Socialism and the Minimum Wage

not a revolutionist today I want to talk to you about socialism and the minimum wage the destructive socialism that's going on in the progressive movement and minimum wage I watched the two nights of presidential debates for the Democratic Party the other night and it was quite an entertaining show it was a circus 20-some people up there one of the things one of the rhetorics they loved to bring up is they want to make minimum wage $15 an hour okay I can tell you I live in New York State right now New York City's minimum wage is $15 an hour okay it is expensive Bolivia the rest of New York is 1265 for fast food we get 1265 per hour for fast food 1140 or 1150 and then revealed and it's going to move to 15 okay so some of these in law school I believe that some of these bureaucrats that were up there some of these politicians they need to learn they should they should offer a few economics courses in law school I think I should make a mandatory okay they'll teach you economic microeconomics macroeconomics urban economics I took those three in my undergraduate okay they teach you economic laws just like the law of gravity if I was to take this tape dispenser and let go all right Sir Isaac Newton discovered there's a law of gravity they'll fall to the ground same thing with economic laws if you raise minimum wage minimum wage was created for unskilled labor okay and we're gonna talk about a little bit more what it was created for all right you didn't work in a sweatshop you got a the government made sure that you weren't treated like an animal we live in the United States okay you get a minimum wage right it was basically for the unskilled labor okay when you raise for example I I lived in I had the privilege of living in Texas I hope to return there someday minimum wage there is 725 minimum wage here is 12 65 to $15 an hour okay big difference when you raise minimum wage guess what happens to the cost of your groceries that goes up okay when you raise minimum wage everything you buy at Walmart that goes up they raise minimum wage and you buy everything you buy retail that goes up because they have to pay the labor costs okay when you increase labor cross-brace let's go up when prices go up working middle-class incomes gets suppressed okay you start to move down okay because you can't make ends meet because the cost of living gets high that's one of the factors if you want to pay for let me give you an example make minimum wage $15 an hour the guy at McDonald's drops out of school okay if he want us to that's fine it's free country I'm not condemning anybody no drops out of school he works at McDonald's 40 hours a week makes six hundred dollars okay that's $31,000 a year plus okay 31 thousand year so that let's see now somebody coming out of let's see with a bachelor's degree in Human Services they make about 25 26 thousand okay starting out somebody with a sailor somebody coming out as a starting out account they make under 30 okay sony coming a degreed individual I was getting paid almost double in Texas as a teacher I came back here made thirty one thousand in a private school and the cost of living is almost double okay that's what happens when you raise the minimum wage okay alright it makes the middle class suffer does it cost more to live okay it also takes away ambition this country is a capitalist country you want to better yourself okay there's some people who can't we need to take care of them the disabled the elderly but anyways these people who go to school want to get ahead want to get a better job one learn a trade okay want to make a living okay we live in a capitalist country let me show you something real quick okay our socio-economic class okay under capitalism it works great there's a book out there it's by Milton Friedman it's called capitalism and freedom read it it talks about people going to college people learning a trades the free market economy that's what our country operates on why do you think that all practically all of Central American Mexico wants to cross the border and come here and we have this crisis of the border of people coming here illegally it is so that they can get a job and feed their families because we're the land of opportunity they're not coming here because they want to go to the movies then the night they're coming here for opportunity okay I don't blame them okay I don't blame them their country's not like hers okay Mexico is very beautiful all right but their countries not like ours all right um Central Americans coming here all right okay they're coming here because they want to better themselves I don't blame them I don't really blame them okay I think you have to come here legally all right we have to do that my parents immigrants they came here legally but anyways my dad came for those reasons and he came here legally got a job at Chevy three kids through school through college all right capitalist economy all right you have the lower class okay people who make minimum wage down here okay if you make 725 an hour you're living in Texas you're in the lower socioeconomic class that doesn't make you a bad person that doesn't make you low class meaning no manners lower socioeconomic