Social Media Is Ruining Your Life And You Don't Even Realize It.

social media is ruining your life and we don't even realize it what are you doing okay hey guys I don't know if I'm gonna put this on my beauty channel on my blog channel but my name is adilyn welcome to the happiest place on the internet if you're on my main channel and good morning and happy what day did today June 23rd if you're on my vlog Channel today I wanted to talk about something that I've been so I didn't want to do a video on this for the longest time but I always felt like I had to have this like filter on the internet like I can't tell you to not be on social media because social media is my job and in order for me to have my job you need to watch me you know I mean like he's just like this thing where I love my job and I love social media at the same time I feel like it ruins my life ever I feel like it ruins other people's lives and I see it in my friends and I see it in people's comments online and basically the whole the title of today's video is social media is ruining your life and you don't even realize it now I have like a couple of notes and my my bullet to know that I just wanted to talk about like little bullet points so the reason why I'm doing this video basically it stems from last week when I was at the mall with my cousin Melissa I think I was like a couple days ago there's a couple days ago my cousin was that we were talking about basically one of Drake's lyrics came up when we were listening to his songs did you hear that so keeping my connections strictly physical everyone that's married is miserable so we just started ranting and talking about how everybody my cousin who's like a little bit older than me she's like 10 years older she's like literally all of my friends that are almost like 30 that are all married they're almost all getting a divorce and then we started talking about like social media and she's like I think the reason why this is happening why every married couple is Merce Bowl is because of social media basically because I mean I have like my list here but it's basically because people are people are comparing their lows to other people's highs and fake highs so I'm going to throw it up on my list and we can like get onto the video the reason why I'm making this video is I just want people to leave this video with more of an open mind with more of a reality check knowing the behind the scenes of all these social media perfect posts and realizing that it literally has nothing to do with their lives I don't know if anything but number one I put comparison is the thief of joy I find myself so many times and I I know that this is so bad for me but I fight myself so many times comparing my life to other people's lives like for an example I remember I was really down on that a nice relationship I was like man were like fighting all the time I see all my friends I'm like honest to him I see my friends and they like her boyfriends get them flowers and their boyfriends they go on like cute dates and like they put little like flower petals on the bed and make it all cute and like romantic and stuff like that and I remember I had a fight with Matt I was like Matt like we don't do any romantic things why can't we do more romantic things like my friends I didn't say it like my friends and it like started this fight between us and then come like a couple months later I start talking to my friends and that's talking to his friends and I realized that all of my friends that I was comparing my life to and all of my friends that I'd be like man their relationship looks so good they have just as many problems as I did and it was just like a mind-blowing moment for me because you always hear that stuff and you always hear like everybody has problems obviously but just like hearing it from my actual friends that I base my relationship off of and that I compared my relationship off of and I fought with Matt off of just hearing that they also have problems that's just as bad as Matt and I I don't know it's just like clicked in my brain I was like why am i comparing my relationship to other peoples relationships when in reality everybody has problems every couple has to work together every couple hasn't differences you know there's different ways of showing love some people like to show up through physical some people like to show love through appreciation like showing them that you appreciate everything that they do and you appreciate all the things that they've accomplished wait I got it okay so my life coach told me about this it's the five ways of expressing and experiencing love I took the test and I remember Matt took the test basically there's five ways of showing love gift-giving quality time physical touch acts of service and words of affirmation so I remember mine was acts of service that was like my number one taught one and Matt's was I think quality time so you know we like bump heads when we try to show each other's love for each other and sometimes I'm like why don't you do this I wish that you would do this when in reality he just shows his love in a different way so if you're a couple I totally suggest doing the five languages test and see how you express your love to your partner how you would like your partner to express their love to you because sometimes you may feel like oh I wish you did this I wish that I would feel more loved if you did this this just like makes a lot