Party that they actually voted for Donald Trump yeah there there are a lot of young people right now who feel still disenfranchised by the way the DNC treated Bernie in 2016 and there are overwhelmingly young people who support democratic socialism or just socialism which is what it actually is and they they favor that over capitalism in the Democratic Party amongst young voters and there's this misconception that these people still like capitalism they don't and I I'm on college campuses all the time with the leadership Institute's campus reform talking to young people about these ideas and it's scary to me that a lot of these young people are being educated in a way that sways them towards socialism the fact here is that the Democratic Party especially during this primary season we're watching this play out is overwhelmingly leaning towards socialism and socialist ideas that really stems from these young people on our college campuses right now but again em as you said I I don't blame the young people as much as I blame the educators who have have not told him about the results of socialism around the world for about a hundred years now Brit EMA good to see you both thank you very much well Florida gender-reveal party using a live alligator ending

  1. Socialism, Puritanism, Philistinism, Christianity — he saw them all as allotropic forms of democracy, as variations upon the endless struggle of quantity against quality, of the weak and timorous against the strong and enterprising, of the botched against the fit.

    ― H. L. Mencken, Mencken and Nietzsche

  2. Well, if they're going to pay off university debts, will they personally pay for it, or will they just dump it on the taxpayers?!?!

  3. below is a list of many countries that tried socialism and ended up bankrupt and in most cases the government had to fight and kill its own people in order to stay in power

    100 million people died at the hands of socialist governments in the last 90 years , they tried to stay in power by murdering their own people

    Afghanistan (1978-1992)

    Albania (1946-1992)

    Angola (1975-1992)

    Benin (1975-1990)

    Bulgaria (1946-1990)

    Cambodia (1975-1989)

    Congo (1975-1992)

    China (1949-) brutal and oppressive civil rights abusers

    Czechoslovakia (1946-1990)

    Ethiopia (1974-1991)

    East Germany (1949-1990)

    Hungary (1949-1989)

    North Korea 1948-1992 (in 1992, all references to Marxist-Leninism were scrubbed. Remains generic "socialist" state)

    Mongolia (1924-1990)

    Mozambique (1975-1990) (my mom who is Portuguese lived here during this time)

    Poland (1945-1989)

    Romania (1947-1989)

    Somalia (1969-1991)

    Soviet Union (1922-1991)

    North Vietnam (1945-1975) (then they won the war)

    South Yemen (1967-1990)

    Ukraine (1919-1991)


    Yugoslavia (1945-1992)

    Bangladesh (1971-)

    Guinea-Bissau (1973-)

    Guyana (1980-)

    India (1976-)

    North Korea (1992-)

    Nepal (2015-)

    Portugal (1976-)

    Sao Tome (1975-)

    Sri Lanka (1985-)

    Tanzania (1964-)

    Former Non Marxist-Leninist Socialist Countries

    Algeria (1963-1989)

    Burma (1962-1988)

    Cape Verde (1975-1992)

    Egypt (1958-2007)

    Iraq (1968-2003)

    Libya (1969-2011)

    Madagascar (1975-1992)

    Sudan (1973-1985)

    Syria (1963-2012)?


  4. Biden is a dufus and a lying politician (he's going to 'cure' cancer if he wins: ACTUAL CAMPAIGN PROMISE OF BIDEN) He and obama is why America was changed fundamentally. We went from unity, civility and everyone agreeing that being an American is a good thing, to being divided by wealth, education, race, religion, creed, sexual orientation. We went from peaceful race relations, a common belief that we are all united by being American, to speaking about a need for segregation, black on white violence that is out of control, and debating about slavery reparations for people who were never slaves and have no intention of unity of peace even if they get reparations. (Another ploy for a handout rather than a hand up)

    obama and biden have destroyed the sense of unity, the economy, the border, civil rights and the civil rights movement, the very belief in being united as Americans despite our differences.

    President Trump has pointed out the problem – the left and the obama legacy of division. The media, being biased obama sycophants, attacks President Trump daily, creating lies, making fake news, distorting truth to make President Trump look like the cause of these problems.

    President Trump is the solution, the problem has always been leftists and the obama/biden legacy of division. (They used the division to win re-election and biden is attempting to use it to get in the White House)

  5. Why is it so hard to understand? In the last 100 years, 150 million died in experiements in socialism. None of the experiements have succeeded??? So what the hell am I missing?

  6. Anyone else thinking of that ugly cat video where the guy goes "MAAAA" in a Brooklyn accent? Made me laugh pretty hard.

  7. wtf does make america america again? ios he saying mainly white and christian? clearly biden is the racist bigot here not the right wingers

  8. Order your hats today!
    Watch the lefties flip out over a red "make America America again" hat. Then tell them it's a democrat slogan. Ahhahaha or maybe a blue one too….they will flip a lid either way.

  9. Biden becomes president… we will go down the War road again.

    Also, who want's a hat that says MAAA! 😆 Do they even think before talking?!

  10. Could play the same game Dems been playing. They say MAGA is racist because when Trump says MAGA it "obviously" (massive hint of sarcasm) means Trump wants America back when they had slaves. So we can play their game and say Make America America again means Biden wants America back to slave time too. Right?

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