I’m gonna offend a lot of people but I gotta do it this social-media Influencer stuff gotta stop. I see the word used all the time on people’s pages. I’m an influencer I’m an influencer, but you’re influencing people to do what to reach a standard of beauty That’s unattainable naturally even for you to lust after cars and material objects That won’t give anybody any true happiness. You know what maybe you are an influencer cuz you know that people drive drunk What do they say you’re under the influence? It’s a lot of people Intoxicated by the things that these influencers put out a lot of people are sick with influenza Listen, you got two choices as an influencer You can either dig people deeper into their illusions Or you can free them after coming to your page do people walk away better or worse I’m saying you’re an influencer But so are some of the worst people in history the question is what kind of influencer do you want to be say something. Peace?

  1. Sadly true. I've been trying to find a new name for it. So far having joined kinda his world, I just call myself a "Social media person" or rather a content creator. I feel the word influencer has been well abused; secondly it has lost it's actual meaning.

  2. Who are the 150+ people that gave this a thumbs down? They are just haters and negative people right? I mean, there is nothing wrong with this video. The message is spot on and, as usual, Prince Ea is correct.

  3. Honestly dude, I am so happy that you make videos. You draw attention to things that people usually wouldn‘t think about.

    Thank you for creating such great content! You really got some talent.

    Btw, I always get goosebumps, when I watch your videos.

  4. Leave Kylie alone.. She had done a lot of good things but people will always find a way to point out soming bad someone has done.. Why don't you learn all the good things she has done and leave her insecurity alone to herself and not drag her.. Peace

  5. I see how it destroys me more and more. I know i‘m not ugly but then you see all these perfect body’s and faces on instagram and you feel bad about you and you try to love yourself but you always thinking you’re not good enough but you are. Just believe it and say it everyday it will effect something.

  6. This is so truthful people all over instagram and tumblr etc say things like
    Jalissa Lopez
    And they literally give you these horrible mindsets and beliefs like “men are sexist!” or “whites are privileged!” or “fat people are oppressed!” Guess what yallzz shoulda put “inverse influence” at least be a little truthful

  7. Idk. I think he has a point but at the same time the "influencers" are being paid attention to because they are showing what people pay attention to. I don't think it's as much that they're showing the wrong things while being paid attention to, it's more like they're being paid attention to because that's what they're showing.

  8. You are a kind of person that we have way too few in this world. You really think in a way that most people can't because they're so deep in materialistic bubble. I feels so inspired watching your videos. Thank you💗

  9. Can you talk about “fat; insulting slim people, feel insecure about themselves. Slim people; insulting fat people and have eating disorders…” its all fucking up i think people should help each other to be better not worse…

  10. It’s true that we view there instagram and feel we are ugly and see them looking good and smiling not knowing the truth behind the photos and life, just because they have the money and can get what ever they want doesn’t mean there happy, we all need to stop looking at other peoples life’s and start living our own

  11. This lowkey went against me cause he said something about loving cars and race cars are my passion and they make me very happy

  12. You know what hypocrite Tell me who's fault it is? The people that flex or the people that choose to watch? You're always saying stuff like "be yourself do what makes you happy' and then you tell people not to post their pictures on Snapchat and stuff.

  13. I wanna be an influence to young brown skin girls to accept their looks flaws and hair and beauty in general and yes I am only 11 I hope my dream comes true one day

  14. i want to influence people to join my sucky ass catholic school soccer team consisting of 12 people and no goalie. i mean we only got two wins last season but thsi year will suck.

  15. Does funny content making people happy and their friends count as bad influence? cause thats is most of my social media pages.

  16. Yeah, it actually feels pressurising. If we’re going to have the privilege of the internet we need to use it NOT in a way where we’re shattering others. Negative influencers are basically breaking human rights.

  17. The age of human influencers are coming to an end , the next thing is virtual influencers , yeah it's getting worse.

  18. Hi, I just wanna ask one question.

    "What are you think about BTS?"
    Nowadays they can be one of the biggest influencers in the world.
    I know lots of people hate them and lots of people love them. I'm one of those who love them. Specifying, I respect them.
    They help me a lot in my life in the past two years. They gave me love and self-confidence without any real touch in life. They gave me back my hope and my belief in people. I just watch them on the screen and I smile bc I know their history.
    I'm just curious what are you think about them. Are you think they can be good influencers for young people?

    (PS.: I'm not good in English so sorry if I make fail in grammar)

  19. This video really gave me chills. I'm currently participating in an oratory contest and this could be a question they ask me. Thanks to your vid I could answer the question.

  20. "You've got 2 choices as an influencer, you can either dig people deeper into their illusions.. or you can free them."

    Gave me chills.

  21. Looking at Healthy people I get down and depressed. Because I’ve never been fit and healthy. I get sick every time I try. So I never get influenced by people. (I may not ha said this correctly)

  22. I'd like to shout out my favourite youtuber, Daz Games. Whenever I go to his channel and watch his videos he always leaves me smiling. He's the type of influencer i want to be inspired by.

  23. I'm still inspired by all you always say…you're a positive influencer and if just the world should've the same thoughts it's will be perfect but it's not the case because if it was you couldn't have that courage to speak about a lot things.
    don't lose your heart!

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