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their computer shut off their their lights or grabbed their purse they never made it out while the same people who were just in the next cubicle who immediately ran for the exits they survived they recognized something horrible could happen the others saw the towers and went it could never collapse what then what could possibly happen and you know what we see this in every single disaster film one of my favorites is from the I remember seeing this and it always seems so obvious in the theater I mean when you're watching the movie in the theater you're thinking to yourself hey really not a good idea to leave that shaft that runs from the surface right directly to the core you know we see it coming somehow or another they didn't here's another one if everyone is going to die if you die then perhaps you shouldn't go yourself to the big red tree but the normalcy bias stops even the most unbeatable from making stupid moves that dismiss the unthinkable what we're talking about tonight is unthinkable but it it comes from a place where we say it can't happen to me it can't happen here I'm different no no we're different it's it's different this time I've seen this in my own life when I went to New York and I spoke to all of the financial experts before the banking and auto industry collapse in 2008 everybody said I was a nut they all told me no no no Glenn you don't understand their systems in place that will prevent a collapse but when I would ask them really what are those systems nobody really could explain them nobody understood those systems they all had trust in a system that they no longer really understood it really boiled down to they hadn't seen a collapse I mean the stock market everything is historically pretty stable since 1929 and so they didn't believe it could happen but just as past performance does not guarantee future results in stock returns our future is not guaranteed by what has happened in the past it is our actions or in some cases are enacted that make those past catastrophic events much more likely I'm going to give you a couple of ground rules before we begin first of all the words communist and Nazi we're gonna try not to name-call anybody we've got to stop throwing around these terms with such regularity because they don't have any meaning anymore everybody's either Nazi or a communist and that's not true if I were somebody who actually wanted the Nazis are the Communists to make a return I would encourage people to make that word a common descriptor for every kind of behavior in society because it would weaken the impact of those labels when real signs of trouble were in sight so we're not going to use those words unless they are true and total descriptors of a person a group or a policy I also don't want you to watch this special and take anything I say as gospel do not take it as true because I said it I want in fact I insist that you take what I share with you tonight and begin your own research I want to be wrong but I can promise you that what comes next will look very much like what I'm going to show you tonight if we all don't wake up to the true warning signs that are right in front of each of us time is running short trouble is coming and you know what's amazing to me I don't care if you're left or right everyone feels it no matter what side of the political aisle we all know it you know Donald Trump he's gonna be a totalitarian dictator Barack Obama is going to be a totalitarian dictator what does each side have in common they see that we could lose our freedom and it's incumbent upon each of us right now to do an honest search and inventory of the facts and face the truth even if it's the truth we don't wish to accept but we so often get angry and anger stops the brain from using logic if I were your enemy and I needed to defeat you I would get you to react with anger I'd do everything I could to make you angry anger triggers fight-or-flight and neither of those help in fact they'll only assist in our quick demise you need to be level-headed and ready to engage with reason and logic that's why I'm going to show you this tonight and one more thing there's gonna be a ton of people that tell you that I am just a fear monger that I don't know what I'm talking about I don't have a college education or a million other reasons not to listen to this warning I am NOT going to assign a motive to anybody who will tell you that but I want you to know the only reason for me telling you these things is because I believe them to be true and without a course correction we will all suffer the same fate as those who came before us I'm also going to ask you to subscribe to the blaze I made this free so it could be seen by as many people it's taken us about two months to do this research and put this program together we are we are currently on the backbone of Facebook and YouTube our very own steven crowder is about to lose his youtube platform for unbelievable reasons that I don't think are accurate but voices are being silenced and I ask that if you find any value in this tonight you please support us but most important thing is do not fear there is nothing to fear there is however a lot to do a lot to study and a lot to save but before we move forward I really have to kind of take you back I have to take you back to this chalkboard if you remember while I was at Fox this is the chalkboard that came from the prediction of the caliphate that everybody mocked it was during my last year at Fox and I remember saying to my producer Stu we die on our sword on this every single show and I'm bringing this back up because it actually plays a very important role in what I'm gonna show you today radical Islamists communists and socialists will work together against Israel will work together against capitalism will work together to overthrow and overturn stability the document that I'm going to show you tonight explains everything everything that's going on right now from antiphon to Planned Parenthood Occupy Wall Street the gender issue militant feminism me to the green New Deal literally everything that we're seeing I am NOT saying that they are using this but it is the blueprint to fundamentally and legally transform a country to socialism authoritarianism and it was written way back in the early 1950s by the architects of a peaceful revolution from a free market to a dictatorship in three years without a single shot being fired it's pretty incredible and this plays a role and let me go over this Anna and our anarchist Islamist communists and socialism work together against Israel are they doing that yes work together against capitalism yes work together to overthrow stability well the big thing was people said that Islamists and communists and socialists would never work together well they are and we're seeing even Chris Cuomo last night on CNN said you know there's some really good things about antiphon really they said that Islamists and socialists would never work together but as you see we're seeing that right now they're working together the only thing that I couldn't find was communists but the theory was that the at least it started over in Tunisia if you remember right so over in Tunisia guy set himself on fire and then it spread over to Egypt and then Libya and the whole region was up in arms and it was the Arab Spring but because of that what happened it to stabilize the entire region we got the Caliphate in Syria with Isis and Iraq and then because of all of this unrest there was the huge immigrant problem people had to go someplace and so all of the same experts today that are telling us everything's fine on our border said Europe you have to take all of these people there was no checks there are no balances they just went up to Europe and what has happened it has spread it became contagious and swept the Middle East and then it stabilized Europe and now the rest of the world how because what's happening on our border I actually thought you know I can't find a communist that is actually working together I mean the women's March they excused him they're excusing her they excuse them the Socialists I forgot the Communists this is Emma Lozano she's from Chicago she is one of the main brains behind all of the groups coming to the border she is a communist from Chicago as we outlined on one of our shows this has been complete and it was this summer that I realized this board is now finished so now what happens well in our research we found this document and it is incredible but before we get into it I want to I want to talk to you about something everything that I say tonight I'm going to say some things that just aren't said anymore but they are too important to worry about feelings so if you have feelings that are hurt I'm sorry I really am but as Ben Shapiro says facts don't really care about your feelings but if any time you feel angered by something that I've said you might have already been triggered please just write it down continue to watch come back to it ask yourself why am I so upset is there any truth to what he said don't allow yourself to fall back into slogans or name-calling prove your point and not to me but to yourself don't have somebody don't dismiss the show or allow somebody to dismiss this show that hasn't thought it through I'm going to lay out all the facts because it's going to be you that will need to stand for one side or the other it will come down to you so here's really offensive fact number one socialism not a free-market economy with a giant welfare state like Canada or Sweden but an actual socialist state could easily be charged and convicted of being a serial killer or a mass murderer let me show you how this is supporting to the FBI if someone kills two or more people with a period of time between each murder we call them a serial killer if a person kills four or more people in one murder we call them a mass murderer so using the most conservative numbers socialism is responsible for 100 million deaths socialism has killed more people in the 20th century than anything else other than disease now how in the world has a system so barbaric and murderous been given such a benign name socialism would any other system or ideology be given such leeway at the same time what's being denigrated is capitalism and capitalism is responsible for saving over a billion people from extreme poverty in the last 15 years alone while socialism is skilled over a hundred million let me show you something you never see here firing squads on civilians they don't exist in America but they sure did in the Soviet Union they sure do in North Korea they did in Cuba they did in China in fact they're building concentration camps now for Muslims in China and it was in China that tanks were sent in to stare down an unarmed Chinese civilian do you remember this this guy we don't even know who he is he was brave that is socialism a state that doesn't care about the individual and just yesterday echoing the same memories of Tiananmen Square venezuelan armored vehicles actually and purposefully ran down civilians in the street this is not the behavior of any kind of civilized society that values life this is the society that says the individual has no worth this is akin to Isis more than anything else in fact Isis did exactly the same thing during Bastille Day in France do you remember this in Nice where they just took a truck and run people over these are the atrocities that happen when the collective is valued over the individual but they don't happen here in America yeah we've got our problems bad problems but you've never seen a picture of the United States government troops digging a ditch and just shooting people into the ditch why because we value the right and the lives of the individual these are the reasons why in this country socialists have to deny their political affiliation at all cost until recently and they are beginning to fully take off their masks and reveal themselves out in public I think it was 2008 or 2009 I told you this would happen when I was at Fox I warned you that this would happen remember the radicals reveal themselves they'll become unafraid I told you this and I believe I set this up with something along the lines of look out because we'll be in trouble when the mask starts to come off I told you about a year ago that as it would come unraveled the radicals would start revealing themselves watch I think these people are close dying to tell us what the real agenda is I think they're close to taking the mask off I love watching me watching me but that was just for personal fun I want to show you the end stages of freedom socialism communism and fascism the reason socialists have been so successful from hiding their murderous past is they've been very busy masking their relationship with the rest of the radical left if you just tack on democratic in front of your name socialist boom less scary however I want you to think like this just because you vote for slavery through the democratic process does not make slavery freedom even democratically decreed slavery is still slavery but there's something else that people like Bernie Sanders in Acacio Cortez just don't want you to know and it's this socialism communism and fascism they're all cut from the same cloth all three isms have three things in common and they're important one capitalism the free market system is the enemy to the needs of the collective outweigh the needs of the individual and three the end result is the same every single time it is tyranny and a bloodbath don't believe me every home should have the black book of communism I'll tell you every single time socialism has been tried and what the death count was but socialists always tend to cover up this little inconvenient truth and you can't blame them I mean how far would you go if you're you know you're promoting a system of government that both Adolf Hitler Joseph Stalin what the hell throw Mussolini and Pol Pot in this where those guys would all go yeah that's better than what you got in America I don't think you're gonna get a lot of you know people sign in your petition but let me share something from an actual Democratic Socialist this is somebody who is honest this is from Jacobin magazine this is the nation's leading socialist magazine so this is this is not some hack magazine this is a serious socialist magazine and this was a response by one of their writers on what Democratic socialists actually want I'm gonna quote here's the truth in the long run democratic socialists want to end capitalism now the author is a self-identified Democratic Socialist and they go on to explain why they are intent on pushing for medicare-for-all quote many observers see groups like DSA pushing for policies like Medicare for all and decide we must actually just be New Deal liberals who are simply confused about the true meaning of socialism that's not true still quoting our goal is not to rein in the excesses of capitalism for a few decades at a time we want to end our society subservient to the market Medicare for all is an instructive example she then goes on to talk about how Medicare for all isn't real socialism as I told you socialism cannot be confused with a giant welfare state the real goal in the future according to the Democratic socialists would be to get something like the British NHS you know if you want this why don't you just say it why can't we have why the cloak-and-dagger I'll tell you why because Americans won't go for it you have to lie to them now this is exactly what I said the true goal of Obamacare was from the beginning I played something and everybody denied it no one would talk about it but this is videotape of one of the architects of Obamacare Jacob hacker he's speaking at the tides foundation on what the entire purpose of Obamacare really is someone once said to me this is a Trojan horse for a single payer and I said well it's not a Trojan horse right just right there I'm telling you we're gonna get there overtime slowly but we'll move away from rely on unemployment based health insurance as we should but will do in the way that we're not going to to frighten people into thinking they're gonna lose their private insurance we're gonna give them a choice of public and private insurance when they're in the pool and we're gonna let them compare their private employment based insurance if their employer continues to provide it so the same people who told us that we were racist for saying that they were not going for single-payer health care even if we had them on video saying this they're now pushing for single hair payer health care medicare for all and they're saying that we're somehow or another bigots racists I don't even know what we are now that we say we don't know no we don't want that that will end capitalism and yet we have them in their own magazines and then their own words talking about ending capitalism so let's say they eventually succeed what's next what is the ultimate end game single-payer health care no let's go back to the words of the Democratic Socialist quote social democratic reforms like Medicare for all are in the eyes of DSA part of the long uneven process of building that support and eventually overthrowing capitalism no matter how hard you try to spin it all three systems communism socialism and fascism they are all rooted in the same leftist Marxist ideology they all view capitalism as the enemy they all favor the collective over the individual and they all end in tyranny you know it's amazing because there are two great lies that are in the modern era and the first one is all the devil doesn't exist really and the second one is that fascism has anything at all to do with the political right here in America socialism communism and fascism they are all kissing cousins so if socialism is the common denominator every single time and it has it has this for a track record over a hundred million dead how in the world do you get people to do it well the answer of why it's being done is always about one thing control some person or some group always wants to come forward in the midst of two different kinds of scenarios times of great suffering or times of great prosperity Lenin Hitler Mussolini Mao all of them came during times of great suffering but that suffering would ultimately pale in comparison to the suffering that they'd endure under socialism if you are somebody who you don't know the who the hell I even M you're somebody who is saying I'm gonna vote for the democratic socialists and you're young I know Lenin Hitler Mao they're all distant memories they're ghosts from some high school textbook that you probably didn't read boring but the most modern example is currently being played out right now and the horror is right in our face but even still the leftist will refuse to blame socialism now unlike Russia Germany and China Venezuelan socialism actually began in a time of historic prosperity how does a nation a modern nation