more sense when you do the test my second point I put is every rich influencer that I've ever met is sad or is going through something behind the scenes that they don't really talk about online cuz obviously when you first meet someone you're not gonna be like oh your name is adilyn um my boyfriend I have problems family has problems I feel a lot of the times I'm very tired a lot of the times like it's just not something that you kind of just put onto the internet and you just let strangers know but I just wanted to make sure that you guys know that a lot of the influencers that you guys watch on Instagram on YouTube all of that they all have their own problems and they're all struggling with their own problems behind the scenes so it may look like you're on Instagram and you're like oh my god her life is so perfect she's like traveling all the time she gets all his free stuff she's so skinny she has a boyfriend she has she's married with kids like never live there kids are perfect have you ever been following someone that's like so perfect their life is so perfect they're married they have kids they have this huge amazing house and then they get a divorce with like and you're like what like your life is so perfect like you're so hot and their husband is so hot and their kids are so high like how how can you get a divorce it's because I feel like the more perfect that you look on social media I feel like the more problems that you have behind us it's the same of money the more money the more problems okay sorry my mom and sister just came over we were like outside in the backyard and I was sweating so if I'm significantly uglier that's why also Matt is making burgers that's why that's why I hear he's making me um burgers okay the next thing that I wanted to talk about this is point number three is perfect pictures get more likes on Instagram so if you guys scroll really really really really really far back on my Instagram you would know that I literally did not care what I posted on Instagram I would post like anything I was like the bachchans I would post like me on the toilet like on my snapchat like all that stuff like that and I feel like when you're on that kind of industry or you're in that kind of world you know you see the like so obviously and it's not just for me it's for all of my influence or friends perfect pictures just get more likes in general so like for me couple photos do really well perfect couple photos do really well I think like a picture of Matt and I is like one of my most liked photos on Instagram why do you think tanah mojo check Paul are doing this like couple couple photos get a lot of likes these are my most liked photos on Instagram it's like obviously me and Ariana come because we have a lot of similar fans outfit pictures perfect girlfriends perfect friends photo couple photo you know what I mean like all of my most liked photos are like highly edited highly planned like Audrey nice photo shoots everyone smiling everyone seems perfect Matt you're ruining the audio this is what we fight about Matt nice like perfect a bouquet blurry background oh my god on vacation people love vacation stuff okay so here's a good example so this is a derpy photos of Matt and I were just like sitting on the ground just being done we're being stupid so this one has 109 thousand likes compared to a really perfect couple E photo would like my girlfriend and we look like we're having a good time it's perfect and this one has one hundred and forty-one thousand likes 50% more likes so that's I also think that's why the algorithm favors perfect photos because they get more likes people tend to like them more and that's why it's all on your feet and that's why it's all on Instagram because it just gets more likes in general and that's why I feel like a lot of influencers they like get in a rut where they're like I can only ever post perfect Instagram photos like they can't do like little derpy photos I'm wearing pajamas or even if they're in their pajamas or like they have their hair makeup time like because obviously when you're doing your job you don't want to everyone wants to get on the higher level and their job nobody wants to downgrade their job so for influencers is like the more likes you get the more that you're upgrading in your career to a certain extent I don't really know so that's why I feel like influencers they get in a rut where they're only ever posting perfect photos and that's all that you're seeing on your feed thanks the garbage shut up okay the next point that I have I think is a point number for social media isn't all bad it's a form of self-expression so I just wanted to throw this in here because I feel like I'm complaining a lot I feel like I'm like social media is so bad for you social media is ruining your life and you're not even realizing it social media is the reason why if you like someone field are getting divorced many people are unhappy with their lives I just want to take a step back and also talk about the positives of social media I feel like social media form of self-expression for a lot of people who are very artistic and they want to take amazing photos they want to post their artwork and they want to post you know that they just want to cheer but YouTube gamer art they want to form a self-expression in a very beautiful way of showing all the things that you're working on another thing that inspired this video is I was tweeting a