I have all the popular social media apps Facebook Instagram Twitter snapchat but note your identity in a profile I desperately need to keep people informed about my personal life so I update my status and post photos of myself as often as possible if my morning selfie is looking a little basic I'll add a filter before uploading it I've made over 10,000 posts now in addition to my social media presence I'm registered on over 12 dating apps each with a slight personality tweak to attract a variety of different females I keep a few artistic dick pics on standby so when the time is right I can start sexting a potential soul mate I keep it at half-mast and the angles are never too aggressive throughout the day I obsessively cycle through the apps on my phone I found that once I finish updating the last one I can begin again at the first and find at least one new like or comment each notification feeds my fragile ego just enough to leave me hungry for more I have no real personality so I spent hours manipulating photos of myself to ensure my success in the ever-growing and competitive social market when I beefed up my muscles or slimmed down my waistline I make sure not to work the background I sometimes see this mistake in other people's photos and it's completely amateur I've also found that social media is a great way to pass the time when doing unimportant tasks such as driving I have a strong desire to be close to others while at the same time completely avoiding social interaction I'd rather not be put in uncomfortable situations with fans that desire my tensions with an ever-growing social media empire has spent months crafting my image as a celebrity and in the process becoming Sun attained I'd like to keep it that way because I've crafted the perfect online persona I often find that real-life interactions can never live up to their digital equivalents fortunately the constant stream of distractions helps prevent any possibility of self-reflection I don't know if it's my fault or not but I don't care enough to think about it someone once told me that what I do is empty that I live in egotistical bubble outside of reality they said one day that bubble will pop and then I'd be left with nothing no real friends no real life I would just be empty then I realized that person only had 100 Twitter followers so I laughed and told him to fuck off hope you enjoyed social media psycho and please comment below on social media cliches we may have forgotten to include also big thanks to dear mark for helping to make this short possible check out their channel they have a lot of other great content and you'll be happy to know that we the buff dudes only guilty of about 50% of the things presented in this video so like subscribe all that good social media stuff and until next time stay box and don't text and drive that's like

  1. i don't really like using social media a lot and I think I'm more of an odd person because of it nowadays…

  2. The card scene from american psycho would have been max bench.
    220, 10 reps what do you think? Or Lets see Paul Hudons Max?

  3. Reality and basic emotions are not enough anymore. "The perfect image" destroys and kills the soul.

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