Social Systems Evidence - Hot Doc September 2018

hi everyone Kalyan here from the McMaster Health Forum giving you the monthly wrap-up of the evidence that matters it's often assumed that those who pursue careers in the military are both mentally and physically strong however it's increasingly becoming clear that those in the military often experience mental health issues some of which are very difficult to identify a high quality systematic review published by the Campbell collaboration and profiled in social systems evidence looked at 40 studies from 5 different countries to answer questions about how to improve the identification and treatment for those in the military with mental health issues the review found that those deployed to military operations may suffer from anxiety and depression due with substance abuse and use issues and also experience post-traumatic stress disorder unfortunately the review also identified that these experiences may be long lasting these findings may be important for those developing policies about military deployment as well as how to support veterans after they come home from service for more evidence just like this check out social systems evidence org and make sure you check out our monthly hot dogs published in the master health forum update you

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