class okay how much you make the standard of living you live to live because of what you make okay most of us are in here middle to lower class we live paycheck to paycheck we buy an economy car okay we try to buy save up for a down payment on a normal house okay we buy regular clothes for our kids on sale okay we look for back-to-school sales we do all those things we cut coupons all right oh we work a second job people have been doing that for 50 years to supplement their income that's what minimum wages to for okay you know make enough on your current job you get a second job a few days weak sauce making sauces making extra money okay now when you take the person that makes 720 and all they all get up there now Oh up here I just want to mention upper class Jeff Bezos your little buddy okay mom Bernie Sanders he's up here millions of dollars okay Bill Gates he's up here of course our president sauces by the way there's nothing wrong with it you earned it you deserve it you came up with the idea you went to school you work hard you invested right you deserve it I'm not jealousy your money you didn't cause my problems enjoy your wealth okay I hope I get there someday okay that's the American dream be what you want okay but most of us look here most of us look here whenever whenever you say we're going to take the minimum wage and we're going to make it a living wage $15 an hour okay you suppress the middle class by the way by the way when you say we're gonna give free health insurance Medicare for all nobody's gonna pay a dime okay doctors are gonna get a $25 fee instead of $100 fee all right you start to push them down to you push the middle class down the upper class down which is straight on socialism communism okay a wacko named Karl Marx 1847 and the Communist Manifesto calling us the booze huazi middle class people who owned the property took advantage of the worker okay and we had traditional ideas how dare we all right the proletariat is to stand up and we're to turn this thing upside we're gonna we're to turn it turn it around and do away with the upper class everybody gets the same now the low class is the high class the middle class the they're all one class you get the same amount of bread as everybody else it doesn't matter how much school you have how hard you work what your ideas are if you're a doctor if you're a lawyer if you're an engineer if you're a teacher it doesn't matter if you are a skilled trade worker you are to get the same as everybody else that's called communism there inching that and pushing that on you okay there inching that and pushing that that does away with the American dream blame them they're blaming the big bad corporations corporations my father came here in the 50s my parents came here in the 50s immigrated here legally my dad went to work for General Motors Corporation somebody had an idea built a car manufacturing company my dad had a job put tons of people to work okay corporations put tons of people to work and in the free market economy you get to choose what you want to do to work if you want to work in McDonald's be my guest you want to go to school to be a teacher go be a teacher you only make so much as a teacher you're not gonna get rich I was told that I've been a teacher for 12 years I'm not rich but I'm not jealous of anybody's volved it's what I like to do and I got to do a second thing on the side for money because doesn't pay enough especially not in New York State where the cost of living is astronomical okay so I'm gonna be an engineer you make more money want to be a lawyer but you make more it depends on you what you want to do it's a free market okay a free market economy that's what we live in they what you're looking at those 20 ads some people are talking awake talking about just dissolving the free market economy coming up with this crazy minimum wage $15 an hour okay Oh $600 a week and they're gonna ask for more okay that's gonna make the cost of living for the middle class ridiculously worse than it already is okay it suppresses the middle place it takes the lower class lower socioeconomic class brings it up higher suppresses the middle class that kind of meat we have one class okay that's confidence all right when they tell you we're gonna give you Medicare for all K Lennon in the Russian Revolution in 1917 promise Lenin Marx and I'm sorry Lenin Trotsky and stop okay not not really wonderful people okay they promise Lenin's thing was peace land and bread everybody gets peace everybody gets land everybody gets bread look what happened okay that's what you see what's going on right now we're gonna give you peace we're gonna give you land and we're gonna give you breath I'm sorry I want to earn my own bread I want to make my own way I want to live the American dream okay I think you do too the government isn't your mother and father and neither do you want it to be okay we're we live in a free country so before you vote for those eggheads please think they will and if they get their way they will turn this country into a socialist country and the middle-class economics god bless you all I'll be doing another video soon thank you

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