go crazy well I will give you exhibit a Venezuela of 1950 there wasn't any other country in South America at the time that had more prosperity and or more promise and hope it was really from the discovery of oil during World War one that revealed that Venezuela was sitting on top of the largest oil reserve in the world over 300 billion barrels to give you a little context on just how massive that is Saudi Arabia has 266 billion in reserves the United States we only have 33 billion so to call Venezuela an oil juggernaut at the time the world's largest exporter is a massive understatement so in 1950 the Venezuelan people were the fourth richest in the world with a per capita GDP of just three spots lower than the United States capitalism was working for Venezuela and the people were reaping the benefits fine building slight highways with twenty on them all in all a pretty nice place to be for many reasons Rekha's is a good place in which to be young with senior eaters of this caliber in abundance the young men diversity couldn't agree more but things really began to change around 1970 it was the oil boom and this is two decades before Hugo Chavez comes in and the leftist began to infiltrate the government the Democratic Action Party notice the word Democratic in this well they are preaching all the same things socialists usually do they used populist tactics and they nationalize the oil and steel industries this is a system that had been working and was responsible for the Venezuelan economic miracle but it was now being turned in a new direction well this causes the economy to begin to crumble and riots are rocking the streets and the workers go on strike this is the time that a young military colonel began to emerge as the speaker for the oppressed his name was Hugo Chavez Chavez was elected president in 1998 with promises of a socialist utopia he was going to bring forth a Bulevar evolution he won public support by demonizing the rich see if any of this sounds familiar large corporations and landowners so in 2001 he created the enabling act and this is what gave him the power to begin seizing property and wealth large estates were just gobbled up and then given to the people capitalists in both the government and the industry were exposed and ostracized as Chavez consolidated his power he even nationalized all the telecommunications industry and stifled all negative media reporting don't think that this couldn't happen here now as business owners protested they were silenced they were alienated by Chavez growing populist fanbase and he poured millions to fund social programs that kept everybody quiet and happy at least until he ran out of other people's money when shabbos died in 2013 Venezuela already ranked number one on the world misery index two years later inflation had risen over 100 percent 90% of the population was now living in poverty now 2019 looks a lot different than 1950 or even when Chavez took over the venezuelan inflation rate is projected to hit now 10 million percent worse than zimbabwe the average monthly income now is only enough to buy 12 eggs and 2 pounds of cheese nobody's eating a normal meal they're chasing down cows and open fields they're desperate for food eating out of garbage cans they've already killed and eaten all of the animals in the zoo and the average venezuelan has now lost 24 pounds in the last year over 3 million people have fled venezuela in the past 3 years socialists successfully infiltrated one of the most prosperous nations in the entire world and turned it bottom-up top-down inside-out it's a post-apocalyptic wasteland they turn their own people against one another there is undoubtedly a crisis in Venezuela and that crisis is named socialism a warning from the dead before we get back to Glenn a quick update on Venezuela as the situation changes by the minute May Day is of course a public holiday in Venezuela but this year the holiday was marked by escalating protests as a fight for the presidency of Venezuela rages on for the second day it still remains unclear exactly who will come out ahead this morning opposition leader Juan Y Evo who has been recognized as interim president of Venezuela by the United States England and over 50 other countries including most of Latin America encourage Venezuelans to show their support tweeting another call to action today we continue with more strength than ever in Venezuela why Evo and his supporters contend that he is a legitimate president and commander of the armed forces and that Maduro sorry election was marred with massive irregularities fraud and coercion thousands of Venezuelans have taken the streets demanding Maduro stepped down but so far he has refused just yesterday video showed an armored military vehicle accelerating over a median barrier and mowing down protesters earlier today National Guard troops launched tear gas at stone-throwing protesters of blocking a nearby highway Maduro described protesters as guilty of serious crimes and warned that they would not go unpunished Maduro who is backed by Cuba China and Russia also accused the United States of instigating the coup according to Mike Pompeo Maduro was ready to flee the country Tuesday morning he even had an airplane waiting for him on the tarmac but at the urging of the Russian government he remained pro Maduro protesters have also taken to the streets to show their support but guajillo insists that he and his supporters will not back down until they achieve their objectives before we get back to Glenn I want to bring in to to talk about what we have going on tonight thanks ed I'm really glad I was walking by just then we have a pretty amazing show here and I think you've seen the quality evident how much has gone into it and it is really important that if you can support by subscribing if 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share it if you can like on Facebook it would really make a big difference to us anything you can do subscribe on YouTube it really does get the word out there and it helps all the fancy Mark Zuckerberg algorithms so that people actually get to see this stuff so if you get a chance to either subscribe or pass the word along it would certainly mean a lot to us because this message is really important now let's go back to Glenn you know mmm you can't take over a country like the United States or Venezuela for that matter without a plan it takes years of carefully laid plans and there are certain elements that you have to have in place before you could gain control some have described this as a giant pincer strategy where pressure is applied from two different angles but if you look back at Venezuela for a second leftist had infiltrated the government as far back as the 1970s and they began setting the stage for socialism by first nationalizing the industries and with advocating for greater social programs socialists Manning public office were pushing down and by the time the economy began to get worse the seeds they had planted were enough to get people in the streets to direct their anger at anyone who opposed them this culminated in a mass labor strike and riots Hugo Chavez was the byproduct of this pressure it's something that I began noticing happening right here during the Obama administration what some left is called the pincer strategy I called something else back at Fox it is top-down bottom-up and the inside-out that's what this is top-down bottom-up inside-out the financial crisis of 2008 was the ultimate linchpin that they were waiting for because you need a you need a crisis most times you need a crisis if you've laid the seeds once you have a crisis you can do it 2008 to us was the economic downturn that led Chavez back to Venezuela in the 1990s it was exactly the same thing and people say who the hell do I blame for this they came crying from the streets it's those evil one-percenters the entire system is corrupt that's how he got in and that is what we've laid the groundwork for here do you really think that our economy is going to be as stable as it is forever while the Obama administration filled up with radicals at the top middlemen and organizations began funding radicals at both the top level and the bottom so we talked about people like George Soros and organizations like SEIU and ACORN they help them push policy and rally foot soldiers in the street and do you remember how President Obama reacted to Occupy Wall Street Watch I think it expresses the frustrations that the American people feel that we had the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression huge collateral damage all throughout the country all across Main Street and yet you're still seeing some of the same folks who acted irresponsibly trying to fight efforts to crack down on abusive practices that got us into this problem in the first place so yes I think people are frustrated and you know the the protesters are giving voice to a more broad-based frustration about how our financial system works he's just legitimized a Marxist movement to overthrow the free market system that's what it was he basically said Occupy Wall Street is just expressing the overall will of the people why didn't you just throw your clenched fist in the air and say workers of the world unite drop the mic and storm off the stage because Occupy Wall Street was not reflective of the people it was just one of the movements the astroturf that began to rise up do you remember when President Obama actually praised black lives matter' for quote raising policing issues now notice he didn't provide any facts or numbers he just went along with the narrative and the media helped him they took the bait they ran with it now is it really that hard for the President of the United States to ask the DOJ what's going on and then relay that information to the American public I mean it's not like the Attorney General is his direct employee or anything so left without any kind of real government leadership as usual we're forced to do our own homework and we either accept the ridiculousness and these narratives that all police are racist or we look into it for ourselves and begin to feel alone but let me show you some of the policing issues that President Obama helped legitimize for instance our cops shooting unarmed African Americans at will in record numbers well last year 47 unarmed people were shot by police that's bad 18 were black six were Hispanic and 23 were white so not only are these instances rare but they're not even weighted towards the black community other races are getting shot more often than African Americans but what about the overall contact with police are police harassing the black community at a higher rate than whites again the numbers just do not show this the Bureau of Justice Statistics released this study in 2015 analyzing police contacts from 2002 to 2011 and what they found on average whites have more contacts with police than either blacks or Hispanics this is top-down bottom-up in action it is the radicals at the very top enabling and supporting radicals at the bottom and their goal is to turn the entire system inside out some might call that a revolution but revolutions are always thought of as using guns no matter how time how many times it's tried the results are predicted and tragically exactly the same my name is Joanna Rodriguez I was born in Caracas Venezuela and grew up in Houston Texas I came to the United States around 2001 my family still lives in Venezuela and is affected daily by what is happening with the meadow and Chavez regime the minimum wage in Venezuela is three dollars a month and my family even those with higher salaries only ended up getting $20 a month but goods are still priced at dollars so a carton of eggs will cost you three dollars and you just spent your entire month's salary on a carton of eggs they are part of a giant chain of on whatsapp a group message where they can barter and trade different necessities that they need and so one of the main ones is a different type of medication hey you know I'm running low on this diabetes medicine would you trade me for a loaf of bread or I need flour would you be willing to trade me for sugar a lot of them daily decide on whether they want to go to work or whether they want to wait in line for whatever food is available at that market on that day the majority of my family still there is a lot older in Venezuela so they remember it more vividly than I do they tell me stories of how beautiful it was and what a great life they had where even a middle class lower middle class person had a normal life normal job and on the weekends they could go to the beach they could take vacations they could go to the movies and dinner with their family and that doesn't exist anymore Chavez came in was very charismatic and was very well liked by the poor and he provided them with hope that they were going to be represented and slowly things started to change in Venezuela for the worst and where they are today sometimes if they find out that you are opposed to the regime you are planted drugs so whenever you have a normal stop or interaction with a police officer or National Guard member they search you they ask to see your car or your purse and of course because you're innocent you feel like you have nothing on you you let them see whatever it is they need to see and they plant drugs on you and they take you to prison take you to jail and abuse them severely women unfortunately are sexually assaulted it is not a situation that is pleasant whatsoever my family is very optimistic of what is to come in Venezuela I think that's something that's inherently within a lot of Venezuelans we have so much hope for our beautiful country that was one of the richest in the world at one point has so many luxuries and beautiful landscapes and they remain hopeful in Venezuela on the day-to-day they have to keep hope because at the end of the day that's all that they have and if they give up what is at stake it's their liberty it's generations to come being oppressed by a dictator I try to stay optimistic for them in hopes that we can see them as well and be free in my lifetime and for generations to come this this document was never – supposed to be seen by Western eyes we're not really even sure when it was written but we think it was sometime between 1950 and 1955 it was originally intended just for internal Communist Party eyes only it was a strategy paper and it was written by the official historian of the Czechoslovak Communist Party his name was Yann Kozak we actually found this document by complete accident as we began to pick through other things that we were working on for socialism that we are working on a book that will come out next year when we started reading this our jaws hit the floor it quickly became obvious why this document has been suppressed over the years it is literally the playbook it's a blueprint if you will for how socialists infiltrate and take over a government and it is all legal and all within the bounds of a nation's Constitution its contents were first heard spoken out loud when the communist delegates referenced it at the International parliamentary Union in London in 1957 but it was somehow acquired by Western assets four years later and in 1962 it was presented and then later published by the House Committee on unamerican activities in the 87th Congress the current title that you can find it online came from the last line of the foreword of the American reprint written by author John Howland snow and I want to quote it representative governments can be made authoritarian legally piece by piece the form remains an empty shell and not a shot is fired this truly is the revolutionary Bible it it may not be known or even used by people today but they are as if they are following its directions word by word and they flip countries we're the early leftists in Venezuela who were blazing a trail for Hugo Chavez following this are radicals within our own government doing the same I don't know but by the end of tonight's show you will not be able to tell the difference between what you're seeing leftist do in our own country from what socialists successfully pulled off in Czechoslovakia in the late 1940s and the history has remained repressed in a guarded secret really until tonight we really so don't know our own history most people think that the former Warsaw Pact and that is when Churchill and FDR and Stalin got together after the war and said okay here's how we're gonna carve things up we think that after this warsaw pact the soviets forcefully took places like czechoslovakia but that's not the case the Yalta agreement specifically forbade Stalin from doing that the Communists had to some way find a way to turn capitalist democracies to socialism without a gun without a shot without a revolution so Russia is sitting there thinking how are we going to do this it all had to be done legally and Czechoslovakia was the first test subject now we all know what the history books say the country like most of the others under Stalin's boot eventually flipped but how it happened is never discussed this is how it happened the outcome was devastating and the economic ramifications are still being dealt with to this day Czechoslovakia began to crumble as did the rest of those suffering under socialism but before the Communists instituted their plan things in Czechoslovakia were much much different the year 19:18 Prague there was a new nation that was born it was called Czechoslovakia in his first 20 years as a country Czechoslovakia was a free-market economy and it was one of the most robust in the world that however is before the National Socialists or the Nazis and the International Socialists the Communists rolled in but at the end of World War 1 the Allies carved Czechoslovakia out of the old Astro Hungarian Empire and the new nations first democratically elected president was Tomas Masaryk Mazurek is considered the founding father of Czechoslovakia and he spent a lot of time in the United States where he grew to admire the American model of democracy now under massaraksh leadership Czechoslovakia started off on the right foot I mean it was really really good for a while but Nazareth always maintained that Czechoslovakia needed at least 50 years to establish a firm foundation of a free nation but thanks to the Nazis Czechoslovakia only got 20 years but before we get to Hitler marching in in the first decade after its founding in 1918 Czechoslovakia is gross domestic product increased by 52 percent its industrial production rose by 41 percent its armaments industry largest in Europe its textile glass and shoe industries were the most advanced in the world Czechoslovakia was a free and open market it freely traded with all Western Europe agricultural production was healthier than it ever had been in the region food and consumer goods were plentiful by 1928 had only 38,000 unemployed people that was less than 1% of its population that was able to work and