Social mobility is failing, we need social justice I The Pledge

we all remember Teresa May in her first speech as Prime Minister pledging to fight the burning in justices of inequality and politicians of all stripes have championed the idea of social mobility of creating equal opportunities for all regardless of background and yet it just hasn't worked as it stands in the UK it would take five generations for poorer families to reach the average income that's because people can't climb up in a society that's unequal and in Britain which by some measures is one of the most unequal countries in Europe we have inequality levels that belong to the 1930s you can't tackle social mobility when there are such wide gaps between rich and poor when half of England is owned by 1% of the population when 1 in 3 children lives in poverty when students from the top 9 private schools are 94 times more likely to join the British elite when children educated anywhere else as a policy objective social mobility has failed switching our focus to social justice and wealth redistribution is far more likely to address those burning and justices across the nation well that's a statistic one in three children live in poverty define poverty so this is not a new statistic this has been around for quite a while and it's something that actually we could look at how much is it what's week everybody per week poll burns but we could look at the UN special Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and Human Rights Philip Austen because he there's a different way actually you've proved to me that food is not a load of cobblers he answered it's a UN report nobody give me the me give me the money give me the answer for fact is that 60% of median earnings do you know what median earnings is at 20 something's else yeah yeah 27 28 so we're talking about 16 16 17 thousand pound per annum right and that's poverty tell that to the pensioners watching this Nick I feel like you're not really living in this country if you don't understand the rate of poverty that you're experiencing I don't I don't know because you look fifteen thousand down the country Nick we have people who are living into poverty let's have a listen to what Philip Alston said he is the Union Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights let's have a listen to what unit the results of the austerity experiment are crystal clear there are 14 million people living in poverty record levels of hunger and homelessness falling life expectancy for some groups ever fewer community services and greatly reduced policing UK standards of well-being have descended precipitously in a remarkably short period of time as a result of deliberate policy choices made when many other options are available so what he has said is that this is a choice that that you know one of the most frustrating things about looking at the level of hardship in this country because we have an economy that isn't working for most people and one of the most frustration things about that is that sense of inevitability it doesn't actually have to be that way we can reprogram the economy to make it work in a way that is fairer for all people and the reason going back to my original subject the reason that social mobility hasn't worked in the UK is living that it has failed is that you cannot have social mobility in a society where is Varys the Jeremy Corbyn it falls upon me it seems again to produce the response about some of the targets in this debate so the Department for Work and Pensions would like to come yeah and they said we take tackling poverty extremely seriously which is why we spend 95 billion pounds a year on welfare and maintain a state pension system that supports people into retirement all the evidence shows that full-time work is the best way to boost your income and quality of life which is why our welfare reforms are focused on supporting people into employment and we introduce the National living wage so people earn more in work what I'd like to say actually is when I first came across this and I'm really happy you're raising this subject I think inequality is one of the pressing issues of our day then why I'm skeptical of Allston I think the way these appointments happen is somebody in the UN because he worked for free did it for free it's not like it's not a paid appointment he was a professor in New York so on says I like his why don't you point him and it's a bit of a political appointment I'm skeptical of him but it's a really important topic and I think actually but when I first read it though or came across it as a laborer announcement it did feel to me a bit like a dig at the new labor years as well and I just want to be yeah I just want to bring in old Tony Blair who actually is looking rather old in this but let's have a look at what he says we made the UK more equal more fair and more socially mobile and we never ever said inequality didn't matter or that tackling it was not a priority of the government of course like any government with false failures and did things people disagreed with but don't tell me all those who work with me or those who were part of the Labour Party at the time that we did nothing for the poorest in our country or the world well the reason I reason I brought him in rate choice because mr. Corbyn began his announcement with the words for decades we've been told that inequality doesn't matter now the word decades includes them absolutely and so Mr Blair responded and that was a response specifically for the announcement and he said don't tell us we didn't care about inequality I'm not meaning me as in him and and and he felt quite in sorts of other I kind of sympathize with his perspective because I think is a really important topic but I seem to remember the New Labour years and they did care about inequality so there's there's a couple of so one of the things about that is that you know there's it's decades for a reason now Tony Blair a new labour they did kept they did care about raising people out of poverty they introduced measures to try and tackle that SureStart is a very good example although the government has now shot those down literacy and they did they did but they bought into a nikhat economic system which we have had for 30 years hence the decades they bought into that economic system they thought as long as we just you know put in some short start programs it will be fine wealth will trickle down but the reality was that the the economic system in itself is creating that inequality Danny darling the social geography geography he calls Tony Blair the king of inequality because actually during that period of New Labour during that period of that's the problem would it be okay if we just could it be okay if we just put a pause on the name-calling the most important and significant boost to social mobility in this society came through the 1970s 1980s and 1990s and it came for don't shake your head it's true it came for a very specific reason which was there was a massive expansion in need for white-collar jobs that is why people like me and probably other people around this table got to University and got professional jobs my family the people who worked in uniforms you know the reason I was able to get in was because there was an expansion and a change in the economy it had very little – of things you're talking about the question we got to deal with now is how do we make sure that we keep that going what you seem to be proposing is that you know we're in a building we're all on the ground floor what you want to do is to take away the stairs so nobody can climb to the second floor but simply just bring down the second floor to the same level and bring up the basement we say on the ground floor that's precisely the point Rachel Rachel what we get honest if what you want to do is to say let's soak the bloody rich let's take their land away let's tax them to the hilt I am actually rather with you on that what I can't smell what I can't what I can't stand is this sort of this kind of mimsy oh we're going to do something about social justice if what you want to do is attack privilege say that's what you want to do listen from the rich let's do from the are you saying because you're talking about changing entire economic so are you anti-capitalist is that what we're talking about the question because I was wondering that yeah I usually capsulate so that's that's precisely the point it's about I actually think when we talk about social mobility it's interesting because we always work yes or no I'm going to answer that question that promise because when we talk about social mobility we always talk about it in terms of people from poorer backgrounds going upwards we never talk about privileged people having to let go of a bit of their privilege so then that were not reproducing it for some people to come up some people have to come down I've found I've followed this debate with interest in terms of moving away from the wired searcher mobility to the wide social justice and actually I think if I correct me if I'm wrong so now we want to replace a social mobility commission with a social justice commission that right yeah which to me is going full circle because the social the social mobility Commission used to be call at the child poverty Commission which then went on to social mobility and is now going social justice and it is a fact that you can't have social justice without social mobility social you've got to tackle social mobility social economics and so sorry social exclusion and poverty and I just feel a little bit like what's going on I don't know I don't is we are using these trendy words to pitch us against them and them against you and they are bad and you are good and we're going to be the saviors that's gonna fix this and I just find it a little bit but also can I just like what your question I think was a really pertinent one because what I don't understand is what what about what you just said in response to Michelle's question did Tony Blair not do public spending went up when he became 97 when he came in it went up from 35% and then over the course of that next decade so 45% what is it he did not do that you're not happy he maintained an economic system that exaggerated no I don't agree with the free market if exaggerated in qualities you'd have to listen to me as ft the FT reported but during New Labour's rules what system do you want there was inequality increase this is a terrible thing about the Corbin Easter's you want to bury Tony Blair don't but you cannot bring yourselves to have the courage simply to say we're Marxists we will everything change let's kill it yeah just say it yeah you might mean don't pretend you're saying something that you're not I don't have a problem with Marxist economic systems aha neither do I have any problem with crediting Tony Blair for introducing things like Shore star it's not either all

