Socialism Always Fails, Yet Never Dies | Joseph (Jake) Klein

According to a 2018 Gallup poll, a majority
of Democrats and young people have a more positive view of socialism than capitalism. For opponents of socialism, the growing support
is baffling. Have the socialists forgotten about the poverty
and oppression of the Soviet Union? What about China, North Korea, Venezuela? When pressed, socialists tend to laugh and
say “those examples weren’t real socialism! We don’t want to be like those nations.” But there’s a problem: Dr. Kristian Niemietz
of the Institute for Economic Affairs decided to look back in time to see what the socialists
had to say before the horrors of those nations became clear. What did he find? “The claim of fake socialism is only ever
made after the event. As long as a socialist project is in its prime,
almost nobody claims that it is not real socialism. On the contrary, virtually every socialist
project in history has gone through a honeymoon period, during which it was enthusiastically
praised by prominent Western intellectuals.” Look at the Soviet Union under Stalin. Until his successor Nikita Khrushchev made
a secret speech admitting Stalin’s horrors that leaked in 1956, support for Soviet
socialism was common. Corliss Lamont, then director of the ACLU,
supported the Soviet Union, as did Julian Huxley, a founding member of the World Wildlife
Fund and UNESCO’s first Director. Ditto for playwright George Bernard Shaw,
New York Times journalist Walter Duranty, novelist Upton Sinclair, musician and civil
rights activist Paul Robeson, the cofounders of the London School of Economics and The
New Statesman magazine Sidney and Beatrice Webb, and countless others. It’s just as easy to look at China. After Western Intellectuals fell out of love
with the Soviets, China helped fill the void. Corliss Lamont supported Mao as well, as did
famed French philosophers Simone de Beauvoir and Jean Paul Sartre, The Guardian editor
John Gittings, New York Times correspondent Harrison Evans Salisbury, and many more academics
and intellectuals. Meanwhile, Mao’s Great Leap Forward was
killing millions of his people. Or take Cuba. Castro’s socialism was supported by Black
Panther party founder Huey Newton and member Angela Davis, filmmaker Susan Sontag, novelist
Norman Mailer, and more. The same pattern has repeated itself in nearly
every socialist nation, as Niemietz documents, including Cambodia, Albania, East Germany,
Venezuela, and even North Korea. First leftists enthusiastically support the
socialist experiment, then they defend it as bad news begins. Finally, only when failure is clear, they
declare it was never “real socialism”. Today’s socialists believe the authoritarian
nature of the world’s socialist regimes could have been avoided if they were
running the show. They’re wrong. Socialism’s very nature causes it to end
in authoritarianism. Just watch our video on “Why Communism Will
ALWAYS Be Violent” to understand. I’m Jake Klein. If you liked this video, please subscribe
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  1. All I got from this video is that chuds have no clue what socialism is. If you idiots think china is socialist then how come it is so good at beating capitalists at their own game? 'socialism with chinese characteristics' is precisely just state-controlled Capitalism with populist rethoric

  2. Unfortunately that youtube (google) is in bed with the Chinese military. and obvious that youtube like other Social Media are just bitch's for commies, muslim's and globalists.
    You guys channel is very informative but is probably in some blacklist like many other channels that speak the truth, they don't like it. Youtube recommendation videos and things like that are all rig and wire. Google is just killing youtube very slowly. If was not Google NEVER that those MSM and NighShow would have any subscribes, but don't matter how much you report the videos or say that you don't like it. They will keep recommending those mega-phone propagandist. The cattle don't even realize and watch it.
    The algorithm is even turning commies to your video. Program by monkey's and instructed by shit, that's the amazing AI of youtube.

  3. Hey can’t help but notice you skipped the countries where socialist policies actually work like in Norway and Sweden. They have great social policies AND strong economies. They’ve learned how to bring government and business into balance. We don’t have balance between government and business in the US, right now big business has too much power, that’s what’s drives people towards candidates like Bernie Sanders.

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