before Czechoslovakia turned 20 its standard of living was one of the highest in Europe it was the world's tenth most industrialized country the young nation it did have its share of challenges especially in the fact that was made up of you know several distinct groups of people including two million citizens of German descent that lived in a western region called the Sudetenland now here's where things really begin to break down even though it wasn't theirs to give Britain and France gave the Sudetenland to Hitler trying just to appease him at the Munich conference in 1938 now this was used by Hitler just as a green light to take over the rest of Czechoslovakia six months later when World War two finally ended in 1945 Czechoslovakia was briefly free again and the president was Edouard Benesh he was the protege of the founding father remember him Thomas Masaryk and he returned from exile and tried to resume Czechoslovakia things were really looking up quickly Czechoslovakia rebuilt its bridges and railroads farmers got back on their feet with over 200 million dollars worth of supplies from the US and with that they were able to produce a good harvest in 1946 and 1947 avoiding the famine that the rest of Europe was going through they were pretty much the breadbasket of Europe by the end of 1947 Czechoslovakia Industrial and agricultural production were almost back to pre World War two levels the nation could actually see light at the end of the tunnel the problem was in a not too distant land someone saw blood in the water and it was the soviets using the document that we will explore in a moment they laid the groundwork for a communist coup in February 1948 that ensured Czechoslovakia capitalism was put into deep hibernation for the next four decades the new communist regime converted the Czechoslovakian economy into a bleak socialist clone of the economic system of Russia there were long lines at shops almost immediately for minimal goods private landownership was strictly limited the state took control of all agriculture and as a result fourteen years after world war ii ended czechoslovakia still hadn't reached its pre-war farm production level by 1960 czechoslovakia had the lowest industrial growth rate in all of eastern europe all the media and the entire education system they were immediately put under state control homes were bugged searched by the secret police 250,000 Czechs were imprisoned for political dissent because they didn't like this new socialist idea families that were blacklisted by the communist government for any reason couldn't get good jobs or pursue higher education the state restricted organized religion and closed down all 216 monasteries in the country in the early 1950s while America was shamefully looking for communists and Joe McCarthy hearings Stalin put out his own order the Czech communists held show trials for military leaders Catholics Jews Democratic politicians their story ended a little differently than Joe McCarthy's in socialist Czechoslovakia though they had a hundred and eighty executions almost overnight freedom and prosperity became a distant memory in Czechoslovakia so between two world wars Czechoslovakia was one of the most thriving democracies in the world and an economic leader of Central Europe with a free market system but the monstrous heads of socialism Nazism communism ruined the hopes and dreams in the lives of an entire nation but out of those ruins in Czechoslovakia a document is found and possibly provides us with foreknowledge of what's happening here in America document that outlines the path to socialism a warning from the dead what's disturbing about this document is that it took communists only three years from 1945 to 1948 to completely turn czechoslovakia from capitalism to socialism and not a single shot was fired not a single violent part of a revolution so how how did they pull this off Kozak the guy who wrote this very critical in the document for how socialist had attempted a project such as Czechoslovakia in the past he noted that in other countries socialists had successfully infiltrated high echelon x' within the government but they failed to do one thing provide any kind of pressure from the bottom leftist can get elected to public office all day and they can infiltrate the bureaucracy but without foot soldiers on the ground for them to quietly support and rile up governments never change that is the key here now think back to Venezuela they elected a socialist leaning president back in the 1960s but nothing happened until there was a massive labor strike and riots in the streets and that is what brought Hugo Chavez to power you can elect socialists like Bernie Sanders in Acacio Cortez all day but if they're not supporting a bottom-up movement at the same time to mobilize harass shame and bully others into compliance the system will hold strong now consider that principle and then listen to this from Maxine Waters in that context [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] most people just passed this office oh that's just crazy vaccine waters but what she was spouting was not crazy she whether she knows it or not is following this revolutionary playbook to a tee and it's been done before and it's exactly how they did it in Czechoslovakia this document is the first time the top-down bottom-up strategy has been described in detail by people that actually pulled it off and flipped ination they described the bottom ups role in three key areas it systematically supports the revolutionaries in organs of power enhances their strength and makes up for numerical weakness in other words they realize that they're going to be in the minority but they need to appear much larger than they actually are for example Maxine Waters can make a claim on MSNBC that people all over the country are revolting against the GOP and mass but if they can get oh I don't know let's say a YouTube video of people harassing Ted Cruz and his wife and a restaurant if they can get that to go viral or let's say aunt ephah' a squad camping out at Tucker Carlson's house the appearance is that this is rampant public dissent against Republicans or against people who believe in the Constitution that's breaking out all over the country it has a direct effect on limiting the influence and positions of waverers and enemies standing in the path of the future progress of the revolution end quote simply put you have to intimidate you have to make it seem like they're everywhere it's one thing to oppose Jeff Flake on a live shot from the rotunda it's a whole new ballgame to do that Plus unleash the foot soldiers to chase flake down the hallway and scream look at me while he boards an elevator to quote the document again it awakens the forces of the people it breaks through the ownerís circle of intimidation and spiritual terror of the old institutions like the church so that brings me to the actual plan how did they do this Czechoslovakian revolution and flipped this country in three years well culture was number one it was their biggest threat and their first target of attack step one in the overall plan the idea of attacking culture as the opening salvo was actually ripped from another communist named Antonio grama si he stated that capitalist countries were much too rooted in the culture of capitalism to initiate a workers revolution on their own for a government to flip you had to first attack the culture at the core think of this they listed several key areas and they were these churches unions mass media universities corporations and foundations they promoted open sexuality in freedom in 1948 they charge religious leaders with public crimes and said they were manipulating the government behind the scenes they painted the church's outdated racist and bigoted a brick wall in the face of progress to quote well it wasn't long before people were quite literally losing their faith they infiltrated the Department of Agriculture at the time representing one of the largest businesses in the country agriculture and it was doing great but they set up peasant commissions in local villages that constantly criticized the capitalist culture of profit and wealth and they said that it was discriminating against the poor farmers and laborers so culture began to turn completely upside down then step two was to ensure that any kind of Republic style democracy would never be a possibility Kozak the author of this said that direct democracy was the instrument of the social revolution he credit credited direct democracy as giving quote a rise to far-reaching political economic social and cultural changes in the country they were they were building and whipping up a reactionary mob and direct democracy would be the tool that would ultimately transform the country overnight step 3 what a surprise gun control guns loses crucial step here the report states that guns for the masses had to be outlawed only those who were quote responsible would be allowed to have a firearm well guess who was responsible the Ministry of the Interior within the government was nearly fully infiltrated by socialists at the time and they built up their own police force they of course were the responsible ones those in government those who were socialist those who agreed as where the newly formed Marxist militias that were beginning to appear in the rural areas everyone else had to surrender their guns step four was popularized revolutionary demands they were really really good at this they created this plan called the program of building which was framed as progress it included the redistribution of wealth land and nationalization socialist politicians in the government would send their plans directly to the foot soldiers on the ground and they would shame any capitalist any politician any civilian that would vote against it and they would say they're voting against the will of the people they would out them in the media they would shame them they would destroy them they claimed that they had been bought by wealthy this men or farmers turning over control to the government was progress and private ownership was deemed against the people's will now one example of how they effectively manipulated the masses was by proposing the millionaire's levy better known as a millionaire wealth tax it didn't have anything at all to do with giving the money to the poor it was all about manipulation and isolating capitalists if anyone opposed it they were instantly branded as being anti people or anti poor or oppressors the document marveled at the success of how effective this manipulation really was let me quote how important for the isolation of the bourgeois leadership of the other parties of the National Front was the proposal of the millionaire's Levy alone tabled in the government by the communists in 1947 at first rejected by its majority it was all just a con it was a manipulative isolation tactic and the last step was to activate the bottom up they had to mobilize the ground game from the bottom and coordinated with the government officials at the top they created a laundry list of organizations some of the more large some of them had national membership some of them were small existing mainly in small villages in towns some of them included the united revolutionary trade union the United Association of Czech peasantry the association of liberated political prisoners and smaller peasantry commissions with direct coordination from the Socialists within the government these small and large organizations held nationwide rallies and protests they pressured businesses and politicians to toe the party line anyone that's strayed if you were in business and you wouldn't go along you were publicly shamed or set upon by a large gathering this was their five-year plan it took them three years to flip a country the results came Swift and brutally and keep in mind this is 1945 in 1945 it was a capitalist country that protected private ownership it was so American but by 1947 75% of all industry had been nationalized land from large far farm owners had been completely liquidated and given to other people in 1948 communist control had become so great that they grabbed what little power was left many have called that final power grab and outright coup what was what was a strong economy began to crumble almost overnight currency and wages declined banks began seizing savings and deposits the police state had to grow stronger they held mock trials they crushed protests the media was censored yes they started digging ditches and shooting people Czechoslovakia would endure this hell for 40 years for those living in Eastern Europe during that time the stories of living under these repressive socialist regimes are strikingly and horribly similar so there's a couple of things this is just a quick thumbnail of this but I have been overwhelmed at how far down the road we are has anyone noticed how fast all of this is happening how did we go from a country that we couldn't even admit that we were socialist you couldn't say that that was racist to say hey I think Van Jones a former communist might be a radical that was racist just a few years ago – now people coming out and saying capitalism is over do you remember what I said about the first chalkboard and how that's going I need you to see first how this is being implemented and then what's coming but let me just take a quick break go over to Stu and we really want to take your questions on today's show we have an amazing panel for you and I so appreciate you watching if this is useful at all please PLEASE silencing of voices is coming and we need to stand 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tell your friends spread the word and make sure that people know this information because you're not going to get it anywhere else now more with Glen and socialism a warning from the dead well my name is Alex Mason I was born in the former Soviet Union the state of Moldova spending my first twenty six years over there kind of showed me what social is the real social is missed people never had enough food I had to wake up every morning at 6:00 in the morning be and the line outside of the store in February to wait until the store will open so I would be able to get a bottle of milk for my wife and my son so the first time I saw a small supermarket in the United States I was thinking that this is a fairy tale we spent about an hour just walking around and looking and couldn't believe that everything is available here and we were told that every third person and the former Soviet Union was a spy for the KGB or the secret police it became a part of norm when they were talking we would always look behind our shoulders when I arrived to the States it took me about five years to get rid of that habit of looking behind the shoulders I was in the seventh grade and on the way home the first day a couple of guys from my class realized that I am Jewish and they did now just simply because I was Jewish he came back home with some black eye and I took the matters in my hands I went to the freestyle wrestling in six months I became the city champion and I kind of took care of the matter by myself that was my first like real experience is for for real no reasons being bit enough when my wife went into the labor I was not allowed to get into the hospital that I brought her in about two o'clock in the morning and I didn't know until 10 o'clock the next morning that I have a son when they brought the kid for her to feed she could show me like from the third floor I mean I didn't see of course anything but I saw that she has and after bribing one of the nurses I gave her I believe half of my monthly salary she told me that I have a son and everything is OK when we moved to the United States it was like starting from the beginning everything was whatever we left then Russia was at least 50 years behind our son was three and a half years old and he wanted a drink I've never tried a conch I only have heard about coke back in Russia so we saw that machine and we didn't know how to operate so they were waiting until someone a little kid came in and put the quarter in and pushed that button and we did the same so it was it wasn't funny I mean I almost cried later of the day because III had to start from from the beginning that's how behind the socialist system was in Russia it was unreal I mean I we were told that the capitalist system here in the United States is nothing what we had back in the Soviet Union Soviet Union is way ahead of everyone welcome to the year 1947 because if you go by this playbook that is exactly where we are currently at I am really bad at timing but I am overwhelmed to share with you that our time is running short I believe you have to decide where you stand you have to think out of the box and you have to look at things and take people at their word you can't absque Ribe your thoughts and your feelings to other people especially when they are telling you what they're going to do if you look at what happened in nineteen 45 to 1948 the parallels are exactly just it's uncanny for instance step one here's our revolution today culture to attack the culture just look what's happening to the church and our religious liberty faith organizations are under full frontal assault like never before the sex abuse scandal within the Catholic Church it might be their own fault whatever but it's now being used to demonize not only the Catholic faith but all Christians as a whole it's even caused Catholics to lose their faith and abandon their church Catholic nuns were even forced to go against their religious doctrine and provide birth control due to Obamacare is birth control mandate but this is this is America and this is the church no matter how much some crazy government official the Topman may be attacking the church we'd never in a million years have a bottom-up reaction like what doubt what went down in Czechoslovakia right I mean it's not like people are storming Catholic churches and harassing people at worship I mean that would be nuts wouldn't it the parishioners in the pews many frozen in disbelief as protesters invade their mass to pass out literature and shout that they're worshipping in the wrong way turn to Jesus Christ must be born again hope he's a Satan hope is the Satan marry statues of Satan if you think that's bad think about how much worse it's going to be in just a few more years the church is under attack globally and the pressure from the top in many countries is intensifying you remember this from a United States Senator senator who's now running for president watch but I do want to give you a chance to speak about your comments on gay and lesbians you sent in a speech that morning in America that endorses perversion and calls it an alternative lifestyle as your words is being gay a perversion senator I when I was a politician I had a very clear view on what it was appropriate for two same-sex persons to marry I stand by that so you do not believe it's