couple days ago and I said comparison is the thief of joy Instagram is a public portfolio showcasing only everyone's best artistic moments never reality so your worst days will never ever ever be as good as someone's edited picture of their perfect Instagram day the grass is always greener on the other side and I've learned to love mine for how it is yeah influencers sometimes it is kind of discouraging seeing like this perfect image on your feed booklet but the whole process of creating it the whole process of brainstorming getting photographer working on it editing it putting your own twist on it is just like a form of self-expression for other people and like for some people it's not good because they're like I need this amount of like the 90 to pause desperate photo ever some people is amazing because it's a way of their self-expression it's the way of their of them creating our of them putting themselves out there of them like having their purpose in life and having making themself happy making it's kind of like their hobby or their job like I remember back in high school I was obsessed with bethany mota g-star 0-7 the first youtubers that I've ever watched and I remember like I would go to high school and I feel so sad like the high school just like was not a good time for me I remember going home and I remember watching and back for every 0-7 is like room to our videos and like favourites videos and it was like the highlight of my day to me me so happy like as a fan not just the influencers like it's a way of self-expression in a way of escaping as a fan as well and like I read and remember one time I black Barbies or seventh Bethenny was like oh my god I love the baby lips lip balm so I went to Homer and I got the baby lips lip balm and I remember my husband ELISA she like goes up to she's like oh my god you smell so good and I'm like oh yeah my friend just like recommended me this baby lips lip balm and that's what the smell is I literally like I would call people on the internet my friend because I don't know there's just like this bird can do connection I'd be like when I watch people online I feel like they're kind of like we have this friend connection I don't know this is weird like me coming as a fan and if you like some days when I have a bad day when I'm like fighting with someone or when something doesn't go my way shut up social media is just a good way to like calm down to escape from where you are like some days I like build all these things in my head like I kind of spiral into a circle of sadness and oh my god everything's going wrong everything's awful brother and I'm like spiraling downward like it starts with one thing that I spiral down so I feel like going on YouTube and watching like a bug or like a hair tutorial or something just completely random just kind of makes me take a step back realize is this really a big problem like do I really need to make a big fuss over this and it's just like a good escape way another point I wish that I didn't pointed this out before it looked like good part of social media but another one I have this could be point number five is even influencers can't afford the life that they live influencers get a majority of their things for free when they post about it so when they're like oh my god I'm doing an unboxing they're getting the PR for free they are like oh my god I going to Bora Bora what I'm like they're getting that tart trip for free as long as I post about it so I feel like everything is a facade and everything is like curated to have you like that specific photo when in reality most of the time employers can't even afford like the rent and they're like going on these extravagant vacations because of the brands that are sending them for free as long as they post about it like a lot of the times influencers goes they go and get facials done and then do you notice they tag them they get there for free they're guys some flowers you notice I tell you might get it for free they're the Mafia do you notice they take a lot of this time like I know yeah it's true gamers make a lab but like they don't really make that much if you like some influences that I know they like solely rely on brand yells and like some days they'll get like an amazing Brandel and it's gonna be it could pay their rent for like six months and then they go six months without a brand deal so it's like a very risky market to be in and if you're going into the influence or Instagram or YouTube market don't expect to get a lot of money at first I remember at YouTube my first paycheck was like a couple dollars and I remember I was trying to get mad to start his YouTube and that was like me boosting him and he was like yeah I only made $200 almost over so it's really really really really really hard to start being an influencer so if you're literally only going in for the money know that it's not that easiest and even if you do like blow up somehow and you have all of these followers really quickly I feel like the faster that you rise this faster that you fall have you ever found that like people who are very trendy one moment they grow so fast all of a sudden you don't really hear about them anymore whereas I feel like some influencers who slowly and steadily go up those slowly and steadily go down if they ever go down so it's up to you either you want the longevity of it an influencer career just you want to become my role overnight social media overall is