Social workers take Noah away from Emma and Waldo | Sino Ang Maysala (With Eng Subs)

Will I ever see Nanay again? Of course you will, dear.
Of course. You can visit her on certain
days – we’ll take care of that. Don’t worry, Noah. We will visit you always. Do you really
have to take him? We can take
good care of him. According to the law,
we have to take custody of him. That’s why we asked you
if Miss Fina still has
any living relatives. You said she doesn’t. So Noah will have
to stay with the DSWD for as long as
Miss Fina’s in jail. Don’t worry, Noah. We will
visit you tomorrow, okay? Okay… We have to go, dear. Can we please
take his things now? Don’t worry,
we will look after him. – Bye…
– Bye, Noah… Be strong. Yes… Hey, Andeng. Paula wants a massage. Huh? “Huh”? You heard me. I said Paula
wants a massage. You can pick out the lice
off my hair once you’re done. Did you see that, Sibuyas?
She just rolled her eyes at you. That’s because
your breath stinks. – And now you’ve got hair lice.
– Shut up. You do as you’re told here,
or else! Andeng… Hey, Fina. I heard you’ve got
lots of visitors – NBI agents, some famous
reporter or something. And some guy –
he’s your boyfriend, right? She’s asking you
a question, Fina. Watch it, Andeng! Did you do that
on purpose? Hey, wait a minute.
She’s not doing anything wrong. Are you trying to pick a fight
around here? Stay. Out. Of. This. I don’t care if you got
some big shot backer. Because over here,
you will do as we say. In here,
you’re fair game. That’s right. So you better
know your place. You’re not very bright, too. You shouldn’t have committed
a crime in the first place – look where that got you. Mitay, Paula! That’s enough. Do you want me to report this
to the warden? Stop that, or else. We’re not done yet. I heard about you on the TV
in the cafeteria. You know what? You impress me. You never gave up. There were times I almost did. But, I can’t ever give up. I wish I were as brave as you. Fina! You’re utterly shameless! You act as if you’re innocent,
but you kidnapped a child! You’re no different
from the rest of us! And of all people, you kidnapped the child
of a mayor and a lawyer. You’ll surely rot in jail! That’s what you get for stealing
someone else’s daughter. – You know nothing about it!
– You’re one to talk. If you knew better, you wouldn’t have kidnapped
a helpless child. You’re pretty stupid,
aren’t you? You’re stuck with us here. You’ll never get out of jail. That’s not true! I’ll leave this place
and get my daughter back! Keep dreaming!
That will never happen. You’ll spend the rest
of your life in here. What? Are you going
to fight back, huh?! Is that what you want?! Fina! You have a visitor. We’re sorry that we couldn’t do
anything, Ate Fina. The law doesn’t recognize us
as Noah’s legal guardians because we’re not related
by blood. I understand. Attorney Gamboa
already explained it to me. But I really can’t help
but worry. I feel so sorry for him. He doesn’t know anyone there. That why we promised
to visit him tomorrow. Thank you, Waldo. Please bring him something,
especially his favorite food. And please tell him
that I love him very much, and I will do everything I can
to take him back. We’re going to ask them
to let Noah visit you, okay? Thank you so much, you two. It’s nothing, Ate Fina.

  1. Hindi man lang inisip ni fina yung anak nya na si noah..

    New YouTuber here. Help😊 one another to grow. 😊

  2. yan ang napala mo ngaun.,.,.nde mo lng inisip na may isa ka png anak.,..,alam mo nmang may sakit c leyna dpat masaya ka na lng don kc nabibigay nila ung needs nya.,..,sana ng fucos kn lng sa isa mng anak.,.,.alam mo nmang ns mabuting kalagayan ang anak mo at mahal nila.,…kidnapping ang kaso i wonder kng makakalabas kp jan sa totoong buhay lalo na kalaban mo maiimpluwensiyang tao.,..,un na lng kng ung isip ni direk eh mag incredible na nman.,.ikaw na c wonderwoman.,… 😂😂😂😂😂😂….

  3. Puro Joy lang kasi iniisip ni Fina. Padalos dalos ng decision hindi iniisip may isa pa siyang anak. And hindi naman sa pangmamaliit, hndi din naman niya kaya ipagamot si Leyna. Mas gaganda buhay niya kina Juris at Drei

  4. fina grabe ndyan ung isa mo anak masyadomo pinabayaan.naawa k s anak mo e d mnga inaalagaan focus mo nke keyna lng lhat

  5. Kainis na mga teleserye sa abs puro nalang kasamaan Dina umusad Ang mga kaso mag kadenang ginto man at TGD

  6. Sana pinag-isipan muna kc ang lahat bago gumawa ng action eh. Ngaun dalawang anak mo Fina ang nawala sa iyo at nakakulong ka pa. Minsan sa buhay ng tao kailangan nating mamili na naayon sa ikabubuti ng lahat kahit masakit man un.

  7. Hindi ba puwedeng batang kalye na lang kunin nyo😭😭😭 madami naman dyan batang nagkalat e.walang magulang.walang nagaalaga.bakit yan pang batang nahihirapan ang kalooban/may nagaalaga ang kukunin nyo?maling mali talagaaaaaa😭😭😭😭

  8. pra namn kayong wlang mga puso siempre c fina gagawin nya lahat pra sa anak nya, nasasabi nio lng yan kc hndi kau ang nasa sitwasyon nya.. kung ibalik nlng nla c leyna total c fina nmn totoong nanay.

  9. Pinili mo Fina ang bunso mo na nasa mayamang pamilya na may nag mamahal at nag aalaga at nag papa ospital kinalimutan mo ang panganay mo katangahan mo Fina!

  10. naintindihan kita Fina.. gagawin lahat para mahanap ang anak.. kahit c Noah sabik nah kapiling ang kapatid.. kahit sinung magulang gagawin lahat kahit nah makulong o ikamatay para lang sa anak.. naintindihan ni Noah ang ginagawa ng mama nya..

  11. Hindi lang si Fina biktima dito kundi ang mga panahong dapat naalagaan niya ang anak niya.Kailan kasi lalantad ang mga baho ng mga demonyong abogadong to llao na si Juris

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