appropriate for two gay people to marry senator I continue to hold that view it's the same view and people in the State Department I met some in Africa that are married under your leadership you do not believe that that should be allowed that we have a belief it's the case we have married gay couples at the CIA you should know I treated them with the exact same set of right believe I'd say you believe that gay sex is a perversion his credentials were not on trial here his faith was hits Christianity what he believed his right to believe something different now if he is going out and attacking people that's different but this is Salem 1692 only the questioning wasn't are you a witch it is are you a Christian do you believe that stuff yes or no mass media and the universities do I even need to go over that they're both leftist propaganda tools at this pro at this point and the media bias goes directly to the heavy socialist infiltration on college campuses it's happening according to a National Association of scholars study out of 9,000 professors and 51 of the top rated schools that they looked at the number of Democrat to Republican communications faculty members is 108 to 0 the number of conservative communication professors is actually zero no one you think media bias is bad now I fear we haven't seen anything yet in big businesses Czechoslovakia they targeted agriculture socialists today are targeting agriculture they're targeting Silicon Valley they're targeting big tech there was a report that was and I don't have it with me that was smuggled out of media matters conference it was conducted by Hill Hillary Clinton's acolyte David Brock and it describes in detail how they are now collaborating with Facebook and Google which is YouTube and they have even secured raw data from them do you think anybody on the right is going to get raw data from Facebook YouTube or Google I can't even get them to tell me exactly what people are doing that that is offending them so much at Google and YouTube and Facebook last year nearly every big tech firm in the country co-signed a letter opposing the Trump administration's audacity to say that biology is what defines a person's gender for you to now say that there is a difference between a man and a woman you're a heretic and these are the people that are supposed to be all about science it's no longer accurate to say we're losing the culture it is lost step2 direct democracy remember how important this was it was an instrument of the socialist revolution our founders said direct democracy always ends in slavery and tyrants after seeing this plan fully exposed is it any surprise that all of this is being said from radicals right now in the government a Casey of Cortes tweeting quote it is well past time we eliminate the Electoral College a shadow of slavery's power on America today that undermines our nation as a democratic Republican do you think the electoral college should be abolished I said that in 2000 after what happened to the 2000 election without gore well I'm in the process now writing an article that says we there's a simple solution to it we have to just abolish the Electoral College first of all we should understand Hillary Clinton got more votes than Donald Trump and maybe we might want to take a look at the whole Electoral College in which case is ceding a man for president who did not get the most votes direct democracy is an end to freedom it always is top-down bottom-up it will not work unless they abolish the Electoral College if you want to know who's following this strategy make a note of those calling for the abolishment of the electoral college this is one of them crucial stages of their plan it has to be done step three guns has to be that has to happen it's another example that barely needs an explainer the left is going all out on their assault on the Second Amendment but their bottom-up tactics are becoming more obvious Debbie wasserman-schultz took the part : survivors took them all in and introduced them to the power players in Washington DC and suddenly the March for our lives was born and it was flush with cash she was even one of the key speakers at the event and we're supposed to believe that this was purely a grassroots movement with no top-down support let me ask you this if these radicals really believe that Donald Trump is a dictator why why would you say you should give your guns to the government it's insanity step 4 popularize revolutionary demands the wealth tax have you heard that this is where you truly go from capitalism to socialism one of the ways the Communists in Czechoslovakia were able to popularize redistribution was by shaming capitalists that opposed the millionaire's tax well luckily no one here would ever copy that in the land of the free right you have this proposal today it's a wealth tax it's very interesting it's not it's not even cut right so incomes are flows you know everyone money coming in two people a year and that's usually how attacks things wealth is sitting there it's stock it's a thing that's sitting there and a wealth tax is a novel idea in the American context it's on the very richest households with 50 million dollars or more in assets it's about seventy-five thousand households it would bring in a lot of money two hundred and seventy five billion dollars a year so this is a lot there's opera don't you see anymore the millionaire's levy has now become today's wealth tax do you remember the Czechoslovakian program of building this was all really about gathering popular support to initiate the redistribution of wealth and land by nationalizing industry well that name is so 1940s we should change it today to the new Green Deal this is what the green New Deal is really all about out in fact it says right here this is the actual proposed legislation it says the Select Committee shall have the authority to develop a detailed national industrial economic mobilization plan for the transition of the United States economy to promote an economic and environmental justice and equality this is the end of capitalism and by the way if you truly care about the environment if you're concerned about temperatures in sea level what does it say that every time the people create this new Green Deal talk about it they say that this is the priority what what are some of the specific things you can point to that you think are practical we want a Federal jobs guarantee we want to expand labor rights we need to expand it digitus people's rights we need to give workers jobs consistent how how is that going to save us from all burning to death or drowning or freezing to death this has nothing to do with the environment this is a change of the economy it even states in the original green New Deal the document with what the entire thing is about it talks about mitigating inequalities in income and wealth including without limitation ensuring that federal and other investment will be equitably distributed to historically impoverished low-income de-industrialized or other marginalized communities in such a way that builds wealth and ownership at the community level that doesn't sound very climate change he does it the bottom-up response well it turns out the green New Deal proposal doesn't even try to how that hide how they're going to incorporate that part of their strategy it states quote they will deeply involve 'national and local labor unions to take a leadership role huh that's in here too I know I said the mask would start to come off but this is ridiculous how fast it has happened and once you see this plan and how you can flip a country in three years is anyone waking up people always start with a boogeyman for the Socialists in Germany it was the Jews for the social sinned Czechoslovakia it was the Nazi collaborators they held mock trials and confiscated their farms their wealth their businesses were they guilty who knows who cares they had two choices admit guilt or be shot as I said either earlier two years later this tactic had allowed them to nationalize 75% of the country's industries today that boogeyman is climate or anyone accused of me – or the NRA or anyone who's wearing a red baseball cap they slap the Nazi fascists all right label on it it's insane they're insanely branded guilty in the court of public social media opinion anyone dares to explain themselves is publicly shamed ostracized and alienated again exactly what this document says the Soviets were doing in Czechoslovakia and the last step mobilized the bottom-up mass labor organizations activist groups and unions they've all been in the back pockets of the left for ever it went into overdrive during the Obama administration SEIU as I told you spend 150 million dollars back in 2008 to elect Barack Obama and secure a democratic super majority in Congress during that same time George Soros worked side by side with his SEIU pouring in millions and please don't talk to me about how I am anti-semitic for bringing up George Soros I don't care about his heritage or his religion I care about his ideology and just a couple of years after getting their pieces placed at the top Soros along with SEIU and the tides foundation were funding Occupy Wall Street the foot soldiers at the bottom this is the Czechoslovakian Communist strategy to the letter and it is the same today with the bottom-up movements like the women's March and the tax tax march what we're getting from the top regarding immigration now is so obvious there's no crisis the borders migrants aren't aren't flooding our borders just nothing to see here that plan is a campaign to make America white again it's a plan that says over fifty percent of the current legal immigration will be cut back not many do you know all of this you know all of this according to custom and Border Patrol there are over 58,000 apprehensions on the southwest border in January that number has now skyrocketed to over 76,000 in February the numbers in March have topped more than 100,000 why do we have breakfast the brexit why is why is Europe in shambles today one they were irresponsible with their money to their governments have been lying to people well we got both of those things the third thing was you had people coming up from the Middle East all these migrants they were forced to take them every all of these experts the same people who are saying this to us the same people were saying this is good for Europe no it wasn't no it wasn't and it's happening now the numbers for just the first two months of this year are nearly doubling those of the past five years so why lie about it because it's all about manipulation it's all about alienating and ostracizing those who that are against the people as kozak described from the party of the people I exposed earlier this month that a bottom-up Marxist communist organization led by Emma Lozano I talked about her a few minutes ago was helping organize these caravans from a church in Chicago they're involved with multiple communist issues people and organizations people like Angela Davis and organizations like the Communist Party USA cash is flowing into their coffers provided in part by people like George Soros meanwhile those wealthy donors are funding leftists in the government who turn around and press for open borders back in march alexandria Acacio cortez threatened the moderate democrats remember cortez is not a problem for the Republicans Cortez and all of these other new people that have come in they challenged the Democrats and many of the Democrats are terrified of them because of things like this she said she would send the Democratic names to Street activists if they didn't vote her way this is practically pulled straight out of this document intimidate publicly shame and alienate top-down/bottom-up inside out so now we're left with what do we do what do we do well first of all we have to make sure that we can communicate with one another we have to make sure that voices aren't stifled I urge you to join a group of people it does not have to be blazed I would like for you to join us if you found this valuable we'd like to do more of this but we need your support advertisers we're being completely boycotted on on YouTube and Facebook they do monetize almost everything I do without even listening to it please join us the next thing is you have to know you have to know what you do know and what you don't know and be humble in what you know and fearless in your pursuit of what you do not know for instance can you defend the Constitution I'm tired of being against stuff let's before something who is standing up for the Constitution in the Bill of Rights it's something that all of us should agree on but you can't defend it if you don't know it most people cannot give the five rights in the First Amendment let alone ten can you defend the free market and entrepreneurship over socialism can you well let me go through a couple of numbers see if you even even heard of this after shooting cable news will focus on guns right but these improvements are the equivalent of erasing all gun related murders just the things that we have done as a capitalist system to be able to to help children live just the advances we've made in medicine improvements are the equivalent of erasing all gun related murders for six hundred and thirty years cable news will obsess over a plane crash for months but the improvements we've made in medicine since 1990 are the equivalent of averting 27 plane crashes full of children every single day the rate of children dying before the age of five has dropped by over half since 1990 someone who went to school in the 1990s the rate of students killed per million in fatal shootings dropped by over 75% did you know that did you even know that among men in the u.s. since 1990 colon cancer is dropped by 30% lung cancer is dropped by 40% prostate cancer is dropped by 45% stomach cancer is dropped by 50% in 1952 there were 57 879 cases of polio in the u.s. in 2017 there were zero why was it socialized medicine the rate of forcible rape in our country dropped by over 30% since the 1990s I thought we were living in a rape culture it's down 30% the homicide rate in the United States the most dangerous place in the world you know dropped by half from the levels of the 1970s 80s and 90s half population that is homeless and unsheltered point one percent in the United States 20 percent of the world we don't have it bad you know once you really know who you are and what you know what you believe and when you're in control of your anger and the sword that you always draw out first is reason and is his heart then perhaps then you're ready to move on to the next stage you're ready to start thinking the unthinkable because that's what you have to do the normalcy bias has got to stop they can tell you all the time we don't want to stop capitalism but in their own writings yes they do read the green New Deal you have to think out of the box it can happen here you are not different neither am i truth is truth mass is only true when two plus two equals four it equals four every time no matter how you arrived at three or five it's four if you want to see what's coming let's just start taking people at their word no matter how unlikely it seems to you that there's no way that you would end capitalism if they're saying they want to they will take people at their word when they say you know what you know I kill you I don't know you might say that a million times to a friend and it doesn't mean that everybody is joking when they say that when Islamists say they're going to kill you take them at their word and you know what when you're proven wrong or you learn something new admit it and admit it loudly and first do you remember the book I talked about the coming insurrection it was a book that described in detail how France would spiral out of control people thought I was crazy all France spiraling out of control but this book wasn't written by some underground punk rock movement this was from the French intellectual elite and many of them went to jail for its publication why were they inciting or were they just predicting quite honestly I think it's a little of both because for revolutions to happen there has to be an appetite for it and the people of France the Socialists the real socialists were tired of the Democratic Socialist politician who would promise all the socialist utopia ideas only then to disappoint election after election never throwing off the free market just giving them the crumbs of another big bloated government program revolutionaries only bide their time for so long until they begin to act and they begun to act all over the world and they're beginning to act here in America France is ahead of us by a couple of years I guess but it all begins with looking at political revolutionaries who are kicking up dirt because that politician or that politician isn't finishing the job Van Jones is not radical enough for the left now that should tell you something AOC and Omar are now saying the same things about President Obama he wasn't radical enough when I first read the coming insurrection I saw huge parallels to what was happening here but no one would even talk about it back then this cannot be the case this time it's why I made this special for free you must do your own homework and decide if this is true or not and if you find it to be true share it with all in that are in your circle of influence we're running out of time so what could my possible motivation be well I will tell you this I grew up in an alcoholic family and I'm what specialists would call the mascot of the family I loved that the mascot of the family the mascot is the one who tries to reduce the stress of the family by goofing around they joke they they just do anything they can to distract the family from the problems that's what I do that's what I've always done in my family I don't like tension I don't like conflict this has allowed me to survive some pretty stressful times it gives me a very dark sense of humor about my dysfunctional family or my mother suicide or whatever but it is helped me as a default in stressful times it has always allowed me to look elsewhere hmm I hate conflict and if you've been listening to me for a while you probably can tell us because I've tried to be a pace of a peacemaker I really have and usually it's to my own detriment I can wish and hope and I can just you know please please please believe the best in people but sometimes that horse is not a unicorn and no matter how much I hope it to be true pigs never have wings this summer after I realized that the warning I had given to you in 2011 at Fox about the caliphate and the destabilization that would eventually jump here and come to our own southern border was now at completion and it was now time for me I guess to be able to see the rest I was prompted to write down a series of events to watch for that would be road signs mile markers and exits that we can should we choose to save ourselves that we