"Socialism" Bucharest, Romania - original song

A brave new world is uppon the land, although Before all the violence it had been banned Hijack all the institutions Purge the members throughout the party Start nationalisations and follow the voice from the East it's fucking Socialism More independence does not loosen the iron grip A puppet leader for all to worship Securitate have their eyes on all Microphones in walls to keep the worker safe Monitored citizens big and small, you have at last a new faith Ceaucescu Socialism The natalist measures succeed but cause great harm All the goods exported don't profit the land Ideas brought back from North Korea Systematization erases all historic areas thousands of buildings gone forever let us build a new Civic Center the people's Palace an Ode to Madness when people's leader time is up stage a trial, cover up when the revolution gets out of hand invent a threat, spread terror throughout the land www.ukuleleroadtrips.com

  1. Wow this is super original and fun, i am surprised! We are going to create a new style of ukulele playing 😉
    I wonder what muse would think of it 😉

  2. Haha love the intro, a bit of Psycho on ukelele! 😀 The whole song had a vibe of Uprising  mixed with Psycho and then a whole heap of somewhere over the rainbow-ness thrown in….. 🙂 All in all loved it.

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