Socialism 2016 Promo

now Bernie calls himself a socialist our Democratic Socialist you call yourself a democratic socialist Sanders is also right we need something deeper than a soul political revolution we need a social revolution the system is the problem capitalism is destroying our society the class inequalities the racial inequalities the destruction of the environment socialism simply put is about working-class self-rule about democratic control over our workplaces and set up to serve people's needs rather than profit but without struggle there is no progress so the question for many is the content of the call for political revolution what kind of organizations and leadership's do we need the activity the agency the ability of ordinary working-class people in their millions to overcome capitalism to destroy the system that oppresses them and to remake society in their own interest and we are laying the groundwork in doing the preparation for that now so they are cycling more organized more confident more clear so that we can go into those struggles actually able to contend and fight and win because at the end of the day we want to win you

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