could take it was unbelievably clear and extensive and it came fast I've already shared a lot of it a summary of it in a three-part series that you can now find on blaze it boils down basically to four points I don't know what happens first I don't know how it all comes to fruition but I do know that these four things will precede a global shift and it will not end well for man's freedom unless we are prepared and know who we are first polarization and civil unrest is going to get worse to economic to stabilize ation on a global scale it is going to be massive three tech disruption it is also going to be massive and people will start pointing fingers and nobody will everybody Tech and the government will start to merge into one and this will be a trust implosion no one will believe anything or anybody after that prompting and quite honestly after years of begging for the opportunity just to bring people together to be a positive force to allow me the opportunity just to be a rodeo clown again it has come clear to me in the last couple of months that each of us have a role to play I have one and you have one I don't know what yours is but we need to accept and complete our task mine is not to make the country laugh or god forbid distract or frankly be the one who leads us to some grand answer my only role I believe is to warn you doesn't mean these things are gonna happen but if we don't change our ways it will my job is to tell you what you already know in your gut on both sides and you know what yes America has made terrible mistakes all of us have from the beginning I'm now at the point where I believe our founders should not have compromised on slavery I've always accepted that because they had to start the country but I don't even know they trusted God on everything else and then they failed to trust him on slavery they compromised and then we did it again we failed after the Civil War Lincoln was shot we didn't heal the wounds he told us heal the wounds of the nation but we didn't do it in the 1960s we were too tired and afraid to look straight in the eye what the problem was because JFK Malcolm X MLK RFK all shot riots in the streets the world was on fire and all of us just wanted to go back to the normalcy bias America at the time became the mascot of the family of man we tuned in laughing and tuned out our pain Abraham Lincoln knew all of this it was his message of the second inaugural address it's the second shortest inaugural address in history and yet probably one of the most memorable that almost well I can't say this anymore a lot of us could have quoted at some point in our life it's only a hundred sorry seven hundred and one words but in that seven hundred and one words Lincoln mentions God 14 times he quotes the Bible four times he invokes prayer three times ten years after he was shot was the chief justice chase that gave the Bible that that Lincoln put his hand on and took the oath and when he took the oath when he finished he actually took that Bible and he kissed the pages well we know now what the pages were that he kissed and they were from Isaiah 5 27 28 that says none shall be weary nor stumble among them none shall slumber nor sleep neither shall the girdle of their loins be loosed nor the the fete of their shoes be broken who shut whose arrows are sharp and their bows best their horses hooves shall be counted like flint their wheels like a whirlwind 41 days after he called for for us to come together and heal the wounds of the nation he was shot but his words still Kindle something in us the spirit of Lincoln's words still stir our soul and I think it's because at his moment of triumph is his moment saying yeah we won he chose humility woe unto the world because of offenses for it must needs be that offenses come but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh if he shall suppose that Americans slayed he gives both north and south this terrible war as woe do to those by whom came the offence shall we discern therein any departure from those divine attributes which the believers and a living God always ascribed to him fondly do we hope fervently do we pray that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away yet if God wills that it continues until all the wealth piled up by the bondsman 250 years of unrequited toil shall be sunk and every drop of blood drawn by the last shall be paid by another drawn by the sword as it was said three years ago so it must be said today the judges of the Lord are true and righteous altogether America we must heed Lincoln's message again offenses will come and woe unto us by whom the offense has come the most important message I can give you tonight is this those who wish to enslave others for their own power their own gain and their own glory are not enemies of mine or yours they are enemies of his because these rights ultimately belong to him and they have been loaned to us for safekeeping for the next generation it is our responsibility we must stand up and protect those rights we must live up to the words of our founding mission that yes all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness we have fallen short time and time again it's a lofty goal but worth it but if all of us with real humility recognize our wrongs we begin to show not anger or vengeance or hatred towards others but rather empathy and just show simple small kindness if we meekly ask for forgiveness admit our faults and turn our face back to him he will make up for the shortfall and he will heal our land we must embrace we must stand firm for and further the cause of individual sovereignty justice individual justice and individual dignity social justice of the 1850 has been perverted intentionally into collective justice of today and it is a lie it is evil and it is bloodthirsty the founding declaration words are worth dying for but more importantly they are worth living for and live we must socialism collectivism authoritarianism I don't care what you call it it's a death cult but it will not and cannot be beaten by fighting hate with hate or lies with more lies we will not survive if our goal is just to change men's minds or to win we must change men's hearts including our own there is no winning when half the country feels like they've just lost but here's where we've gone wrong we don't think we have anything in common but we do no one crosses an ocean in a rickety wooden sailboat for months nobody risks their lives in a homemade raft to cross the Gulf to get to Florida or send their children to cross a dangerous river in the middle of the night with dangerous coyotes because of our GDP or our low unemployment rate or even yes blessed universal health care people don't come here for that they come here for the American idea for most of the world who are currently praying for us please America wake up we still are the shining city on the hill they can see it perhaps we've grown so accustomed to freedoms lamp that we no longer turn around to even notice the flame that lights the world's path yes this is a place that sometimes suck there's a place that sometimes you get rich sometimes you don't this is a place where if you work hard play by the rules and build your own mousetrap sometimes you can live a life you design perhaps you'll even become rich but when we look at the entire population of the entire earth even the poorest among us in America are the wealthiest 1% but even this argument is missing the point that is a uniquely spoiled entitled an American way of looking at things because people do not escape oppression to come here to get rich they come here to be free and at this hour at least at this hour we still are but the hour grows late have we become so arrogant that we are blind to our own true wealth our god-given freedoms protected by the Bill of Rights I love the line from Thomas Paine heaven knows how to put the proper price on something so celestial as freedom and just as it was said before if he decides that all of the American wealth be piled up in one giant EEP and be sunk then it still must be said the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether the foe we fight is not the name we hear every night on cable news it's not the ones in the voting booths not the one of them other parties whoever it is Zoe here that's not who our foe is our foe is found in our own arrogance in our own apathy in our own self-imposed ignorant our enemy is us our doubts our fears our anger our own foolish misplaced pride we do not fight flesh and bone we fight the same evil faced by the ancients that have gone before us I ask you tonight to ponder these things to do your own homework to know who you are and then let us begin again with malice toward none with charity for all with the firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right can we strive on to finish the work that we're all in can we bind up the nation's wounds can we achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations Oh when I Clutton is gonna be coming back on and answering your questions on social media we encourage you to tweet using the hashtag Glenn TV live he is gonna be coming back in just a few minutes and we're gonna be discussing anything really you want to talk about from from the special first I want to talk to a great panel we have here including a really distinguished except for Justin of course we're talking with Martin pulusu is a former Czech Republic ambassador to the United States dr. Carlos Ponce a who was senior fellow and director of Latin American programs at the victims of como communism Memorial Foundation and of course Justin as well from the Heartland Institute let's start with with today Justin we kind of thought with some of the stuff that we're talking about when it comes to socialism is it has been sort of remade for a lot of people that didn't go through these arrows in the past these things are kind of new to them people who are looking at Alexandria Acacio Cortes when if you're a millennial you've never maybe dealt with these things and in the past and you don't really know what they are when you talk to other Millennials what do you what do you hear from them you hear that socialism is basically a form of charity that seems to be the pervasive view among younger people that socialism means equality in fact when they've conducted polls that's the number one answer that comes up it's equality younger people didn't live through Mao they didn't live to see the Berlin Wall fall I don't remember those things happening even so you have to reach younger people in a different way and I think that the most important way to do that is to explain to them why socialism even if it could theoretically work it's highly immoral is it surprise me that you know a generation that is dealing with so much customization so much you know seeing the benefits of the free market you know everything from uber to eBay do you ever you know all this is a real sign of what the free market can do when its unleashed and yet this generation is the one who's taking the most advantage of that but also most friendly to the ideas of socialism yeah that's true and I think that the primary reason for that is because when they think of socialism they think of a giant welfare state so they don't think socialistic programs are for them they they get to use their Apple computer still they still get to take advantage of capitalism it's for poor people the people who don't have those advantages and so they see socialism as a way to help the poor they see it as a form of charity yeah that's it's an interesting perspective and it has real real complications that wind up coming from it dr. pons say that you know we are looking at Venezuela right now and one of the most shocking things about this to me is the idea that we can look at Venezuela happening before our eyes you know what the results of socialism gone wrong and yet that is kind of we look at that and we say well I guess we want to walk in that direction now are you surprised that Americans are not seeing the warnings from Venezuela I always hear the same thing twenty-something years ago when Chavez was just a candy there oh and Chavez was planning the coup d'etat in impale with the coup d'etat people were talking about no it's impossible for Venezuela to go that way it's impossible Venezuela even the ones we were alerted about the possibilities of Chavez being a mess I never imagined this disaster everybody say at that time Venezuela has no institution have political parties Chavez is gonna probably rule the contrast the rest of the corrupt president that we had in the past nothing's gonna happen but after that 20 years after that we see the destruction of the country's destruction of the economy the instruction of the old a country that used to produce 4 million barrels per day now produced five hundred thousand eight hundred thousand dollars per day a country they had high with the well not the most modern country in in the region is now falling apart with 3.5 million Venezuela in the border with Colombia with Peru and becoming a total nest for the regime with a humanitarian crisis from a rich country to a pool pool country and that was in a democratic way there was no revolution Chavez was elected because there was a crisis an oil crisis the help crowd cha-cha vez to warn the presidency and Chava has been doing that in the same case of Nicaragua – he won an election and destroyed the country Daniel Ortega you can see how they use democratic means to get into power in staying power was there any way they could have stopped us I mean was this an overwhelming wave that with Chavez that changed the country or was this something that if the people maybe were able to see this coming that they could have done something to stop he was also suicidal from the political parties their political parties saw this coming and they never did anything people saw this a crisis coming and nobody do anything because they want to take advantage of showers they wanted to have something with Chavez and power with Chavez Pete Chavez was that it was something in the making it was worse with what we expected but it was it was something there Fidel Castro planted the seed years before Fidel Castro tried to to take control of Venezuela in the 50 he fail and he begins to plan this with the photo op out of the South Paulo forum for almost 30 years he was planning to take control of Venezuela and he made it mmm amazing Martin as someone who went through socialism lived through socialism you see Venezuela you see what's going on there today does this how does this how you see this happening and is it does it is this something that can be cured by the people rising up is it something that has to happen fundamentally with each individual person good question yeah look I was born 1950 so communism or socialism is experience of first 40 years of my life and the basic feeling of people under this circumstances is helplessness powerlessness so people have a rather tendency to coordinate themselves with that situation for me when I was 18 years old was 1968 it was a maybe false hope that we could have got something better still democratic socialism but the becoming socialism of 1968 would have been something much better for me as a teenager being able to travel being able to read being able to participate the public discussion and then we were sent back the Soviet let invasion and there was another 20 years of the same situation so what I am saying is that international context is extremely important yeah in 1968 it was still Cold War and I was not expert in negotiations with the Soviet Union and the United States but this bipolar stability was a great factor yeah we were fortunately 1989 and we could look now at the process that culminated in 1989 that when we had a chance to make a revolution it happens and we are where we are right now not in the paradise but we are at the book at the country so when I see when I saw when I see Cuba I'm talking with Cubans all the time for thirty years now almost and I hope that they would have followed us after the fall of the Berlin Wall very odd especially elbows instead of that so I am hundred percent sure that it is up to the people of Cuba Venezuela Nicaragua but enabling international in the environment is a key thing for their success I am struggling to bring the United States and the European Union we can criticize that entity a very much together so that freedom is what matters and not the welfare states yeah I'm fascinated to get your perspective on after you go through socialism and communism and you come out the other side I mean the Czech Republic has been a real success story and I think you look at there's a real there's every country's got its problems of course but there's been real positive coming out of such a negative how does that even happen look I will tell you one more thing the 20th century was a short one started with the results of the first world war and ended with the fall of communism a bipolar structure in Europe what we are living now is a new era totalitarianism still is a great danger it might be coming with different names not Nazism calm as it was in the past so I think that we need now to use our experience of the past to help people who are really seriously struggling for freedom today being in Venezuela Cuba and you can find many other countries China is a should be great concern of us I think that the world should take lessons from the past and all these victims millions of people who were killed whose lives were destroyed by this type of regimes should not be forgotten hmm dr. pan Salem I want to go back to Venezuela here for a second because we're seeing this kind of happen right in front of our eyes and I'm struck by the changes you know I see it certainly among younger people here in America but really all over we talked to Marian from from the victims of communism memorial earlier today and he said something that was fascinating to me I'm Glen asked him where the organization came from and he said it was from a unanimous act of Congress in 1993 I mean I don't feel like it would be unanimous today in our Congress I feel like certainly to recognize to recognize communism is incredibly important the work you guys have done is amazing but we've I feel like entered an era where people have forgotten the truth of the last century well there are so people here in the u.s. they're blaming the US for the disaster in Venezuela they forget about that that distinctions only went to individuals in Venezuela and not today today to the country and economy they had sanctions against the economy it just this year so the disaster in Venezuela has been going on for a couple of decades so people have to realize that this type of regime also manipulate they they they they they frame they they did discourse they frame everything to protect themselves and Chavez protecting himself with the image the ideology selling the revolution everywhere and and even here in