a really weird place there are a lot of negatives to it and there are a lot of positives to it I think as long as you realize that a lot of it is fake and a lot of it is everybody's highs and everybody's top moments in life and everybody what everyone wants to show you behind the scenes they have literally the exact same problems is you don't even pay for their rent like some influencers they have like sponsors that pay for their house or they'll have like Airbnb credit that I'll pay for their house or their whatever and by the way they're renting it which i think is like that's so crazy to me I mean go for you for like saving your money saving your cash but it's so crazy like influencers can almost get anything that they want for free as long as I post it okay and then I think the last thing this is number six the last thing I wanted to talk about is brand deals I wanted to talk about brand deals because I think that everybody depending on what the brand deal is for should take the brand deal and what the influencer is saying with a grain of salt especially when it comes for skin care because everybody's skin is so different like what works for one person may not work for the other person and even if an influencer is like sponsoring the skincare product is this and actually mean that they like it it means that they like the paycheck and I'm not saying all the sponsors are bad I know a lot of my friends I do sponsor something like oh my god I can't believe this company is sponsoring me like I didn't really use it all the time like I would have just given them a sponsorship for free but don't feel discouraged when you see like skinny fit T ad with like this person with this perfect body and you're like oh my god I want to look exactly like them so you ordered a skinny 15 you're like girl why do I look like a potato because the skinny meaty doesn't work I think my biggest pet peeve is when people like get things that I do whatever you want to do get your lips get your tummy done get your hair done get anything done as long as you're confident today but I don't like you when influencers like they get things done and then you don't tell their audience and then they're like oh my god I feel like this skinny fit T like help me so much this is like the before and after and they're like kind of like manipulating their audience in some sort of way so that's why I just say like take every single brand deal and sponsorship with a very tiny grain of salt I also wanted to add never feel discouraged and being like I will never be able to afford this this is my dream and I will never be able to do it go now with that attitude with the law of attraction and manifestation as long as you put your mind towards it you put good energy out there you put good energy towards your goals it'll happen and if you guys aren't like a manifestation Law of Attraction video I would love to do a video on that and to instead of thinking of your goals in a negative way being like I'll never be able to achieve this my life sucks that's not never gonna happen think more positively like one day this is gonna happen and I'm gonna wear this outfit to this trip and I'm gonna bring this person on this trip and this trip is going to be so much fun today and I gotta support brand or whatever and I could talk to Mari about like getting this hard collaboration like that was the ultimate biggest manifestation trip I've ever had in my entire life yeah let me know anyone definitely yo basically I want social media to impact your life in a positive way not a negative way I also wanted to mention celebrities I feel like I didn't touch on the subject of celebrities and comparing yourself seems like a tu bowed so I feel like a lot of the time especially when I was younger and I didn't really know too much about celebrities and like how perfect they look in my carpet and stuff like that paparazzi and I feel like all the time I wouldn't compare myself to like Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez and other diseases Miley Cyrus because I thought and they were so perfect and I remember I had this little like fill-in-the-blanks diary and it was like how that's kind of like the confidence diary and it was like do you like your boobs whose boobs would you like to have then I remember I would be like I wanted Miley Cyrus's boobs cuz they were like cute and like they look cute in different outfits and be like when I was younger I didn't realize that celebrities the way that they look is very unachievable unless you have a stylist a glam team so hair and makeup you pop are some celebrities like scheduled paparazzi they call paparazzi on themselves to get their Instagram photos and they specifically only do it when they have hair and makeup on and glam on and an outfit style because they want to have that perfect look so I feel like comparing yourself to these celebrities and comparing yourself to these red carpet looks that take the entire day to get ready for is very unrealistic and you're beautiful exactly the way that you are these celebrities that look so perfect paparazzi photos look exactly the same thing you do it would that will make up and oh my god I'm not saying that we should like shave these celebrities for like thinking nothing like perfect all the time I think it's so cool getting ready getting them getting styled I think it's so fun until like poses up like that but I think you as a consumer you as a viewer