Social order

we have the potential to be the cruelest force on this planet and it can be rightfully easily argued that we continue to be the cruelest most cutthroat force on this planet we also have the potential to be the most compassionate force on this planet when we live in a way that violence is no longer considered acceptable which is the reality in first world countries people find new ways to exude social power to spread misery and a sense of having conquered people when we don't keep this sort of thing in check which we haven't been doing when it comes to the way we do things online it starts to become a social phenomenon being overly harsh and cruel and mean in nature is something that should be left to humor to comedy to consensual roasting Xand fun social games but when we bring that cruelness and meanness into the way we get used to communicating with people whether it's online or not we quite literally become less tolerant more stubborn and less willing to learn because we're too busy acting like shock jock radio personalities I can understand someone wanting a place to vent and get out their frustrations and be mean and celebrate the negative sides to us so they can go back to being more positive later and under the right platform do it in a way that's almost like a sport and everyone involved knows exactly what they're doing when it comes to getting their emotions out and again I can understand doing it purely for the humor as long as it isn't trying to pretend it's for any deeper reason than just humor this is why I actually have a lot more respect for the channels that roasts random people on the internet that don't try to pretend it's for anything other than humor when people who make youtube videos for money try to say that they make these pwnage roasting videos to make the world a better place by tackling issues it's one of the most dishonest disingenuous things they could possibly claim it's a blatant lie your lie is so fat if it's not a blatant lie then it's someone who doesn't understand their own intentions and that makes it even worse I respect what gluteous does and almost infinite amount more than I can those like undoped autopsy 87 baring and many many others and this is because he doesn't make up excuses for why doing what he's doing and so when it comes to people being mean for the sake of being mean and they try to pass it off as trying to be insightful and helpful and they do this in places that are supposed to be actual discussions and people trying to expand their views on things it just doesn't make any sense it's a toxic attitude because it's perpetuating a lie about intent we need to be able to learn how to be better people not be more like a shock jock radio personality do we all want to be more like shock jock radio personalities does that really benefit us does it make us more open-minded I think you already know the answer to that it is things like this philosophy that is becoming more and more popular this philosophy of cruelness that lies about its intentions it's things like this that change how we act and think in our society it's not videogames it's not those movies that try to make sure we keep supporting the status quo so it's easier for companies that know how to make money it's not Dungeons & Dragons it's not the religious character Satan but it's the habits we start to regularly have when we converse with others whether it's online or not there are very few things that are more important to hold our society together than our ability to treat each other decently sure we can disagree all the way down the line and we can discuss our disagreements but when we start to lose our ability to treat others decently out of celebrating cruelness in the name of trying to make an argument we are on a decline if we actually fully lose that we are done as a civilization we're back to Lord of the Flies and we can't survive that and I hope we don't go there and this applies to all sides we will basically devour ourselves if we allow our society to completely lose that and it will very much represent the results of when too many rats are put into a cage

  1. I absolutely feel ya on this one. I do believe that we have the potential to treat each other with honesty and decence. It's buried somewhere deep down under all the toxic waste, but I've grown far too cynical to expect to see on any cohesive level.

  2. I love the background with the spiral that goes on forever (forgot what its called ) Maybe you should slow down the background spirals next time. It got a little distacting. Like the sun graphic too, but does that mean your racist against the moon?

  3. I agree with you about making the world a better place. But, in my videos, when I try to be insightful and helpful it's to help the left and right come together. The left has become the right with an over correction. Thats not how people like you wanted the correction to happen, am I right? That's not how I wanted the correction, and it's why I'm not longer apart of the left. The left wants authoritarian rule now. How can we bring the sides together? I've been melting my brain every night trying to think of ways to connect both sides. If you'd like, take a look at my Patronizing the exception to hate the rule video. I'm trying to show the left that the government is using them as the way to push its agenda by pandering to their moral compass as a distraction.

  4. LOL! You put Undoomed & Bearing in the wrong category, Kizz- they doesn't make any excuses for being what they are! Never heard them utter a one! They both pretty much admit they do it for their own (& others) laughs. And- they're mostly hilarious!

  5. Good message, but I sit here now and wonder if the use of fractals adds an additional layer of meaning with their ties to imaginary numbers or if I just over-analyse that.

  6. Ive seen one brilliant video that might be considered a pawange video. It was called "Dear Megan KacKay" by Karen Straughan. Generally though, I often find them too self absorbed. I don't particularly think they are as destructive as you believe, though they can be. From what Ive seen, Bearing is pretty tame in this regard. AIU, on the other hand, is someone who creeps me out. I think that is someone looking to do damage.

  7. I actually disagree kizzume, it is not about the person getting"roasted" it is about the audience and the method to which minds are changed. as humans we are adversarial. it's just the way we work.

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