the state a lot of politician has been supporting supporting the past and lot of politicians has been supporting the regime right now there are some people in the Venezuelan embassy protecting the Venezuelan embassy for the revolution of Venezuela against a white dog so there are some people they really believe that that that that false ideology the social is in Venezuela hmm you know Japan just what you say I don't think that all young people are so naive and uninformed that they would be easily subscribing to socialism I just finished my class greatly 45 students and I have a material proof most of them from Latin American countries American not American countries and they are all very much aware of the criminality of regime of Hugo Chavez Maduro and all others so I think that if we give a chance to a meaningful dialogue and communication a freedom will prevail because people like to have freedom of expression but their opinions need to be challenged and if they are incompatible with common sense so common sense should come in we have to eliminate a phrase everybody everybody keep in in their mind this is not gonna happen to me this is not gonna happen to us I haven't experienced the same phrase in Ecuador when Korea to control Ecuador when a a Daniel Ortega to control in Nicaragua can orient it to Nicaragua expel me from Nicaragua they have been persecuting in Cuba the same trash phrase all over this is not gonna happen Venezuela is different Nicaragua is different Ecuador is different we have to think about this and think that this will happen to us anywhere Justin I'm gonna get to one more thing here before we believe do you have the same hope that martin has on the youth I mean do you see that I mean I definitely do I'm encouraged a lot of times when I talk to people individually not this is just a function of our conversations becoming more distant and electronic when I talk to young people individually they seem to understand these things I mean they they they want they want to have the free market they want to have freedom they don't want a dictatorship nobody does yet when I don't know if it's just because we loosen these the bonds of human interaction and and we wind up judging entire groups without really realizing what they're talking about I think that most younger people I think the vast majority of all people don't want a Thorat Arianism the problem is is that you create these systems and then you slide into authoritarianism and you don't even realize that you're doing it because it happens over a very long period of time or you create a situation where the economy just completely collapses because I don't know you have 22 trillion dollars of debt and no way to pay for any of it and now all of a sudden you have a bunch of desperate people who will do literally anything that a very charismatic leader who happens to be President or running for president at that time promises in exchange for support and so that's where you get into trouble I think that we are on the verge of that happening because I don't think people understand history and I don't think younger people and I don't think that younger people understand the value of capitalism support for capitalism and polling has dropped by twenty three percent in the last eight years percentage points and that's because younger people are totally ignorant of these things but I do think that they are that Millennials and younger generations are hyper individualistic in many ways that they do like free market products and services and that they that they are very creative and that there are a lot of really wonderful things about younger people they just need to be informed about the dangers of socialism and communism and collectivism and and why those things are wrong even if they work they're immoral they're evil because it it creates a tyranny of the majority and it almost always leads to authoritarianism and so I think that's the important message that we have to drill into younger people's heads over and over and over again because they've been frankly indoctrinated by the by the left-wing public school system for decades now gentlemen thanks so much for doing this and sharing your perspective it was really helpful and this is really important message and I'm glad you guys were able to help long and this is important and you have real historic purse press perspective here thanks so much for doing this throw it over to Glen now with with some stuff for questions for me on social media thank you so much as to we're running obviously a lot longer than we thought we would but I wanted to bring Jason in our social media team in who have been watching and we want to thank you so much for watching tonight please like this review this rate this and pass it on to a friend that helps other people discover it now but we want to take a few questions from you before we sign off and I'll take a lot of questions tomorrow on radio as well you can still tweet all night and we'll go through them tomorrow what was the general feeling that people had do you think we had a lot a lot of really good reactions I would say that probably the most common reaction was one of like what it was like a common what do I do like I'm just one person what do I do like we see it yeah we see it we feel it we know what you're saying is true but what what do we do as just individuals so that was like the main if I just summarized so I think you know we're talking about this today the first thing we have to do is you know gird our loins if you will to use Lincoln's phrase we need to make sure that we can defend the free market and entrepreneurship and know the Constitution I think we really need to keep history in our own notebooks because it's being changed in real time now like I've never seen before I'm worried that we are beyond where I thought we were but it is not hopeless I one of the things and know this you know we lost almost every battle in the Civil War until Lincoln stopped making it about saving the Union and he became just distraught we were losing everything I think we only I think they lost every every battle halfway through maybe we won one and Lincoln was driven to his knees and he realized I've got to make this about slavery this about freeing people and like I said in his second inaugural address if God wants to take everything that's fine this is the right thing to do and he called for a national day of fast prayer and humiliation to ask forgiveness and then turn her face back to God we did that and to the day we won every battle I think except one in the second half we have to get our priorities straight and right now we're making it about winning we're making about our stuff we're making well anything else but freedom and we have to be able to defend it we have to know what it is we have to be positive I can tell you all the bad things and like you say you know but I'm here to be a mile marker and tell you we're passing all the exits we're passing all the extra exits and it's worse than you think it is here's historically how this works out but I really think that we need to get to our religious leaders in the first place and and pray and ask God turn our face back to him to heal our land I think that's probably the most important thing we can do because without divine providence I don't think we're gonna make it I think we're we're too late some people asking the question is living out my faith on a day-to-day basis something that can make a difference in helping me I get through to people on this issue and help them see the other side of it what is coming is going to not be like the Civil War it will be house to house neighbor against neighbor family member against family member there won't be a North and South line and that's the way I think what's what's coming and and there is you know I talked about a little bit about it that there is a collapse of trust that is already beginning to happen but I mean it collapsed a trust nobody will believe anything about anybody and when that really happens you better have some credibility because you have to be somebody who is seen as reasonable and kind and decent most Americans don't want this most Democrats are not looking to collapse capitalism they just don't believe that that's what these people are talking about because it seems crazy to them that's what it is I think that's where self education comes into play because a lot of the questions that we got were asking about how the public education system has failed their kids and I think that's one of the big issues today too is that not a lot of people are reading up on the history of what socialism really is or what led to it stop sending your kids to college stop it stop it what's wrong with you you're paying for indoctrination stop it I think your college education is gonna be worthless someday really soon and why we would why we would pay to have our kids turned against everything that we hold dear is is beyond me especially when you can educate yourself in so many other different ways today do you want to take a question from someone who I don't think this is a police TV subscriber I don't think this is our our demographic okay but they asked they asked a good question so this comes from the Socialist Party of Great Britain the official yeah the verified account so they watch the special obviously they've responded tonight so the question is how many times will you say Venezuela has socialism thereby causing actual socialists to fall about laughing so the question is Venezuela is not real socialism so go I understand and since you're from Great Britain let me answer it this way because you understand when I what is it when I bite I bite hard I can't remember exactly what the slogan is for the Fabian socialist but since you are from Great Britain you'll know about the Fabian socialists it is really fascinating to me how you can take the United Socialist Republic USSR and squeeze socialism out of that and make that into communism yes it is communism but you socialists know that there are two levels really of Marx plan their socialism which is the entry the purging and then there's the Utopia of communism which communism has never been done socialism has always been done but communism is when everything is returned to the people when you get the corruption out and the governments are great and and there's flowers on every table and every hit every everybody's hair has flowers in it that's communism not to line them up and shoot them and put them in a gulag and you know that socialism has been tried over and over and over again and I'm sorry but you all sold Venezuela socialism we have all the tapes of all of the people in Hollywood going to say what a socialist utopia this was socialism is always denied once you run out of other people's money once you run out of other people's money or once somebody is doesn't want to leave power and you have direct democracy and they wait rigged the election or whatever it takes once it starts to collapse then you say it's not true socialism that's amazing that's amazing that's like saying you know the rides are all down at Disneyland well but it's technically not Disneyland today because the rides aren't working dude if it's broken it's still Disneyland you have socialism when it breaks it's still socialism actually I think Ilhan Omar today said that it's actually because the United States bullied Venezuela into into into collapse and usually what they do and again I just remind you of my prediction that the socialist the Islamists the anarchists the radicals will all work together to first destroy Israel capitalism and the Western world this next question is from at leading Liberty on Twitter she's actually an aspiring teacher so the question is how can I present the evils of socialism within getting myself with getting myself outed from academia or should I just abandon that chase and it chased my other passion in podcasting so she's amazing should she give up the wine I could say there's nothing more noble than teaching children and as long as you're teaching facts and not opinion you should be protected but no longer an American if you think podcasting is going to be safer you're sadly mistaken as I've said several times today steven crowder it's already on three strikes now with YouTube but he is afraid yeah I think he's gonna be on the radio show tomorrow morning he's afraid that he's going to lose his youtube following which is over two million people you know the blaze is nice but it's not a free YouTube place and you know we are demonetized everything I do it doesn't I don't even think do they even stop and look at what I'm doing I think it's your name yes right it could with anything and they do monetize the one thing you really really need to do is support people and I really don't care who it is but if somebody has a broadcast entity or a voice and it appeals to you please support them I don't care how you support them just support them what else so this one's from at a senior 77 the question is what has this is a good question because I because a lot of people when they think of flipping a country they think of military overthrow right I think you have an interesting take on this so what has been the role of the military in the flippin tyranny many feel that the US military would never turn on we to people yeah I don't know because especially with the the world you know ten years from now with deep fakes are you gonna know what's real and what's not I I don't think what we're talking about tonight is not a military coup that's not what we're talking about we're talking about a legal flip of the system there's not a shot fired in Czechoslovakia that is the goal there was not a shot fired to get to Hugo Chavez it's a it's a flipping legally you know the one thing that we should all be concentrating on is never allowing Domecq direct democracy and I would be saying this if I were a Democrat and you know my guy lost in 2000 and you know my woman lost the last election I'd be saying it because direct democracy always leads to tyranny our founders were very clear on that we saw it and tonight special.this this electoral college this moved to change this to domecq direct democracy changes us fundamentally there's a reason it was number two on the checklist of the former Soviets we're feeling like the generation of like the Millennials is kind of lost its maybe too late for them and looking ahead to how do you get this issue to younger people tits children how do you break something like this down to lay a foundation for them to understand issues like this I will tell you one of my real goals in broadcast before I die or retire I'd like to take on the children's television workshop I would like to take on Sesame Street because that thing is no longer what it was and and I'm not saying I want to indoctrinate kids I just want to say the truth to kids and we have lost the Millennials I think the Millennials it's over but the the generation that is now you know eight to twenty they're more conservative than then really my generation things change and it changes especially when it you become a rebel for speaking and there's always a counterculture right always always and once and I remember saying this in about 2001 when Jefferson becomes a revolutionary again America will thrive and we're approaching those times so that's that's a good segue to at our a podcast so you're saying I mean his question is you know he's 29 he's on that edge of millennial and so are you saying that that the a OCS and the Bernie Sanders of the world have kind of won over that millennial generation in there isn't really you know they've burned over the generation and I think this is happening all over the world they were they're winning over the generation the younger generation who do not think like I do that there's a system and this is the political party they don't see a reason for that anymore and they shouldn't it's broken it's awful it's terrible capitalism remember capitalism has what a 46% approval rating however the free market has about a 90 percent approval rating with the same Millennials okay so they see capitalism and that's crony capitalism they see this awful system and it is it's horrible it's horrible and then they see this idea of it doesn't have to be that way but nobody is actually telling them the truth like the Socialists they're that they know what socialism means when you ask them when you ask Millennials or anybody are you for universal health care yeah cuz it sounds like a great thing are you willing to pay taxes are you willing to wait in line for health care then all of a sudden it changes and the numbers are cut in half the best thing that we can do is just educate ourselves first and then educate others but what we're doing right now is we're fighting over molar who gives a fly-in crap who gives it leopardia does that's the mean that's what makes it so hard to control the conversation watching the media really who is watching who's watching Fox News and CNN Fox News is blowing everybody else out of the water but generally speaking it's everyone over 60 they've made up their minds nobody twenty thirty years old are you watching CNN well for my job for your job for your job nobody's watching television why do we care why do we care good point Austin on Facebook he asked is there any politician who's actively fighting and kind of leading the charge to to kind of combat this movement yeah the best leader in Congress I think is is Mike Lee he knows the Constitution and he is fighting for the Constitution there are others Rand Paul you know there there's these really great and cashman I can't think of their names right now the other small government libertarians Hamas yeah a Justin Amash is tremendous tremendous there are some good guys but for the most part I think we're at the point to where the the Soviets were when did the wall come down 1992 91 92 somewhere that I think we're like in 1990 where the politicians are like this thing is coming apart I'm gonna start transitioning and put myself in a position over here to be part of that new system I think we're actually there and you see it through the corruption of people like Biden that's just getting rich off of this system and once that stuff is exposed but it won't be exposed it will not be exposed if the media silence is all dissenting voices okay can you guys do me a favor and leave right here on my desk for morning all of the questions and I'll take more questions on radio tomorrow absolutely thank you so much thank you so much for watching please if you found any value of this please join us and become a blaze member you can do that joining right now today you can get $20 off your yearly subscription that we've never done that before we would love to have you as a subscriber we need you as a subscriber join our team go to the link that is probably on the screen someplace and join us at the place thank you see you tomorrow in video you