  1. The only person talking sense gets challenged the easy for them to say am alright jack..people arnt poor sigh..they need to visit some areas then talk!!

  2. 16 thousand is not what min wage pays get real people people are left with £20 a week to pay bills

  3. …”In order to FIX INEQUALITY, income must be taken from the HAVES and given to the HAVE-NOTS…”

    …..Marxists are NOT talking about the “wealthy” (there simply are not enough of them)… The “Haves” ALWAYS, ALWAYS MEAN The Middle-to-lower-Middle classes….

  4. ….Hey, RACHEL: How about giving YOUR “WEALTH” away to the poor?…(No…I didn’t think you’d go for that)….

  5. What a deeply sinister world we live in when shallow thinking morons like Rachel get so much air time. She clearly is just a virtue signaler.
    Social mobility can be measured by simple, economic or societal measures such as average wages, type of job etc.
    Social justice is meaningless. Whose justice?
    It's an attempt to put an acceptable label to tyranny and corruption.

  6. Whilst relative poverty, defined as 60% of median earnings, is the internationally accepted figure it is deeply flawed. For example, if the national median wage was £100,000/yr, £60,000/yr would be poverty. Clearly ridiculous.
    Further, as a measure it does some odd things. For example, relative poverty DROPPED from 2008 till 2010, as median wage dropped but welfare payments increased with inflation. Nobody could say that as median wages dropped Britain got richer or poverty had been reduced!
    Similarly, relative poverty often increases at the beginning of an economic upturn, as the median takes off quicker than the bottom.
    Relative poverty is simply a measure of distribution between median and the bottom. That's it.

  7. Communists just cant help themselves, and when it fails and the Gulags open they blame the people not the doctrine.

  8. Damn 17k a year is poverty now lol she want equality so why don’t she pave the way by giving all her wealth away. All those overpaid people at sky and bbc should do the same.

  9. Stop undermining the working class and driving down wages with open borders- economic nationalism works to correct some of the appalling policies forced upon the people of the west by the globalists !

  10. nick "pooooooor people there arnt any poooor people, if there are so many poooooor people why havnt i seem them in Buckinghamshire"

  11. Please remove this new woman from the pledge, it's like listening to a one year old making an argument against a college professor. The reaction of the rest of the panel says volumes. She is ruining what was a good show

  12. the only social mobility the fools that run this cuntery understand is failing upwards and clinging to power with blatant bribes

  13. I cannot stand the RWer trevor phillips and it sickens me that he is put forward as the person defending me against racism.

  14. Rachel Shabi should note what Stalin, probably her hero, did to the Kulak's in the Soviet Union, or what Robert Mugabe did to the white land owning farmers in Zimbabwe. Total f*ck-up!

  15. The majority of the public are brainwashed into loving their exploitation as they hope one day they'll be well off enough to look down and exploit others. The SQW is a pathetic joke.

  16. Labour's plan is to TAX the middle class that have worked hard for many years cause the so called rich will just move there money out of the country into better tax avoidance scheme with assistance from there smarter accountants, Duhhhh

  17. Can we please give up on the idea of equality because it simply doesn't exist and it never will exist.

  18. Too many moochers in Europe. Quit the handouts, deregulate and lower taxes massively and watch Donald Trump and learn.

  19. Personally I like fair societies where all people in a society are protected under the law equally regardless of who they are.

    But sure, let's bin all that in favour of mob justice in the court of outrage culture.

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