shouldn't compare your everyday day-to-day life to a full glam team to a full styling team to make this whole book come to Instagram Jamie it's so so so so so hard it's a full-time job stylist makeup artist here in Thailand it's a full-time job for them to just you can make up an outfit I can't believe so many years ago I thought that I could achieve all of these things just my thought that's really hard to look the way celebrities look without these glam team and that's why I think we should just stop comparing ourselves to celebrities and start embracing our natural beauty and if you don't want that McElveen you on that full bag let's start embracing your own full glam never prepare your chapter when someone else is tap your money it's to them you too but all these platforms are such a beautiful pop ones to like spread a message or express yourself and create and share art or stand together for an organization or stand together for something that you're passionate about but I think us as consumers and us as viewers should stop comparing ourselves so much to something so edited and so perfectly curated for an audience and for likes likes becomes so so so so so much better when you are grateful for what you already have in your life and focusing on oh I wish that I had this I don't have this I lack this will just bring more lacking in your life whereas if you focus on I'm so grateful for my parents I'm so grateful for my family I'm so grateful for my godson so grateful for my house I'm so grateful for what I already have I'm so grateful I'm able to breathe I'm so grateful for my education I'm so grateful for my toothbrush and so grateful dad that I could sleep in at night focusing on what you're grateful for I'm focusing on the positives will bring more positives and things for you to be good for it into your life give me the video I want the burger I just kind of want to conclude this video with my life is been perfect all the influencers lights that you guys follow is aren't perfect everybody's going to their own things blues going through her own things Lola just got spayed she's going through her own things Matt would you not agree that we fight literally all the time do you fight deal I don't fight with you would you agree that my family has problems yeah your family is going would you agree I feel gross and ugly some days pretty much every day no what are you ready I just tired would you agree that I've always tired yes I was like going what did you do do they taste the burger probably it's a delicious move your butt no Lola you keep your butt right there okay good girl you wanted her and would you agree that my relationships are hard because I am like constantly going back and forth I'm tryna Dalia ya know degrees to miss Lola I did love and hate Lola cuz she just ate another Beauty Blender and another brush today just today just today yeah we'll stop leaving them on the floor she keeps coming in my studio room even though we have like three gay he warns you the date is literally open right now this video isn't a pity thing like I'm gonna feel bad for me because I'm like my life is so hard I love my life and I love my job and I love everything I just wanted to show you guys that don't believe everything that you see on the internet everything on the internet is almost always faked maybe that's funny I make my life seem worse than it actually is why can I pretend I literally ate you yeah sir Graham it's always like oh my god I'm so happy in Hawaii like everybody always posts their highlights of their day right yeah today's video I hope that you go onto Instagram with a new perspective and you realize that nobody's life is perfect everything comparison is the thief of joy I love you so much and the grass is always greener on the other side and I hope that you enter free I know cuz you're constantly cutting it that's obsessive cutting grass is so weird I'm not obsessed with can you are I like having a nice right when we come into that you gotta go by view my next any Sunday or

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  3. So today is Friday and on Monday i decided to delete insta and I did today I honestly have clicked where that app was multiple times and itโ€™s funny I think that social media is not needed for 13 year olds itโ€™s sucky and honestly a trap I see it totally from a different way but I feel you!!!

  4. All of y'all are beautiful made by God. You have a purpose in life. No matter what people say about you is not true and it's this words. If you have a hard time this prey to God and Jesus, watch YouTube videos, grab your pet and pet, love on it, and find ways to help your self. I love y'all. #GirlsSupportingGirls๐Ÿ’›
    I have hard times to and go threw stuff but I really think this video helps to know about so many things.

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  6. I have been watching you for a long time I've grown up with you and seeing how you've used your platform in such an inspiring and helpful way truly moves me keep up everything you're a huge inspiration when I get a little low I appreciate everything you do thank you.<3

  7. i wanna say that, some korean and chinese pop stars (okay they are not influencers) dont really care about their feeds and they post crazy photos that are not perfect and not mainstream and yet they still have like 100 000 + likes … that's crazy too :>

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