  1. GB = Net worth $250,000,000? "Stu" = $11,000,000? Good content but while I was born on a Tuesday? Wasn't last Tuesday. "Crisis" @ THE BLAZE. 20% OFF? Try 80%!!!

  2. pretty accurate program, but you guys are not the only ones talking about this. There are plenty of youtubers that have uncovered this, such as Aydin Paladin, Sargon of Akkad, Sinatra Says, Voltiare's Ghost, etc. Go check them out.

  3. A RAMBLE. I don't believe in God. Most people in my inner circle are church going Christians. There are also many people in my inner circle who have different belief systems. But, they all have an overall goodness in their hearts – both men and women separately, and combined. And children. They all know my view that I don't believe in God. They know some of my other views. Having said that, I am the number one protector of Christian values and Christian people and their values. I'm the number protector of any person, or group of persons, who have compassion in their hearts and forgiveness in their minds. I believe in the rule of law. You may pray to God for Him to help you. Good luck – Seriously.

    Please consider this: There are billions (maybe in groups perhaps of a million to hundreds of millions) of people who aspire to personal freedoms and practice compassion. These are the people who believe also in living in a community where the rule of law applies. Please consider. We are behind you as individuals and as a conscious collective. We wont forget you in your mission. Don't forget "us". I think Jesus is the greatest human being who ever existed with such a great and massive influence on our personal freedoms, our search for understanding and truth, and compassion. I support Him. But don't believe in God. Go figure!

