how many people here um interested in real estate I'm just curious Wow nice all right um my name is Antonia Ruiz I've been in real estate business on I came in in the crash in 2009 I pretty much seeing it seen it all in single family world for the most part flipped well over 400 transactions how thousands of students around the country I just love real estate because this is it builds cash flow and a lot of tax shoes and real estate that allows me to deliver evergreen lifestyle so real estate is is definitely probably the best vehicle that you can build that that security blanket around you per se in my personal opinion that's that you can look at me like you know when I'm 60 years old man oh I got these properties that's gonna take care of me whether this residential or commercial so thank real estate so I started investing in real estate and use that vehicle to give me a cushion to figure out what I was going to do next and that was one of the biggest things that changed my life once my career ended and then once it did I really wanted to start helping other athletes prepare for their future so I started a real estate fund called combien Capital we invest in multifamily apartments we're building financial freedom for it started off with other skaters that's we have a lot of diversity through our investors now but essentially that's how I got here that's what I do for a living and so yeah I love this day and like you I was running towards it a 2008 when everybody else was running out of it and so before that I was a wine sommelier and he's making fun of me all the wine guys including real estate deals and it's for what he just said its cash flow we behind certain parts of the country as a firm for cash flow we buy in certain parts of the country for appreciation so we buy at different times based on different metrics but learning how to wholesale learn how to flip houses learn how to do rehabs just learn how to speak the language of real estate for me is wildly important it can net you with any kind of future you want awesome so to give you a bit more background on myself me and my dad he's sitting over there I started a company called Ochoco property solutions we renovate single-family houses for investment funds we've done over 220 renovations in the past 20 to 23 months so that's my background we don't want to go ahead and open this up to questions here here has a question for it to be directed to anyone I do renovations the investment ton of real estate he does a lot of whole sales Andy does really everything right and you also were agent for a while direct so if you have any questions probably more directed towards Andy and in multifamily development and Rehab this wall right here [Laughter] because I would do that also but there is a difference in what I did which is an option for a lot of people as well I had my passion I'm skateboarding that's how I made money and I really needed to get my money to work for me but I didn't want a second job I just wanted money to bring in a return for me that I didn't have to think about so how I did it I was investing in either syndications or funds or other people doing it where they were making their money off their sweat equity and I was making my money riding in the deal so with real estate there's so many different ways to do it for me personally I'm a big believer in multifamily I've also invested real heavily in storage units but as you start getting into it there's a lot of different ways to make money you kind of just need to pick the one so many ways well let me add to that I had a toe piece of that so just say if you just just want to be on the passive side you can come a private lender and lend at twenty-five or fifty K and if it's sitting in your bank getting one less than 1% inflation is 3% so you're basically losing 2% a year just letting it sit in the bank so you can lend that money at ten to 12 percent and do nothing and just collect checks but make sure that investor you're lending money to is a credit and trusted investor that you know so you can become a you can lend that money out as a private investors as well a question off of that I'm interested in this how do you become a private lender that's a great that's a great question so for people a lot of people in here I'm how many people here do like any type of internet marketing EECOM consulting Facebook agencies okay so a lot of people that's making money online that's your active income already so you know if you didn't want to become a real time investor now flipping houses wholesale and or just know being in and out grind of real estate you might want to you know it might have like some some money just sit in the bank collecting dust is what I basically say so basically you know you like we're all investors well I mean we never have enough money in real estate as always like never enough money so you make sure you know you trust that person and how basically you become a private lender is we have will bring the deal to you that with the number why do it I have my credibility kit I'll bring the duty but like hey I have this property for $100,000 this is my goal my plan is to just say fix and flip it get it get in and out of it in six months I'll pay you ten percent versus your money getting Nick less than 1% in your bank or 401k or IRA account I'll pay you ten percent of your money and you'll be secured by a deed of trust and a promissory note and you'll get lenders title insurance so all it means pretty much clean and cut you get those documents goes through the title company and you get a 10 percent return on your money so there's not a right or wrong to that answer me I like using leverage because I'm able to get a bigger return on my money it's kind of what makes real estate so beautiful that to buy a million-dollar property I don't need to come up with a million dollars with that said and the cycle we're in leverage can also be your worst enemy so if you're gonna put down all cash and buy it outright you're never gonna get in a situation of being over leveraged and lose the asset but when you start looking at return on investment you're really starting to build out you know a very efficient process for your money to earn typically it's not gonna be that big of a return so how we like to do it we typically borrow anywhere from 70 to 80 85 % if there's a large upside but I love leverage I think it's it's such a good way to make a lot of money on a project that you don't need all the money for it where you control but I will say this in this industry in this time frame where everything is very very expensive and kind of what we look for we look for somebody that we can increase value on so that we're not buying a premium product that has no where to go it's always stuck there so when a correction happens we don't lose we're finding something where you have a big upside so that if there is a correction we might lose some return but there's still return that we're playing with so to get that outside you're renovating improving the management what are a couple of things that you do to do that Value Added yeah so so we'll either do a rehab which is finding a distressed asset or a really shitty rundown building and we renovate it or we'll look for a property that we can purpose into an apartment building and so for a rehab we look for rents that are below market and an opportunity for us to either if you can be as simple as painting the units and kind of changing some of the exterior to like a full-blown rehab where we rip the whole thing down to the studs and we're really increasing value to it that would be a way where how real estate works in apartments your rent and expenses are everything you have your your gross income which is all your total ranch ever expenses which give you your net your net is what gives you the value of this building so if you can find something where you can become more efficient on expenses or drive your rents up the building goes up in value so it gives you a lot more control than just worrying about what comps you have in the neighborhood so those are the two keys when you look for how we can increase rents and lower expenses there's times when we spend all of our capital but this deal is so good there's not a chance I'm gonna let it slide so go through my own time network and if I can't we live together – like a syndication like you were talking about I mean I don't care what the percentage is for me real estate simple math I look at the simple metrics if it makes sense for me to go get crazy power money in 14% I'll do it at 40% of it make sense it just it's all depends on everything is singular based on the deals math I don't get emotional about it oh it's my dream property what's the money yeah that's a great question on start out starting out of what marketing you man okay so it's very competitive here's a great market buying and selling but uh I mean you just got to be consistent with your marketing they just save you you know you you flip you wholesale five deals this month and then you want to take and make wholesale five deals and you made 100k out of those five bills and all you want to with me personally I would at least put thirty five percent back in marketing if not half of that more you put in your marketing the more at least you want to generate to to get a deal but I mean it's so competitive in Tampa market you I mean you don't have to put some marketing out to to find those direct to seller type deals and leaves because the MLS is just it's crazy but mark what marketing are channels are you using okay yeah so those are great ways I don't know how much you're putting into that but I'm gonna share a legion original source that we're using that we're crushing in there so stay tuned for later I actually spend two hours with Antonio and he showed me all the systems in his lead gen tools that he's gonna be sharing this breakout session so if you're interested in real estate I would definitely go to his breakout session I was also had a real estate mastermind called the collective genius that me and my dad is joined and in order to get into the mastermind you have to do over at least a hundred years a year flips or whole sales so a lot of these dudes a really high-level and they're doing they're not just cold calling these guys are doing real estate they're still hitting a lot of direct mail and they have whole systems and processes set up so if you're interested in that I can shed a little light on that I'm not doing that myself we renovate for others predominantly and also an investment fund where we're going out and acquire properties right now we're not finding them off market but we're looking to find other you know good wholesalers that we can to consistently buy from or just people who have properties that the one selling ball they ran some questions back there because it makes no sense to give somebody every penny you have if you're not going to sleep my rule of thumb though for people that's interested in wholesaling and or flipping this in general every five prop that's this is my rule dump every five properties I flip I keep one for a whole because you don't want to flip your life away it took me my first three years in business you know I flipped my life away I made a ton of money but I just flipped my life away for my first three years of my real estate business and I look badly damn I should have kept that property on the contract in the crash behind the contract for 15 grand you know I could have got $700 answer that um my opinion is it's easier to find money or get money from another individual in a real estate versus any other business you have an asset it's a tangible thing we're I mean we're sitting down and I mean we're sitting down in the asset right now it's a real estate so if the numbers work and in the in the individual or that a private investor you can see that hey these numbers work and they're secured by real estate it's not hard to really find money's money in this room right now so it's all about networking and when you bring up the topic real estate it is a lightbulb for a lot of people

  1. Just an update to say away from this guy. Terrible as a mentor. His programs are just another way he has found to get a couple grand off people. Protect yourself and money.

  2. This guy will take your money and thats it. You will receive no help from him or his team. He also says he will refund you if you dont like it. You will NOT see that money again. Stay Away!

  3. I'm going into wholesale how do i get the contracts does the title company have them or how do you do that? thank you

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