    There are lot of people living within the boundaries of major belief systems that have foremost freedom and compassion in their teachings. I'm sure free speech is one of them. We do not want Socialism or any other variant of Communism. A true Capitalist system is not perfect. But it gives all of us freedom to choose. May Your God Bless You. Seriously. All of you. That would be very good for the vast majority of those alive today and those yet to live. There is a large number of people who support you who are not true Christian believers or Christian believers. We stand on the edges and protect. Most of us are hidden. Invisible at this time. Some will stand and protect and become visible. Some will stand and protect and never become visible.

    Socialism in its core form is not the way for any one of us to move forward. It always leads to a dictatorship. A historic factual (maybe hour-long) video on the rise of say 6 or more dictatorships would be good for the young and the old. Principally, was the Socialist takeover all done with fear and intimidation and murder – and even mass murder? Was it done with legions of character assassinations. Being the deliberate psychological murder and death of a person's personality by inflicting on them a serious mental injury that may lead to a life-long impairment? Was blackmail and greed and … stealth ll in there somewhere? Did it get to the point where the rule of law was ignored? When did it get to "that point"? Its always been ongoing – since the beginning. Yes. But when the tipping point? At what stage, or range up stages, is there "no return" without a revolution? Or rebellion?

    PS. Separately. TV ………. Hundreds of millions of people watch TV, still. Some broadcasts are outright propaganda. And a lot of other broadcasts are full or peppered with propaganda. In some countries most broadcasts are dominated by propaganda. In Western Democracies and some other countries, generally its a mix of open truth and propaganda. We can choose what we like. We can CHOOSE what we want to see and hear and experience. But many broadcasts, some from the likes of the ABC, CNN, MSNBC (and associated like-minded newspapers) ++ are broadcasting mainly outright propaganda and hate. And lets not leave out their sensationalism as part of the Socialist message and the work of evil – or staunch badness at least. I noted your comments … a negative lean but not a shard … hope within your lean … FOX NEWS … earmarked the over 60's … maybe … but even so …

    … Whilst we are immersed in a sea with waves (some tidal) of lies and misinformation, its very good to have people like you and FOX and Levin and … lots … Most late yeared parents and those people in their 50's to 90's have offspring. FOX and Levin and you guys +++++++++++++++ ++ do help as a guide through the sea of lies and misinformation. People in their 50's and 60's have children and grandchildren. Many have great grandchildren. One way to filter down the information to the younger ones is to inform the older ones. Not perfect. But it helps with understanding that may lead to positive insight. Especially for younger people. Thank you to you and your team for a most informative, driving, and insight driving broadcast. Good positive truthful information.

    Everyone who cares would be wise to gird one's loins. Prepare to stand up. The fight is on. On the one hand, most of us have access to an OPEN internet and the world has become a more transparent place. On the other hand, things are becoming more opaque. We can both see more clearly forward and hear the broadcast evil (as extreme badness) because it is now more frequently exposed to us. But we need to take the time and look for truth among the gossip. Its messy! We might see a very alive and sparkly organism (as people acting as a group, or singularly) that is hellbent full of unbridled hate and jealousy and … This organism is very same one that attempted a Coup on President Trump. And is now in assassination mode. Bill Barr … ++++ ++. Evil on show anyone? Its not hard to see. It might be one thing to see and hear and feel. Its another added thing to think and conclude. Not gossip. Like many Democrats and CNN Reporters and MSNBC Reporters and ABC … ++ ++ Reporters? Mmmm!

  4. socialism didnt destroy venezuela .. the cia and us govt did. fact is capitalism destroyed american democracy. and capitalism destroyed itself in the great depression.. but socialsm saved capitalism.. then the 1% undid the FDR new deal.. killed the unions.. siphoned the wealth of the middle class.. and put us back on the brink.. it's time for another new deal, another dose of socialism to save capitalism again.. democracy? it's a sham in america.. votes do not count. .votes wont end the fed.. or wars.. money is in charge.. and the 1% have more votes than the rest of us combined. tax them.. go from pi/… trickle down to trickle up.. if there is excess once everyone is out of poverty.. then we can share som of it with the rich..

  5. Seems like a LOT of spin here. Why is direct democracy bad? If someone can convince you of that, then you truly are lost.

  6. While not defending the Nazis. The Sudetenland was part of Germany before the First World War. The allies in their infinite wisdom gifted the territory to Czechoslovakia at the treaty of Versailles. The ethnic majority Germans in that region were being unfairly treated. It should also be noted that immediately after the war Germans were ethically cleansed from the Sudetenland in a disgusting killing spree by Czechoslovakian people no less horrific than the Jewish persecution by the Nazis. Two wrongs do not make a right.

  7. There was a video on YouTube that showed Venezuelan immigrants that where talking about how socialism doesn’t work as a message to Alexandria Cortez. But it seems to have magically disappeared off the internet and I have looked for it but can not find it.

    Anybody else saw it or have any links to it?

  8. The left know all this, yet they do not care. They only care about one thing – Power. There will only be bloodshed at the end of the bread-lines.

  9. I cant wait to this future we are heading to. People are so blind and hypocritical. Might as well me tally prep for horror now. I do believe in America tho havent lost hope yet


  11. Its because we’ve not changed throughout time we repeat the past over and over again. I doubt if we’ll ever learn.

  12. As a 67 year young Brit who has followed you now for years I just wish you would come over with Mr Morgan one day on GM TV

  13. glen and team. this is unreal – this is the stuff teachers need to show in their classrooms. so well put together. i live in SF and its very hard none of my coworkers think like i do. im going to try and share but they usually just disregard and ignore the links i send when im feeling brave. i dont know how we are going to educate people anymore. California feels so lost to me and it breaks my heart.

  14. You cannot comprehend socialism if you don't know its driving force, its attraction to people, its motivating force. It is the "Banditry Syndrome", the desire to live better, not by work, but by living better at the expense of other people,-The Rich. In practice it means, stealing everything from everybody. Socialists do not want to murder people, they must, because people will defend their property and income from being stolen by the socialists. People defending their property and income must be murdered by necessity, to force all others into surrender. The socialist bosses failed in practical life as cabinet makers (Gottwald), preachers (Stalin) or lawyers (Lenin, Castro) and socialism gives them a life of kings. Without incentives to work and be compensated for hard work, workers in socialism work as little as possible, hence the economy is destroyed. Workers in socialism earn $20 per month and food and basic necessities are non-existent. Socialists lie, steal and murder, and that is why they must dismantle religion and the Ten Commandments. God instructs us to work to earn our daily bread, and any government that gives people welfare without work is paving the way to socialism, i.e. theft and murder, because it elevates the "Banditry Syndrom" in people above the word of God.

  15. soros is a NAZI & He Thought it was a lot of Fun To Work With Them He Is Faithless & Thinks Of Himself As god ! In other words He Is BATSHIT CRAZY And BIG SOCIOPATH !!

  16. Its Time To Send All The Communist To Summer Camp F E M A ! Ive Herd Its Real A GAS !! LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC !!!!!!!!

  17. My country is becoming communist. Began a bit more than 20 years ago. And slowly but surely more and more regulations were introduced, and more centralised control was taken. Now it is a little too late. Too many have been brainwashed to believe the lie. Now everyone is running headlong off the cliff.

    Never thought so many in the West would be so stupid.

  18. I lost respect for Glenn Beck after his meltdown during the 2016 election. But this video is really great and is an example of Glenn Beck doing what he does best. Welcome back, Glenn.

  19. 20 minutes and I can't listen any more- He keeps saying over and over infinitum and ad-nausium that "I told you so" as though we are being scolded for not listening to him- YES YOU TOLD US- YOU ARE BRILLIANT AND EVERYTHING YOU DAY IS RIGHT ON now can we just get on with the commentary without having to hear that…. AGAIN…please… oh please I'm begging.

  20. Thankyou Mr Beck…. In the end, when all has been said and done, and more said than done, we live in a very real world with very real consequence. The only really true certainty we face, is that of uncertainty. If it is not 100% there is still uncertainty involved. One constant is for sure, is that once life takes hold, death afterwards is certain. Whether it be from infancy or 100 years or older. Death passes no one by. Still yet, there is an out, even from the last battle. Jesus…..

  21. Started watching this video and my phone. Seems to be someone took over my phone! Scowling by its self, volume going up and down! Very strange!

  22. The word that strikes me in that conversation is FREEDOM. Braveheart. You may take our lives but, you'll never take our freedom.

    Then I flick to The Patriot and the opening scene in Charleston. The meeting and Mel Gibsons warning about what this would mean in reality.

    People may not be going to war but they are marching to the beat of the socialist drum and death will come none the less.

  23. Anti Socialist Revolution is in order. Hold Democrat/ Marxist/ Anti American and Leftist Accountable for their actions.

  24. Hyper communism seems to be the result of corrupted free market.
    I feel all the “clever” capitalists and bankers who took more than their share are the ones to blame.
    People are envious, hurt and disappointed as the result they want to destroy all capitalists.
    My theory is: People want revenge. It is totally hopeless to get any justice (outrageous estate prices and taxes), So the mass go insane on a suicide mission and try to take down as many as possible with them.

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